Human Impact Essay Examples and Topics

Wind-based Energy Market

Executive Summary Wind energy is certainly the most effective upcoming source of energy globally. BP energy is one of the energy companies that have moved on to pursue this area. The purpose of this business report is to evaluate the economic feasibility of wind energy and market performance in the next five years. This will […]

Urban Regeneration/renewal -Case of United Kingdom

Introduction In this section, we shall define the key terms, urban regeneration/urban renewal and urban development and try to see the correlation between the terms. We shall then briefly look at the town of King’s Lynn. Urban Regeneration defined The encyclopedia Britannica, defines urban renewal as “comprehensive scheme to redress a complex of urban problems, […]

Environmental Policy in UK, Canada, and India

Introduction Environment policies are drafted with the aim of preventing environmental pollution that can lead to depletion of natural resources. Governments are committed towards regulating the activities of investors by making them responsible for the waste they eject from their premises. Different countries have different environmental policies. The intention here is to compare and contrast […]

The Great Barrier Reef

Introduction The Great Barrier Reef (GBR) can rightly be viewed as one of the most important natural resources in Australia. It is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. However, this reef system is exposed to a great number of environmental threats, namely, water pollution, climate change, oil spills, overfishing, and so forth (Johansen […]

Global Change Causes and Impacts

Abstract Global change is the terrestrial-scale transformation in the earth structure. Associated aspects of global change include environmental pollution with poisonous substances that harm the aquatic environment. Rapid global change has caught the attention of international agencies, media, humanitarians and several governments. These parties, through education, public health actions and public policies, have come up […]

The Security Environment

A critical Analysis of the Security Implications of Discontent about Globalization in Industrial & Post Industrial Nations Today, more than ever before, it has dawned on many political systems across the world that globalization is a non-stop economic system fueled both by deep-seated economic policy shifts by individual governments and the convergence of technology (Kirkegaard, […]

Impact of the BP Oil Spill on Oysters and Clams in Gulf Coast USA

Description of Oysters and Clams Oyster is a type of seafood with high nutritional value both to marine life and human beings. Experts note that the plant is normally high in fat, protein, Iron and Vitamin D (Judy, 2010). However, oysters are not only part of marine and human nutritional delicacies; they are also an […]

Comparison between Different Planning Systems in Different Jurisdictions

Introduction Planning systems are different from one region to another and from one country to another. In Australia, things are much more the same. Since each state and territory has their own principle legislation for the land use planning system, it is still worth noting that the overall administration of the planning system is generally […]

How mechanical engineering used to prevent and fix oil pollution

Introduction Oil has a very high demand all over the world since it is a major source of energy. Therefore, constant exploration and extraction to meet this demand is undertaken. Unfortunately, this exploration and extraction comes at a cost, with danger of causing loss of life, property and pollution of the environment. Prevention of oil […]

Global E-Waste Problem

Introduction A cell phone has become an almost basic necessity among most individuals in the society today. The current demand for this commodity has forced manufacturers to continue their advancement in order to produce various types of cell phones. This includes those that have minimal features and low prices for those with low incomes and […]

Reducing Energy Emission: Role of University and Government

Introduction There are different ways of reducing energy use and GHG emissions. These include the use of electricity, transport and industrial output for less coal, oil or gasoline. GHG emissions have adverse effects and thus need to be addressed right from homes, institutions and state government (Australian Greenhouse Office, 2007). Barriers and Benefits of Less […]

Theories of Philosophy on Animals

Introduction There have been different views on the place that non humans have in any acceptable moral system. The non humans usually lie on the borderline of human moral theories and principles. This means that sometimes they are regarded to have high moral standards and other times they are regarded to have low moral standards […]

Environmental reporting guideline

Introduction An environmental reporting guideline is an episodic publication of environmental reporting involving organizational activities as well as the status of their environmental effects and the environmental contemplation. The guidelines are prepared for organizations preparing for their first environmental reporting publication as well as organizations which have already published one. The guidelines also provide organizations […]

Concept of Environmental Reporting

Introduction Our involvement on the environment is considerably becoming more significant in all walks of life, including business. According to the nature of business it utilizes resources, pollute the environment and produce waste products. This is why business attracts substantial attention from individuals and groups of environmentalists who are more concerned about the prospect natural […]

