Air Pollution Essay Examples and Topics

Reducing Carbon Emissions in USA

Introduction The primary cause of the “failure” in creating an all encompassing climate regime to limit the release of carbon emissions into the atmosphere can be traced to the fact that the main players (i.e. the countries that have the greatest amount of carbon emissions) refuse to enter into a binding agreement that enforces such […]

Sustainability in Slums

Introduction Sustainable development is one of the core strategies of development adopted by many countries across the world. Although this awareness has reached to that level currently, sustainability was not considered profoundly in the past. In the past, people focused on development without considering other crucial aspects such as environmental awareness, sociology and humanity. The […]

Environmental Impact Statement

Introduction In the recent past, the environmental studies have ranked industries as the leading causes of environmental pollution (Syrakov, Batchvarova, & Wiman 1998, p. 118). The current challenges of global warming facing major industries across the globe have necessitated the need for coming up with tools that measure environmental risk. A number of studies affirm […]

Industrial Accident: Bhopal Gas Tragedy

The Bhopal gas tragedy occurred on 3 December 1984 in the city of Bhopal, India. The plant had been designed to produce Carbaryl chemical, which is used as an insecticide. The cause of the tragedy became controversial and it provoked two distinct lines of debate. One side believed that slack management was the cause of […]

Poverty and Pollution

Introduction Industrialization has emerged as the engine for economic growth and development in countries all over the world. Business people have established operations to benefit from economic progress and development. Over the last few decades, multinational companies have emerged and they have taken advantage of the major global integration of economies. These companies have set […]

China’s Air Pollution Is Not Unique

Introduction Air pollution has been an area of concern for many nations around the world. Release of harmful emissions into the atmosphere has greatly affected the lives of many across nations. This issue has attracted the attention of many in an effort to come up with lasting solutions. According to Archer (2007), air pollution is […]

An Investigation of Green Roofs to Mitigate Air Pollution with Special Reference to Tehran, Iran

Abstract Many inquiries done into the use of green roofs as pollution control technologies have shown significant relationship between green roofs and pollution control. This inquiry focuses on the use of green roofs to mitigate air pollution when retrofitted to conventional roofs on any building in many parts of the world today. The paper draws […]

Air Pollution: Human Influence on Environment

Introduction Air pollution, as the name suggests, is the condition by which the atmosphere becomes contaminated by other foreign substances thus becoming unsuitable for living things and the environment. High concentration of different pollutants in the air causes a number of adverse effects to both living things and the environment. Some of these effects in […]

Health and Environment in Abu Dhabi

Abstract There is a significant relationship between human health and the environment. There are various environmental factors that affect the health of the population. They include the quality of air, weather, seasons, temperatures, humidity, and vegetation (MacDonald & Farah, 2012). Some health issues are specific to certain environmental conditions. As such, it is important to […]

Industrial Accident: Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Background Bhopal gas tragedy is an industrial accident happened in India in December of 1984. The significant release of such a hazardous gas as methyl isocyanate at the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) plant in Bhopal led to deaths of about 3,000 people during the first week after the accident. The water entered the tank […]

Expanding the Bayway Refinery

Introduction The oil refinery by Bayway Refinery within the area of Linden in New Jersey has elicited opposition from the locals and the city council. Reflectively, the Linden medical fraternity has estimated that the plant causes more than 20 deaths annually. Besides, the local have issues with environmental pollution from air, water, visibility to noise. […]

Research Paper on Pollution Prevention

Introduction Industrial production is one of the major drivers of economic growth in the contemporary society. However, manufacturing activities often cause serious environmental pollution. This mainly occurs due to the use of fossil fuels, non-biodegradable raw materials, and toxic chemicals in various manufacturing industries. In order to protect the environment, manufacturers have focused on developing […]

Economic Impact of Industrial Pollution in China

Introduction In an economically competitive world, most countries around the globe constantly compete to attain the top position in the international market in order to reap the benefits that come with such progress. For this reason, most countries insist on industrialization with some showing more zeal as compared to others through political policies. Although industrialization […]

The Impact of Climate Change on New Hampshire Business

Bhanarkar, A. D., Gajghate, D. G., & Hasan, M. Z.  (2003). Assessment of impacts of a fossil fuel based power plant. International Journal of Environmental Studies, 60(4), 325-333. Type: Research Paper Main Argument/Research Question:The main argument of this particular research paper is that fossil fuel powerplants produce a significant degree of pollution which creates a negative […]

