Ecological Identity Essay Examples and Topics

Positive Feedback Mechanism

From a natural sciences perspective, a positive feedback mechanism is often referred as a feedback loop. Therefore, a certain action can be referred as a causative factor of a specific reaction. The reaction within the systems also leads to further action by a system as it reacts. In natural sciences, positive feedback mechanism is responsible […]

Acts of God to Earth science system and the shift from Growth Paradigm to Sustainability Paradigm

The shift from “Acts of God to Earth science system and the shift from Growth Paradigm to Sustainability Paradigm are some of the major scientific shifts that remain contested in the modern world. While the shift from the Acts of God to Earth Science Systems is a widely accepted scientific shift, the shift from Growth […]

The Relation of the Ecosystem Services with Business

Introduction The understanding of an ecosystem is of paramount importance, more so in the process of defining the inter-linkages that exist between businesses and nature. This paper traces its foundation from the definitions that have been attributed to the phrase “ecosystem services.” It is from this definition that the study will take off in demystifying […]

Business and an Impact on Ecosystem

Introduction All economic activities, businesses and corporations have an impact on ecosystems and biodiversity. They also depend on ecosystem services as well; an example is the biotechnology industry which benefits from access to genetic material but at the same time create risks through the introduction of genetically modified organisms into the ecosystem. Other businesses and […]

Urban Sprawl and Motorization

Emergence of urban centers is the major cause of the increase in emissions that affect the ozone layer. The effects of global warming are also attributed to the urban sprawl and motorization. The urban sprawl affects the environment in diverse ways. The effects range from high level of energy consumption and use of transportation, cooling […]

River Clean-Up Project

Due to increased rate of dumping of dirt in the Community Rivers, students should carry out a river clean-up project (Crews, 2002). This involves removal of the solid waste dumped in the water and purification of the already dissolved materials (Crews, 2002). Community clean up will also be included in the project, whereby students will […]

Air and Water Pollution

Air pollutants Carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide are examples of air pollutants, which cause major damages to the environment. These pollutants are associated with many health problems that affect the respiratory organs. They also affect properties contributing to rusting of metal in vehicles and roofing materials. They are classified as air pollutants because they affect […]

Carbon-di-oxide in the construction industy

Introduction Background: Global Warming Our Globe is a shell embraced by atmospheric gases. This atmosphere works as a gateway that allows most of the gases to make paths in order to reach the surface of the earth. This light, which comes from the sun to the earth, is absorbed by the surface of the earth […]

Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emission

Introduction Carbon dioxide is emitted naturally or by human activities. Natural ways of emitting carbon dioxide are mainly through the carbon cycle. Human beings emit carbon dioxide through activities like combustion of organic fuels. The burning of oil, coal and gas and deforestation releases carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. This carbon dioxide in the atmosphere […]

Forest Tree Cutting in the US: A Personal Approach

Today, more than ever before, contemporary land use pressures coupled with haphazard cutting of trees have had a noteworthy impact on the extent and condition of forests in the United States, igniting a country-wide decline in forest cover. In consequence, the potential for forest regeneration in our country has slowed, with experts suggesting that forest […]

Discourse of environment

Man and the wilderness have coexisted for ages. A subtle cycle of ecological balance has maintained stability through coexistence of all beings. There is a deep sense of self-imbued in the awareness of one’s environment. A sense of identity is entrenched in the present environment of human being, as there exists a connection between man […]

Social Impact Assessment: Critical Articles’ Review

Environmental impact assessment is a critical part of every project that is carried out in the community. This assessment looks at the impacts that the project will have on the various aspects of the human environment. This includes the impact on economic and physical environments of the community. Social environment is such one aspect of […]

Greenpeace Creation – the World Nature Care Institution

The growing concern for the environmental state of the world is slowly becoming the dominant issue of the modern society. Because of the complicacy in the relationships between a man and the nature, the problem of defining the man’s role in ecology has gained a paramount importance. With help of deep ecology as an approach […]

Sale of Forests in United Kingdom

Introduction Environmental conservation has become a priority in many countries today. This is because the level of environmental degradation is currently very high in the world and its effects are already being felt. Many countries are currently trying as much as possible to conserve the few natural resources they are left with. “The world environmental […]

