Environmental Processes Essay Examples and Topics

Landscape Ecology: Developing a New Discipline

There is no secret that over the past few years, ecological issues have appeared on the agenda and have been staying there since. Indeed, in the light of the effect that people have on the Earth, its inhabitants and nature, it is especially important to learn about the fragile balance that lives and inanimate elements […]

PAH’s and the 2010 BP Gulf Oil Disaster

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are potential atmospheric pollutants comprising of used aromatic rings and do not have substituent or heteroatoms. They are found in coal, oil and deposits of tar and are byproducts of both biomass and fossil fuel burning. They are of great concern when they are pollutants. This is because they easily mix […]

Innovation of Diffusion on ‘Eco-Friendly Bags

Introduction The success of an innovation is largely dependant on vital intelligence which when incorporated into the open innovation process, may produce what the innovators call technical thrust1. Reflectively, when properly planned and executed, intelligence is the main force behind successful and accelerated innovation2. On the boundary spanners, innovations should be fairly fast and inclusive […]

Landscape Ecology and the Related Issues: Spatial Scale as a Phenomenon

Dealing with landscape ecology issues involves a detailed analysis of the problems occurring not only within small areas, but also on a much bigger scale, which means that the phenomenon of spatial scale must be introduced. Allowing to draw the line between the issues that can be handled on a relatively small scale and the […]

Disturbance as a Crucial Process in Shaping the Modern Landscape: When the Pieces of Mosaics Fall into Their Places

Of all the things that surround us, landscape seems by far the most stable of all; when looking beyond the horizon, one might think that years will pass, people will come and leave, but the mountains in the distance will always remain in their places. However, this stability is only an illusion; according to the […]

Sharks Preservation

Sharks are vibrant apex predators, which are generally important in the maritime lifecycle. However, the larger ones are worn-out quicker than they are expected to breed. In fact, this portends the dependability of aquatic ecosystem around the globe. It is zealous having sharks given that for more than forty million years, they have been necessary […]

Environmental Decisions: Fuzzy Arithmetic and Leopold Matrix Techniques

Researchers and engineers use various methods in order to evaluate the environmental impacts of products and processes. One of the most popular approaches is life-cycle assessment which is often used by modern companies and environmental agencies. However, there are other tools that can be adopted. This paper is aimed at discussing such techniques as Fuzzy […]

Spatial Prediction of Habitat of the Spotted Jumping Slug on the University of Washington’s Pack Forest

Tracking the occurrence of endangered species is extremely important to keep their population stable and prevent these species from extinction. An important tool used to define the specific occurrences of a certain species, spatial prediction can help locate the natural habitat of the Spotted Jumping Slug (Slimus swansonii) and, therefore, help the given species become […]

The Fighting Against Environmental Degradation

The economic growth witnessed in the 20th century was accompanied by extremely high levels of environmental degradation (Smith, Harggroves & Desha, 2010). This form of degradation was so significant that the existence of the planet was endangered. As a result, several countries started revising their economic development strategies by including environmental preservation (Smith, Harggroves & […]

The Problem of Pesticide Contamination in US

Introduction Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill wrote the article about the new evidence on Tics and Toxins. It was written in July 2012. In the month of September 2011, schoolchildren at Leroy Junior-Senior high school were affected by tic disorder. Eighteen students were affected and after tests, the State Health Department reported that they had […]

“Eco-Warriors” by Rik Scarce

“Eco-Warriors” is a book that investigates the actions of environmentalists using both historical and philosophical accounts. The author of this book is Rik Scarce a sociologist at Skidmore College and he refers to the several environmental organizations in this book. This paper provides a review of Scarce’s book in the view of the effects that […]

Ecological Footprint Analysis

After taking the “ecological footprint quiz”, it has occurred to me that human beings are no longer living in a sustainable world. The footprint analysis is one of the best tools that can help people reexamine their assets and resources. The obtained results explain that human beings are consuming more resources than their planet can […]

Toxicology Examination of a Site

Site Overview The derelict site was hitherto used by two industries, which have remained nonfunctional for the past sixty years. There are 100 drums buried underground and, unfortunately, their contents are not indicated. The drums show a sign of cracking and a, strong pungent, smell is felt in the air at the site. This must […]

A Sustainable Management for the Conservation of the Galapagos Islands Ecological System

The Galapagos Islands are one of the archipelagos renowned as one of the most beautiful places in the world, “the ecological and evolutionary processes characteristics of the Islands have been minimally affected by human activity. However, due to the impact of human activity, such as tourism and fisheries management, for example, the archipelago is recognized […]

Going Green in the GCC?

