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Climate Change Essay Examples and Topics

Greenhouse Effect and Long-Term Climate Trends

4 Earth's Atmosphere and Interior, the information predominantly referred to the mechanism of the greenhouse gases generation, the future scenario, and global average temperatures dated back to 2010 and earlier years. I chose the link [...]

Hydroclimatology Analysis

It is possible to note that the overall warming of the environment is evident. It is important to observe the recent trends to be able to understand the cause and effect relations between them.

Dealing With the Climate Change Issues

Many American's erroneously thinking that being the 'good guys' does anything to help the environment but clearly, more needs to be done if a lasting solution to the problem is to be gotten.

Environmental Perils: Climate Change Issue

Many people have been lamenting over the issue of the climate crisis, For instance, Mindy Lubber, a former regional administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, delivered a speech in October 2008 at a [...]

“Climate Science Is Not Settled” by Steven Koonin

As organizations and researchers strive to determine the impacts of their activities on energy, greenhouse gas emissions, and the environment, Koonin asserts that the world is extremely far from the knowledge required to make good [...]

Atmosphere and Climate Dynamics Seminar

According to the speaker, vegetation affects the atmosphere through a number of ways including limiting the amount of sun's radiation, controlling the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, changing the color of reefs, and [...]

City Trees and Climate Change: Act Green and Get Healthy

Consequently, increasing the number of city trees in spatial design could be a viable solution to reducing the pace of climate change and improving the quality of air in large cities, which combines a variety [...]

Climate Change and American National Security

Today, the solutions to climate change are still highly complicated and often seem impossible due to the involvement of a wide range of factors and determiners, as well as the global nature of the phenomenon [...]

Climate Change in Canada

The Harper government has done little to ensure implementation of the agreements to reduce emissions. Since governments around the globe have failed in their commitment to reduce emissions, going green remains the only option.

Technology’s Impact on Climate Change

To examine the contribution of technology to climate change; To present a comprehensive review of technologically-mediated methods for responding to global flooding caused by anthropogenic climate change; To suggest the most effective and socially just [...]

Extreme Weather, Its Causes and Consequences

The high volume of greenhouse gases in the environment has led to the diminution of the ozone layer, thus reducing its effectiveness about protecting the earth's surface from the sun.

Climate Change in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is an emirate in the country and it could suffer some of the worst effects of climate change in the UAE.

Technology Influence on Climate Change

Undoubtedly, global warming is a portrayal of climate change in the modern world and hence the need for appropriate interventions to foster the sustainability of the environment.

Climate Change and Its Impacts on the UAE

Currently, the rise in temperature in the Arctic is contributing to the melting of the ice sheets. The long-range weather forecast indicates that the majority of the coastal areas in the UAE are at the [...]

Global Warming and Climate Change: Fighting and Solutions

The work will concentrate on certain aspects such as the background of the problem, the current state of the problem, the existing literature on the problem, what has already been attempted to solve the problem, [...]

Large-Scale Patterns of Climatic Variations

Large-scale patterns of climatic variations are related to the impact of solar energy, the circulation of the atmosphere, greenhouse gases, and surface temperature. The circulation of air can contribute to temperature changes in different regions [...]

Climate Change Debates and Scientific Opinion

The majority of scientists worldwide tend to believe that anthropogenic greenhouse gases turn out to be the reason for the increase in the planet's average temperature.

Earth’s Geologic History and Global Climate Change

In the Geologic Time Scale section of the Museum of Paleontology website, I found that images of cyanobacteria are included in the Archaean time period. The Late Devonian extinction occurred due to the cooling of [...]

CO2 Emission and Climate Change Misconceptions

However, people start to recognize the pernicious effect their actions might have on the state of our planet and want to know more about the processes that occur due to these very actions.

Climate Change Probability and Predictions

Winsberg argues that in the area of climate modeling, the standard pattern of using probabilities for the separation of scientific practices from the ethical and social influences because of the significant complexity of these global [...]

Climate Changes and Human Population Distribution

Compelled by the lack of a thorough clarity on the relationship between population distribution and climatic conditions, this research proposal therefore aims at conducting the research study to determine what effects do climatic conditions have [...]

Climate Economists’ Input into Planet Protection

Smith's core message is that climate change economists have been dormant to the level that their participation in addressing the crucial issue of climate change is not felt at all, despite the urgency of the [...]

Climate Change as International Issue

The projections were indeed experienced in the 1940s after it was discovered that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere was increasing.

Climate Change Governance: Concepts and Theories

The present paper offers an overview of CCG and includes the relevant definitions, describes the complex relationships between the relevant actors at different levels, and discusses theoretical perspectives and conceptual difficulties related to the topic.

Climate Change Impacts on the Aviation Industry

The last two research questions focus on investigating the challenges experienced by stakeholders in the aviation industry in reducing the carbon blueprint of the sector and discussing additional steps the aviation industry can take to [...]

Climate Change: Anthropological Concepts and Perspectives

In this context, it is important to discuss how anthropologists define the environmental change in relation to the social change; what views are predominant in the anthropological discourse regarding the global character of the climate [...]

Climate Change Impacts on Business in Bangladesh

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Bangladesh is the most vulnerable to impacts of the global climatic change particularly from the rising sea level since it is located on the low altitude Bay [...]

Transportation Impact on Climate Change

It is apparent that the number of motor vehicles in the world is increasing by the day, and this translates to an increase in the amount of pollutants produced by the transportation industry annually.

Environmental Risk Perception: Climate Change Viewpoints

He holds the belief that public "risk perceptions compel political, economic and social actions towards a particular risk, and thus public support or opposition to climate change has a strong influence of the risks and [...]

Climate Change and International Collaboration

In the following paper, two articles devoted to the topic of recent negotiations about climate change will be used for the evaluation of the current condition of the international collaboration concerning the issue.

