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Environmental Processes Essay Examples and Topics

The Novel “A Friend of the Earth”

In particular, a fair share of these individuals appear to regard the environmentalist cause as such that represents the value of a "thing in itself", quite unrelated to the essence of the objectively predetermined social [...]

Climate Change, Air Pollution, Soil Degradation

Then followed by outdoor air pollution, soil degradation which can also be called as soil contamination, global overpopulation, drinking water pollution, nuclear waste build-up, disappearing of the water supplies, indoor air pollution, depletion of the [...]

Carbon Cycle Analysis

Therefore, the authors succeed in proving that the phenomenon of climate variability has a direct effect on the carbon cycle and the related processes.

The Discovery of Oil Reserves in South Sudan

According to the current set of regulations adopted in Sudan, approved in 2010, and used as the guidelines for the oil-and-gas financial strategies ever since the companies working in the identified industry are tax-exempt.

Water Pollution in the US: Causes and Control

Although water pollution can hardly be ceased entirely, the current rates of water pollution can be reduced by resorting to the sustainable principle of water use in both the industrial area and the realm of [...]

Externalities Effects on People and Environment

A typical example is the externality cost of coal based on the complete life cycle of the production, use, and the effects of the emission of chemicals into the environment without including the market cost [...]

Landscape Ecology: Developing a New Discipline

Despite the fact that in the ecology of Hudson River Basin, the impact of people on the river system is especially important, the relations of landscape ecology and the Hudson River basin are also essential.

PAH’s and the 2010 BP Gulf Oil Disaster

The quantities of the oil spilled by these accidents into the ocean are insignificant compared to the number of gallons that BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico, jetting into the ocean every day from [...]

Sharks Preservation

Thus, it is significant for the marshals to guard and secure the naval areas to uncover the abuse and intervene to discontinue the vicious killing of sharks.

The Problem of Pesticide Contamination in US

The pesticide that was sprayed in a cornfield caused the outbreak of the tic disorder. The Cornfields in that region are sprayed twice a year and the effect of the pesticide was evident when the [...]

“Eco-Warriors” by Rik Scarce

The book expounds on the actions of the environmentalists who are not willing to compromise on their philosophy about the need to preserve the environment and the integrity of the ecology.

Ecological Footprint Analysis

That being the case the footprint analysis fails to consider how companies and businesses contribute to this "overshoot" and depletion of resources.

Toxicology Examination of a Site

The drums show a sign of cracking and a, strong pungent, smell is felt in the air at the site. The same water from the stream is used for irrigation downstream, which is a serious [...]

Going Green in the GCC?

Moreover, it discusses several topics such as the feasibility of solar power on the territory of the Middle East, the issues of energy consuming in the countries that produce oil, solar-led green development in MENA, [...]

Adaptations of trees in the rainforest biomes

The trees in the rainforest biomes have developed several adaptations to enable them to survive the conditions in the area. The large surface of the leaves would also mean that there is a larger surface [...]

Geothermal Energy

Among the many options investigated nowadays by the scientists, geothermal energy occupies not the last place, possessing a number of both advantages and disadvantages that make it a point of debate in the energy-seeking society.

The Role of Political Environmentalism in Modern World

Returning to the term eco-fascisms, I think that this one of the most grounded explanations of the deplorable situation in the world. In this respect, the ideas of free-market environmentalism seem to be increasingly attractive [...]

Problems Facing Human Beings In 2050

If the government fails to reconstruct our transport facilities to suit the current changes in climate, delays and accidents in the industry will be rampant by the year 2050.

Urban Problems: Enlargement of Urban Areas

In particular, I will focus on discussing the associated issues of global warming, the acuteness of the related health-problems and the process of urban communities growing increasingly secluded, in the social sense of this word.

Green house effect

When green houses gases absorb the radiations they send the heat energy to the surface, and at the lower atmosphere causing the normal temperatures of the earth to elevate.

Dominican Republic

The difference is brought about by the actions the countries' leaders and citizens took or failed to take to preserve the environment.

Ecology versus Technology

On the magnitude of influence, technology has affected ecology in positive and negative ways. Since ecological sustainability is largely influenced by behavior change, the impacts are simple and easily adoptable irrespective of cultural systems existing [...]

Problems Caused by China’s Three Gorges Dam

The purpose of this study is to offer an objective exploration of the environmental, socioeconomic, health, archeological and geological problems resulting from the construction of The Three Gorges Dam across The Yangtze River as well [...]

Policies to Reduce Emissions

This would work out if the cost of avoiding emissions would be less than the cost of paying the tax associated with the emissions.

The ecology of Karachi

This means that the city has major interactions between the human population, the fauna and flora, and the environment of the city.

Disposal of electronic Waste

There has been a growing call for industry players to effect proper disposal of e-wastes, or to find alternative uses of the wastes, such as recycling and separating the components of the electronic devices for [...]

Green Buildings and IAQ

The idea of "green buildings" has in many ways helped enhance indoor air quality."Green buildings" are made possible by designing and constructing buildings which have high quality of indoor air as one of their major [...]

Global Warming Outcomes

The outcome of global warming has been exhibited by the melting of ice and snows in areas such as the Antarctic which has changed the average sea level of the whole world because the ice [...]

Process Analysis on Wildland Fire Fighting

Consequently, this policy dictated agencies to abandon their attempts to put out every wildland fire and sought to reduce the vulnerability of communities and resources to the negative effects of wildland fires.

Hunting and Gathering

Agricultural practices were implemented 10,000 years ago, and it has since played a vital role in the replacement of hunting and the gathering as a way of livelihood. In ancient times, hunting was seen as [...]

BP Oil Spill and Its Effects

The BP oil spill, also referred to as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill is the worst oil spill in history that took place in the Gulf of Mexico for about ninety days in 2010 and [...]

Tropical Rain Forests

It is worth to note that scientists have estimated over half of the plant and animal species to live in the tropical rainforest yet it only covers 6% of the earth surface.