How Societies Are Affecting the Ecology of Kenya

Introduction Ecology is a branch of science that entails the distribution of all living organisms and their interactions with the environment. Human ecology which is the main concern in this paper entails the study of human beings and how they interact with the natural environment. The activities in which human beings are involved affect the […]

Two cheers for Raspberries

Introduction ISO certification entails the certification accorded to organizations and institutions by the international organization for standardization, which involves some consistent guidelines towards some procedures. There are different types of ISO certifications depending on the activities involved for instance, transportation, health and safety and environmental management, among others. Many firms, especially those involved with activities […]

Nature and Place

Human responsibility towards natural world is great indeed. Many people cannot even imagine how significant and integral their actions may be for the nature and its components. Human power does not actually have any boundaries, this is why people should be able to control their actions, ideas, and even thoughts to provide safe present and […]

Environmental Profile: ForestEthics; A non-Profit Environmental Organization

Introduction One of the worthwhile activities in which we as human beings can engage in is the protection of our environment. To take up this noble cause for our environment’s sake, many individual activists and organizations have engaged themselves in various activities all aimed at the protection of the environment. Canada in particular boasts of […]

Environmental and cultural impact of bottled water

Purpose The project is intended to find out the impact of bottled water both environmental and cultural. In the past, people have believed that bottled water is superior to tap water and the research will provide evidence to support or oppose this claim. The study will determine the overall effects of bottled water and the […]

Environmental and Cultural Impact of Bottled Water

Abstract An entrenched belief in people’s minds that bottled water is superior to tap water has triggered a chain of environmental and cultural challenges to policy makers and environmentalists in conserving the environment and while ensuring quality water for consumers. The problem of disposing water bottles by enforcing policies for responsible waste bottle disposal, alternative […]

Loss of Biodiversity and Extinctions

Introduction Extinction is a term used to refer to the loss of species which are found on the earth’s surface. When extinction occurs it is normally irrevocable and the particular species disappear for ever meaning that some biological aspect of the Earth is lost. The Earth is the only place where living species are found. […]

Water recycling

Introduction Recycled water is obtained from waste water and contaminated water that has been subjected to thorough treatment to ensure that it is proper for use for different purposes. A major benefit of recycled water is offering a sustainable and dependable source of water while decreasing demands on water provision that is brought about by […]

Environmental Degradation and Poverty

Environmental degradation has been on increase, thus raising the concern all over the world on how to compact it. It is defined as the declination of the environmental value in its quality. It is however important to understand the causes of the environmental degradation and the ways to reduce them, which will promote the improvement […]

Environmental Pollution in Canada

Introduction Environmental pollution has been a big global problem for more than a decade now. Environmental pollution majorly occurs through the contamination of the natural environment by artificial substances which later cause instability to the natural ecosystem and geography of the area. Pollution essentially has a strong impact on the geography of various zones which […]

The Impact of Industrial Pollution on the Environment

Environmental sustainability has become one of the most important considerations even as the world moves to develop and avail more goods and services for consumers for better living. The impact of industrial pollution has taken toll on the environment threatening not only the ecosystems existing in different parts of the world but also the very […]

Conservation Status of Poached Species in Africa: A Case Study of Rhinos, Elephants, and Gorillas

Introduction The African continent is popular, in the world, for the wide variety of its wildlife species. Hundreds of snakes, birds, and mammalian species reside in the continent. However, there has been a worrying trend in the status of wildlife in the past couple of decades. Of major concern has been the dwindling population of […]

Culling/Protection of Rocky Mountain wolves

Several quarters have challenged exploitation of wildlife. Some of the arguments are philosophical and moralistic in nature. For instance, there are those who hold the philosophy on feeling reverence for life and have believes according to which they associate harm to wildlife or everything that hinders them in their life to evil. Another philosophical thinking […]

Ethanol as an alternative energy source

Introduction Ethanol, as an alternative energy source, is largely used as a fuel in motor vehicles. Increasing global warming, caused by excessive use of petroleum-based fuels, has caused many countries to consider the viability of ethanol as an alternative source of energy. Furthermore, the need to take charge of the country’s energy sources has made […]

Obligation of Corporations in Environmental Conservation

In any way we may want to look at the subject of environmental conservation, the fact remains that our lives revolve around the environment in which we stay. Everything around us directly affects the quality of life we lead starting from water to the air we breathe. However, due to endeavors for economic growth that […]

