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Ecosystem Essay Examples and Topics

Benthic Macro-Invertebrates Diversity

This study dedicated to the estimation of the benthic ecosystem biodiversity and its dependence on environmental features of the ecosystem. It is known that the composition of benthic invertebrates strongly depends on the characteristics of [...]

Biodiversity, Its Importance and Benefits

Apart from that, the paper is going to speculate on the most and least diverse species in the local area. The biodiversity can be measured in terms of the number of different species in the [...]

Zoos for Conservation of Endangered Species

However, at the moment, they could be considered important scientific and research centers that investigate the current situation related to species and create conditions needed for their survival and further preservation.

Wolf Population’s Restoration in Adirondack Park

The recent findings in the wildlife populations' research demonstrate that the restoration of wolves in the Adirondack Park may positively influence regional development and may contribute to the improvement of the environmental condition.

European Rabbit in the Australian Ecosystem

In the research that was conducted, it clearly indicates that the intended ecological purpose that led to the introduction of the species in the region was not the same reason as to why the species [...]

Climate Change’s Negative Impact on Biodiversity

This essay's primary objective is to trace and evaluate the impact of climate change on biological diversity through the lens of transformations in the marine and forest ecosystems and evaluation of the agricultural sector both [...]

Invasive Species’ Negative Impact in Spain

These species disrupt the habitat of the area, creating imbalance and, thus, leading to the extinction of the local species, deterioration of the land, and the following economic issues caused by the lack of the [...]

Pollution and Human Health

A freshwater localized ecosystem consists of plants and animals of all kinds. Basically, the cycle of both living and non-living organism within a freshwater lake is interrelated and continuous.

Strategy as Ecology

All the companies involved in the manufacturing and distribution of a product form a business ecosystem. The productivity of a company can be used to determine how healthy a business ecosystem is.

Eco-Tourism and Eco-Cities

The main reason cited for the support of sustainable development is the impact it has on the environment and the communities nearby.

The Problem of Drought on Earth

Conservation measures should therefore be aimed at preserving the vegetation so as to provide a habitat for the wildlife One way of conserving the reserve would be to transfer the lions and dogs and some [...]

Agriculture versus Forestry

Sequentially, in the endeavor to determine what type of an activity to be dedicated to a land, it is proper to comprehend how the activity would work towards maintaining an excellent ecosystem's functionality.

Measure of biodiversity

It is the "sum total of all biotic variation from the level of genes to ecosystems" according to Andy Purvus and Andy Hector in their article entitled "Getting the Measure of Diversity" which appeared in [...]

Ecosystems and Consumer

In order to elaborate on this wastage of energy, we would estimate the amount of energy wasted annually in a Canadian family in this manner.

Natural Resources Economics

That is why, it is necessary to develop the programs and regulations according to which hunting in relation to the Gray Wolf of Michigan should be prohibited; killing animals in the situations of the conflicts [...]


Melbourne occupies the South-Eastern part of Australia and borders the ocean.based on the Koppen climate classification model, the climate of the area is described as oceanic.

Tourism and Ecosystem

Basically, tourism occurs in two forms: "the journey to the destination and the stay including the activities at the destination". The impact of tourism on the ecosystem is usually evaluated in terms of an ecological [...]

Endangered Species Issue in the United States

Thus, the extinction of wolves in our ecosystem will results in an increase in the ungulates population comprising of unhealthy and undesired preys. With more wolves in an ecosystem, the number of ungulates will reduce.

Consumerism Positive and Negative Aspect

This is also believed to be the cause of materialism in the society. It is, therefore, a movement that is driven by spending of huge sums of money on such things as advertisements without taking [...]

Ecological Imperialism

This work can be improved upon by ensuring that human development is not relegated to the sidelines as Crosby has argued.

Ecosystem in the rainforest

The lower the level of the energy pyramid, the higher the number of the organisms. In the circumstances of a rainforest ecosystem, the primary producers occupy the bottom of the energy pyramid.

Human Impact on the Environment

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the impacts of logging on the forest resources in Uganda and offer recommendations that can be used to mitigate and manage the identified impacts.

Desert Ecosystem

In deserts like the Baja desert, the major consumer of this vegetation is the Mule deer. This is especially true in the California desert of Baja.

Moral Obligations in Environment

Synergy between the four components of the environment is crucial to the stability of the environment. In this regard, the lack of moral obligation in human beings when interacting with land amounts to a violation [...]

Natural Resources and Energy

The growth of human settlement has resulted in various activities which affected the natural ecosystem of the preserve. The reduction in lions, bobcats, wolves and foxes, led to over population of deer.

Journal Entries on Environmental Studies

Picture 2: Some of the animal species I encountered in the park. I was interested to examine biodiversity of animal and plant species in the terrestrial, coastal and marine ecosystems within Asir national park.

Winter Ecology: Ice

For aquatic animals and plants, ice acts serves as a cover for aquatic ecosystem reducing the amount of energy, nutrients, and oxygen in the world of low temperatures.

Concept of the Terrestrial Ecology

The soil, plants and animals are three components of the terrestrial environment that need conservation in order to avoid depletion of natural resources or pollution of the environment.

Tropical Rain Forest

The content will also include the threats facing the tropical rain forest, the impacts of the threats to the ecosystem and the possible solutions to the threats and the impacts of these solutions.