Renewable energy technologies now have become representatives of a common source of energy. The benefits of using this measure are unrivaled due to its environmentally friendly origin and reduction of resource usage. Over the past decade, the renewable energy distribution has expanded tremendously, thus inducing growth in all sectors. The presented report not only draws […]

Environmental Protection Agency and Transportation Standards

EPA Regulations and the Impact on Transportation Standards The objective of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is to establish a program that helps to minimize the greenhouse gas emission. The agency works in liaison with other organizations like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to enhance fuel efficiency. The growth in international trade has […]

Learning of Environment Sustainability in Education

The class lessons taught about environment sustainability. Sustainability of environment refers to the ability of the world’s natural resources to satisfy our needs without becoming exhausted. This is because human beings continue to extract resources from the environment without managing the disposal of the waste that is created after the useful resources have been refined. […]

Adaptations of trees in the rainforest biomes

The trees in the rainforest biomes have developed several adaptations to enable them to survive the conditions in the area. The rain forests receive an average of between 50 and 260 inches of rainfall annually (Denslow, 1987). This means that the plants in that area will need to adapt in order to ensure that they […]

Summary of the challenges facing extraction industries in Caledon, Ontario, Canada

According to , the main reasons why the people living in Caledon, Ontario, Canada actively reject Extraction Industries in the area are: The exponential increase in aggregate operations in the region. Pollution in the form of dust and noise resulting from the effects of blasts and also resulting from the frequent movement of trucks in […]

Geothermal Energy

Throughout the history of its existence, humankind has been increasingly using energy for the purposes of industrial development of civilizations. Natural resources, such as gas, coal, and oil have so far been the key sources of energy. However, as the aforementioned resources are non-renewable, the issue of using alternative sources of energy has emerged. Among […]

The Role of Political Environmentalism in Modern World

Living in the globalized community, environmental issues have become increasingly important because the threat human activities constitute to the Earth. In this respect, greater control of contamination, deforestation, and irrigation should be taken to eliminate critical situations. Marketing arena has also undergone significant change and has taken the course on monitoring the ecological setting through […]

Problems Facing Human Beings In 2050

Currently, infrastructure has become paramount in our daily lives. In every country, infrastructure determines the growth of its economic and social sectors. Over the last century, improvements in infrastructure have resulted in better standards of living. In spite of these benefits, environmental researchers suggest that the future advancements in infrastructure would result in numerous challenges. […]

Urban Problems: Enlargement of Urban Areas

When it comes to discussing the significance of how modern societies develop, one can hardly skip mentioning such important aspects of this development as the ‘urban sprawl’ and ‘motorization’. The first of these terms is being concerned with the process of urban areas growing progressively larger (Gonzalez, 2005). Even though that the earlier mentioned process […]

Green house effect

Green house effect is the condition where thermal radiation emanating from the sun passes via the atmosphere. The earth absorbs a portion of the rays and reflects another amount back to the atmosphere (Karoly 546). The presence of green house gases, for example, carbon dioxide plus methane cause trapping of heat in the earth. This […]

Dominican Republic

Introduction Harmony between man and land is represented by conservation. The propaganda on conservation has been going on for nearly a century. It still goes on at a snail’s pace. Progress convention oratory and letterhead devoutness consist the commitment and progress that has been promised for decades. The ideology that the population should obey the […]

Ecology versus Technology

Views on ecological sustainability remain controversial despite clear eco-optimist verses eco-pessimist stands. This is reflected on different perceptions on ecological metamorphosis from previous, current, and future time span. Generally, ecology has created heavy impact in the temporary society as the world turn into a global village. These impacts generate macro and micro climate changes characterized […]

Problems Caused by China’s Three Gorges Dam

Focus Statement The purpose of this study is to offer an objective exploration of the environmental, socioeconomic, health, archeological and geological problems resulting from the construction of The Three Gorges Dam across The Yangtze River as well as to offer possible mitigation measures of the problems caused by the dam. Interest Rationale The choice of […]

Policies to Reduce Emissions

The global climatic change has become one of the major concerns among many nations. This is because of the human and industrial activities that have continued to make negative impact on the climate. Countries therefore ought to formulate policies that reduce the effects of negative externalities such as emissions (Montgomery, 1972). The following are some […]