Green Design: Sustainable Landscaping and Garden Design

Green design is a term which has been closely associated with the environmental debates going on in the world. The fact is that the concept involves the integration of numerous environmentally-conscious approaches that are used in designing structures, objects, and services in the modern world. Some of the key components attached to this approach would […]

Economic Analysis of Shale Gas

Introduction Shale gas is natural gas that is fascinated in shale configurations. Shale elements are small granule sedimentary rocks that are loaded foundation of petroleum and natural gas. In the ancient times, it was not cost-effectively as possible to generate shale gas. Nevertheless, with advancement in technology and the critical thinking perceptions, the progression has […]

The Blackfeet Reservation Possesses Valuable Resources

The Blackfeet reservation possesses some unique beauty but under it, there are valuable resources, like oil that is sealed inside the tight shale approximated to be thousands of feet under the ground (Healy). The exercise has split the tribe leading to emergence of a debate over the capacity and abilities of hydraulic fracturing and fracking. […]

Expanding Holy Refinery

Introduction The proposed new power plant by Holy refinery within the City of Bountiful has elicited opposition from the locals and the city council. Reflectively, the Utah medical fraternity has estimated that the proposed plant will cause more than 20 deaths annually. Besides, the local have issues with environmental pollution from air, water, visibility to […]

The Imbalance in Ecosystem in the Modern World

Population growth among the humans is leading to over exploitation of the eco system in trying to provide food, shelter and clothing. Santa in her publication World Is Undergoing Mass Extinction shows how over exploitation of the environment is causing imbalance in the eco system. The imbalance in ecosystem is eventually leading to extinction of […]

The American Forests

Nowadays the condition of the American forests along with the forests in the world is greatly affected by the global environmental problems. Two approaches to the issue of environmental protection of forests will be examined in the following paper, the approach described in the article “The American Forests” by John Muir and in the article […]

Proposal for a design project in the protection of bush fire prone land

Overview This document is a proposal to design a manual to explain the approval processes on fire protection emergency services on proposed developments on bush fire prone land. Introduction The aim of this document is to describe the nature of a bush fire prone land and the fire safety measures desirable to prevent any accidental […]

Atmospheric optical phenomenons

Afterglow An afterglow is a broad, high arch occasionally seen in the sky. It is a white light appearing during the darker half of thetwilight. It is caused by fine particles of dust suspended in the upper atmosphere. Occurrence of an afterglow Gamma-rays bursts,which are flashes of the gamma rays, are associated with explosions which […]

Environmental Ethics: Land Ethic and the Platform of Deep Ecology

Introduction Environmental issues have for a long time now been discussed and debated all over the world. The twenty-first century call for a reconsideration of the approaches through which environmental concerns that affect the planet earth as well as the societies in it are dealt with (Bunnin 517). People of the world have been called […]

Disney’s representations of nature-the environment

Introduction Disney films are significantly providing the public with a deeper understanding of environmental issues. The films have resulted into a powerful environmental conservation across the globe. Critics and environmentalists credit Disney films such as “The Jungle Book”, “Snow White”, Baloo, “Cinderella”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Bambi”, “The Lion King”, “Finding Nemo”, among others for promoting […]

Economic and Political Dimensions of Environmental Ethics

Introduction For a long time now, environmental issues have been discussed and debated all over the world. The twenty-first century call for a reconsideration of the ways through which environmental concerns that affect the planet earth as well as the societies in it are dealt with (Bunnin and Tsui-James 517). A critical reflection on the […]

Eco-Defense and Kinds of Ecological Terrorism

Tree spiking refers to a kind of ecological terrorism, involving trouncing of a metal rod or any other suitable material into a trunk of a tree, with an aim of dampening the act of tree logging through inflicting ‘bodily harm’ to the destructors (Davis, 1991). Two basic practices of tree spiking exist; spiking the tree […]

Environmental Urbanism

Introduction Research conducted by various researchers on the environment, in particular the urban centers, reveal various practices that range from pollution in the cities through conservation of natural vegetables to soil, that are worth checking towards sustaining the environment. In the chapter An Introduction to Ecological Design, Stuart Cowan and Sim van Der ryn argue […]

Impact of environmental issues and laws in the aviation industry

Of late, the world is concerned about environmental conservation and management; domestic and international legislations have been enacted to control operations in different industries in the efforts of attaining sustainable development agendas. The aviation industry has had its share of controls that have affected its operations negatively and positively. National Air Transport Association applauds the […]