Association between Respiratory Diseases and Dust events in United Arab Emirates

Abstract The proposed study aims at establishing if there is a relationship between dust events and respiratory diseases in United Arabs Emirates. This is will help bring to light the prevalence rate of respiratory diseases in the region as well equip relevant stakeholders with vital information concerning dust and its effects on human health. Existing […]

Automobile Pollution

Environmental pollution remains a major challenge in the world today. While several strides have been made with regard to environmental waste management, it is believed that a lot has to be done to realize a safe and sustainable environment, with a significant number of pollutants emanating from petroleum products. Research indicates that the United States […]

“Sustainable urbanism, Low-carbon eco-planning and smart growth: How to make these ideas become a feasible reality?”

Background and Hypothesis The issue of environment is one of the major global concerns in the modern world. This is because the rate of pollution has reached devastating levels. However, many countries are still ignorant about the situation. The level of environmental degradation still remains very high. This has led to dramatic climate change characterized […]

The Association between Dust Incidents and Respiratory Diseases in Abu Dhabi

Introduction The climate’s peculiarities of the Middle East make the population of the countries in the region suffer from a lot of dust incidents every year which occur frequently in relation to the definite season. Summer is the period with the most intensive dust storms in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iran, Syria, and Iraq. […]

What we can do to protect Ozone layer

Ozone layer is found on earth’s upper atmosphere. It is made of ozone (O3) which protects living things on earth from damaging effect of sun’s UV light. It is crucial to protect Ozone layer for living things to survive on earth’s surface. The various ways to protect Ozone layer include; Preventing human activities which destroy […]

Evolution of Planning and Design

Introduction It has been argued that, ‘While Environmental Planning emerged as a profession in the 1970s, the environmental planning movement was evident sometime before this.’ The main purpose of this paper is to explore the origins of environmental planning theory. The paper considers the major aspects in the evolution of environmental planning theory. Today’s prototype […]

Technologies for reduction of Automobile Pollution

Introduction One of the leading causes of global warming in the world today has been identified as carbon emissions resulting from the use of fossil fuels. The levels of pollution have indeed gone up by an alarming rate over the past few decades. This calls for the application of integrated efforts towards the reduction of […]

How Bad Pollution is in the Arab World

Currently, the Arab world materializes to be amongst the fastest growing countries in terms of population. The perceived population growth brings about expenses related to pollution. The commonly observed pollution include air and water pollution. Environmental pollution in the Arab region result from fuel combustion, draughts, use of pesticides, clinical wastes, improper industrial and households’ […]

Professionalism in Environmental Public Health

Abstract This paper is aimed at discussing various competencies of environmental health workers. These people have to act as researchers, educators, leaders, and policy-makers. Thus, they need to possess expertise in such areas public health sciences, research, and policy-making in order to find practical application to their skills. Furthermore, they should well-developed leadership and communicative […]

Literature Review on Technology on Air Quality Management due to Waste Water

Air Quality Management Wastewater emits harmful toxins that affect air quality. Some researchers say the accumulation and intensity of microbiological emissions account for the highest concentrations of air quality pollutants from wastewater (Filipkowska 275). Several researchers have made many attempts to improve air quality, mainly through the adoption of new technology. Nanotechnology is one such […]

Environmental Justice Concern Of Groundwork Lawrence

Introduction Environmental justice (EJ) has been a thorny issue in all American states and especially Massachusetts. In the United States of America, environmental justice sprouted from uprisings among African-American and other indigenous communities who were exposed to environmental pollution from industries located in their neighborhoods. According to Rhodes (2003), environmental justice is “the fair treatment […]

Regulation and Management of Haze pollution in Canada

Introduction By definition, haze is an atmospheric aerosol that cumulatively concentrates to a visible status. The aggregating particles are minute and hardly invisible; however are able to cause scene distortion and limit the visual range. According to the manual of codes by the World Meteorological Organization, haze develop from volcanic ash, smoke, dust, mist, sand, […]

Air Pollution Characteristics and Effect

Air pollution occurs when gaseous substances are released into the atmosphere. Industrialization is the major source of air pollution. An alteration in the gaseous composition of the atmosphere is called air pollution. Air pollution is caused by the release of gaseous elements into the atmosphere (Schwartz 7). The gaseous substances contaminate the atmosphere and causes […]