Climate Change Impact on Bangladesh

Today, there are a lot of scientists from the fields of ecology and meteorology who are monitoring the changes of climate in various regions of the world.

Temperature Impacts on Food

The increase of CO2 on a short-term basis increases the humidity of the atmosphere; thus, leading to an increase in yield. Changes in climate also cause an increase in CO2, which boosts the growth of [...]

Climate Change Vulnerability in Scotland

It is important to note that water is abundant is the country due to its excellent geographical location and features. The nation is not struggling economically, and it has the potential to mitigate a number [...]

Climate Regime Failure

The reverse argument of the collective action theory that the collaborative efforts within a larger group are unlikely to be achieved can be applied to explain the failures of international treaties and actions on climate [...]

Responsible Factors for Climate Change

On the other hand, the anti-scientists hold the view that global warming is not a consequence of the human activities, and that the scientists' views are for selfish gains meant to transform the world's economy. [...]

Climate Change Evaluation

The third assertion is by Farley who alleged that most of the Americans continue to argue that the burning of fossil fuels has recently contributed to global warming; thus, it is possible that climate change [...]

Global Warming Analysis

Some of the debated issues include "the causes of global warming and whether the increase in the earth's atmospheric temperature is normal or exceptional". However, scientific research indicates that the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere [...]

Climate Change Issue

It is surprising that climate change was ranked the last in the list of priorities immediately after President Barrack Obama took over as the president of the United States.

Global Warming Refugees

It is necessary to understand particular causes of migration to be able to develop efficient measures to help people. Therefore, it is clear that people are unlikely to come up with an efficient solution and [...]

Early Climate Change Science

Today, it is evidently clear that the warming effect of carbon dioxide as originally envisioned by Joseph Fourier is largely to blame for global warming.

Climate Change Problem

Thus, it is clear that the author has based the argument on three important observations - corporate realization that climatic change is real, the economic impact of using corporate resources to manage global warming and [...]

Air Pollution: Public Health Impact

In this regard, the paper explores various articles on opencast coals mining, aviation emissions, and geological storage of carbon dioxide and public health concerns in air pollution.

Analytical Bighorn Sheep Terrain Selection

With the help of a careful evaluation of the data represented in the histograms concerning the change in the habitat and the effect that this change has had on the bighorn sheep, one can come [...]

Impact of Climate Change and Solutions

The continuous emission of green house gases to the atmosphere through human activities has led to the accumulation of the gases in the atmosphere thereby increasing their concentration over time.

Sustain for Survival

The thesis of this essay is that human behavior change, including in diet and food production, must be undertaken to minimize climate change, and resulting misery.

Ethics And Economic Modeling

The Australian government has introduced policies to reduce the social costs of pollution by ensuring that the Marginal Social Benefit is equal to Marginal social Cost.

Climate Change, Development and Disaster Risk Reduction

However, the increased cases of droughts, storms, and very high rainfalls in different places are indicative of the culmination of the effects of climate change, and major disasters are yet to follow in the future.

Global Climate Change

These changes are as a result of the changes in the factors which determine the amount of sunlight that gets to the earth surface.

Environmental Defense Fund

As part of its broad objectives, the membership of EDF is open and consequently, any interested party can join the group.

Ecosystems: Biodiversity and Habitat Loss

The review of the topic shows that the relationship between urban developmental patterns and the dynamics of ecosystem are concepts that are still not clearly understood in the scholarly world as well as in general.

Spin, Science and Climate Change

Proponents of climate change argue scientifically that the cause of global warming is the accumulation of green house gases and water vapor in the atmosphere over a period.

Greenhouse Gas Prediction

The practice has significantly contributed to the increasing amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The ever-increasing levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will eventually increase [...]

Social Concepts and Climate Change

All these are illustrations that climate change is real and skeptics of the process have no sound grounds to support their argument.

Summary of concepts/ideas by Christine Matheson

The author calls for consumers and producers to appreciate the importance of recycling in lowering the rate of environmental pollution. Additionally, the author is of the opinion that limiting the high rate of environmental pollution, [...]

Climate Changes

The Article "Global Warming: Neglecting the Complexities" by Stephen Schneider sets out to refute the views expressed by Bj rn Lomborg in his book "The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World", which [...]

Climate Change Definition and Description

The wind patterns, the temperature and the amount of rainfall are used to determine the changes in temperature. Usually, the atmosphere changes in a way that the energy of the sun absorbed by the atmosphere [...]

Anthropogenic Climate Change

Since anthropogenic climate change occurs due to the cumulative effect of greenhouse gases, it is imperative that climatologists focus on both immediate and long term interventions to avert future crises of global warming that seem [...]

Climate and tree rings [FREE Text Sample!]

The base line in determining climatic changes by using tree rings is by correlating the outer rings spacing of a tree and the National Weather Service records.

An Inconvenient Truth

The main effect of increased carbon dioxide emission in the atmosphere is the high ice melting on different mountains. The recent occurrence of Hurricanes, tornados and typhoons is due to high temperatures in the oceans [...]

Description of Life in Summer and Winter

In conclusion, it is important to mention that winter and summer are all important seasons in each year as they have different impact in the life of individuals.

China Climate Change

Majority of developed and developing countries for example, the U.S.and China have failed to heed to the call of the need to save Mother Nature through implementation of pollution mitigating measures, for example, the Kyoto [...]

Do Human Activities Threaten to Change Climate?

According to Milbourn, global warming is the projected and observable increase in the average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans. It is easier said that human activities do not contribute to global warming than grappling [...]

Globalization and the Commons

The developed world has a role to play in assisting the indigenous communities of the developing countries. In Africa for instance, the US and other developed countries have helped to enhance water sustainability to eliminate [...]
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