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New Product Campaign Pitch: Women Cosmetic Report

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Updated: Apr 4th, 2021


The main purpose of this Campaign Pitch is to aware target audience regarding the new product (Women Cosmetic). To do so, this report will concentrate on the positive sides of the product, marketing mix, SWOT analysis of this campaign, objectives, positioning, and selection of media for advertisement.

Marketing Mix or 4P’s Analysis

Product Analysis

The new product for the campaign is a skin-care body lotion with Aloe extracts, Vitamin E complex, and Neem essence. The campaigning focuses on the fact the benefits of this herbal-oriented cosmetic are higher than that of the cosmetics, which contain animal fats, chemicals, and toxic substances and consequently proves to be harmful to the skin. The proposed skincare lotion for the campaign has several properties, such as anti-aging vitamin E, natural antioxidants from Aloe Vera that enhance skin quality and smoothen it, and antiseptic properties from Neem leaves.


Before fixing the value of this lotion, the marketers consider several factors, such as production costs, packing costs, supply and demand conditions, the response of the potential customers, discount, price of raw materials, and the price of similar products and so on. As the market is too competitive, the company can adopt an economic value estimation model to offer the products at a lower price than the competitors offer for their products.

Distribution or Place

The products of this company are mostly distributed in the Australian market but the marketer of this project would like to capture international markets like Asia and the US market because Aloe Vera is popular in these regions. If the campaign fulfills the objectives of the campaign, then the marketer must drive in the international market with full confidence to distribute its products directly to the target customers to increase its sales growth.

Advertising or Promotional strategy

This new advertising campaign must support the positioning strategy of the products, emphasize lower-priced units in the ads, including the commitments, benefits of the products, and other key facilities in the campaign program to build a strong, recognizable brand and to aware people about skincare.

Research and Development

The marketer has already established a new segment in biomedical research units to bring forward satisfactory numbers of prospective new products to carry on its development (Belch & Belch, 2009).

Demographic Research

According to Index Mundi (2010), in 2010, Australia had a total population of 21,515,754, out of which 18.6 percent aged from 0 to14 years (with 2,026,975 men and 1,923,828 women), 67.9 percent aged from 15 to 64 years (with 7,318,743 men and 7,121,613 women), and 13.5 percent aged from 65 years and over (with 1,306,329 men and 1,565,153 women). Besides, the average age of the total Australian populace is 37.5 years (with 36.8 years in men, and 38.3 years in women).

Target Market

The target market for the marketing campaign of the new women’s cosmetics is mainly women aging from 15 to 45 in Australia. According to ResearchWikis (2007), there is a growing trend among women of these age groups in Australia to use cosmetics because of an endeavor of appearance-enhancing benefits along with anti-aging properties, preservation, and protection of healthy skin, reduction of wrinkles, etc.

Focus Group

The focus group is those women in Australia who are fond of the latest cosmetics in the market and are certainly fashion-focused, frequently spending time on shopping around for skincare cosmetics; the majority of these focus group has principally resolute by international fashion, which has a major influence on Australian trends.


The marketing campaign is built on the fact that demand for the new product (Aloe-extracted lotion with Neem-essence) will be high in the market as teenage girls and working women have great demand for such skincare products for increasing concern about sun damage and age resisting properties; demand for such product is also raising due to brands associated with celebrities.


During the marketing-campaign of the cosmetic, most consumers will make decisions depending on the attractiveness of labeling and so good-packaging is quite important for the success of the skin-care-lotion; therefore, packaging of this lotion will appeal to the generation that it has targeted and it will reflect the brand-image through unique and attractive graphics together with good-quality and appropriate packaging-material.


By using positioning strategy, the marketer of the skin-care lotion’s campaign will be able to aware the target audiences of important features of the product together with the message in customer’s mind that the use of herbal Aloe Vera and natural Neem essence is far better than using cosmetics with toxic chemicals. Therefore, the positioning will be done by emphasizing the distinctive benefits and exceptionalities in people’s minds.

Media Selection

The marketer of the body lotion has intended to choose the following advertising mediums to build the image of the campaign and develop public awareness:

  • Print Media: Newspaper is the major advertising media for any new product to come to the attention of mass people; the aloe body lotion will start and continue paid circular advertising with attractive photographs in the newspaper for a long-standing period; moreover, the marketer also want to come up with press kits, brochures, and posters.
  • Radio Advertising: The campaign of the cosmetic will also go through radio-advertising, as this form of advertisement will better address those busy women who, for example, hear the radio while driving cars; radio-advertising would develop potential-outcomes for the campaign with a sense of flexibility and this can also have a good capture over audiences with help of good scripts and slogans.
  • Television Advertising: Television advertisements are expected to the best media to attract women of all ages, including middle-aged women spending their leisure, or working women watching TV on a Saturday night. This form of marketing will also be effective for teenagers as they are the majority of the population to watch television. The marketer of the skin-care lotion would get more opportunity to exhibit creativity and credibility through TV advertising and reach to the mass public at a time (Pearce & Robinson, 2006).
  • Internet: This form of advertising may include web marketing, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), advertisement through social networking sites, website development, blogs, and e-mail.
  • Outdoor Advertising: Outdoor advertising can be a great form of marketing to keep huge contribution to attain the aim of the campaign; this may include setting billboards at busy streets beside colleges, universities, offices, shopping malls, bus terminals, or airport roads (Kotler & Zaltman, 1971).
  • Special Advertising & others: Depending on the success of the product’s advertisements stated above, the marketer might undertake other forms of advertising in the future, such as demonstrations at fairs, concerts, and so on.

