Planet Protection Essay Examples and Topics

The Human and Mother Nature

Introduction Human beings and natural ecosystems are inseparable. People “use their natural environments to acquire various resources such as water, wood, and food” (Goudie 9). However, this kind of interaction affects the integrity of every natural environment. Many people use this environment to achieve their economic goals (Goudie 13). The government also uses the same […]

Ecological Consciousness, Justice and Science

Introduction The need to preserve the environment has become one of the major concerns for modern societies. Currently, many public organizations implement projects that are supposed to preserve forests and wildlife; nevertheless, many of the existing practices and policies can infringe on the interests of people who live in the areas which may be transformed […]

Tanzania and the local communities

Even though the modern world has many advances and developments, there are still places that require help in social and personal lives of people. One of such places is Tanzania and the local communities. Implementation of social order has seen some positive results, but the vicious cycle of negativity still continues. The community that is […]

Sustainability Metrics: Thring and Bellagio Principles

Sustainability has been a topic of heated debate for decades. People, officials, policy makers, educators all strive for sustainable future, though there are a few people who can really follow sustainable principles. Notably, there are numerous sustainability principles and approaches which have been developed by different people. Though, none of the approaches has been chosen […]

Strategic planning analysis: the New Orleans Fire Department and the New York City Fire Department

Introduction Strategic planning is a management tool that serves various purposes in organizations. It provides a framework for developing appropriate courses of action in organizations after an analysis of current organizational operations and outcomes. Strategic planning also helps organizations adapt to changes in the face of complexities and diversification of factors. In order to determine […]

Analysis of Love Canal Environmental Disaster

The Love Canal was intended to connect upper and lower Niagara River; the novel 1892 project to harness electrical power production, however failed midway when the economic went into depression. Eventually, the local municipal bought it as a waste disposal area and high on the client disposal list was Hooker Chemical Corporation, which later sold […]

Sustainability and Other Aspects of the Economy

Sustainability vs. Environment According to Index Mundi (2012), sustainability is the ability of something to be upheld to the future while environment is the external surrounding of objects. While sustainability can be used together with the environment to mean the ability to uphold current environmental conditions for future generations, economists perceive the environment as full […]

Methods of Environmental Assessment

Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment Tool – This method of environmental assessment was designed to help local councils as well as various organizations to create a preliminary assessment and environmental screening of a proposed project or activity in order to determine whether it has a negative, neutral or positive environmental impact (Schianetz et al., 2007). Leopold […]

Anglo-Germanic Writers’ Influence on Popular Environmental Thinking

Although, it now became a commonplace practice among particularly ‘progressive’ social activists to blame Western civilization on account of its environmental unfriendliness, the objective analysis points out to the fact that it is namely in Western societies, where people have traditionally been concerned with trying to preserve nature. The soundness of this suggestion can be […]

Environmental Studies: Asbestos Management

Introduction Site History Port Kembla is a blend of urban and coastal settings with extensive industrial land use forming a central hub with several historical buildings and heritage sites (Wollongong City Council 2008). Because of the historical changes in the road patterns, limited and declining job opportunities, and competition from the neighboring Warrawong, Port Kembla […]

Western Groceries: Survey of Asbestos & Other Fibers

Executive summary Western Groceries is one of the dominant supplies in Western Australia. They have been in operations since 1920’s. Over the years, they have diversified and grown from a small to a large Grocery with branches all over the region. Their representatives requested for a survey on their premises as well as advice on […]

Deforestation in the Tropical Rainforests

Introduction Deforestation is the cutting down of trees by human beings and animals either for use or for other reasons. Tropical rainforests are the dense vegetation areas on the earths ground and they stretch from the equator. Most of these forests are found five degrees north and five degrees south of the equator. The tropical […]

Environment of Kuwait

I am writing to you concerning the burning environmental issue, namely the pollution of the desert areas with the domestic waste. I would also like to suggest the possible waste solutions to improve the existing situation. Historically, desert was devastated to a great extent during the Gulf War and certainly, this fact cannot be written […]

Earth Science and Environmental Education

The most exciting experience for me during the first year of school was learning about nature. I was five-years-old at the time, fascinated by the natural environment surrounding us. So was our science teacher, Miss Asma, who valued wild plants and small animals. She adopted pedagogical approaches that aimed at getting the children involved and […]

Environment and Renewable Energy

Introduction A greater focus on renewable energy development is necessary in this day and age due to the various problems brought about by the use of fossil fueled power plants, which have caused not only an increase in the amount of pollution in the air, but have also brought adverse climate change as well as […]

Social Background of Renewable Energy Development

Renewable energy has been seen as the best alternative source of energy given the rising cost and scarcity of non- renewable sources. According to Craddock (2008, p. 23), although some people believe that the development of renewable sources of energy is driven by the economic needs, the social force also plays an important role in […]

How Biodiversity is Threatened by Human Activity

The human species have gone extinct since the beginning of life, but human fingerprint is a useful marker that differentiates current and past extinctions. Environmental factors have been shown to cause human threats with regard to biodiversity (Duffy 440). Human species are threatened when they come under pressure from different factors in the environment. It […]

