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ABC Company: Instagram Campaign Creation Essay

The Product

ABC Company specializes on various electronic products. In this instagram campaign, the product chosen is its new model of Smartphone that was recently introduced into the market. The main reason of choosing this product is that it was recently introduced into the market, but clients are not aware of its existence. It has some unique features that put it ahead of its competitors in the market. However, the sales rate is still relatively low because it is not properly known by the customers.

This campaign will benefit a lot from this campaign because it will promote awareness of this product. Customers will be aware of its existence hence its sales will be expected to increase. The campaign will also promote the brand of this company. According to Creadick (2014), when a product is promoted under its parent brand, then all other products using the same brand get to be impacted positively. As such, all other products of this firm using the same brand name will benefit. This new product targets the youth who are the main users of Instagram. As such, the choice of the product suits this campaign because the right target audience will be reached by this promotion.

The Main Purpose of the Instagram Campaign

The main purpose of this Instagram campaign is to promote social media marketing for ABC Company, specifically targeting its newly introduced Smartphone. This company has been using mass media campaign to reach out to its target audience. However, this campaign will be the beginning of a new journey where this firm will be using social media marketing actively as a way of reaching out to its target audience.

The main target market information for this campaign will be based on the target audience. As such, the information will be design to appeal to the youth, especially those in their late teens and the young adults who have the capacity to make a decision about the kind of phone that should be bought for them by their parents (Cocq, 2015). Some of the young adults have the capacity to purchase this product from their own earnings hence do not need any parental support.

The Instagram message will be designed in a way that convinces this target group based on the current market trends and other forces that are currently influencing their purchasing decisions. According to Evans, Mabey, and Mandiberg (2015), when developing a message that targets the youth, it is often important to understand the emerging tastes and preferences. The youths value fashion a lot.

The Main Contest of the Instagram Campaign

Main purpose of the contest

This contest aims at identifying the right approach that this firm can use in its Instagram campaign. The company is planning to initiate a massive social media campaign, and Instagram campaign will be the first step in this ambitious project. The purpose of this project is to allow the marketing department of this firm to identify some of the best strategies that is can use to in social media campaign.

The key rules of engagement for success

The key engagement rule for the success in this contest is originality. The participants will be required to embrace creativity when coming up with their campaign and to avoid reproducing campaigns that already exist. The participants will be expected to work individually and only involve the project manager in case there is some form of help that they need. The contestants will be required to present their work within the timeframe set.

The main incentives for the winners

The winner of this contest shall be given a cash price of $ 60,000. The first runners up will be given $ 30,000, while the second runners up will be given $ 10,000. These top three contestants will be given opportunity to work on the new social media campaign strategies at mid-managerial level within the marketing department.

An example entry picture

The participants are encouraged to be creative in their work. The pictures that they use must be of the product being promoted. Examples of recommended pictures are shown below.

Example of recommended pictures.
Figure 1: Example of recommended pictures.

The Metrics to Be Used to Monitor Progress of the Campaign

It will be important to have a clear metrics of monitoring the progress of this campaign. The project manager will be responsible for monitoring the progress and success of the campaign. One of the metrics that will be used is originality of the idea. The work of the participants will be assessed based on their originality. Another metric will be the level of creativity. Their work will be assessed in terms of how it brings out the value that the product offers based on the needs of target audience. A successful campaign will be that which skillfully intertwines the needs of the customers with product features. As such, the target audience will be convinced that the product offers the best value compared to other brands in the market.

Overall Benefits for the Company Using an Instagram Campaign

This Instagram campaign will be very beneficial for this company. During this promotional period, the message about the competition will spread within the country. This in itself will be a promotional strategy that will strengthen the brand of this firm. During the period of the promotion, many people, including those who are not taking part in the campaign, will want to know what the campaign is all about.

As such, they will get to know about the product in more details. This is one of the most appropriate ways of promoting a given brand and products. People will go to the internet to know more about these products and the parent brand. As Lamdan (2015) notes, customers are likely to remember a promotional campaign message if they actively participated in searching for the message on their own other than in cases where they are forced to listen to the advertisements in various media platforms. The campaign will have a lasting positive impact on this company.

Active Marketing and Passive Marketing

Passive marketing is a strategy where a firm makes it possible for the customers to do the searching of a firm’s products and brand. It involves use of websites where clients can get all the information they need. On the other hand, active marketing involves making deliberate attempts to attract attention of the customers by presenting to them a promotional message about a product or brand (Webb & Laing, 2015). Passive marketing can bring benefit to this company if it creates a stable website where clients can get the information they need. Through such websites, the firm can pass messages that will convince the customers about the superiority of the products offered by this firm.


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