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Life on Earth: Processes, Dangers, and Future Essay

The 2012 predictions and a legitimate scientific basis

My opinion is that 2012 is a great movie, but it is unrealistic because it cannot be explained in geographically theories. First of all, it is impossible to have such a magnitude of earthquake since earthquakes happen only along the fault lines of tectonic plates. It is also impossible to have an earthquake that happens across the whole of the Earth surfaces. My guess is that this is only a fictional movie, and no prediction can be made from it whatsoever.

The discovery of magnetic anomalies and plate tectonics theory

Electromagnetic theory and geophysical provides understandable and realistic facts of numerous polar reversals (O’Hanlon, 2008). The magnetic trend of “magnetite-bearing rocks” may be utilized in establishing the location of rocks at the time of cooling and assuming their specific magnetic orientation through estimation of latitude, in the case of uniform rock formations (O’Hanlon, 2008). Alternatively, rocks having a varying orientation to the present the Earth’s magnetic orientation field to offer unexpected anomalies when there is an attempt to gauge the field of magnetic over a specific location; thus, paleomagnetic studies confirm the facts of plate tectonics and continental drifts (O’Hanlon, 2008).

The possible future of plate tectonics

It is unlikely for plate tectonics to become operational. This is because the Earth is the only unique solar system that tends to be tectonically and volcanically active, which means it is alive (O’Hanlon, 2008), while the rest appears to have ceased their activity a long time ago. This means that if the plate tectonics were to stop working, they should have stopped working a long time ago since the Earth has been around millions of years. In any case, volcanic activity needs internal heat, and this escape of the heat stimulates tectonic plates, and for the past billion years, they have remained inactive (O’Hanlon, 2008).

The causes of changes in sea level

Numerous factors may result in changes in the sea level; one of the long term changes can be attributed to a change in the volume of the water in a given ocean, which is primarily caused by two major factors, namely; change in the temperature and change in the volume of water in lands such as river, lakes and polar ice caps (Climate.Org, 2010). Generally, water volume is highly determined by the temperature of the environment. On the other hand, the change in water mass causes a resulting change in the oceanic basin, which causes a change in sea level.

The relationship between the Earth and the Moon

The Moon acts as a stabilizing force for the Earth’s rotational axis. Thus, it prevents great weather changes, making life on Earth impossible; the Moon also controls the animals and human evolution, making it easier for them to see at night (Timeanddate.com, 2011). Finally, the Moon also influences the tides in the ocean. The pull by the Moon, ebb, and tides flow, regulates the Earth’s everyday rotation, thus making calendars and eclipses forecast possible (Timeanddate.com, 2011).

The relationship of time zones to longitude

Time zone normally denotes a fraction of 24 segments on the Earth’s surface that are freely separated by longitudes; thus, every hour, the Earth spins 15° of the longitude (Timeanddate.com, 2011).

Prime Meridian refers to “the meridian at which the longitude is defined to be 0°.” The 180th Meridian and Prime Meridian make a big circle that partition the Earth into Western and Eastern Hemispheres; the Earth usually has twenty-four Time zones due to its 24 segments separated by the longitudes (Timeanddate.com, 2011).

Physical characteristics of that planet with the requirements for life similar to those on the Earth

So far, there is evidence that one planet, Gliese 581 d, which is located at “goldilocks” and very close to the sun, might be able to sustain life; this is because it has been established that it can retain water on its surfaces which is vital for survival and life (Than, 2007). Thus, first of all, I would say that the hydrosphere is an essential feature of any planet that must sustain life since there cannot be life without water; besides this, temperature and climate, in general, should also be moderate enough for human survival.

The Earth’s age

The Earth, including other solar systems, is approximated to be 4,550 million years old, give or take; this figure is supported by the Earth’s energy accrual that resulted in the melting of the surface and is calculated from that basis (Stassen, 2005). Also, the erosion and crustal processes have actually damaged the earliest surface. Also, there is evidence of aged rocks that have been sampled from various parts of the world, which have been approximated to be 3,800 to 3,900 million years, consistent with the age of the Earth (Stassen, 2005).

Fish extinction and its impact on humans

Fishing is a vital industry in this era of industrialization; thus, the fishing industry is essential in recreation, subsistence, and commercial use derived from this sector (Martin and Graaf, 2011). Apart from these benefits, fish is a source of highly nutritious food for human consumption. It is dependent upon directly or indirectly for a livelihood by millions of people in the world (Martin and Graaf, 2011). So, if the world runs out of fish today, these benefits would be lost, not to mention its nutritional benefit.

Is it acceptable for humans to wipe out 50% of life on the planet?

Yes, if it is justified because, at the end of the day, all species are not as intelligent as humans, so if there was a choice between human survival and species survival, even if it’s 99% of them, it makes sense for a human to wipe them if they are a threat to humans survival or if they are crucial for human survival; in that case it is justifiable. However, wiping other species for reasons other than those given, even if it is just a single species, is not acceptable at all.


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