Petroleum Segment of the Energy Infrastructure

Introduction Petroleum products are used in different sectors as energy and raw materials for various industries. According to Leffler and Raymond (2006), oil is one of the most important commodities in the world market. It has a massive impact on other sectors of the economy. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the United States was […]

Toxins at a Workplace

Every employee is entitled to a safe working environment. The law requires employers to ensure their employees work in safe environments. The presence of toxins in a given workplace can result in many health issues. Some occupations “expose many individuals to different toxic compounds” (Lin, 2012, p. 1465). Individuals who handle chemicals, plastics, beauty products, […]

World Government and Environmental Conservation

The current environmental matters feature a variety of players including governments, private lobbyists, and international organizations. Various countries are experiencing conflicts in their policy formulation where national environmental policies appear to be on a collision course with international standards. The national interests of industrial countries such as Japan, China, and the United States have always […]

Pest Animal Management Strategy

Control actions Due to abundance of food and high fertility, European red foxes spread quite rapidly (Green 2014). Notably, various control programs have existed in different parts of Australia for decades to decrease the population of this predator of southern brown bandicoots (Johnson 2006). It is clear that the control strategy should include diverse mechanisms […]

Limit Ourselves Voluntarily

Introduction Human activities have led to dramatic environmental changes within the last few decades. If humankind cannot set limits and standards on how to interact with the environment, then catastrophic predicaments in the near future are inevitable. According to Tostevin (116), humanity has taken control of nature by developing a culture that believes in risk-taking […]

Calculating Humidex

Introduction Humidex has a long history. It originated from Canada in 1965. Canadian meteorologists use it to analyze risks associated with exposure to heat and excessive moisture [1]. They achieve this by bringing together temperature and humidity indices. Compared to temperature readings, humidex is regarded as a better measure of how stifling or stuffy the […]

Effects of Ozone Depletion

Introduction There are significant numbers of adverse effects caused by the depletion of the ozone layer, as supported by several publications. The negative health impacts that are brought about by the depletion of the ozone layer and climate change and are categorised as either acute or chronic (Rass, 2006). The acute effects include minor skin […]

Sustainability Assessment Approach: An Alternative

Introduction This research paper explores an alternative model of sustainability assessment. Specifically, it highlights a sustainability assessment model adopted in brownfields, greenfields, and Transit-Oriented Developments (TODs) as applied in Bowden-Brompton community development. A discussion of method Currently, all major cities in Australia are experiencing intensifying pressure due to urban development. Hence, a new alternative model […]

The Triple Bottom Line and the Global Reporting Initiatives

Introduction At present, many businesses have acknowledged the importance of paying a lot of attention to the issues of sustainability. Social equality and environmental concerns are being put to the fore by many organizations. It is also necessary to note that the 2008 crisis which is often associated with the ignorance of principles of sustainability […]

Houston Air Pollution

Introduction Air pollution is one of the forms of pollution that affect the environment negatively. Air pollution results from chemical emissions from companies and human actions that pose health risks to individuals as well as to the environment. Furthermore, air pollution may destruct the ozone layer leading to global warming. Though pollution is virtually everywhere, […]

E-waste Management Plan for Melbourne School

Introduction Across the globe, management of e-waste has presented series of challenges to the gains made on environmental conservation efforts. The e-wastes have accumulated as technological invention progresses. Despite the rapid accumulation of the e-wastes, little efforts are in place to manage this environmental menace. The biggest challenge has been the fact that e-wastes are […]

Effects of Lead and Lead Compounds on Soil, Water, and Air

Abstract There are different types of pollutants existing today. Industrialization, an important aspect of modernization and globalization, is characterized by increasing levels of environmental pollution. Industrialization processes use and produce compounds harmful to the environment. In this paper, a critical analysis of lead and lead compounds as toxicant pollutants was analyzed. It was found that […]

World Bank’s Transformation of Human-Environmental Relations in the Global South

This paper explores how far, and in what ways, the World Bank has transformed human-environment relations in the global south, since the mid 20th century. Evidence from this paper shows that although the World Bank has contributed to environmental degradation in some countries in the global south, the global financial institution has had a more […]

Carbon Management Accounting

Definition of carbon management accounting and four different ways within which companies can approach carbon management Environmental pollution is one of the major issues that the corporate world faces. Therefore, it is critical for organisations to ensure their operations are sustainable. Carbon is one of the major environmental pollutants. Therefore, companies strive to reduce the […]

“The Future of Life” by Edward O. Wilson

Summary The book is organized into seven chapters. The first chapter emphasizes the abundance of life on Earth. The author argues that some organisms manage well in conditions that are unbearable for others. He uses the example of organisms like bacteria which reproduce best at about 221 degrees (Wilson 5). In Chapter two, the author […]

“Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson

Books’ Argument Life and humans’ ecosystem depend on the environment entirely. The book of Rachel Carson, which is titled as “Silent Spring”, has shed light on what environmental conservation entails. This book describes the threats faced by the environment due to human activities. It is interested in environmental conservation and the threats of its degradation […]