Competitor Analysis

The cosmetics industry in Australia is highly competitive due to the presence of several competitors in the market; the industry, for example, is greatly saturated by numerous multinational businesses as well as some local players. The Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, originally based in New South Wales in 1910, holds five percent market share and is one of the major players of the market; conversely, Jurlique International Pty Ltd, another industry player who manufactures and markets a range of high-quality, natural-based skin-care and aromatherapy products and herbal medicines is also quite popular among consumers. Jurlique International Pty Ltd has considered as a key competitor of the marketer of Aloe Vera body lotion because this company largely focuses on herbal cosmetics; apart from that, other competitors comprise Petra Hair Care, The Body Shop Australia, The Perfume Connection, The Estee Lauder Group, Lush, and Crabtree & Evelyn (IBIS World, 2010).


The product has been specially designed for the uses of women in both facial and body applications. The product has been made such that it could be used by women of all ages and it mainly moisturizes skin and enhances skin clarity naturally from inside which means that it is by no means harmful for girls aging below 15.


According to Keller (2009), branding is one of the most important things that a marketer of a new product needs to do; this may include developing its brand by using existing brand awareness, knowledge, and image to target audiences by focusing on a brand name, logo, symbols, design, package, and functional performances


This campaign will pursue DAGMAR Model to the aware target audience and the following figure demonstrates the model –

 DAGMAR Model. 
Figure 1: – DAGMAR Model. Source: – Stream (2010, p.27).

This campaign aims to increase awareness of female customers by 80%;

Overview of the Tactical Plan

This Tactical plan for Campaign Pitch – New Product (Women Cosmetic) intended to encourage, guiding, and motivate public perception to develop mass awareness among the target audience with the objectives to protect the skin from damage and the adverse impact of harmful products. It also aimed to convey the message to the target audience that the costs of artificial products are higher than herbal beauty products, and it may cause skin cancer, so, the slogan of this campaign would be “Feel amazing – look gorgeous”.

SWOT Analysis of Pitch Campaign

SWOT analysis of Pitch Campaign. 
Figure 2: SWOT analysis of Pitch Campaign. Source: Self-generated from Kotler & Armstrong (2009).


  • This campaign must help the target group to select the right products for their skin as most multinational companies made cosmetic products with harmful ingredients;
  • This marketing campaign not only develop awareness level but also encourage the farmers to cultivate Aloe Vera and earn billion-dollar (Lee, 2001);
  • This campaign will help the company to capture 3% of the total market share;
  • Another strength of the program is – this project will create many jobs and income opportunities for young people;
  • The campaign award some people and organizations who have a corporate social responsibility and take care of the customer’s skin.


  • A large portion of the focus group are unaware of the benefits of Aloe Vera;
  • The key problems of this campaign project availability of sufficient budget to carry out an advertisement in television media or and implementation of research outcomes;
  • Lack of communication system with target customers is a problem for the marketer, for instance, some customers would like to read a newspaper or magazine.


  • This campaign project would help to aware 60% of women of Australia to use Aloe Vera products as it will save the skin from damage;
  • However, Pitch Campaign will assist to create brand awareness then the marketer would be able to sell its franchises;
  • Australia produce a large scale of Aloe Vera; so, the cosmetic producer would be able to collect product ingredients from the local market;
  • It has the opportunity to build up a large customer base for its beauty products.


  • Some large local competitors are the main threat for the marketer of this Aloe Vera Cosmetic products, which also offer similar beauty products;
  • However, 25% of women of the target group are not interested in the raw materials, they only concern with the brand image;
  • The marketer of this campaign would like to engage celebrities but it should require a huge budget.

Projected Marketing Budget of Pitch Campaign

Marketing Budget for 2011
A$ million
Promotional activities $166500
Advertising television, $330000
Radio $70000
Print media (Magazine, and other Journal) $133500
Newspaper $100000
Direct mails, outdoor advertising, and others $120000
Web marketing (including costs of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), advertisement through social networking sites, website development, blogs, e-mail, online advertising in different areas) $150000
Market research $50000
Billboards including poster $200000
Others $180000
Total Marketing Budget A$1500000 or A$1.5 million

Table 1: Marketing Budget. Source: Self-generated.


  • The marketer should increase the budget for the campaign to meet its objectives;
  • It should develop a web site, which will help the marketer to advertise free of costs;
  • It should concentrate on male customers besides female customers.

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