The system for pollution offsets

The minimum standards for maintaining environmental quality while keeping costs at the minimal can be established by considering sources of emissions and their concentrations. These air pollutants may be acceptable to a given degree after which they become unacceptable due to the consequences they have on nature. It is important to determine the extent at […]

Sustainable Products

Introduction Sustainable products are increasingly becoming a leading choice of building and construction materials. Today’s largely eco-conscious generation attaches a lot of significance on the impact a product would have on the environment. The other factors considered include; the public health implications, socio-economic impact as well as the aesthetic value offered by any given product […]

Emission trading scheme

Introduction Emission trading scheme involves pollution regulatory mechanism with which pollution emitting companies or factories should comply with usually given by the central government. According to Stavin, “Emission trading scheme is a market based approach used to control pollution by providing economic incentives for achieving reductions in the emission of pollutants” (2001, p.87). This scheme […]

Health Hazard of Noise Pollution

Introduction Noise can be defined as a sound that is not agreeable with musical quality. Noise can also be described as an unwanted sound. Most of the noise is generated from almost all opencast and underground mining operations and from various fixed mobile and impulse sources. Noise pollution can be attributed to the increase of […]

Fossil Fuels Subsidies and the Impact of Pollution on Health and Lifetime Earnings

The environmental health of the world has become increasingly a part of the economic discourse for many countries. This is reflected in two articles recently featured in The Economist (The Economist staff) (The Economist staff). The burning of fossil fuels, long taken for granted as a driver of economic development, is now identified with massive […]

Indoor air quality in sustainable, energy efficient buildings

Introduction ‘Indoor air quality in sustainable, energy efficient buildings’ is the article by Andrew K. Persily and Steven J. Emmerich. The article is devoted to the problem of the indoor air quality. The authors focused their attention on the energy-efficient approach of its achievement. The background of the article The energy efficiency is the urgent […]

Exploration of the Oil: Effects on Our Natural World

The exploration of resources is important for generating and sustaining economic growth, particularly that of refinery outputs like natural gas and oil. Petroleum is mined from sedimentary deposits comprising an intricate mixture of hydrocarbons that exist naturally beneath earth’s surface in gaseous, liquid, and solid states, as natural gas, crude oil, and coal, respectively. The […]

Environmental issues in Asia

Introduction As various economies of the world develop, there are accompanied by effects on the environment and Asian countries have not been an exception. In most of those countries, there have been economic policies put in place to facilitated economic efficiency and growth. As industries develop, little attention is given to their effects on environment. […]

Do moderate to high income workers in Australia take into consideration the environmental impact of their travel choice?

Aim and Rationale In Australia, 2012 statistical estimates show that there are 12,714,235 private passenger vehicles with an annual growth rate of 2.2%, while methods of public transportation such as buses currently number at 90,599. Australia’s National Transport Commission estimates that each private vehicle emits 199 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer travelled (Hazmat and […]

Connection between respiratory diseases and environmental variables

Asthma is a condition characterized by obstruction of airflow leading to coughing, chest pain, breathlessness as well as panting. It is a state caused by environmental as well as genetic factors. Asthmatic features are classified depending on symptoms and the level of forced expiratory volume per every second. This paper tries to link asthma with […]

The Problem of Ocean Pollution in Modern World

As a concerned member of the community, I am writing to relay my thoughts on a considerable geo-social issue affecting the community. It is of considerable concern how pollution in the ocean has been a major predicament, which is not only affecting the water masses, but people as well. The pollution of the water masses […]

Urban Sprawl and Environmental and Social Problems

Introduction The last few decades have witnessed a sharp rise in the number of motor vehicles and the urbanization process, occasioning serious issues related to social and environmental changes. The concept of immense use of automobiles, which goes hand in hand with increase in the number and size of cities, is well known as urban […]

W.R Grace Libby, Montana Asbestos Contamination

Introduction Libby is a small town situated in the Kootenai Forest. It is considered the worst asbestos contamination site in the United States of America. The contamination was caused by W.R Grace, which was a mining company that operated a vermiculite mine in the town from 1963 to 1990 (Peacock, 2008, p. 23). There were […]

The Issue of Conserving the Environment in the US

Tidwell talks about the issue of global warming, which has been termed in the academic circles as the global commons. The United States, just like other countries in the world, is being faced with the issue of conserving the environment in order to resolve the issue of global warming. In the United States, the water […]

