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Learning of Environment Sustainability in Education Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Aug 20th, 2019

The class lessons taught about environment sustainability. Sustainability of environment refers to the ability of the world’s natural resources to satisfy our needs without becoming exhausted.

This is because human beings continue to extract resources from the environment without managing the disposal of the waste that is created after the useful resources have been refined. When this waste matter is released onto the environment it causes unfavorable conditions for other creatures.

The population of people has continued to swell hence the resources that are available can not be adequate for our needs. People have been felling trees in order to create new dwelling places without considering the consequences of deforestation. Humans and other living things depend on the environment to provide the necessary requirements for their survival.

Initially, the earth was created in such a way that its occupants depended on each other for survival. This means that as we release carbon dioxide into the air it’s taken by the plants which use it to process their own food. In exchange of carbon dioxide the plants release oxygen which quite vital to humans.

According to Biblical scriptures man was assigned the duty of taking care of God’s creation that is all the things that are found on earth including water bodies and animals. That’s why man was given more understanding which was thought to be crucial in his task. But man being intelligent he has boycotted his duty of protecting the environment.

Humans pay much attention to satisfying their needs but they don’t bother to reserve the resources because they don’t understand that the resources they are using today are not replaced when they are used and thus they may not be available in the days to come. For instance, the plastic paper bags that most people use to carry their shopping do more harm to the environment than good.

In as much as they are cheap and convenient they don’t decay when they are disposed and this means that they cannot support plant life because they hinder the survival of crops and plants. When crops can not survive our lives is also at risk because if the food reserves continue to reduce we may die of hunger.

Human activities have interfered with the weather pattern. A few decades ago we could predict the weather patterns because the weather pattern was regular hence people knew which months are wet, dry, cold, and warm and we able to plant their crops early enough. Today farmers plant for the sake of planting because nobody can tell exactly when the rains are coming including the weather forecasters.

What hurts me most is that some of the resources were merely wasted. This happened when urban centers were being established. The developers were not interested in the trees that grew on the lands that are now world class cities.

They simply cut them down and excavated the earth surface to lay better foundation for their buildings. These events led to the elimination of some animal species as they were thought to be the most convenient source of food.

Today the few animals that are left are at risk and some have become endangered species because their number has reduced drastically. By this I’m thinking about animals like elephants which are hunted for their precious horns. Amazingly when people kill them they don’t eat their meat hence they would rather remain hungry while chasing after money.

Our soils have been eroded due to lack of vegetation cover which has led to the exhaustion of their fertility. Indeed, our forefathers did not find it necessary to use any fertilizers on crops because there were enough nutrients in the soil to support the growth of crops.

As time moved by, people begun to boost the fertility of soils since the yields had started to reduce. This practice has been passed on from one generation to another and that’s why you can hardly plant crops without using fertilizers and if you don’t you will get very little yields.

Of late man’s demand for speed has sky rocketed and everyone wants to ride in the fastest car, trains and etcetera. Although the automobiles enable us to move very quickly and comfortably they play a major role in degrading our environment. They use fuel which is heated at very high temperatures for it to operate the mechanism of a vehicle.

In the final end carbon dioxide is emitted, which in other words is expressed as air pollution. When humans continue such contaminated air they begin to develop respiratory problems. In addition, when the same carbon dioxide reaches the atmosphere it fosters global warming.

Moreover, companies work very hard to process raw materials to ensure that they make enough commodities for everyone. One thing that bothers me is that they don’t consider the effects of the waste they empty into the rivers and other water bodies. The waste contains toxins which kill the living creatures that are found in water and besides when the same water evaporates it leads to acid rain which is very destructive.

With knowledge from the course, I think everyone has a role to play in advocating for a sustainable environment. If we sit back and watch as our environment deteriorates we will be gradually eliminated from planet earth. People should start practice sustainable economic activities such as recycling of waste and planting new trees to replace the ones that have been cut down. That way we can be sure that the resources will continue to satisfy our needs.

Developing Professional Careers Presentation

Professionals, as they are referred to by many people, owe their success to their commitment. Most people think that they woke up one day and decided they are going to become professionals in their respective careers. A career should be based on one’s interests as opposed to what many people think.