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS)

Introduction The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) is an international system that is used in standardizing the classification and labeling of chemicals. The GHS describes the hazards of chemicals to health, environment, and body (Roughton & Crutchfield, 2008). It also used in classification of other materials when they are compared […]

Silent Spring

Introduction Silent Spring is a 1962 book that highlighted the environmental and health impacts of pesticides. Particularly, the book highlighted the environmental destruction caused by the pesticide, DDT (Carson 21). Some of the public uproar against the use of DDT that occurred in the 1950s and 1960s stemmed from the book. The book also drew […]

Comparison between Islamic story of creation and Bing bang theory

Introduction The relationship between the Islamic story of creation and the scientific ‘Big Bang’ theory presents two relatively similar concepts that seem to agree on certain occurrences about creation. In the ‘big bang’ theory of creation, scientists believe that the universe keeps on expanding with time as a result of the big bang that took […]

Deepwater Horizon Blowout

Introduction Background information. The Deepwater Horizon is a rig that blew out on April 20, 2010 and caused 11 deaths. Environmental consequences as well as financial, economical, and political concerns have become the major topic for discussion by companies involved in the issue as stated in the article (PE Magazine Archive, 2010). The contingency plan […]

What does Heilbroner mean in advocating a ‘soft’ form of technological determinism?

Technological determinism is a theory that assumes that technology drives the cultural and social development in society. Heilbroner believed that the interactions between technology and the sociopolitical status of a society are passive. He held that technology affects how societal evolution takes place. However, the society still has a chance to adjust the effects of […]

Planting Trees on Bloor Avenue in Downtown Toronto

Summary The report is based on a case study on the tree planting project along the Bloor Avenue in Bloor-Yorkville. It covers the aspects of rezoning this area so as to ensure that it has residential areas as well instead of the usual office apartments and retail stores. This has necessitated the planting of trees […]

Internal and external environment: Virgin Australia

Introduction In their operation, firms are affected by environmental changes which may either emanate from internal or external sources. Despite the changes, firms’ management teams have an obligation to develop their organizations’ internal strengths and at the same time exploit opportunities available. This purpose of this paper is to evaluate Virgin Australia’s internal and external […]

Kingdom of Bhutan

The kingdom of Bhutan, situated in the Himalayan Mountains, bordered by India, Tibet, and China, is a nation of approximately 672,425 people (Anielski 137). In the year 2005, the nation had a gross national product (GDP) per capita of about $US 3,921 and was ranked 117th in the world. By conventional economic measures, Bhutan is […]

Human impact to the environment – Cuba Deforestation Issue

Introduction Deforestation is an environmental threat not even in Cuba alone but also worldwide. The effects that it causes are always in one way or another felt by the farthest of the States in the entire universe. To this effect, this paper addresses the impact of deforestation in Cuba and the solutions available to manage […]

Community Power and Sustainable Development in Sydney

Introduction Urban planning could be referred to as the art involved in designing places for the purpose of settling urban population. The various methods used in design processes present one of the vital elements of urban planning. The planning process should encompass various aspects such as health and aesthetic value of buildings based on the […]

“Greening the Ghetto” by Majora Carter

Majora Carter is strongly committed to deal with environmental and social justice issues which affect residents of South Bronx, New York, where she grew up. She starts by revealing how South Bronx residents have been affected by the surrounding toxic environment due to poor zoning laws by New York City authorities. Carter is selfless because […]

Impact of Economic Growth on Environmental Sustainability

In the era of globalization, economic growth issues confront the challenges of environmental sustainability. Because of constant development of the richest economies, such as the United Kingdom, and United States, the consumption levels of the global population surpass the actual amount of natural resources that the Earth has prepared for the population. As a result, […]

Any realistic and achievable environmental ethic must be based on a ‘weak anthropocentrism’

Introduction Effective maintenance of environmental ethics is one of the main pillars that support harmonious existence of organisms within an ecosystem. However, this view has been affected by the practice of anthropocentrism which purports that human being is the most valuable and important factor in the universe. It is without doubt that while anthropocentrism is […]

