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Global Warming Should not Cause Panic Essay (Critical Writing)

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Updated: May 25th, 2019

Among some of the controversial issue facing humanity in the contemporary world, today is the issue of global warming. Global warming has been ranked among the top critical concerns that have disturbed both the scientist and federal government. For a long time, human beings across the globe have been engaging in heated debate on what might be the causes of global warming.

The issue has developed into malignancy that now demands the involvement of all countries and affected parties to come together and find its remedy together. Global warming concerns have resulted into many researchers being conducted, writing of countless journals and articles presupposing on what might be the cause, effect and mitigation of this virulent issue. I have a different view from the other writer on what might the cause and effects of global warming.

In my opinion, global warming may not even be a reality at all, but rather a flawed conclusion made by the scientists based on the temperature reading that have been distorted by human activities. According to Gray (2001, pg. 2), most of the weather station have been moved close to cities and other town were human activities is high, however; most of the station that are close to rural areas have been shut down.

These explain why there has been minimal increase in temperature around rural areas and tremendous increase of temperature around cities and industrial areas. In addition, there is a controversy about how the scientist came to a conclusion that whether humans are influencing climate change and whether the situation will continue in the coming century.

The other writer argues that global warming is mostly caused by human activity, however, the argument lack evidence to show that in the recent year’s temperature have increased due to human activities. The author further argues that ground- based measurement show that the average global temperature have raised by 0.6% higher than a century ago and that computer models predict that the global temperature will raise by 1 degree Celsius to 8 degrees Celsius by 2100.

From this prediction, the author argues that there will be a rise in sea level, diseases and famines in many areas and extinction of some animals and plants. However, according to Gray (2001, pg. 2), argues that this prediction are not scientifically proven and verified. For example, 60% of the temperature increase mentioned by the writer occurred before 1940, and only 33% of carbon dioxide had occurred by then. These clearly show that the increase in carbon dioxide was not the cause of temperature increase.

According to Evan (2007, Pg. 3), research carried out on some of the oldest trees rings, and ice core, which indicates that such, increase in temperature are normal and they occur after a systematic amount of time. From the historical chronologies and accounts as researched by some of the leading archaeologist shows that there is no need to worry and panic about the raising temperature in most parts of the world since it’s just another normal historical occurrence that will pass.

According to Karl (1998, Pg. 4), the increases in temperature since 1980, has not been scientifically confirmed by air-borne measurement or the satellite and may have resulted from the weather station being close to cities and other areas that is highly populated by human activities.

The author further argues that there is specific evidence that reports that increases of temperature since 1980 was based on false evident and dishonest science reports. The observed temperature difference is not accelerating since research show that temperatures increased from 1880 to 1940, dropped from 1940 to 1980.

This variation of temperature raise shows that carbon dioxide which the writer argues that contributes to the temperature difference does not have any correlation with temperature. If carbon dioxide produced by human activities affected temperature there could not have been a drop in temperature since the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air could have raised the temperature drastically.

Human activities have been there since 1940 and levels of carbon dioxide have been steady since then. From the above variation of temperature change over the years, Evans (2007), argues that global warming does not occur has a result of human activities and that it is not the true cause of climate change, but global warming have been existing for many years and it occurs naturally and cyclically.

Computer model prediction of temperature is faced with biasness and incorrect reading of temperature. According to Johnson (2002), the changing nature of technology has significantly affected the way computers measure temperature and other variables. Observation done by many research seems to contradict the prediction of computer model. The development of advanced super computers seems to record small temperature increases as compared to early computers which predicted high temperature increase over the years.

This change of temperature measurement by computer has technology changes seem to contradict what scientists believe what might happen in the future. The change of technology has virtually made the prediction of computers to be unreliable to most of scientist. With this change of technology, the writer cannot rely on evidence given by the computer model to be truth prediction regarding the global warming. The writer should use other researches which are reliable and are not significantly affected by change of technology and time.

Most of the disasters that are predicted by the writer as a result of temperature increase are over exaggerated and doubtful. According to Karl (1998, Pg 50), argues that temperature increases may be beneficial to human beings as differently predicated by other scholars who argues that increase of temperature and carbon dioxide may have dare consequences to human beings. Historically, civilization has been seen to prosper in a warmer climate. Different research show that plants life seems to prosper from increased carbon dioxide in the air.

Plants require carbon dioxide and sunlight to enable them to photosynthesize food and grow bigger. Without carbon dioxide and warmer climate, the fate of civilization would be threatened and most of the people and animals would be badly affected. According to Johnson (2002, Pg. 1), regions that experience cold climate use a lot of energy to warm themselves and many plants and animals become extinct since they cannot survive in the cold climate.

During the Old Stone Age, many species of animals and plants were extinct by the cold weather. These clearly show that enough evidence should be collected before we take action that would significantly affect many people. In order to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide many industries and companies would have to be closed and this would greatly affect the economy and lives of many people.

From the above evidence provided by different scholars it evident that global warming is something that should not cause a lot of worries and panic to the people. Humans activities should continue as normal and scientist should stop feeding people with false information about cause and effects of global warming.

The scientists have been creating situations since time of memorial and have been feeding the humanity with vague remarks based on skewed evidence. According to Evans (2002), there is no enough evidence to link human activities to global warming. It has been clearly shown that global warming have been taking place since the 14th century and in those days the emission of carbon dioxide was minimal since most of the industries were not developed.

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