Ecology Essay Examples and Topics

Wattle Park in Melbourne

In addition, by analyzing the structure of the park, learning the function of its elements and, thus, establishing the links between several elements of the park's ecosystem, i.e, the soil, the groundwater, the grass canopy, [...]

Oceanography Discipline

However, Qi Hong and Jiang Mei, on the one hand, seem like a love that is falling victim to the expectations of the society because there are a lot of economic and moral considerations.

Ecological Studies of Garbology

On the other hand, the social understanding of a household is based on the type of trash samples. This evidence suggests the fact that religion is never a priority for the members of the household.

Ecological Sustainable Approach Concept

As the scene opens with a shot of Once-later in his char, his attempt at justifying his cruel actions towards the nature of the Thneedville and Truffula trees pretty much sums up the environmental problem [...]

Black Smoker Ecology

The following text explores the impact of the exploitation of black smokers highlighting the importance of conservation. Besides disturbing the peace of the organisms in the ecosystem, there is environmental pollution in the event of [...]

“Keystone Predators” by Kevin Smith

The research found out that "in the presence of the tadpoles of one invasive group and absence of newts, the Osteopilus septentrionalis led to the domination of the tadpole assemblage by O.septentrionalis and reduced development [...]

Concentrating Solar Power

From the point of no greenhouse emissions and the possibility of producing cheap electricity, CSP is not only environmentally friendly by protecting the global climate, but also economically sustainable.

Hydropower: in the Latin America

For instance, global warming effects have increased the frequency of droughts and reduced the volume of water in major rivers that run the hydropower plants.

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

The study compared the rate of exposure of benzene of the boat operators and the beach cleanup crew. The mean exposure level of beach cleanup crew was 0.

Water Quality

The existence of free residual in treated water is associated with the absence of harmful microorganisms. One key advantage of using ozone to treat water is that there are few byproducts released into the water [...]

Alternative Energy Sources for Saving Planet

However, the most important question when it comes to the different forms of renewable energy that have been devised concerns the sustainability of these forms of energy in terms of the quantity and minimal impacts [...]

Nuclear Waste Disposal

The main challenge associated with the nuclear energy is the disposal of the resultant waste. The question of nuclear waste management remains a challenging one given that projections indicate a possible rise in the use [...]

Electricity Production and Consumption in the US

Major mining zones in the US include the Western Coal Region, the Appalachian Coal Region, and the Interior Coal Region, which agree that production and conversion of coal to useful energy is relatively cheaper than [...]

Demand for Energy. Energy Sources

The other issue that is likely to face the idea of sourcing of energy from the rural areas is the environmental impact that the sources of energy are likely to have in those areas.

Aquatic Life in Indiana

While it is imperative to underscore the role of technology in social and economic development, it is agreeable that the effects of motor boating in shallow lakes of Indiana are apparent and detrimental.

The Effect of the Ozone Layer on the earth

In addition to keeping the earth from overheating, the ozone layer also contributes to the stabilization of temperatures on the earth. The depletion of the ozone layer was mostly attributed to the reaction between Chlorofluorocarbons [...]

Water Pollution and Its Challenges

Water pollution refers to a situation where impurities find way into water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and ground water. This is a form of pollution where impurities enter water bodies through distinct sources such [...]

Climate Change – Global Warming

For instance, in the last one century, scientists have directly linked the concentration of these gases in the atmosphere with the increase in temperature of the earth.

The Three Methods of Water Supply

However, the dams do not tap and retain all the water on the upper side of the river. As a result, geologist must intervene and examine the level of the water table and determine the [...]

The Sustainable Hotel Environment

The emergence of the above problem has led to the growth of eco-tourism and the development of "green" hotels. The growth and development of the eco-tourism industry is testament to the increased appreciation that many [...]

The Oil and Gas Industry

The applications of information technology and other innovations in exploration and production of oil and gas have equipped the sector with the required practices and equipment for continuous efficiency in production of oil and gas [...]

Independent Aquatic Habitat Observation

The seasonal variations in the flow rates and water volume greatly affect the biodiversity of plants and animals living in the Trinity basin. Concisely, the variation affects the components of the habitats in the river.

Global Warming Cause

Human activities which are referred to as anthropogenic factors are the major causes of global warming which have resulted into some effects such as sea level rise as natural factors are not known to account [...]

Negative Health Impacts

When this radiation combines with the short wave rays from the sun, a warming effect is created on the immediate surface of the earth. The latter is a direct impact of climate change that the [...]

EIA Assessment for Loch Urr Wind Farm

Some of the constructions that lead to carbon emissions include track preparation, construction of the turbine foundations, and transportation of the materials to the project area.

Heriot-Watt University Blue-print Strategy

The ability to address issues in the global scale will enable the institutions to have representatives and partners across the globe and thus have the masses who subscribe to the ideology of the institutions and [...]

Renewable Energy Policies in Thailand

Craddock defines renewable energy policies as "Regulations or incentives that are created to encourage the use of renewable energy, and the main purpose of these policies is to increase the production of renewable energy".

Solar Technology in Gemasolar Technology

It is easy to manage the solar power due to the storage capacity of the steel tanks. A fluid flowing through the receiver absorbs the concentrated radiation and transports the heat to the ground level [...]

Solar Energy Houses

In the same breadth, another advantage of the solar energy houses is that they reduce the emission of carbon dioxide through other processes.

The Kyoto Protocol

The industrialized countries of the West are mainly responsible for the current high levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. One of the major outcomes of the conference was the formation of the United Nations [...]

Changing Water Resources

As people upstream modify the landscape through actions like settling along the rivers, building of dams, construction of flood control erections, and diverting water flow, they alter the quantity and the speed of the water [...]

Environmental Protection: Liquid Waste

To understand the role of the EPA in protecting the human health and environment in the United States from liquid waste pollution, it is necessary to discuss the EPA's activities and importance and to focus [...]

Environmental Health in the Workplace

According to what most sources say, the phenomenon of dry air in the era of global warming and, therefore, an impressive rise in humidity rates in most parts of the Earth is much more of [...]

Managing Environmental Sustainability

With reference to the above purpose, the scope of the report will be around the stakeholders as well as the reasons behind managerial consideration of stakeholders' views, the monetary and non monetary incentives for going [...]

Environmental Issues in Business

It is necessary to define the difference between the two types of businesses to understand major peculiarities of 'green' products.'Green' marketing is different from the conventional form of marketing as environmental issues are brought to [...]

Protecting the Environment

Protecting the environment is the act of taking care of natural resources and using them rationally to prevent annihilation and pollution.

Issues in Non-Point Source Pollution’ Article

In their article titled "Use of Special Surrogates to Assess the Potential for Non-Point Source Pollution in Large Watersheds", Moltz et al aimed to identify key areas within the United States portion of the Rio [...]

The Chernobyl Disaster

The investigation team on the Chernobyl accident established the four major causes of the disaster, which comprised communication failures, architectural errors in RBMK nuclear reactor, violation of technical guidelines, and the lack of safety principles [...]

Economics of Renewable Energy

This form of renewable energy has proven to be the best in the industrial sector. This means that the society has to look beyond the use of non renewable energy.

Refinery Wastewater Management

Water processing plants that use chemical processes to manage the waste water have now turned to the use of zero-effluent techniques of waste management that ensure that the waste water can be re-used and the [...]