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Human Factor in Global Warming Research Paper

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In the last two centuries, there has been a significant rise in the average global temperature. Scientists estimate the increase to have ranged from 0.4 to 0.8 degrees within the said time. In the next one century, this rate is expected to increase to about 3.0 degrees. If this becomes the case, then this will be the highest temperature increase to be recorded in history. Scientists are worried that the world in its current form will not be able to cope with the high rise in temperatures.

Due to the harm that global warming is believed to bring to human beings, scientists are calling for the participation of each one to put an end to this crisis. What is worrying most is that while human factors are known to be the biggest causes of global warming, people are doing very little to address the problem. If this problem is to be addressed once and for all, everyone needs to come together and look for a lasting solution. (Michael & Schneider 1)

Research done in the past few years has proved beyond doubt that there exists a strong link between human activities and global warming. This phenomenon which threatens the future of humanity and the ecosystem appears as a link of processes that trigger each other by getting into cause and effect mode with global calamity. Experts have linked the human and environmental crises to the global political crisis being witnessed today.

Currently, there are many crises regarding democracy and the fundamental human rights, which are all tied to global warming. By the look of things, it is evident that stopping any of them will not be possible without evaluating these three catastrophes together and pursuing their corresponding solutions in tandem.

Examining the role of changes that have occurred in human factors and mentality in both global warming and global economic development is crucial in arriving at a solution and preventing the re-occurrence of crises of such magnitudes. This can only be solved by critically looking at the relationship between global warming and human factor, which is the most crucial factor of global democratic crisis. (Michael & Schneider 3)

In order to relate the rise of global warming to human activity, scientists have been carrying out various experiments to prove this fact. The experiments have proved that there is a strong link between global warming and the escalation of the earth’s radiation or with alterations occurring in transforming the radiation into various energy sources.

According to scientists, it is impossible for the sun to change its rate of radiation at any given time. This means that there must be outside forces that have caused this problem. The fact that global warming became a threat in the last one century means that the problem does not emanate from the sun since there have not been any recorded changes in the intensity of the sun within that period.

This has brought out the need of examining the link between global warming and radiation of the earth, factors which manipulate the conversion of the sun rays on the earth and the effects of human activity on the similar dynamics. Scientists believe that the process of heating the earth is intricately linked by many factors both in the earth’s crust and in outer space.

The physical changes that man makes in the earth contributes in determining its warming balance. On the other hand, the creation of artificial cultural surroundings by man affects the biosphere since both surroundings differ in a great way. It is important for one to realize that despite the fact that every sphere has different natural laws, they are closely intertwined. This means that changing the surroundings in any of them alters the operation of the other. (Guide to Global Warming 1)

Scientists have proved that the emission of heating gases into the atmosphere in high qualities is a leading cause of global warming. Even world leaders have understood this fact and they are now doing every possible thing to reduce this emission. However, it is important to understand that this is not the only factor that contributes to global warming. According to scientists, the earth’s surface has experienced noticeable changes due to man’s activity.

Man is believed to be more dangerous than other living organism due to his ability to carry out well thought activities that can change the components of the earths crust. According to the scientists, the original polynuclear elements present in the earth have been distorted due to continual distortion of the earth’s crust by human beings. (U.S Department of Energy 1)

According to environmental experts, the first recorded uneven circulation of elements in the earth’s crust corresponded with the beginning of man’s increased activity in the earth’s crust. This manifestation also plays a crucial role in the adjustment of the warming equilibrium of the Earth along with numerous geophysical procedures. This gives enough proof that the uneven circulation of the rudiments of the earth’s crust is altered because of human activity.

This problem has been compounded by the mass production of raw materials in different locations of the world. This makes it easy to point the connection between human activities in the earths crust to the increase of global warming. On top of this, human beings are known for their ability to alter the appearance of the earth’s crust from its original static state to an active state.

This has increased due to man’s desire to use static raw materials to produce cars, trains, ships and aircraft’s. Initially, these moving elements represent transformed materials, which were once static. According to experts, this increased activity has also given rise to global warming and hence the proof that man is responsible for global warming. (Michael & Schneider 5)

According to experts, the earth’s crust forms an irreplaceable basis for living organisms. It follows then that all life is closely linked with the formation of the earths crust. Changes in the original shape of the earth’s crust therefore influence the appearance of life and causes serious problems to the living organisms.

One of these is the mechanism which transforms sun rays into various energies and whose change in intensity might seriously manipulate global warming balance. This just goes ahead to demonstrate how changes in the theosphere brings about serious effects in the biosphere. (Michael & Schneider 6)

Another thing that proves the existence of a relationship between human factors and global warming is the contribution of green cover in biosphere. Naturally, sun rays are known to aid in the photosynthesis process. By using the sun rays in the earth’s surface, living organisms are able to create chemical combinations.