Impact of Full Moon Party on Environment

The effect of full moon party on environment in Thailand The disreputable occasion in Thailand that attracts millions of tourists around the globe is known as the Full Moon Party. The party is renowned as one of the biggest Thailand events that occur once-a-month since the fiscal 1985. In fact, more than fourteen thousand tourists […]

The Impact of Green Energy on Environment and Sustainable Development

Today, many researchers and ecologists pay attention to the problems of the environment with references to the notion of the sustainable development. The global community is challenged by a lot of issues associated with the environmental pollution and the constant growth of using the energetic resources. The economic progress of the world with accentuating the […]

Air Pollution and Its Consequences

Air pollution refers to the infusion of chemicals, particles and biological matter that are hazardous and are the cause of discomfort to humanity and other living organisms into the atmosphere. Noise is also one of the factors that contribute to air pollution. The main pollutants are gases, solid matter and liquid droplets. These can either […]

The Problem of Atmospheric Pollution in Modern World

Atmospheric pollution is the existence of dangerous gases, solids or liquids in the atmosphere (Environmental Protection Agency, 2011). Atmospheric pollution occurs as a result of various types of noxious wastes. Particulate matter, the first type, comprises of liquid and solid aerosols suspended in air. This occurs as a result of hazardous industrial processes and burning […]

Effecting on Indoor Air Quality

Introduction Indoor places, especially our homes, expose us to indoor pollution which could eventually result in major health problems. This paper will tackle the various sources of pollution in our indoor environment, the possible health effects they could have and steps people should take in order to assure good indoor air quality. Sources of Indoor […]

Air Pollution by Automobiles

Automobile invention has continued to have profound effects in the world due to the fact that they have been owned by a large number of people, particularly in the U.S. This overreliance in automobile has generated environmental and health concerns, which trigger a number of global debates. Automobiles have a great environmental and lifestyle impact, […]

Air and water pollution in Los Angeles

One of the major problems facing major cities and towns in the world is pollution; wastes from firms and households are the major causes of pollution. The United States in general is undergoing fast industrialization; the resultant is a country with high rates of pollution. Air and water pollution are the major pollution that occur […]

Green Community in the United Stated

Aside from worrying about the increasing costs of fossil fuels there is another problem that plagues this planet. The continuous use of fossil fuels is creating significant amounts of air pollutants. Cities will soon become uninhabitable if nothing is done to curb dependence non-renewable and carbon emitting fuels. While pollution is an urgent concern and […]

The Love Canal Tragedy and Hooker Chemical and Plastics Corporation

Introduction The Love Canal is named after William T. Love, the man who envisioned the idea of creating an 11-km canal between the two sections of the Niagara River to produce electricity for powering his planned city in the 1890s. However, his plan failed and the pit filled with water over the years. In 1940, […]

Efficiency in the Motor Vehicle Industry

In the past years, people have been using different means of transport. Initially the means of transport was walking. This was very tedious as people movement was limited to their physical fitness and strength. Animals were next then used for transport. The mostly used animals were donkeys and horses. The animal assisted in transporting goods […]

Illegal Dumping

Problem: Illegal dumping refers to any form of indecent disposal of this waste material. Disposal of waste becomes improper when done in a place that is not legitimate, like a landfill. Illegal dumping occurs in open places including road sides, rivers, lakes and state parks. This kind of dumping poses a risk to human health […]

Ozone Depletion

Background The ozone layer is a blanket of naturally occurring gas that is located in the stratosphere (15 to 50 km above earth) and serves a very important role in blocking the sun’s harmful ultraviolet-B rays from reaching us on earth. However, this protective layer of gases has been undergoing a slow but steady reduction […]

Tehran Chokes and Blames Severe Pollution on US Sanctions

Summary This article (Dehghan 2010) explains the effects of pollution on Tehran and why sanctions are imposed by US government. Tehran is overpopulated and since the major mode of transport is by road a lot of carbon dioxide is emitted into the air hence the air in that city is polluted and when this gas […]

914th Airlift Wing – AFRC Superfund Site

The term superfund site was first defined by the compensation and liabilities act of 1980 as a toxic waste site which requires cleanup (Smith, 2010, p. 2). Basically, such sites are listed under the National priorities list as requiring government sponsored clean-up exercises because of the danger they pose to the general environment. Superfund sites […]

