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An Inconvenient Truth: Critical Review Essay (Movie Review)

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Updated: May 28th, 2021

The ability to convey to people this or that problem through the cinema is perhaps one of the main advantages of this art form. If it is about documentary films, such pictures, as a rule, do not gain much popularity. However, the project An Inconvenient Truth directed by Davis Guggenheim was a discovery for both critics and the audience (An Inconvenient Truth). This documentary presented the story about the dangers and consequences of global warming and described what was previously unacceptable to discuss. Therefore, many people were able to see the picture about the threat to the Earth’s climate and draw appropriate conclusions about what measures could be taken to avoid atmospheric pollution and temperature increase.

Human-Induced Climate Change

The authors of the film talk about climate changes caused by the human technogenic activity. Many world disasters are caused by too active work on the introduction of new technologies in industrial areas, excessive harmful emissions into the atmosphere, etc. (Cook et al. 2). The picture creators, for example, suggest that the infamous hurricane Katrina, which claimed the lives of many people, could be the cause of climate change, influenced by the human activity (An Inconvenient Truth). In addition, the authors mention a gradual annual increase in temperature, which also indicates irreversible consequences in the terrestrial atmosphere.

More Action to Mitigate Global Warming

Urgent measures to mitigate global warming and its consequences should necessarily be undertaken. The fact is that this issue is connected not only with a gradual increase in temperature; many other problems are also caused by the climate change under the influence of the human activity (Cook et al. 1). For example, the state of the planet’s air leaves much to be desired. The ozone layer that is destroyed under the influence of harmful emissions into the atmosphere ceases to serve as a natural protection against hazardous radiation. The purity of air, water, soil, etc., largely depends on the climate, which tends to gradually deteriorate. To protect the environment, it is necessary to disseminate information about all these problems as much as possible and create more such films as An Inconvenient Truth for people to know about the consequences of pollution.

Effectiveness of the Film

The effectiveness of the film and its success are beyond doubt. The picture caused a rather large public response, and it is confirmed by several significant awards. For example, in 2007, the filmmakers received two Oscars for their work, one of which was awarded in the nomination for the best documentary. In addition to the audience’s sympathies, the authors also managed to make not just high-quality films but also influence the consciousness of people, perhaps even opening their eyes to the problem with the climate. The success of the picture probably is largely due to not only the quality of the work done but also to the accuracy of all the events and actions that are reflected in it.

Movie Recommendations

The film undoubtedly should be advised to both friends and relatives as this picture tells about quite essential realities of the modern environment. The problems that the authors of the film reflect concern every inhabitant of the Earth since it is the human activity that has caused many irreversible climate changes. Moreover, the picture is created qualitatively and interestingly, and it will be exciting for an ordinary viewer to observe the filming of nature. Therefore, the recommendation of the film to everyone is an essential and urgent measure.

Film’s Influence

The film touches upon quite important ethical, environmental, and other issues of the society. It can be assumed that the goal of its creators was not only an attempt to convey to the people the truth of global warming but also to inspire them and try persuading them in their responsibility in relation to nature. The main film’s character and narrator Albert Gore claims that it is much easier to ignore problems than to take an active part in their elimination (An Inconvenient Truth). Thus, the creators convince viewers that active measures should be taken right now; otherwise, the consequences of irreversible changes can be hazardous.

Misconceptions Related to Global Warming

Among some misconceptions about global warming, the authors of the picture emphasize that people do not regard this issue seriously and often do not consider it worthy of attention. Mr. Gore points out that in order to solve the issue, it is first necessary to recognize its existence (An Inconvenient Truth). Thus, some people do not see the problem in the fact that the Earth’s temperature is slowly growing, and ice at the poles starts to melt. Moreover, there is an opinion that global warming can adversely affect the climate only in many millennia. Nevertheless, adverse changes under the influence of climate change are occurring right now, and the task of the film’s authors was to convey this information to people and dispel any prejudices and misconceptions.

Evidence of the Human-Induced Climate Change

As the evidence of a dangerous human-induced climate change, Albert Gore gives several voluminous graphs showing the average temperatures of the Earth earlier and now (An Inconvenient Truth). In addition, the authors of the documentary picture regularly demonstrate photographs and newsreels of how certain parts of the planet were transformed under the influence of the human activity. Deforestation, the continuous emergence of new industrial enterprises, and other actions are fundamental reasons why the Earth’s climate is inevitably changing for the worse.

Influence of Industrial, Social, and Economic Factors on the Film

From the point of view of industrial factors, the global emergence of various enterprises with harmful emissions into the atmosphere became one of the reasons for the creation of the film. With regard to social phenomena, the need to disseminate information about the possible consequences of climate change, as well as the call for responsibility were rather acute issues. Economic factors were expressed in the struggle to save those funds that were spent every year to preserve the natural balance and protect the environment.

Bias in the Film

Perhaps, there is some bias in the film, which has to do with large corporations and industrial enterprises. The authors of the picture consider big enterprises to be the central sources of pollution. However, some small companies sometimes cause no less damage to the environment, for example, by transporting waste to illegal landfills or destroying vast areas of forests. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the full range of problems and not only to the most obvious ones.

Impact of the Film

The movie had a significant impact on me personally, and I understood why it caused such a stir among the public and received several prestigious film awards. All the problems that An Inconvenient Truth describes are presented in simple and understandable language. Many issues were reconsidered by me, and I received answers to many questions. Nevertheless, some issues turned out to be much more severe than I had assumed earlier. The same reaction probably occurs in other people who watch this documentary for the first time.

The Most Memorable Issue

Most of all, I was impressed by the question of the extinction of rare animal species caused by the harmful human activities. Mr. Gore presents statistics and claims that a large number of rare species have irreversibly died as a result of technogenic people’s interference in nature (An Inconvenient Truth). This issue resonated with me much. I can understand that this problem is not the only one; nevertheless, in my opinion, it deserves particular discussion and attention since the extinction of animals is direct proof of the gross interference of people in the environment.

Aspiration for Changes

After watching the movie, I will undoubtedly make some changes in everyday life. I understand that the forces of one person cannot solve anything. However, it is essential to try to make sure that as many people as possible learn about this picture and also receive useful information concerning the problem of climate change. Personally, I will do everything possible to never pollute the environment with any garbage and will not damage animals. In addition, I will try to convince my relatives of the danger of harmful gases that cars produce and will do my best to make as many bike trips as possible.


Thus, the picture about the threat to the Earth’s climate was watched by many people, which would be beneficial in the process of drawing appropriate judgments about what measures could be taken to avoid atmospheric pollution and climate change. The documentary received a lot of positive reviews, and the filmmakers did everything possible to ensure that viewers had a full understanding of all the problems. The success of the movie is mainly due to the successful performance of Albert Gore, the story’s main character, and his speeches regarding the need for urgent measures to protect the environment.

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