This happens through the means of assimilation and dissimilation methods in living organisms. When people clear vegetation, the regulation of oxygen is altered and this leads to reduction in the ozone layer. This leads to an increase in radiation, which has serious effects on other transformers of the biosphere.

When radiation increases, it affects the vegetation cover in both the earth and the sea and this ultimately affects the conversion of light energy into chemical energy. This has also been termed to be a contributing factor for global warming and another key pointer on the role of human beings in global warming. (Guide to Global Warming 2)

On top of this, the burning of fossil fuels by human beings has been termed as a key contributor of global warming. Most of the burning occurs in vehicles, factories, and electrical plants that provide energy for domestic and industrial use. When fossil fuels are burned, they emit a gas known as carbon dioxide (CO2) in to the atmosphere.

Scientists term this gas as one of the most popular greenhouse gases, which contributes largely to the build up of heat into space. During photosynthesis, plants absorb CO2 from the air thus reducing the level of this gas in circulation. Due to massive deforestation, there has been a high buildup of CO2 and a reduction of the rate at which the gas is cleared from the atmosphere.

Although a small number of scientists claim that the addition of greenhouse gases does not make a noticeable difference in temperature, majority still believe that it does. This is a clear proof that human beings are responsible for the rising temperatures. (U.S Department of Energy 3)

Effect of Global Warming on Human Beings

It is interesting to note that besides being the architects of global warming, human beings are still the most affected by it. Scientists have proved that when global warming is prolonged, the effects that it has on the land can be devastating. Apart from human beings, the effects of global warming can force animals and plants to migrate.

This causes adverse effects for people who rely on the plants and animals for survival. On top of this, global warming causes a change in the weather pattern something that might lead to floods, famine and a rise in destructive storms.

Global warming can also melt ice leading to rise in the ocean level. This might lead to El Niño related deaths. In other parts of the world, there could be a spread of tropical diseases like malaria and dengue. If left unchecked, these diseases might affect a large population and cause much suffering or even death.

On the other hand, floods and hunger might also increase the chances of starvation or even death. Although some parts of the world might experience an increase in crop yields, these are put into check by the decrease occasioned by drought and the rising temperatures. This has made food security to be a major concern for many people around the world. (Minolta 4)

On top of this, emerging research has confirmed that the rise in temperature leads to an increase of violence in human beings. According to the U.S government data, a rapid rise in temperature can increase the average assault rate to about 34% for every 100,000 people.

This is the effect of what researchers call the “heat hypotheses”, which stipulates that as the heat rises so do people become more aggressive. This presents a new challenge for human beings even from developed countries that are not affected by global warming. This effects show that global warming affects human beings either in a direct or in an indirect way. (Steffen 5)

The Way Forward

Considering the effects that global warming has on people, no one can afford to ignore this matter. The first step that people should take is to ratify the 1997 Kyoto Protocol that seeks to look for ways to reduce greenhouse gases. The agreement stipulates that all the developed nations should embark on a mission to reduce the rate at which they emit carbon dioxide.

This restriction was supposed to take effect from 2008-2010 but so far, nothing is being done. According to the agreement, the industrialized nations are required to help the developing nations to reduce their CO2 emissions.

It is saddening to realize that nations like America have rejected the Kyoto Protocol claiming that its implementation would harm the country’s economy. However, this has not deterred other countries who have gone ahead to ratify the agreement. (Guide to Global Warming 3)

It is obvious to everyone that global warming is brought about by human-induced causes. From every side, scientific fingerprinting identifies human activities as the main cause of the rising temperatures. As technology rises, scientists persist on looking for the solutions to these questions.

However, there are still skeptics who do not believe that global warming is a real threat to human beings. These people are calling for more proof on the connection between human beings and global warming before they can take action. According to them, the evidence presented about the matter is nothing but the media’s creation. On a higher level, another group of skeptics who have the facts claim that global warming is a natural variation that will soon right itself without human help.

Regardless of the position that one takes, what we should remember is that global warming is a real threat to our generation. If the current heat rise persists for the next few years, the effects will be adverse. It is important for countries to come together and look for an permanent solution for this problem, which is threatening the very existence of human kind. (Guide to Global Warming 6)


Global warming is termed as the rise in temperatures of the earth’s surface. The last two centuries has particularly witnessed a high rise in the normal temperatures. Scientists believe that the next one century will witness temperature rise that has never been witnessed before in history.

Considering the adverse effects that global warming has on human life, everyone agrees that something needs to be done urgently. What is surprising is that despite the fact that human causes are believed to be the highest contributors of global warming little is being done to bring this condition to an end.

Unlike in the past, vegetation cover is disappearing at an alarming rate thus leaving the land bare. This has increased the circulation of greenhouse gases like CO2 since plants use this gas in manufacturing their own food. The situation demands a quick solution from all the concerned parties or people will continue suffering for the consequences of their own ignorance.

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