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Air Pollution Essay Examples and Topics

Advanced Pollution Prevention in the United States

In the United States, the overview of the previous legislation shows that the government used to enforce measures that would deal with pollution control which occurred at the final stage of production processes. The Pollution [...]

Carbon Emissions Initiative in the UK

In this case, they are supposed to be reduced by 60% and this is before 2030. There has been a lot of opposition to this initiative because the country is still fresh from a recession [...]

Air Pollution in Washington State

The problem of air pollution is closely related to the issue of the energy supply of the US. Due to the high level of air pollution in Washington state, there is a growing threat to [...]

Air Travel as a Cause of Severe Pollution

Ecologists cite the growth of air travel as one of the factors that are contributing to environmental pollution. Restricting air transport can minimize the amount of noise that airplanes make, therefore improving the quality of [...]

Air Pollution and China’s Governmental Measures

The consequences of air pollution in China are already becoming evident, and not only they are the reason for environmental problems, but also they have a significant influence on the health of Chinese people living [...]

Water & Air Pollution and Health Issues in Brazil

The main environmental effects of pollution include the destruction of marine habitats, water scarcity, and anoxia. The conclusion is informative because the writer includes strategies to alleviate the problem of air and water pollution in [...]

Interior Surface Coating Facility

A comprehension of the sources and barometrical responses of pollutants, oxides, and particles would be of tremendous incentive in evaluating the wellbeing impacts of these toxins and conceiving fitting control methodologies.

Particulate Matter Filtration in the UK

As can be seen, most of the particles' behaviors within the filter can be relatively accurately described using the single fiber theory, since it offers the possibility to calculate the most important parameters of an [...]

Environmental Behavior and Air Pollution in Ohio

Once people become aware of the harmful effects of air pollution on the environment and health, it is likely that they will adopt positive behaviors, reduce behaviors and activities that contribute to air pollution and [...]

The New York City Air Pollution

As the reports say, the state of health of some of the New York residents has grown increasingly worse, mostly due to the air pollution and the diseases that it has triggered.

Air Pollution Effects on the Health and Environment

According to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards, there are six principal air pollutants, the excess of which critically affects the health, lifestyle, and welfare of the population. Still, to my mind, the priority should [...]

Acid Rain and Ozone Pollution

Acid rain and ozone pollution are a form of pollution, which entails the release of gaseous and dust particles in quantities that destroy the integrity of the atmosphere and affect organisms in their respective habitats [...]

Reducing Carbon Emissions in USA

On the other end of the spectrum, arguments when it came to this level of discrimination focus on the fact that developed countries such as the U.S.produce a majority of the carbon emissions being released [...]

Sustainability in Slums

This implies that the agents of sustainability must transform the ideologies of governance in order to curb the emergence of slums.

Environmental Impact Statement

It is my responsibility, as a government environmental regulator, to assess the environmental risk assessment and management tools put in place in this facility in order to provide an environmental impact statement that will be [...]

Poverty and Pollution

Pollution in the third world countries leads to the degradation of the environment reducing the quality of life for the people.

China’s Air Pollution Is Not Unique

China and the United States of America have adversely been mentioned to be the leading polluters of the atmosphere. The recent statistics indicate that the gap between the level of pollution by China and that [...]

Health and Environment in Abu Dhabi

The three areas stated in the figure are some of the major municipalities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The environment in the region is similar to that of the other two cities, Abu Dhabi [...]

Pollution Prevention

In particular, the review will focus on the literature on the methods that are used in various manufacturing industries to reduce pollution.

The Impact of Climate Change on New Hampshire Business

Type: Magazine Article Main Argument/Research Question: The article explains that advocates of renewable energy may obtain opportunities to advance alternative energy development by tracking the costs and pollution emissions of fossil fuel power plants and [...]

Automobile Pollution

These pollutants are emitted due to the inability to have a perfect combustion process that would involve the breakdown of hydrocarbons into water and carbon dioxide in the presence of oxygen.

