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Planet Protection Essay Examples and Topics

Stratospheric Ozone Depletion

The reason for this is the reaction between the specific components of the chlorofluorocarbons, mainly chlorine and bromine, and oxygen. Despite these countries having later abolished the use of chlorofluorocarbons around 1996, the rate of [...]

Sustainable Future and Alternative Solutions

Thus, the importance of contributing to the formation of a sustainable future seems to be undoubted in the modern context. First of all, it shows that sustainability is a culture; otherwise stated, it is a [...]

Forests Integration in the Urban Space

It is apparent that the increase in the release of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere by the various activities, including the manufacturing process, transportation systems, and other human activities have led to an increase in [...]

Environmental Health: Lead Exposure in Water

Research has shown that dissolution of lead is slower in cold tap water than hot water. Furthermore, a person must ensure that these devices are approved for use in reducing the amount of lead or [...]

Coral Reefs in Australia

Following the ecological importance of the coral reefs, under the management of Australia and Queensland government, zoning of the coral area was done along the coastline, thus creating the Great Barrier Reef.

The Human and Mother Nature

However, this kind of interaction affects the integrity of every natural environment. That being the case, human beings should deal with the problem of global warming.

Ecological Consciousness, Justice and Science

In particular, people should bear in mind that they are a part of the planet; more importantly, their survival can depend on the preservation of the environment. This is one of the principles that can [...]

Tanzania and the local communities

The community that is shown does not have the necessary tools, both moral and physical, to enhance their interaction with the environment. Water is key to survival and in the dry areas of the planet, [...]

Methods of Environmental Assessment

What differentiates the Leopold Matrix from other methods of environmental assessment is the way in which it utilizes measures of importance to magnitude in order to determine the overall impact of a particular activity.

Environmental Studies: Asbestos Management

The studies and suspicion based on physical observation of the materials and being moved in the sight at the Port Kembla reinforced the need to conduct an in-depth analysis of the samples to confirm the [...]

Environment of Kuwait

Obviously, the given problem might seem not that important if to observe the general environmental situation of the country, which is extremely close to that of the environmental catastrophe, but as an ordinary citizen, who [...]

Earth Science and Environmental Education

This can be done with the help of various resources accessible to the children such as forests and reserves. As a result, blended pedagogical approach is ideal to realize the full potential of children learning [...]

Environment and Renewable Energy

A greater focus on renewable energy development is necessary in this day and age due to the various problems brought about by the use of fossil fueled power plants, which have caused not only an [...]

Social Background of Renewable Energy Development

According to Craddock, although some people believe that the development of renewable sources of energy is driven by the economic needs, the social force also plays an important role in increasing popularity of this form [...]

How Biodiversity is Threatened by Human Activity

Most of the marine biodiversity is found in the tropics, especially coral reefs that support the growth of organisms. Overexploitation in the oceans is caused by overfishing and fishing practices that cause destruction of biodiversity.

Toxins at a Workplace

The mother should ensure the child is tested in order to determine the kind of toxicant affecting him or her. The first approach is examining the nature of the working conditions in the manufacturing plant.

World Government and Environmental Conservation

On the other hand, it has been pointed out that the problems that apply to environmental regulation are not restricted to the contemporary international system. A world government would empower the civil societies of various [...]

Pest Animal Management Strategy

The local conservation agency will also be responsible for that stage. Timeline of the program Stage 1: Cost of poison and baits will be approximately $4,000.

Limit Ourselves Voluntarily

With the consequences awaiting humanity in the near future, the few people willing to cut on growth will demand the alteration of democracy and compulsory limits to be enforced by the lawmakers.

Calculating Humidex

It is an equivalent scale used by the general public to express the effects of warm temperatures and humidity [3]. It is also used to alert people of the dangers associated with high temperatures and [...]

Effects of Ozone Depletion

Among the short-term effects of solar radiation on the human skin include sunburn, thickening of the epidermis, and the dryness of the skin.

Sustainability Assessment Approach: An Alternative

This would ensure that old buildings and neighbourhoods are renovated, reworked and retrofitted to attract new businesses and reclaim brownfields and greyfields with the aim of rejuvenating defunct sections of the city through TODs for [...]

Houston Air Pollution

Though pollution is virtually everywhere, the paper focuses on Houston, one of the major cities is the US that have unacceptable levels of pollutants that pose health risks to the lives of people, plants, and [...]

E-waste Management Plan for Melbourne School

For instance, the e-waste sensitization unit may be encouraged to advice the stakeholders of the school to observe the basic rules of e-waste disposal such as collection of these wastes in designated containers or collection [...]

Carbon Management Accounting

Therefore, the quantity of managers who may require the carbon related information is the major factor that determines the volume and type of the information. The researcher chose the companies on the basis of the [...]

“The Future of Life” by Edward O. Wilson

Specifically, the author has tried to quantity the cost of biosphere and solutions to the issue of environmental degradation. In addition, the author uses the term overharvesting to mean deforestation and wasting resources that all [...]

“Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson

In perspective, the author inspects the areas of the environment that have been affected adversely which include the earth's water sources and atmosphere among others. Several impacts of degradation have been identified in the societies [...]

Tragedy of the Commons

It should be noted that for tragedy of the commons to be avoided, values and believes of people must be changed.

ISO 14000 Registration Process

The certification is awarded to firms that employ mechanisms to reduce the impact of their operations to the environment, and endeavor to comply with the set out laws.

Health and Safety Boards

It was the responsibility of the Health and Safety Committee to ensure that all departments comply with the requirements of the OHS at the workplace.

Environmental impacts of Air Pollution

The current high growth rates have contributed to high concentration of particulates and pollutants in the atmosphere owing to the population's over reliance on various sources of energy.

“Waste by Wendell”

During his stay in Ohio, he is realizing an increase in challenges, which he attributes to neglect by the members of the society.

Engineering Practice

The State Government is the financier of this project, and the aim of carrying out the project is to ensure that the main urban centers of Adelorne and Briswin are linked.

Top 500 Polluting Companies

Companies affected by the carbon tax, whose market is domestic, like in the energy sector, will increase their fees and prices to alleviate the tax effects. The carbon tax would weaken the industry and ultimately [...]

The Affect Weather Has on Human Life

The investigation, which takes the subsequent section and to which the study precedes to the conclusion of the research, assesses the impact of the attack on economy and health of the inhabitants of the city [...]