Environmental Education

Introduction Studies indicate that it is necessary to apply perspectives from various disciplines in order to solve environmental problems. Since all human beings depend on the environment for sustenance, then it makes sense to equip them with the skills needed to make the environment sustainable. Education unites technology, nature and society in a way that […]

Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices in Swimburne University

Swimburne University of technology is a public institution founded by George Swimburne with a passion and vision of seeing Eastern suburbs have technical college (Watson 2010, p.24). The university is under industry based learning located in Melbourne, Australia. The technical college was established on 8th July 1908 with eighty young boys and men who enrolled […]

Importance of environment

Today everyone is becoming concerned with his environment. People have come to realize that their lives are tightly knit to their surroundings. This has been made clear by growing knowledge of green environment even deep in the villages. However, scientists and other scholars have contradicted overtime in defining environmental justice. Concerned environmental bodies and other […]

Whale Huntingin Japan

Introduction It is normally the case that endeavors involve the harvesting of ocean resources, such as fish, clams, and a variety of crustaceans, to be done in order to fulfill a specific need. This justifies the consumption of various types of ocean resources since without them, a lot of societies all around the world dependent […]

Concept of Environmental Ethic in Society

Environmental ethics is a relatively new field, but it already gives rise to numerous debates among philosophers and scientists. The articles that are included in this portfolio are aimed at discussing the ways in which people should think about nature and other species. The authors discuss a variety of approaches to this problem, for example, […]

The needs of people and the needs of the environment

The central question that these readings pose is how the needs of people can be reconciled with the needs of the environment. Although, human beings are a part of this environment, we have an enormous amount of influence on nature. In many cases, this influence is not beneficial. This is why the authors of these […]

Markets in voluntary carbon offsets and global GHG emissions

Introduction The world is fighting to keep global temperatures low as current studies in climatic conditions show that the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide is increasing above the normal standard. In this regard, world leaders, environmentalists and scientists are increasing their efforts to reduce the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide below peak. This suggests that […]

Over-Exploitation of Resources

Introduction The deterioration of the environment has now become a significant global and national problem. In the past, people were never concerned about how they exploited the existing resources and they have just come to realize that with the current rate of resources usage, in a few decades to come there will be nothing to […]

Emerging issues – GASCO

Introduction Various organizations uphold environmental protection obligations. In fact, they have enacted policies to steer and regulate their involvement in environmental issues. This is an important provision in the ecological context. This paper discusses Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited (GASCO), which is a natural gas manufacturing company based in Abu Dhabi, UAE (GASCO 1). The […]

Environmental Factors and Human Activity

Introduction A growing population will generally put pressure on the available resources. These resources include land, social infrastructure and even employment. As a result the expansion of these resources and addition of new ones will be called for and this will in return have a negative impact on the environment as the natural ecosystem will […]

Current environmental health issues

Environmental problems are bothering not only professionals but also simple people who want to know the development of the situation in the world. Still, the professionals from different spheres remain the most preoccupied people who care for the changes in the surrounding world. The environmental issues are usually connected with human health and if something […]

Wireless Power Transmission Implication for the Environment

Wireless power involves the transmission of power without using wires or cords. Use of Wireless power transfer technology can lessen or eradicate the need for batteries and wires. Although wireless power has several benefits to the community and the environment, it, also, has negative implications. This paper will focus on some forms of wireless power […]

Conservationists and Biopiracy in Cuba and Canada

Biodiversity and sustainability have become some of the most disputable issues recently. Thus, researchers claim that despite some steps which are being undertaken to develop sustainable approach, these efforts are not enough. One of the articles in question reveals the necessity to develop a particular paradigm to address issues concerning biodiversity. It is stated that […]

Sustainability project – Amcor site & MDB

Introduction Climate science is an area of science where virtual methods are widespread and the political stakes are high, because climate change as a result of emission of anthropogenic GHGs seems to demand a cessation of fossil fuel combustion and the use of alternative energy sources so dear to environmentalists. It is important to note […]

Community Hazard Analysis

Community hazard analysis is essential for mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery planning. In the process of creating a disaster program analysis, this reflective paper identify and characterize disasters, evaluate each on frequency and magnitude scale, and estimate overall risk. Besides, the paper determines potential, direct, and indirect social and economic costs, effects, acceptable risk level, […]