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Ecological Identity Essay Examples and Topics

Environment. Knowing Nature and Ourselves

Soils, oceans, forests, dunes are small pieces of the natural environment we all live in; human beings were created to live in fruitful lands and forests rich for food and things that can be used [...]
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Ecological Footprint: Personal Assessment

In the assessment, I looked at the way I consume products and resources, how I usually get rid of waste, and what efforts of sustainability do I take into consideration.
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Sustainable Cities’ Development and Challenges

According to Sachs, one of the most significant challenges of sustainable cities is the high ecological footprint. The example of Curitiba, a city in Brazil, can be used to explain further.
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The United Arab Emirates’ Ecological Footprint

However, the government of the UAE is also concerned with sustainability and the Emirates' ecological footprint. In addition, the ecological footprint of Dubai is likely to be different from the one produced by Abu-Dhabi or [...]
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Understanding Nature and Meaning to Humans

By saying that "the idea of nature contains an extraordinary amount of human history,", the author wants to show that, though when defining nature most of the times we tend to separate humankind from other [...]
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Personal Environmental Sustainability Action Plan

Environmental degradation is the deterioration of the environment through depletion and contamination of resources such as air, water, and soil, which leads to the destruction of ecosystems and the extinction of wildlife.
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Positive Feedback Mechanism

In this respect, a positive feedback mechanism from clouds is harnessed by the net greenhouse effect from the upper-level clouds. Another reaction as a result of the upper-level clouds is an increase of the global [...]
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The Relation of the Ecosystem Services with Business

In order to ensure that the study does not digress a lot on the inter-dependence that exists between the ecosystem services and the corporate world, the study will concentrate on the dependency of the forest, [...]
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Business and an Impact on Ecosystem

The reliance of a business or corporation on ecosystem services depends on the location of a business, the source of its materials and the technology employed.
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Urban Sprawl and Motorization

The effects range from high level of energy consumption and use of transportation, cooling and heating facilities up to the sustenance of social thriving of urban neighborhoods. One of the greatest effects of urban sprawl [...]
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River Clean-Up Project

It is also necessary for students to prepare for the procedures and the activities to be carried out prior to the project.
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Air and Water Pollution

Thus, it is classified as a primary pollutant because it is the most common pollutants in the environment. In the environment, the impact of carbon monoxide is felt overtime, since it leads to respiratory problems.
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Carbon-di-oxide in the construction industy

As a result of the fact that these gases are present in the atmosphere in excessive amount, the heat that is sent back from the surface of the earth is put off by the atmosphere [...]
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Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emission

The use of incentives to increase carbon credits is also a powerful tool in controlling the amount of carbon dioxide being emitted to the atmosphere.
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Forest Tree Cutting in the US: A Personal Approach

Indeed, it is disturbing to note that the national forest cover has for the last five years declined by more than 4 percent despite the fact that our forest region, particularly in the southern United [...]
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Discourse of Environment

A sense of identity is entrenched in the present environment of human being, as there exists a connection between man and the world.
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Sale of Forests in United Kingdom

However, the public is rather skeptical about the capacity of the private owners to manage the forests because of the following reasons.
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How Societies Are Affecting the Ecology of Kenya

This paper looks into how the societies are affecting the ecology of Kenya which is the country of choice giving an insight on the effects on the availability of the natural resources to the people, [...]
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  • Words: 1115

Two cheers for Raspberries

One of the reasons for the reluctance of the companies to the adaptation of the environmentally friendly operations is the natural force of resistance to change that is present in human beings combined with the [...]
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  • Words: 2188

Nature and Place

This land is human property that is "by whatever means necessary", and people should find the abilities to control their power and make it less harmful to the land, nature, and all those who live [...]
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  • Words: 889

Environmental and Cultural Impact of Bottled Water

Specifically, the approach to solving the problem will span a careful investigation into the effects of bottled water and waste bottles in the environment, through the collection and analysis of primary data, interviewing company executives [...]
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  • Words: 584

Loss of Biodiversity and Extinctions

It is estimated that the number of species that have become extinct is greater than the number of species that are currently found on earth.
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  • Words: 2157

