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Ecology Essay Examples and Topics

Ecological Systems Model Aspects

After all, the sub-sequential phases of my development, as an individual, do illustrate the soundness of the idea that the process of one's upbringing can be conceptualized in terms of a tree, the parts of [...]

Tropical Rainforest Species and Diversity Issues

It is obvious that scientists and biologist have a better awareness of the threat that constitute the today's ecological situation for the rainforest species.

Environmental Issues in Urban Systems

One factor that we may want to underline is that the question of man's demand and use of natural resources can be addressed about the ability of nature to produce these resources as well as [...]

Earth’s Biodiversity: Extinction Rates Exaggerated

This is because most animals and plants have been projected to be extinct by the end of this century yet the method that is used to forecast this can exaggerate by more than 160%.

To What Extent Can Conservation Work for Development?

Conservation development is a concept within real-estate and land development which seeks to utilise the principles of natural resource protection in the process of design and construction.

Petroleum Industry, Ecology and Economic Feasibility

The oil industry is the largest supplier of energy in the world. The purpose of this paper is to provide potential solutions for the oil industry based on the criteria of ecological safety, sustainability, and [...]

China’s Emissions and Environmental Sustainability

As the largest consumer of natural resources and emitter of greenhouse gasses, China is expected to implement innovations in the environmental field to ensure its own sustainable development.

Biodiversity Markets and Bolsa Floresta Program

Environmentalists and scholars of the time led by Lord Monboddo put forward the significance of nature conservation which was followed by implementation of conservation policies in the British Indian forests.

Control of Greenhouse Gases in the Atmosphere

The first method that will reduce the amount of burned fossil fuels and other toxic evaporations in the air is making the process of driving less polluting.

Environmental Ethics: Opposing Sides

The main goal of this paper is to discuss the problems of environmental ethics, highlighting opposing sides of this multisided issue.

“Silent Spring” a Book by Rachel Carson

The current changes experienced in the world today have something to do with the integrity of the natural environment. This kind of malpractice has been observed to destroy the integrity and cleanliness of the natural [...]

Lake Erie Water Pollution

There are worries among the members of the community that the lake could be facing another episode of high toxicity, and they have called for the authorities to investigate the main causes of the pollution [...]

Human & Environment in Kimmerer’s & Austin’s Works

Some authors believe that people deserve the right to co-exist with nature, use the gifts of nature, and develop personal skills and knowledge to meet the demands set by the land.

Critical Political Ecology

Finally, the author claimed that the absence of social conflict was explained through the community's dependence on CLC's economic activity and the assumption made by the members of the community regarding the role of government [...]

Waste in “The Ecology of Commerce” by Hawken

This paper aims at analyzing several Hawken's approaches with the help of which it is possible to comprehend the essence of waste and the outcomes it has in regards to people and the economics people [...]

Premature Extinction of Species

For thousands of years of geological time, the extinction of some species has been balanced by the emergence of the new ones.

Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, Endangered Species

Some laws that cover the endangered species have been declared controversial in the way they place the species in the lists and the criteria used when removing the animals from the lists.

Ecological Systems Theory

The microsystem is basically the setting in which the individual lives and includes family, peers, school, and neighborhood. Most research is done on this system as the individual has the most direct interaction with the [...]

Ecological Footprint Concept: Huber and Schaller Views

In fact, the "ecological footprint" concept compares this amount of usage that we do to the natural resources with the ability of these resources to regenerate. This definition of the ecological footprint is agreed upon [...]

Irish Red Deer as an Endangered Species

The red deer spends most of the time feeding and it has the ability of maintaining fat reserves to use during the winter season when there is scarcity of food. The color of the red [...]

The American Black Bear’s Ecology

The determination of the number of black bears in a specific region is a challenging task according to American Bear Association. The association associates the difficult to the nature of black bears.

Climate Change Potential Consequences

According to the article, global warming can lead to the extinction of native species and the emergence of invasive species. According to the articles, global warming is a serious environmental issue that leads to contamination [...]

Clean Water Problem in Singapore

Consequently, half of the water requirements are supplied via a dike channeling water from "the southern peninsula state of Johor," a source that lies at the center of a diplomatic row between the island and [...]

Water Scarcity, Marketing, and Privatisation

In a quick rejoinder, the report by the UNEP, excessive pumping of water from rivers and lakes to support agriculture threatens to dry up water sources.

Overpopulation Effects on the Environment

In comparison to the population in 2000, the population in 2050 is predicted to rise by 47 percent. The aim of this research is to describe the effects of overpopulation on land, air, and food [...]

The World Oceans Pollution and Overfishing

Human beings have taken a lot of time to realize the need for ocean conservation to the extent that the ocean has succumbed to ecological challenges that have affected their lives in a variety of [...]

The Florida Everglades Ecology

As an ecological hotspot, the everglade is home to various species of animals some of which are only found at the everglades. The species of snakes are above 27 in number.