What we can do to protect Ozone layer

Introducing policies geared to protect ozone layer depletion; governments should adopt rules and regulations to prohibit activities which emit Ozone layer depleting substances.

Evolution of Planning and Design

It has been argued that, 'While Environmental Planning emerged as a profession in the 1970s, the environmental planning movement was evident sometime before this.' The main purpose of this paper is to explore the origins [...]

How Bad Pollution is in the Arab World

Currently, the Arab world materializes to be amongst the fastest growing countries in terms of population. UNDP estimate that by 2003, the amount of emissions in the Arab world rose to 1013 metric tons from [...]

Air Pollution Characteristics and Effect

Accumulation and deposition of this substance can damage the ozone layer and affect the visibility of the environment. The accumulation of this pollutant in the atmosphere can cause severe damage to the reproductive organs, lungs [...]

The system for pollution offsets

Maintaining equilibrium between environmental quality and cost is not efficient if all the polluting entities are treated uniformly despite the amount of emissions and concentration in a certain region.

Sustainable Products

This American company has been in existence since the 1980's and in 1997 Smith and Fong Company got fully incorporated as a sustainable bamboo flooring product manufacturer. Smith and Fong Company is a market leader [...]

Emission trading scheme

In the pursuit of the prevention of further depletion of the ozone, the emission-trading scheme aims at reducing by significant margins, the emission levels by regulating the amount of pollutants emitted by individual firms.

Health Hazard of Noise Pollution

In addition, the frequency of sound, duration of exposure, intermittence or continuation of sound, the age of a person and their health can affect the acuteness of the effects of noise pollution.

Exploration of the Oil: Effects on Our Natural World

The oil exploration business is technology and cost intensive, and involves multiple stages including: a geological survey, a seismic survey, exploratory drilling, further drilling to assess the extent of the reservoir, preparation of a feasibility [...]

Environmental issues in Asia

This paper is going to have a look at the key environmental issues in Asian countries as well as the policies put in place by various agencies to address the issues.

Impact of Full Moon Party on Environment

The disreputable occasion in Thailand that attracts millions of tourists around the globe is known as the Full Moon Party. According to Uysal and Williams, the full moon party has shocking and direct effects on [...]

Air Pollution and Its Consequences

Air pollution refers to the infusion of chemicals, particles and biological matter that are hazardous and are the cause of discomfort to humanity and other living organisms into the atmosphere.

The Problem of Atmospheric Pollution in Modern World

It speeds up the erosion of construction materials and the decomposition of metals which destructs the human respiratory system by introducing poisonous materials into the system. Afterwards, the use of vents and the burning of [...]

Effecting on Indoor Air Quality

There are various sources of pollutants that are associated with Indoor Air Pollution: Combustion sources e.g.oil, gas, kerosene, coal, wood and tobacco products; building materials and furnishings, asbestos-containing insulation, wet or damp carpet; products for [...]

Air Pollution by Automobiles

This paper shall address specific automobile pollutants in relation to causes and public health, to draft possible recommendations to the obstacles, in order to manage the problem.

Illegal Dumping

Through this, the companies can be encouraged to adopt the services of companies that specialize in disposal of environmental hazardous wastes.

Ozone Depletion

He also observed that the levels of long-lived tracers were due to complex reactions and was unlikely to occur, and that the high levels of chlorine in the stratosphere was the most probable cause of [...]

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Those who still lived in the park, mainly the Cherokee Indians, miners and loggers, were forced out of the park and all the operations which contributed to the destruction of the forest were abolished.

Climate and Air Pollution

The earth has a number of climatic systems that ensure the distribution of heat across the face of the earth. Global warming is the result of retention of heat by the earth's atmosphere originally from [...]

Urban Pollution – Many Long Years Ago

Tarr also compares pollution caused by automobiles to that caused by horses, putting into consideration the promises that came with automobiles with respect to creating cleaner and safer streets.

The Cause and Effect of the Growing Population

The paper examines the causes and effects of population growth in human beings. On the other hand, building manufacturing industries change the ecosystem of a given place, in addition to air and water pollution.