Water recycling

Recycled water is obtained from waste water and contaminated water that has been subjected to thorough treatment to ensure that it is proper for use for different purposes.
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Environmental Degradation and Poverty

It is however important to understand the causes of the environmental degradation and the ways to reduce them, which will promote the improvement of the environmental quality.
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Environmental Pollution in Canada

Atlantic Canada is also home to the Island of New Foundland and the northern region of Labrador which are majorly dotted by floating icebergs because of their proximity at the Northern areas of the province.
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  • Words: 2871

Ethanol as an Alternative Energy Source

The fuel has the backing of some of the influential figures in the automobile industry. Ethanol has the capacity to absorb water in the engine such that one eliminates the need for addition of such [...]
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  • Words: 1364

Economic Analysis of Shale Gas

The supply of the shale gas is anticipated to increase to roughly 62% of the United States total natural gas supply by 2030.
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  • Words: 1106

Expanding Holy Refinery

Thus, this analytical treatise attempts to explicitly discuss the environmental and health consequences of locating the proposed oil refinery near the human settlement of Utah. Therefore, refinery of oil and production of gases is expected [...]
  • Pages: 7
  • Words: 1928

The Imbalance in Ecosystem in the Modern World

Population growth among the humans is leading to over exploitation of the eco system in trying to provide food, shelter and clothing. The imbalance in ecosystem is eventually leading to extinction of some species from [...]
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  • Words: 611

The American Forests

Two approaches to the issue of environmental protection of forests will be examined in the following paper, the approach described in the article "The American Forests" by John Muir and in the article "Save the [...]
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  • Words: 1141

Atmospheric optical phenomenons

The red light waves are usually the longest in the visible spectrum of the electromagnetic energy and they are also the slowest in motion.
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  • Words: 1844

Disney’s Representations of Nature

At the end of the films, man's relation to nature shows a strong sense of commitment to conservation. It is the swamp which ultimately leads Snow White to a teeming life of the forest.
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  • Words: 1098

Environmental Urbanism

Nevertheless, based on a keen analysis of the works of these authors, there stand some loopholes, as they do not give a detailed procedure of the steps to follow in order to realize the dream [...]
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  • Words: 1193

Impact of environmental issues and laws in the aviation industry

Limited growth Although the industry appreciates, the efforts of environmental movements like Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, and Friends of the Earth, the industry feel that the requirements of the set policies limit its [...]
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  • Words: 817

Green building in the United Arab Emirates

Consequently, the government in the United Arab Emirates resolved for the implementation of better and advanced construction strategies that would ensure energy was conserved therefore providing a solution to the increased rate of pollution that [...]
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  • Words: 1135

Future of Green Technologies in Architectural Industry

In addition to this, architects use simply available materials for these future green technologies of architectural designs. However, future green technologies will see architectural designs economical in terms of water, energy and cost of materials [...]
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  • Words: 626

Sustainability of building

In this case the buildings which are put up need to meet certain standards which are in line with the expectations of environmental sustainability as well as ensure that the quality of the building is [...]
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  • Words: 1197

Kleen Energy Explosion in Middleton, Connecticut

There were nearly 20 ambulances at the scene of the accident to help transfer the injured people to the hospital. In addition to the Joint Terrorism Task Force that was deployed at the site of [...]
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  • Words: 551

The Florida Everglades

The Florida Everglades is one of the last bastions of nature left in the U.S.where human progress has pushed plants and animals alike to the fringes of human civilization.
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  • Words: 851

“Crude Oil” and “Week Three Tapped” Movies

The energy crisis that the world is currently facing is due to the pollution, over exploitation and depletion of natural resources; therefore, there is an urgent need for the concerned parties and organizations all over [...]
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  • Words: 1115

Environmental Leadership Program (ELP)

While keeping the principles of environmental leadership in mind, this research paper reviews the activities of the Environmental Leadership Program, which is a group of professionals who train environmental leaders from diverse backgrounds, and encourage [...]
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  • Words: 1148

Deep Ecology as Discourse on Identity

The literature of the global age incorporates all the ecological concepts associated with the literacy of the ecology, ecological linguistics and the literacy of place.
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  • Words: 1845