The Effect of Plastic Water Bottles on the Environment

Introduction In the past century, environmental issues have been on the center stage as core to man’s existence. The impacts and consequences derived from neglect of the same can be traced as far back as the ice age. Over the past decades, man’s industrious nature has shaken the balance that stood between his environment and […]

Environmental Pollution: Causes and Solutions

Introduction The past two centuries have been characterized by vast technological advances that have had a significant effect on man and his environment. One of these advances has been in the form of increased industrialization by man. Industrialization has resulted in detrimental practices such as deforestation, air and water pollution which have all threatened the […]

Efforts to Alleviate Ozone Depletion

Depletion of ozone layer is the slow eradication of the ozone layer caused by the gases that are emitted into the atmosphere. The purpose of the ozone layer is to cushion the earth from the dangerous ultra violet rays of the sun thus it reflects back these rays. Were it not for this layer the […]

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Introduction Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a US national park and a UNESCO world heritage site and covers the ridgeline of the Great Smoky Mountains and part of Blue Ridge Mountains (National Park Service US Department of the Interior 1). It is the most visited park and one of the largest protected areas in […]

Climate and Air Pollution

The earth has a number of climatic systems that ensure the distribution of heat across the face of the earth. Global warming is the result of retention of heat by the earth’s atmosphere originally from the sun because of the presence of green house gases released through many natural and artificial processes. Cunningham and Cunningham […]

Urban Pollution – Many Long Years Ago

Urban Pollution – Many Long Years Ago is a masterpiece written by Joel A. Tarr addressing the issue of urban pollution many years ago before the invention of automobile. Tarr also compares pollution caused by automobiles to that caused by horses, putting into consideration the promises that came with automobiles with respect to creating cleaner […]

The Cause and Effect of the Growing Population

Introduction The increase in the number of species over a certain ecosystem over a given period is itself population growth. Numerous factors cause population growth either in human beings or in animals. Nevertheless, the increase in population has its own advantages and disadvantages. While population growth can lead to cheap labor in human beings, it […]

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Health

Of all the things that people take for granted, air would probably take the first prize. Despite the fact that without air, the life on the Earth would be impossible, the attitude towards air has been rather careless for considerably long time, which has led to a number of problems concerning air ecology in the […]

Life Circle Engineering

Nowadays there are increasing levels of pollution, both from the increasing number of industries and household activities in the world. The international community is paying much attention to these alarming rates of pollution. Many countries have devised methods to try and control the pollution levels in their atmospheres. Obviously, the imposing of fines may help […]

The Influence of Environmental Health on Society Health

Can we have a polluted environment and a healthy society at the same time? A polluted environment means an unstable and unhealthy society. The effects of pollution are so many, as they range widely. It would be hard to have a healthy society in an area where there is pollution. Pollution causes damage to human […]

Clean Energy Importance

Abstract Nowadays pollution is a tremendous problem for people and the earth. Researchers and scientists are trying so hard to try to solve that problem. Clean energy is one of the solutions. Clean energy means the energy that will not effect to the environment. Clean energy is the energy that can produce by some of […]

Research a Specific Material (Gas, Liquid, Solid)

Introduction So often, I look at the beautiful scenes and I grateful to God for wonderful and excellent work. The world is full of unlimited beautiful sceneries while the underground is full of valuable resources. While we live, it is our priority to protect the environment and its core components. It is extremely unacceptable to […]

The Concept of Green Technology in Modern World

Abstract A comparative analysis of the environmental and economic imperatives will afford a position about the most compelling imperative. The paper begins by discussing green technology, proceeds to make a detailed discussion of environmental imperative culminating with a discussion of the economic imperative to precipitate a clear understanding of the weightiest imperative of the two, […]

A Discussion of Air Pollution & Related Health Implications on the Community

Various studies have found that air pollution causes serious health complications for adults and children, not mentioning that air pollution also affects animal and plant life. The primary air pollutants found in most urban settings include carbon monoxide and sulfur oxides generated mostly by vehicles and other machinery, hydrocarbons, and both solid and liquid particulate […]

Control of noise and radon gas levels

Noise refers to elevated sound levels that end up being unbearable and uncomfortable to all those in the vicinity of such noise sources. Examples of noise sources include nightclubs, airports, highways, industries, among others (Health, 2002). Noise pollution has various adverse health effects to humans and even animals with almost all of these effects being […]