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Global Warming and Carbon Essay

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Global warming is believed to be as a result of excess carbon in the atmosphere. Scientists have predicted climate change. This essay analyzes and evaluates an article “The Global Warming Myth” by David Bellamy. Bellamy, who is a professor, is a founder of Tree Appeal and a well known botanist and environmental campaigner, as Salter (2009, p. 1) reveals.

The British environmentalist claims that the global warming allegations by scientist are manmade and that there is no imminent danger that carbon will cause an end to the present world. He maintains that predictions based on generated computer models cannot be relied on since the presence of carbon in the atmosphere cannot cause a catastrophe.

This essay analyzes and evaluates these claims by showing assertions that carbon may not be responsible for global warming as claimed by many scientists.


Bellamy (2007, p. 1) argues that global warming is as a result of carbon and is not a threat. The changes in climate that have occurred are not sufficient to make the assertions that the world is in danger. The climatic change that has occurred does not give transformed details of whether that could indicate an approaching catastrophe.

The challenge is that the climate change supporters have gone to extents of politicizing the issue and causing panic in the society. Their predictions are generated in a computer model which has been designed by man.

He appreciates the scientists for conducting research in the disputed area and notes that their research has contributed to science. The prediction dwell on the model yet accurate results of weather forecast can predict two weeks.

To support his argument, Bellamy (2007, p. 1) notes that global temperatures have displayed climatic trends in the past century that pronounce catastrophe. The highest temperatures were recorded in 1940 and 1980 whereas the lowest temperatures were recorded in 1910 and 1970.

Following changes in 1980, scientists announced that global warming was approaching. The computer models they used are seen as unreliable by the professor. The recorded changes in temperature are not sufficient to declare danger in the changes in weather.

The ice age began to fade away 20,000 years ago when the sea level was increased and has since stopped. For global warming to be considered a threat, the cycle of change takes many years. It is thereof inaccurate to use data collected within 60 years and claim that climate change will cause a catastrophe. Airhart (2010, p. 1) states that, vast amount of data that cover tens of thousands of years is required to make a judgment.

The content of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is constantly increasing. The climate changes have varied in a cyclic manner from time to time. Many scholars have ignored that carbon dioxide has an advantage in plants growth. Scientists propose a long period to be considered when considering climate change.

Bellamy (2007, p. 1) notes that the climate has been recorded to be on decline in the past 10 years. Hence, the weather could have begun another cycle of change to global cooling.

The scientists scare the world’s population by spreading the word of doom. Bellamy (2007, p. 1) insists that wild animals have increased in the past decades. Governments funding on the spread of the looming catastrophe is enormous.

The variability of the climate change is challenging, only half is predictable. Consequently, the prediction is inaccurate. Predictions accuracy is applicable for less than two weeks, besides the weather being unpredictable in nature.

Bellamy (2007, p. 1), who is an environmentalist, encourage people to participate in sustainable programs that promote natural environment. Indigenous plans and animals are important to the climate. The changes in the weather are real.

The presence of carbon dioxide is not a danger to the population but may be useful for plants. Carbon dioxide is not capable of causing an end to the world.


The climatic changes happening are likely to be a normal process that the earth undergoes from time to time. The global warming needs to be reversed to avoid the possibility of a catastrophe. This will be possible if indigenous trees and animals are safeguarded so that they do not become extinct.

The earth has been cooling since 1998 and thus, the global warming may be reversing as Airhart (2010, p. 1) indicate in support of the article. The increased amounts of Carbon dioxide alone are not sufficient to cause a global warming.

The models used in determining the future in climate are deficient. They fail to be realistic because predicting future weather is challenging when one considers the complexity of nature and patterns of weather.

There is no scientific explanation on carbon as having the capacity to cause a global catastrophe. Changes in weather that have occurred have been explained as natural phenomena. Scientists have failed to form a consensus on the natural explanation of the global warming.

There may be other explanations of global warming other than the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. May be the global warming is as a result of land use like the urban heat that is absorbed by buildings and roads in developed land.

There could also be a possibility that the weather stations collect measurements affected by the urban development. History of weather shows that the global temperatures increase first then the carbon levels are raised. The carbon levels increased after global warming and may not have a negative effect (Salter 2009, p, 10.

Bedard (2009, p. 1) argues that carbon dioxide is harmless and has benefits. More carbon dioxide is required to support the existing plants. Global warming may have originated from solar activities.

Slowing down carbon dioxide will affect the growth of plants, since plants require carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is not harmful to human beings, the efforts on reducing carbon dioxide are unnecessary.

Global Wraming.com (2011, p. 1) differs with Bellamy (2007, p. 1) view of global warming effects and states that the earth’s air and water are becoming warm, which may result in a catastrophe. The article fails to see the effects of the global warming like the shortage of water as indicated by Natural Resources Defense Council (2001, p. 1).

Climate threats like drought expose people to the danger of starvation; hence the nations should conserve the plants and animals to reverse the effects of global warming.

Statistics shows that carbon emissions are on the increase in the present world than before. The professor fails to acknowledge the increase of emissions has been on the increase than before. Barett (2009, p. 1) notes that the states have entered into international agreements which have discussed various ways of reducing the carbon emission. Measures to reduce the carbon emissions are taken because the effects of global warming have been realized.

The effects of global warming have been realized across the globe. Carey (2011, p.1) argues that the extreme weather changes are as a result of global warming effects. The emission of greenhouse gases has been increased by human activities. Massive rainstorms, extended droughts and frequent floods are examples of extreme weather conditions that have not been realized before.

Researchers are in harmony that the possible cause of the adverse weather changes have been contributed by human activities. Mandia (2011, p. 1) states that, the climatic conditions that are witnessed today are beyond the regular climatic conditions. The adverse weather conditions are likely to cause major disruptions in the social life of human beings and the existence of the entire ecosystem.

There is great variability of climate than in other times. Researchers base their studies on the effects of global warming with an aim of finding out the accuracy of the claim that the earth is endangered. Scientists argue that it may be necessary to distinguish changes in temperature in a certain region with that of the entire globe (RealClimate 2011, p.1).


The article mentions that there is global warming and denies that carbon is harmful and will cause a catastrophe. The essay has shown that carbon is harmless and the global changes are as a result of natural changes in weather. It is therefore inaccurate to claim that the weather can be predicted with the computer models and ignore that the weather is unpredictable.

The essay has also noted that extreme weather changes have occurred and may have been contributed by the increased emission of carbon from human activities.


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