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Coca-Cola Black Consumption in America Essay

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Updated: Jul 22nd, 2021

Identify the target consumer for Coca-Cola Black in America and provide a rationale for this decision

The target consumer of coca-cola black in the United States is African American people. This started many years ago and has proofed to be the best target market for coca-cola black. African Americans are proud of their color, and they also feel honored being identified with their black color. In America, most of the black things are found to be appealing to black people. Black people in America are found to have a special liking of black products (Kapferer, 2008). For instance, many years back, most African Americans were seen to enjoy coca-cola black than any other soda. This made the coca-cola company to make a quick decision in customer targeting.

African Americans were the most consumers of this soda, hence the company decided to concentrate on targeting this group as they had shown some special interest in it. Up to now-famous black people in the world have been associated with this brand by the coca-cola company (Kapferer, 2008). Black people have conducted several advertisements for coca-cola black. For instance, several years back coca cola Company used the image of Alice Coachman, a black champion in the Olympics. The coca-cola company realized this potential market in the early 1950s and has been enjoying it since then.

Discuss the kinds of advertising messages that would appeal to the target consumer to cause an attitude change toward Coca-Cola Black

To make the target consumers of coca-cola black change their attitude, some advertising messages should be included. For instance, a message like “ Always Coca Cola” this is an advertising message appealing to all customers (Maarif, 2005). It keeps the mind of customers wholly focused on this soda. An attitude of thinking it’s the only option that will develop in the minds of these customers. The target customers should take coca-cola black not because of their skin color, but because of its taste and quality. Advertising messages of praising the taste and satisfaction of taking coca-cola black would be appropriate for the target group to change the attitude. For instance ‘ Always cool, Always coca-cola.” Such a message is generally insisting more of the coca-cola black quality.

A message like “ Things Go Well with Coke, can be an advertising message that would implicate positive repercussions when taking coke. It’s the nature of all customers to expect good things from the products they consume. Even if the outcome will not be expressed physically, they believe that within them something good has happened. ” Be refreshed ” is another advertising message that would send customers to taking coca-cola black whenever they feel tired to get refreshed (Maarif, 2005). Whenever they want to relax the idea of refreshing with coca-cola black will always come over their minds. Advertising messages should always be aimed at changing the consumer’s attitude to the positive side. A message that gives a customer no other idea other than going for coca-cola black whenever he or she feels to quench thirst.

Compared to ordinary Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Black is expensive ($1.99). How should Coca-Cola Black be positioned?

Coca-cola black is more expensive than the ordinary coca-cola, thus calling for some tactics when the marketer is positioning it. Positioning defines the customer perception about the product in terms of physical features, the value of the product, and overall benefits (Kapferer, 2008). This mostly depends on the customer’s experience, not the information gotten from advertisements. The benefit of the coca-cola black would be the best strategy to be applied when positioning it.

The taste of coca-cola black and its experienced satisfaction would be the best tactics to position it in the market segment. There are those people who naturally like the unique taste of coca-cola black among the different market segments. The physical color of coca-cola black would also be the next best positioning strategy. There is a group of customers who prefer the black color of this drink. They feel proud and unique to be identified with it.

Discuss how Coca-Cola can use its brand name to attract customers to Coca-Cola Black

There are various ways through which coca-cola can use its brand name, to bring more customers to coca-cola black. To begin with, through the extensive advertisement of its brand name will add more customers to its products, coca-cola black being one among others. Through advertising its brand name, all its brands will be known to acquire new customers (Maarif, 2005). The company can also use its brand name to package coca-cola black differently, to suit various customers.

Different packages can differ in prices thus attracting various types of customers. Packaging of this brand in different packages such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, and tin bottles with the brand name will make a great difference (Maarif, 2005). This will meet the preferences of different customers, retaining the current one, and attracting more to this brand. This will apply as many customers buy coca-cola black to be taken to different places. Some prefer it when traveling, and others to the counter thus preferring different packages. The company as well can conduct some form of promotional services through its brand name. It can decide to offer some prizes to anybody who happens to purchase the lucky bottle of coca-cola black. Most people will end up purchasing this soda as they try their luck

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