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Natural Disaster Risks Overview Essay

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Updated: Jun 23rd, 2022

The levels for the natural disaster risk chosen from Resilinc can be classified based on their threats to business efficiency in the modern world. The disaster risks are classified by assessing their damage to assets and physical property, damage to raw materials, disruptions to the working environment, and supply chain disruptions. Damage to property risks is prominent, and businesses are required to consider that. The assets include company buildings, physical property, and equipment. Risks to supply chain disruptions are likely to have indirect losses to the business organizations considering that they rely on shipments from external suppliers.

Severe natural disaster risks will also result in people failing to attend work or operate at peak efficiency. The Resilinc indicators provide analysis of the riskiness of the locations, such as real-time monitoring of the disruptions, analysis of the multiple risk indicators, assessment of the suppliers in the risky countries, and analysis of the revenue at risk using the patented risk algorithm for quantification. The shutdown of the key location partners such as Z-ACCESS, Z-CONLAN VU, and Z-ABBEY BUI will result in a disrupted supply of products to the business. Therefore, it will have a direct effect on the business organizations’ revenue levels.

The analysis of the Resilinc software is useful in locating places in the world with supply chains affected by natural disasters. The common ones include the United States, Japan, China, and Malaysia, among others. The analysis of the software provides information in regard to supplier performance that adheres to cost efficiency. The business organization will also target greater visibility by gauging the overall risks associated with supply chain practices. The strategy for data gathering will be useful in timely preparation for the avoidance of allocations and idle times when performing production activities, as well as perfect order fulfillment metric and order fulfillment cycle time. It will also provide for personalized impact analysis and incident response automation on ways to handle the disaster risks. The only limitation associated with the use of the software is the change in climatic patterns over time, leading the inaccurate results.

Based on the Resilinc software analysis, the highest risk locations for the products are countries such as the United States and Japan. The common disaster risk in the USA that leads to supply chain disruptions includes flooding resulting from severe threats of weather changes. The other disaster risks affecting various partners include hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. In Japan, disasters shake up the strategies for the supply chain. Tokyo city in Japan is an epicenter for the high-tech manufacturing practices of various businesses. However, disruptions from natural disaster risks such as earthquakes are a major blow to economic sectors. Mitigation strategies implemented by the organization involve measures that reduce or eliminate the risks and impacts of various natural hazards, such as proactive measures to address disaster occurrence.

The measures of risk mitigation include insurance programs and disaster mitigation public awareness programs. Insurance is a risk transfer approach that helps to spread and transfer the risk to external organizations to reduce the costs of major disasters. Effective preparedness and response actions will reduce and control hazardous events. The actions involve identifying emergency responses, such as developing strategies and mitigation plans for the risks. Strategic investments also entail the allocation of funds to overcome the effects of the risks and the recovery plan. Alternative sourcing options will provide a mitigation strategy for business continuity.

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