Biodiversity Benefits – Ecology

This variation of species in the ecosystem is a very important concept and factor that indeed is the basis for sustaining life on our planet. Moreover, the most important supporter of life, which is soil [...]

Exotic Snakes in US

In their 1999 research and publication, Badger and Netherton gave a detailed coverage of the effects of snakes to the habitat together with the ways in which some snakes are getting endangered mainly because of [...]

Indoor Air Quality in Green Building Movement

To check the hypothesis it is necessary to consider such issues as the history of green building, the impact of green building on environment and people's health, the importance of the high indoor air quality [...]

The Theory of Evolution

It must be admitted that the theory of evolution has a number of legit points and has all the rights to be considered the most valid theory of all existing.

Climate Change Effects on World Economy

Use of fossil fuels by industries and automobiles increases the percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere."Carbon dioxide is a green house gas that causes a rise in the global temperature".

Water Resources Ecology: Current Issues and Strategies

The article hence tries to find out the factors underlying the shortage of fresh water in Alaska, even as it is a region with fewer water problems compared to other states, and also identifying the [...]

Toxic Exposures

The book is premised on the argument that the environmental pollution is a key contributor to the various illnesses that have had an increasing trend over the past few decades.

Mass Extinction Theories

It can thus be speculated that the species that could not withstand the effects of global warming had to become extinct due to the adverse changes in climate.

Global Fishery Crisis Causes and Solutions

The analysis of specifics of the crisis and the possible solutions proposed by the scientists can help to find efficient ways of dealing with the crisis.

Trees and Mistletoes in Australia

Researchers observed the foliage of the mistletoe and noted the similarities and the differences between the leaves of the mistletoe and eucalypts.

Wattle Park in Melbourne

In addition, by analyzing the structure of the park, learning the function of its elements and, thus, establishing the links between several elements of the park's ecosystem, i.e, the soil, the groundwater, the grass canopy, [...]

“Tom’s River” and “Living Downstream”

Moreover, this movie highlights the difficulties of researchers who try to find the connections between the use of chemical pollutants and the risk of cancer.

Oceanography Discipline

However, Qi Hong and Jiang Mei, on the one hand, seem like a love that is falling victim to the expectations of the society because there are a lot of economic and moral considerations.

Ecological Studies: Terrestrial Plants

In a niche where light is the limiting factor, the composition of the resulting species is a factor of aggressiveness to light of the co-occurring species.

Ecological Studies of Garbology

On the other hand, the social understanding of a household is based on the type of trash samples. This evidence suggests the fact that religion is never a priority for the members of the household.

Ecology Issues: Rainforest Conservation

This implies that the existence of the forests maintain the lives of animals while depletion of the forests might lead to the possible disappearance of some species.

Ecological Sustainable Approach Concept

As the scene opens with a shot of Once-later in his char, his attempt at justifying his cruel actions towards the nature of the Thneedville and Truffula trees pretty much sums up the environmental problem [...]

Ecology Issues: Creatures of the Deep Sea

Discuss the negative changes that are occurring and the cause of these changes In the recent past, the temperature on the earth has been rising steadily due to the effect of global warming.

Black Smoker Ecology

The following text explores the impact of the exploitation of black smokers highlighting the importance of conservation. Besides disturbing the peace of the organisms in the ecosystem, there is environmental pollution in the event of [...]

“Keystone Predators” by Kevin Smith

The research found out that "in the presence of the tadpoles of one invasive group and absence of newts, the Osteopilus septentrionalis led to the domination of the tadpole assemblage by O.septentrionalis and reduced development [...]

Personal Emergency and Disaster Plan

In the event that any of the above disaster strikes, the entire students' community will feel the effects caused by the disaster.

Concentrating Solar Power

From the point of no greenhouse emissions and the possibility of producing cheap electricity, CSP is not only environmentally friendly by protecting the global climate, but also economically sustainable.

Energy Problem Evaluation Report

Hence, it is of a high value to the community because it improves the people's lives through the creation of employment.

Groundwater Contamination Using 3D GIS Techniques

Therefore, in the recent past, the use of the 3D GIS for such studies has grown significantly and it is imperative to evaluation and understanding of geographical features of the ground.

Hydropower: in the Latin America

For instance, global warming effects have increased the frequency of droughts and reduced the volume of water in major rivers that run the hydropower plants.

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

The study compared the rate of exposure of benzene of the boat operators and the beach cleanup crew. The mean exposure level of beach cleanup crew was 0.

The Effect of Science on Climate Change

A number of the policy-makers have used this allegation to oppose the implementation of strong measures aimed at lessening the amount of gas emitted from the greenhouses.

Water Quality

The existence of free residual in treated water is associated with the absence of harmful microorganisms. One key advantage of using ozone to treat water is that there are few byproducts released into the water [...]

Water Quality & Drinking Water Treatment

The fluoride contaminant violated the maximum requirement level in the New York drinking water. 2 mg/L in this water is almost double the concentration level of 1.

