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Trash Compactors: SWOT Analysis Research Paper

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Updated: Mar 25th, 2021

Marketing Trash Compactors in Sweden

The targeted products for this exercise are trash compactors. Such devices are used “to crush waste in order to fit into less space” (Cheverton 76). A proper marketing strategy is needed in order to make these products successful in Sweden. The marketer should consider various approaches such as importation, pricing, and distribution. The following SWOT Analysis can be used to present strategies for marketing trash compactors in Sweden.

SWOT Analysis


  • The targeted brand has been successful in America.
  • The producing firm has a powerful distribution system for its trash compactor.
  • The product is strong and durable.
  • The price of this product is competitive.
  • The device is portable and easy to use.


  • Some people might not be able to use the device effectively.
  • The customer should have a manual in order to use the device effectively.
  • Some customers have identified several problems with the targeted trash compactors.
  • The production costs have been forcing the firm to increase its prices.


  • Many people in Sweden are embracing the use of trash compactors.
  • The desire to safeguard the environment encourages more people to use such devices.
  • Sweden is a developed country.
  • Many citizens in Sweden are financially stable.
  • The current economic stability experienced in Europe encourages more people to purchase different products (Evers and Anderson 53).


  • The level of competition from similar trash compactors is on the rise.
  • Many people are using traditional methods to manage their wastes.
  • Some families might not purchase the product because of child-safety concerns.
  • Similar products from China are dominating the market.

Marketing Trash Compactors in Sweden

Trash compactors are cheaper in the United States than in Sweden. That being the case, the targeted trash compactors should be marketed using lower prices. The marketers should also consider the pricing strategies used by different competitors in the country. The use of competitive prices will produce the best outcomes. The prices will be slightly higher in Sweden because of transportation costs (Doole and Lowe 49). However, the targeted trash compactors will deliver different strengths to the consumers. Some of these strengths include safety, durability, and quality.

A proper distribution strategy is required for these devices. The marketers should ensure their trash compactors are availed in different cities such as Stockholm, Uppsala, Orebro, Sundsvall, Nora, Nacka, and Lund. A powerful advertising campaign will attract more customers in these regions. The marketers can use different social networks such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook (Hawkins and Mothersbaugh 27).

The other possible practice is producing the targeted trash compactors in Sweden. This approach will reduce most of the costs incurred during transportation. However, this approach might result in higher prices due to a lack of cheap labor. The manufacturer might be required to incur more labor costs thus affecting the prices of the trash compactors. The other possible approach is outsourcing the trash compactors from countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia (Evers and Anderson 52). This practice will reduce the prices of trash compactors.

The company can import its trash compactors from America. This strategy will ensure the compactors are competitive. The company can also use lower prices compared to those of the other competitors in Sweden. A powerful promotional campaign will inform more buyers about these products (Ghauri and Cateora 16). Such reduced prices will encourage more people to purchase these devices. The marketing team should use “proper after-sales services in order to achieve the targeted business goals” (Ghauri and Cateora 16).

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