The ecology of Karachi

Introduction Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan. It is the main financial center and also the largest seaport in the country. The city has an estimated population of about 15 million people which makes it one of the world’s major cities in the world in terms of population. Karachi harbors numerous industrial and economic […]

Disposal of electronic Waste

Introduction Electronic waste refers to carelessly discarded, excess, or out of order electronic devices. This definition is vague and there is still debate as to whether items such as broken fridges and other household appliances should be included under e-wastes. However, the widely accepted definition includes wastes arising from computers, old electronic devices such as […]

The Estidama Project: Towards a Sustainable Building Design

Today, more than ever before, sustainability concerns are assuming a central role in any development process in most countries, in part, due to the increased challenges brought forward by a myriad of externalities such as global warming, acid rain and deforestation, among others. As a direct consequence of the germane issues demonstrated by sustainability concerns, […]

Green Buildings and IAQ

Hypothesis The idea of “green buildings” has in many ways helped enhance indoor air quality. Abstract The idea of “green buildings” has in many ways helped enhance indoor air quality (IAQ). “Green buildings” are made possible by designing and constructing buildings which have high quality of indoor air as one of their major strengths. As […]

The history and theory of historic preservation and environmental conservation

Introduction Historic preservation refers to the application of looking after and maintaining sites, constructions, items, scene(s) or other relics that are of remarkable implication. These preservations more often than not are implications of local or nationwide cultural, societal, fiscal, governmental, archaeological or architectural narration. The key point here is that preservation takes place for a […]

Global Warming Outcomes

Global warming is the abnormal rise of average temperature on the surface of the earth. This has been caused by human advancement towards industrialization and modernization. The outcome of global warming has been exhibited by the melting of ice and snows in areas such as the Antarctic which has changed the average sea level of […]

Concept of the Automobile-Free Environments in Society

Imagine what would happen if, starting tomorrow, all motor run vehicles were banned in the United States Introduction There numerous social, cultural and economic social workable benefits of automobile as opposed to renounce its usage, but the main reason why various countries are advocating for vehicle-free environments falls upon the consequences to the surroundings. Today […]

Effects of Indiscriminate Clearing of the Local Forests and Its Impact on Climate

Problem Statement Most cities in the US especially those in the North of the country continue to face complex environmental and development challenges. The rise in population of most of most countries in the world is harming both biological and natural resources. The state of the world’s natural resource base is rapidly changing to become […]

Process Analysis on Wildland Fire Fighting

Overview Of Wildland Fire Fighting and Management Wildland fires are extremely complex and potentially dangerous to the ecosystem hence the need to understand the fighting mechanisms as well as management efforts to contain such an occurrence (Nix par 1). When approaching the issue of wildfires, our basic foundation remains on the premise that wildland fires […]

Destruction of the Brazilian Tropical Rain Forest

Deforestation is one of the biggest global problems, it being a practice that is hard to control, because world forest reserves spread over international borders. Although global governments and environmental protecting organizations have always put measures to curb the practice, still deforestation remains one of the biggest threats to the survival of not only the […]

Hunting and Gathering

Introduction Hunting and gathering was one of the ancient practices in human history. The society regarded hunting and gathering as a form of hobby, trade or simplify as a method of obtaining food. Hunting and gathering was widespread especially in densely populated forests because these areas were inhabited with animals and wild fruits. However, the […]

BP Oil Spill and Its Effects

The BP oil spill, also referred to as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill is the worst oil spill in history that took place in the Gulf of Mexico for about ninety days in 2010 and its effects are still being felt even after the release of oil into the environment was stopped. Whereas there are […]

Ecological Integrity and Impact of Human Activities on Nature

Ecological Integrity The ecological integrity is one of the concepts currently discussed. In fact, the term ‘ecological integrity’ means biodiversity typical of the location and ability of nature to sustain this diversity. In other words, human activity can damage the health of ecological system by destroying the diversity which includes different species of fauna and […]

Tropical Rain Forests

Introduction Just for a moment, think about being in a calm forest with a beautiful setting around you. Imagine trees everywhere surrounding you and sounds of bird in the background, accumulating to create the perfect calm atmosphere of the tropical rain forest. Tropical rain forest has become a fundamental ecosystem therefore this paper seeks to […]

Environmental Concerns in the Modern World

There are many environmental concerns faced by human race. These concerns are defined as the environmental problems that directly or indirectly affect human beings. There is need therefore to work on these environmental problems with an aim of reducing their impacts. Climate change is one of the major concern facing human beings globally. Ozone layer […]