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Water Resources Management Essay


Impact of human activities on water resources

This has adverse effects on the population of fish that are set to dwindle due to the destruction of their food resources or by killing them through mercury poison.

The mercury poison comes from industry effluents. Adverse temperatures that results from dumping of hot water from the industries near water resources also affect the number of fish by killing them. The presences of these pollutants always have the effect of destabilizing the ecological balance of the water (Feldman, 1995).

The management of these water resources is a very precarious and complicated. This process requires a careful balance of both ecological and economical considerations. The management plan will include the introduction of laws to curb the water pollution and preservation of fish resources. The laws will have to outlaw uncontrolled dumping and release of industrial effluents in the water.

The law should also set limits to the fishing practice the fishermen will have to use. This will include limiting of fishing licenses and setting limits to the size of fishing nets the fishermen will have to use and set limits the amount of fish the fishermen can be allowed to catch. The law should also carry stiff penalties to whoever found in violation of the environmental water laws.

Another management policy can be the introduction of an economic policy where the person responsible for the pollution to be made to pay for the cost of cleanup. This will mean that fishermen and other stake holders will have to take out insurance covers to cover their practices. Even consumers who use paper bags will have to pay for them.

Finally, the recycling of most materials that find their way to the water resources can go a long way in trying to manage the resources. Recycling of waste and purification of sewage waste should be encourages to avoid toxic wastes spilling up in the water.

Effects of water resources managements on the community

The effects of the management will be received in different ways by both environmentalists and fishermen. To fishermen the proposal to recycle and reduce the waste effluents will be take positively as it will mean the increase to the number of fish but the proposal to introduce laws to enable the efficient sustainable of resources will be received negatively by the fishermen.

This is because the laws seek to limit the size of the nets and the amount of fish each fisherman can catch. In addition, by limiting on the number of fishermen it will result in the increase in the price of fishing licenses.

On the other hand, the environmentalists will take the introduction of the laws and the other management process positively (Feldman, 1995). This is because all these measures will lead to the protecting the water resources as well as allowing the population of fish to flourish. This solution will have different effects to the community.

In terms of jobs, the number of jobs might reduce in the community due to the limit of the number of fishermen allowed in the water resources. It will also mean that all the industries that depend on fish like fishmeal factories and filleting plants will have to suffer.

On the other hand, due to the cleanup of the water resources, it will have a positive effect on the lifestyle on the community. The practicing of swimming and other sports safely done without the fear of catching water-borne diseases that might have affected the water resource users before the clean up.

Problems developed by fishing techniques

Fishing can lead to the extinction of species due to the overfishing of rare kinds of fish and other protected kinds .In addition it can lead to the killing and capturing of unwanted water species.

This is because some fishing methods like trawling are indiscriminate on what they catch. Water animals like turtles and water snakes can be caught thus changing the balance of the ecosystem.

Finally, fishing method likes trawling involves the dragging of nets at the bottom of the water bodies. The nets can cause the scrapping the floor leading to the destruction of polyps which is an important source of food to the fish.


Feldman, D. (1995). Water Resources Management: In Search of an Environmental Ethic. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University press.

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