Alternative Energy Sources for Saving Planet

However, the most important question when it comes to the different forms of renewable energy that have been devised concerns the sustainability of these forms of energy in terms of the quantity and minimal impacts [...]

Nuclear Waste Disposal

The main challenge associated with the nuclear energy is the disposal of the resultant waste. The question of nuclear waste management remains a challenging one given that projections indicate a possible rise in the use [...]

The Renewable and Non-renewable Electricity Sources

Loss of human and aquatic life is one of the effects of environmental degradation. One of the major effects of harnessing this source of electrical energy is the subsidence of land.

Electricity Production and Consumption in the US

Major mining zones in the US include the Western Coal Region, the Appalachian Coal Region, and the Interior Coal Region, which agree that production and conversion of coal to useful energy is relatively cheaper than [...]

Demand for Energy. Energy Sources

The other issue that is likely to face the idea of sourcing of energy from the rural areas is the environmental impact that the sources of energy are likely to have in those areas.

Vulnerability of World Countries to Climate Change

While the third world nations strongly hold that climate is changing due to the development activities of the developed nations, the developed nations use scientific theories to point to natural causes of the vice.

Aquatic Life in Indiana

While it is imperative to underscore the role of technology in social and economic development, it is agreeable that the effects of motor boating in shallow lakes of Indiana are apparent and detrimental.

Energy and Society Carbon Footprint

Basing on the electrical appliances that I utilize, I can calculate the amount of electricity that I utilize per month, and then translate to the carbon footprint.

Responsibility and Attributes towards the Natural World

The connection between human kind on one hand and nature and the environment on the other becomes weaker as time goes by due to rapid urbanization and growth of towns and technology. The funds can [...]

The Effect of the Ozone Layer on the earth

In addition to keeping the earth from overheating, the ozone layer also contributes to the stabilization of temperatures on the earth. The depletion of the ozone layer was mostly attributed to the reaction between Chlorofluorocarbons [...]

BHP Waste Managements. Environmental Justice

In connection to the responses, the essay will vividly discuss the effects of the plant on the environment, indigenous people of the village, the government, and many others.

Water Pollution and Its Challenges

Water pollution refers to a situation where impurities find way into water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and ground water. This is a form of pollution where impurities enter water bodies through distinct sources such [...]

Saving the Environment with Eco-Friendly Amenities

The opening of new recreational activity centers such as the gym and steps club can be a problem in terms of the energy consumption with the lights, air conditioning and other exercise machines needed to [...]

Climate Change – Global Warming

For instance, in the last one century, scientists have directly linked the concentration of these gases in the atmosphere with the increase in temperature of the earth.

The Three Methods of Water Supply

However, the dams do not tap and retain all the water on the upper side of the river. As a result, geologist must intervene and examine the level of the water table and determine the [...]

American National Park Service and Wildlife

The law reads in part: "to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and the wild life therein and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such [...]

The Sustainable Hotel Environment

The emergence of the above problem has led to the growth of eco-tourism and the development of "green" hotels. The growth and development of the eco-tourism industry is testament to the increased appreciation that many [...]

Research Effect of Environmental Disasters on Human Reproductive Health

Chemicals start seeping into the soil of the surrounding area under the guidance of underground streams resulting in health complications of the community of Love Canal, New York; these complications range from reproductive health complications [...]

Environmental Management Tools and Methods

This is where the result of the whole process is communicated back to the first stage of the process and the rest of the project.

The Oil and Gas Industry

The applications of information technology and other innovations in exploration and production of oil and gas have equipped the sector with the required practices and equipment for continuous efficiency in production of oil and gas [...]

Policy Position on Energy Development

This strategy was meant to reduce the use of oil in the US and to improve the quality of the environment.

Independent Aquatic Habitat Observation

The seasonal variations in the flow rates and water volume greatly affect the biodiversity of plants and animals living in the Trinity basin. Concisely, the variation affects the components of the habitats in the river.

Global Warming Cause

Human activities which are referred to as anthropogenic factors are the major causes of global warming which have resulted into some effects such as sea level rise as natural factors are not known to account [...]

Water Pollution Sources, Effects and Control

Unfortunately, not all the users of water are responsible to ensure that proper disposal or treatment of the used water is done before the water is returned to the water bodies.

Major Impacts of Global Warming In Human Health

Global warming is a rise in average temperatures on the earth surface due to human activities such as burning of coal and oil refining, eventually the activities cause emission of greenhouse gases in the air [...]

Global Warming and its Effects on the Environment

This paper explores the impacts of global warming on the environment and also suggests some of the measures that can be taken to mitigate the impact of global warming on the environment.

Technological Factors of Renewable Energy Development

There are three reasons behind this: Renewable energy resources from a commercial energy standpoint are as of yet an unproven method of reliable energy production The means by which renewable energy is produced requires a [...]

Producing and Transmitting Renewable Energy

Complexity in producing and transmitting renewable energy is multifaceted and may be related to many factors, which hinder production and transmission of renewable energy to users.