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Environmentalism as a Religion Essay

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Updated: May 15th, 2020

Environmentalism engrosses campaigning for the buttressing and improvement of the environment (DeLong). The natural environment is the resources, the climate and all that is found on planet earth. The natural environment provides a superior setting if well protected. Usually there are certain bodies such as the Green Movement, which gear up in protecting the environment.

The main goal of environmentalism is controlling the use of available resources, protection of nature and controlling the population on the planet. This protection and improving the environment is viewed as religion. The following reasons elucidate why environmentalism is a religion.

Environmentalism is a religion, in that people fear for the planet’s future, similar to religion where believers fear for their ending if they do not follow the commandments. The green movement is an example of an organization that has significant concern for the future of planet earth that is why it has measures to control and protect the environment.

New age supporters base their arguments on environment as more of religion than science. They combine old beliefs and traditional religion in the study of the environment. The explanation on changes in climate and the weather are believed to be controlled by a Supreme Being and not just science.

Calamities like floods, some environmentalists explain, are caused by unexplainable factors. Some people believe the models the scientists use to predict weather bring ambiguity in explanation of the climate. Scientists can neither explain the forces that cause clouds nor the chemical equation of the cloud.

Environmentalism is a matter of believing, whereby if one does not believe, he is a sinner. It is also believed that God punishes those who do not believe in Him. In the environment, those who do not believe and protect the environment are also punished. Examples of these punishments can include floods, global warming or even floods.

This is similar to the bible where the Egyptians were punished for not obeying the commandments. God was angry with them and sent the plagues that made their environment hostile. People affected by the natural calamities also pray to God to ease their burden on them, clearly exemplifying that environmentalism is a religion.

Environmentalists have a lot of faith in their predictions of the climate (DeLong). Science cannot be accurate in predicting the environment, as there are other factors beyond their knowledge. There is a lot of faith involved in making predictions. Scientists also use reality on their models in foretelling the weather. The predictions are not purely scientific, hence; there is usually a lot of faith in them making environmentalism more of religion than science.

There is the belief that natural hazards are retributions for wrongs committed. Releasing of poisonous gas to the environment is a form of wrong, hence; the natural consequences are the global warming. Environmentalism has also prosecutors, similar to religion. However, there usually some people who criticize the warnings and the predictions of these environmentalists.

These people end up being punished by the hazards. In the biblical history, there is the issue of climate. People in those ages enjoyed invigorating climate unlike nowadays. It is believed that one creates his own climate. Areas that shield the environment enjoy a healthful environment unlike ones who destroy nature by pollution.

Environmentalism is a religion in the way that people need to forecast their future in order to control behavior. Almost every fraction of the planet is facing Global Warming. If the populace had earlier believed in environmentalism and adhered to the rules and warnings of global warming, we would not be experiencing these adverse consequences.

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