Effects of global warming on human health, human welfare and human settlements

Global warming is the gradual increase in earth’s surface temperature. The increased temperature leads to an increased melting of snow and ice. The resultant of the melting is an increased global sea level. It is estimated that between 1906 and 2005, earth’s surface temperatures raised by 0.74 ± 0.18 °C (Ernesto 8-23). In 1998, Kyoto protocol was developed […]

Green building in the United Arab Emirates

Many nations throughout the world are faced with the challenge of climate change. The United Arab Emirates is not an exception to this problem. Over the years, the UAE has had an increased number of buildings under construction. This has resulted to the construction of impressive buildings and building projects that have resulted to spectacular […]

The Development at Bakers Bay Club and Their Effect to Maine-Ecosystem

Introduction Man’s activities on earth have seen destruction of environment in several ways. For example, the approval for construction of a golf course in Bahamas saw the destruction of aquatic environment to a large scale. This approval occurred without proper consultation on the dangers it will pose to the Maine ecosystem. The government of Bahamas […]

Environment and Human Behavior: A Critical Analysis of ‘Psychology in an Age of Ecological Crisis’

Today, more than ever before, global situations and activities are reorganizing people’s affiliations with their daily environments in nearly all civilizations across the world. The global conditions have had obvious psychological ramifications on nearly all aspects of human nature, not mentioning the fact these activities have critically influenced individuals’ cognitive, psychosocial, behavioral, spiritual, and emotional […]

Future of Green Technologies in Architectural Industry

Introduction The current global warming effects from ozone depletion to carbon gas emissions have made scientists, architects and world leaders, in seeking new modalities to curb the vice; that seem to threaten lives of many and that of future generations. Currently, the modern architectural designs; adopted by architects, focus of environmental sustainability mechanisms unlike the […]

Architextuality: Preservation of the Urban Built Environment

Material Culture Summary: Architexturality: An Argument in Favor of Creative Preservation of the Urban Built Environment This article was written by Michelle Metro-Rolland. It explores how the various levels of historical structures are preserved in the cities that are struggling with rapid development and modernization (Critical Conservation par. 1). Most cities that have historical structures […]

Sustainability of building

Introduction The environment is an important part of every human being. This is because it is what informs the quality of life that one leads. In essence, quality is defined by the environment or the surroundings that one has (Abraham 2006). Thus, maintaining a quality environment is usually on top of the agenda when it […]

“What a Certain Visionary Once Said” by Tomson Hemingway

Introduction The essay, “What a Certain Visionary Once Said”, by Tomson Hemingway is an attempt by the author to relay his feelings over what he perceives as a loss of connection to the natural world by present day society due to its constant quest for modernization. He does this by relaying visions of flat prairies, […]

Kleen Energy Explosion in Middleton, Connecticut

Introduction The Kleen Energy Explosion that took place in last year in Middleton, Connecticut. The accident took place at the Kleen Energy System power station located in Middleton, Connecticut (Nick para. 3). The total death toll from this blast was 6, with five people dying at the scene of the accident and another one dying […]

The Florida Everglades

Introduction The Florida Everglades is one of the last bastions of nature left in the U.S. where human progress has pushed plants and animals alike to the fringes of human civilization. It is the largest of the remaining subtropical environments left within the country consisting of 10,000 tiny islands, various rivers, lakes, streams, prairies, forests […]

“Crude Oil” and “Week Three Tapped” Movies

Introduction Environment refers to the sum total of the conditions that surround people and other living organisms. The thriving or survival of many organisms, including human beings, depends on the conditions of the environment. A poorly conserved environment presents great hazards to its inhabitants. However, if well conserved, environment gives invaluable benefits to those it […]

Environmental Leadership Program (ELP)

With the current innovative changes in information technology, there has been an equally significant change in the expectations, motivations, and emotions that drive individuals to greatness in their day-to-day activities. As a result, studies note that when the emotional needs of workers are satisfied through various aspects of information technology such as social networking, enhanced […]

Deep Ecology as Discourse on Identity

Introduction Deep ecology serves as a philosophical approach to environmentalism, and it typically argues for equal rights for all the elements that make up an ecosystem. Deep ecology contradicts with the traditional approach to environmentalism in the sense that it opposes a human centered approach. It is worth noting that deep ecology has a connection […]