Learners strive for the highest grades because that’s the only way they can pursue better careers. I think there is nothing like better careers because it depends on whether you like that job. Some of our careers start developing early enough in our childhood without our knowledge. For instance, a boy who tends to the sheep of his parents can make a good priest because herdsmanship goes well with priesthood since in both cases there are things to be taken care of.

A learner may achieve the grades that qualify him/her to pursue a given career but then if he/she is not interested in it, there is no need of enrolling for such a course because the learner will eventually develop a dislike for his present career and opt to shift to another one that interests him.

Most are the times when students are misguided about the choice of their careers. Some are influenced by their peers to take certain courses just because they want to remain in close contact with their friends.

For instance, it would not be appropriate to take a course that requires one to be good in mathematics because the learner will not get the concept of the course. Some parents are fond of deciding the career paths that should be followed by their children. This is wrong because the student is old enough to choose his/her destiny in career.

The class lessons advises that before one settles on a particular career it would be advisable to consider your strengths and weaknesses as this will help you choose the career that matches with your abilities.

Additionally, students should observe their immediate environment and identify the careers that are needed the most. This is because the job market is exhausted owing to the many people who share the same expertise. When the learner has completed his/her course its important to go for industrial attachment as this would enhance his/her hands on experience.

This is because in colleges people are subjected to theories and equipments that have been extinguished in real world. For instance, a professional network technician would benefit from industrial attachment because he/she will learn how to apply the skills that were acquired in college. This is because the field of computing is so dynamic.

Knowledge through experience suggest that a professional should not settle on an ordinary college degree or diploma hence when you get the job you have been longing for, you have to put your best foot forward while demonstrating your skills. In this light, I must update myself regularly on the most current trends which will boost my performance as well as my productivity.

The course book outlines that when a professional is dealing with other professionals he/she should ensure that he/she learns something from the interactions he engages in. This contributes to sharpening my skills because someone could understand what I don’t know, hence by interacting with them I will be able to grasp that piece of information. This implies that a professional does not stop learning in the course of his/her career.

This is why you see people who hold high offices going back to class. The biggest mistake a professional can do is to terminate their work as they pursue further studies. It is better to enhance your professional skills while still working because you will be able to apply some if not all of the things you learn in class.

Sometimes a professional may not be successful in securing employment in his/her field of expertise hence he/she is forced to take the chances that are available. But then it has been said that when you don’t know where you are headed any path will take you there. This means that when you have clearly set your goals you will eventually achieve them in your lifetime.

Professionals around the World

Professionals are now able to share their ideas with each other using the internet. There are so many blogs on the internet that are meant for professionals. The inventors of these blogs knew that an iron can sharpen another iron hence they needed a place where professionals could consult each other about issues related to their respective careers.

In these blogs the professionals are updated about the latest developments in their careers hence they are aware of the new trends when they emerge. The professionals also attend seminars and workshops where they are equipped with the latest skills in their careers. Most organizations sponsor their professionals to attend these seminars because they will come to apply what they will learn in their organization which can be quite beneficial both to the professional and the employer as well. The training seminars are not limited to the employed because they incorporate those who are in private practice.

The training is very crucial especially to professionals who are new to their field because sometimes they encounter difficulties that they did not expect hence they don’t know whom to turn to or what’s the best thing to do. As a business professional, I have found it important to register as a member of an accredited professional association. A good example is the associations of certified public accountants. There are others for lawyers and other professions as well.

These associations regulate the performance of professionals by ensuring that they adhere to the codes of ethics that are to be exercised in their field. The associations act as disciplinarians of professionals because if there member is found on the wrong side of the law they are ejected from the association and if they are in private practice their license or certificate is confisticated.

Professionals are expected to be keen when interacting with their clients and their peers

This implies that I should exercise caution when performing my duties because a slight mistake can result in a big mess that can end their career. For instance when a surgeon is operating his/her patient he/she should be very careful because any mistake can result in death. This is because when mistakes occur it’s the professionals who are held accountable.

When Michael Jackson died people started pointing an accusing finger at his doctor and some went further by suing him in a court of law while the death was due to natural causes.

From the observations around the world, I have found it appropriate to try as it is humanly possible to carry tasks that am well acquainted to. As a profession in the business field, am supposed to inform the client that I cannot handle certain transactions and refer the client to the appropriate professional. This will help me in strengthening my career path and creating good reputation in my field of operation.

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