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Ecological Processes: What Is Dynamic in Ecosystem? Essay

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Updated: Mar 15th, 2022

The Earth is the reflection of many forms of life rather than just a planet of the solar system. Humanity lived in complete harmony with nature till we faced the era of industrialization development. World history experienced a great variety of ecological processes being connected with changes in the structure and composition of ecological communities.

It is important to identify ecological processes and determine their types faced throughout history. Thus, ecological processes stimulate the functioning of the ecosystem; they are related to natural phenomena determining the ecosystem’s patterns. To the global ecological processes, one can refer the following phenomena faced by humanity: biotic interactions, natural disturbances, nutrient cycling, population dynamics, and various hydrological processes. In most cases, the analysis of ecological processes appears to be rather complicated due to the complexity of their structure and composition. Ecological processes and natural changes closely interact in the development of the ecosystem. They can be predetermined by site conditions, weather impact, or some artificial interference with nature.

An example of an ecological process can be tree death suffered in major parts of the world. The causes of this phenomenon are connected with hurricanes and wildfires. Besides, there can be some external facts caused by industrialization development and various forms of people’s interference with nature. Taking into account the fact that trees form strong support to the ecosystem and are storage compartment producers, tree death can become a serious ecological problem. Nevertheless, this process directly influences the increasing level of resources being important for human life. So, it proves the close connection between ecological processes, natural problems, and human activities functioning together through world history. (Franklin, 2000).

The introduction of the globalization era appeared to be an integral part of a modern ecological system. Developing countries have a direct impact on the environment through the usage of natural resources for economic expansion. It is important to stress that deteriorating ecology and the constant process of economical development throughout the world closely interact. It can be explained by such factors as water contamination or, for example, the process of groundwater levels dipping. Nowadays people suffer ecological crises due to extensive technological interference of humanity with nature. Contradictions between the natural environment and society are based on problems connected with soil, waterways, and atmosphere; one should state that ecosystem cannot be improved through various strategic modifications and reforms – that is the principal arguable factor to the solution. Technology cannot solute natural problems, so, human expectations are gradually adjusted to a deteriorating ecology. Nowadays the developing countries are the basic threats to the natural environment and ecosystem condition. (McLaughlin, 2001).

Environmental changes resulting in ecosystem changes are considered to be the phenomena of positive feedback mechanisms. The mechanism of negative feedback takes place in case if an environmental change results in compensating process mitigating this change. Positive feedback is very important for the natural balance in the environment; to such phenomena, one can refer ocean warming and the ice-albedo mechanism. Speaking about negative feedback, it is necessary to stress that this process leads to adaptive behavior, such as sustaining the same temperature or level. Examples of this process are the maintenance of air composition or glucose in the blood. One should underline the undesirable results connected with the negative feedback disruption. For example, in case of negative feedback failure, one can experience an increase in glucose level in blood many times and as a result, a person suffers diabetes.

A dramatic change in the ecological process and activities of modern social institutions are closely connected. It can be explained by new methods of adaptation to the physical and cultural environments to be worked out by social organizations. Complete change touched all spheres of human activities such as agriculture, hunting, plant, and fish industries. Transformations in ecological-cultural processes made people create new adaptive strategies of activity change. New methods are related to the development of socio-ecological configurations being able to function in new conditions effectively. The strategies are to be aimed at the establishment of new institutions and programs on the international level to understand human modifications worldwide. (Carpenter, Feedback Mechanisms in Climate).

The analysis of ecological systems and processes proved their close interaction with social activities. Such factors as economic development and industrialization, in general, have a direct impact on the functioning of ecosystems. It should be stressed that unpredictable global changes resulted from human activities transformed human opportunities connected with sustaining significant features of our planet. People are to adapt to the new conditions trying to protect nature from further undesirable changes. The development of various programs aimed at ecosystems protection and support will make natural conditions better and enlarge the variety of natural resources worldwide.


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