New Strategies and Principles of Sustainability Struggling

Sustainability is a concept that poses arguments and distinct ideas from people. Although the entire human race endeavors to attain a stable and sustainable life, the number of individuals following the principles to achieve this is low. However, this is not a barrier to the researchers continuing to device new strategies and principles without considering […]

Tragedy of the Commons

The “tragedy of the commons” idea was first brought to fore by Garrett Hardin. By it, Hardin refers to a scenario where selfish utilization of resources by an individual ends up having negative effects on the entire community. People have various private and selfish needs that they seek to satisfy at any given moment. On […]

Changes and challenges: China’s environmental management in transition

Introduction China is applauded for being one of the economies in the world that are growing at an accelerating pace. The size of the Chinese economy has undoubtedly swelled to match the most advanced economies in the world, like the United States. However, it is argued that economic growth in China has resulted in a […]

ISO 14000 Registration Process

Abstract The ISO 14000 standardization is concerned with the efficient management of an organization’s effects to the environment. The standardization is international and applies the same practices throughout the world. Firms are not forced to adopt the standardization control mechanism, but they are compelled by business needs and other external pressures that mainly emanate from […]

Technological Applications in Industrial Pollution Prevention

Paper Topic The topic of pollution prevention in manufacturing industries using technology is familiar. It is notable that I have a critical understanding of the topic in relation to the emergence of technology and different methods used to minimize waste emission. I also understand that pollution prevention emerged from the need to protect the environment […]

Corporate Environmental Policy Statements in Mainland China: To What Extent Do They Conform to ISO 14000 Documentation?

Abstract This paper presents a critical analysis of the document that is titled “Corporate Environmental Policy Statements in Mainland China: To What Extent Do They Conform to ISO 14000 Documentation?”. The paper seeks to explore the extent to which industries in China implement issues of environment management as exemplified in the codes of environmental management. […]

Health and Safety Boards

Introduction History of Health, safety security & environment management Health and safety management is a relatively young phenomenon established out of the industrial revolution. During this time, the industry went from hand production to more complex production methodologies such as heavy machineries, chemical manufacturing among others. Notably, there were no efforts made to improve neither […]

Environmental impacts of Air Pollution

The heightening issue of air pollution has brought many impacts on the environment. Almost every aspect of human life depends on the environment, and for that reason, any harm caused to the environment can trigger many ramifications throughout the range of normal human activities. Indeed, one of the ultimate trade offs here can be observed […]

The Prosperity Gold Copper Project

Introduction The Project under consideration would be situated in the Cariboo-Chilcotin District where Williams Lake is a regional service centre. Many people in the district consider as an opportunity to enforce the economy and to decrease the employment rates. The mine would cover 35 square km territory in Teztan Yeqox watershed that includes Taseko River, […]

“Waste by Wendell”

Summary “Waste by Wendell” is about the rot in the contemporary America resulting from neglect. The author laments on how pollution is affecting the society; furthermore, it seems that people are not concerned. He attributes the social and economical challenges in the society to garbage disposal methods. In this article, Wendell is advocating for awareness […]

Engineering Practice Case Study

Executive Summary The paper endeavours to identify and analyze the ethical issues and professional responsibilities of the case study provided. The case study is about the designing of a road underpass though the Risdon State Environmental Park. A lot of ethical issues emerge regarding the designing and construction of the underpass boring has to take […]

Top 500 Polluting Companies

Carbon tax hit list: Naming Australia’s biggest polluters The top 500 polluting companies are classified according to their annual CO2 emissions. The emission could occur at the company’s site or through secondary power and energy use. The companies included, in the list all produce over 25,000 tonnes of emissions in a year from a single […]

Modern State as an Impediment to Environmental Issues

Introduction The modern state was the main obstacle to modern environmental issues between 1960 and 2000 because it perpetuated consumerism, greater poverty disparities, resource exploitation, and population growth. These factors affected the status of the environment negatively and thus acted as obstacles. Consumerism between 1960 and 2000 The modern nation state was an impediment to […]

Community Hazard: Tornado in Joplin Missouri

Introduction Community hazard analysis is essential for mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery planning. In the process of creating a concrete disaster analysis, this paper identifies the tornado that occurred in the year 2011 in Joplin, Missouri. Besides, the paper determines the social and economic costs, effects, community response, and the extent of sociological ramifications. The […]

The Affect Weather Has on Human Life

Introduction Destructions caused by storms, floods, droughts, earthquakes, and further source of danger often expose human to insecurity, exacting a serious economic cost and weakening livelihoods. These effects can be short-term, but in many instances disaster also damages the lasting habitability or economic normal growth and development of the affected region. While the severity of […]

Remediation of Metals – Contaminated Soils and Groundwater

Situation 1- Remediation of PCBs in Sandy Soils Through Incineration Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are deposited within the soils because of man made activities that are carried out on the soil surface depositing several harmful compounds. Their presence in the soil can have negative consequences for the environment, which can portend harmful environmental health for all […]