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The Role of Political Environmentalism in Modern World Essay

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Updated: Oct 16th, 2019

Living in the globalized community, environmental issues have become increasingly important because the threat human activities constitute to the Earth. In this respect, greater control of contamination, deforestation, and irrigation should be taken to eliminate critical situations. Marketing arena has also undergone significant change and has taken the course on monitoring the ecological setting through their techniques.

The above-presented concerns are heavily discussed in the article called Free Marketing Versus Political Environmentalism that represents an outlook at the problems and conflicts appeared on the ground of the current events with Montana’s Ruby River. Negligence and failure to adhere to existing regulations led to ecological catastrophe. Many species of fish have been perished because of inability to properly tackle the problem. Water destined for irrigation could have saved the situation.

In my opinion, the article provides exhaustive overview of urgent problems connected with inconsistency of governmental policy toward water flow control as well as incompleteness and ineffectiveness of existing laws and regulations directed at monitoring the usage of water resources.

The author has managed to provide analysis of a free market environmentalism approach to correlating marketing strategies with the political ones. I believe that, despite the fact that article precisely describes the essence of these techniques, it does not provide sufficient explanation concerning how these strategies can be implemented to reduce contamination problems. Therefore, the latter can be a tangible implication for further analysis and research.

Regarding perspectives and development of free-market environmentalism, I believe that this approach will be extremely beneficial for the world economy as well as for the improvement of existing ecological environment. Therefore, this new tendency should be supported, but not ignored, by all world governments. While analyzing all the advantages, including shifts in legal and moral vision, the given strategies will have a significant impact on the sphere of social and political life.

What is more important is that, though free-market environmentalism does not provide all possible solutions to existing concerns, it still creates a solid platform for introducing new, alternative ways for approaching the problem of water consumption. Specifically, the use of property rights is a viable solution to eliminate the problem of global warming. In addition, due to the fact that marketing has become more important on the global arena, the introduction of this brunch will be beneficial by all means.

Ecofascism: An Enduring Temptation

The development of private policy could have positive outcomes for solving the existing environmental concerns. In this respect, a careful examination deserves the tight connection between politics and ecology, particularly new ecological positions and terms.

While discussing the latter, it is purposeful to address the article called Ecofascism: An Enduring Temptation that discloses the essence of recently appeared phenomenon of eco-fascism. Before analyzing the main aspects connected to this term, the author succinctly describes juxtaposed terms that also have an unconventional meaning.

For example, I believe that the term ecosophy is more helpful in describing the contemporary situation. In particular, while defining the term, the author consistently explains why the industrial world ignores the natural laws and contaminates the environment. The emphasis is made on the analysis of current perception of social and political structures that exclude their harmonious co-existence with natural settings.

Returning to the term eco-fascisms, I think that this one of the most grounded explanations of the deplorable situation in the world. Global warming, acid rains, deforestations, and species extinction are the result of inappropriate and one-dimensional governmental policy whose regulations are not consistent enough to cope with existing environmental dangers. In this respect, the ideas of free-market environmentalism seem to be increasingly attractive for the supporters of the environmentalism.

However, ecosophy has nothing in common with eco-fascism whose methods are not congruent with the goals that contemporary environmentalists are pursuing. On the other hand, the traditional methods of fighting with ecological situations are not effective enough. Here is the point when the problem occurs. At a glance, military methods for fighting with environmental disasters can be quite effective, but their outcomes will not contribute to the creation of safe and secure environment for people.

The connection with National Socialism and environmentalism is also considered effectively in this article. The author successfully renders historical and theoretical aspects of eco-fascism through the postulates of the past. Through Nazi worldview, the nature is nothing more but a place, land where humans are living.

Therefore, because humans should be under the protection of law, the environment should also be strictly protected from destructed activities. This explanation is one of the justifications for introducing extremely aggressive foreign policy against other economies neglecting the ecological threats.

In whole, the connection between politics and ecology, national and ecology is evident and the above-considered article proves that. Nevertheless, I believe that eco-fascism should not be committed to practice because the problem of war and piece is also among the most urgent ones.

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