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Green and Sustainable Lifestyles Research Paper

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Green and sustainable life styles generally refer to the fundamental practice of caring for the environment and its constituents. This is done by engaging in activities that ensure that the earth resources depletion rate does not exceed its replenishment rate. Sustainable living habits are characterized by caring for living things which includes domestic and wild animals, our own health, the community surrounding us, and the world at large (IT chapter, N.d).

In the contemporary society, many environmental concerns are constantly being raised regarding conservation of the environment as well as the effects of individual actions on the environment (McKinney & Schoch, 2003). This is primarily due to adverse climatic changes that are attributed to environmental degradation and are causing detrimental effects to people and life in the world.

These concerns have led to an increased number of movements and organizations that enlighten people on the importance of environmental conservation and campaign in support of green and sustainable lifestyles and have achieved significant influence on a significant number of people who have consequently adjusted their behavioral trends accordingly

Reasons why People Choose Green Lifestyles

Due to increased human awareness achieved through education and modernization, the modern man understands that engaging in sustainable living habits will not only benefit him, but will also positively impact on the future generations.

It is essential for the existing generations to leave a legacy for future generations to promote green lifestyles which will be transmitted through generations to come. This is perhaps the most important reason why people should change their lifestyles and adopt green living to protect the environment. Every individual should feel responsible for the environment and play his part in its conservation (World Bank, N d).

The world is currently facing an ecological crisis and human beings feel the urgency to change their lifestyles accordingly failure to which will result in devastating effects on the environment and the society at large (Coon & Mitterer, 2008). The highest percentage of environmental damage can be traced to the human daily activities which include corporations’ activities, factory activities and government activities. It is therefore necessary to formulate policies that are ecological friendly to protect life (Coon & Mitterer, 2008).

In campuses, a lot of activities that goes on are associated with ecological degradation. This calls for the need for environmental conservation through recycling and adoption of sustainable green lifestyles. Many organizations have been formed in campuses in the united states that promote environmental conservation. Examples of such organizations include ‘Recycle mania’ and ‘keep America beautiful’ (De Angelis, 2010).

These organizations promote various behavioral trends that promote green living among campuses’ sorority. Examples of measures taken to promote green living in these institutions include avoiding polystyrene cups for coffee and using metal cup that can be recycled instead, recycling pizza boxes, electricity conservation through turning off electrical gadgets that are in use, cutting down on paper use, buying organically produced foods, using recycled products among other habits (De Angelis, 2010)

There are great rewards associated with sustainable lifestyles that attract people to adopt these lifestyles. Sustainable living improves an individual’s life in different areas. It is associated with increased savings since green living cuts down on overall cost of living (IT chapter, N.d) When you conserve electricity and water it will cut down on your bills and provide you with increased resources to invest in green living.

Supporting green and ethical business practices further promotes profitability of your business as well as creating an example to other companies that do not uphold green lifestyle to follow the same strategy (IT chapter, N.d). In fact, most corporations are using the going green strategy to cut costs in these difficult economic times.

Sustainable lifestyles further promote health among the population. Making a choice to walk instead of driving, reducing amount of chemicals in your food, and in promoting green lifestyles in your home improves your immune system, strengthens his muscles and generally improves your health conditions.

Companies which recycle their waste products and trap their exhaust fumes protect the environment from depletion and the people surrounding from respiratory and other health effects hence protecting the world at large (IT chapter, N.d).

The society has increased knowledge of the need for resource management. The rapid consumption and misappropriation of the world’s resources is a major social problem facing the society today and calls for attention. The society need to view pollution not as an externality but also a negative resource (World Bank, N d). Climate is a resource that needs to be managed under this paradigm (World Bank, N d). Resource management is related to the wide economics’ concern with resource allocation.

Natural resources such as energy, valuable metals, forests, fisheries, waters are becoming scarcer due to mismanagement and depletion (World Bank, N d). Embracing sustainable lifestyle by people and firms utilizing these resources will ensure that the resources are used efficiently hence protecting them from exhaustion.

Changing values in the modern society also influence people decision to adopt green and sustainable lifestyles. Evolution in society’s value systems is taking place which promote the need development in societies at various levels (World Bank, N d).

These values have emerged as a result of constant discussions and debates on the benefits of environmental conservation to the world which has led to the entrenchment of these values in the society. These changes are evident in establishment green movements and organizations that fight for environmental conservation.

However, the society faces social dilemmas in the attempt to understand why some people choose not to adopt sustainable living habits. Although it is not possible to change the planet single handedly, it is the collectivity of individual decisions that makes the difference “The best strategy is to take change one step at a time and implement small changes when and as you can” (IT chapter, N.d).


It is evident that adoption of green and sustainable living habits benefits the individual and society at large. It is important for every individual to take part in this transformation in order to provide the future generations with better conditions to live in.

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