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On the Rescue Mission: Preserving the Environment Essay (Critical Writing)

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Updated: May 2nd, 2019

In spite of the fact that the modern world is highly preoccupied with the state of environment and is gradually taking necessary measures to provide environmental safety, at present the situation remains threatening.

It is obvious that the mankind has to apply certain changes to the existing state of affairs, otherwise the chance to live in a safe place will be lost for good. Due to the number of suggestions, it seems that people are about to find a way out of the complicated situation.

Evaluating the Measures to Be Taken: Pros and Cons

One of the newest inventions of the mankind, the idea of engineering for sustainable development, has been developed to make all the pieces of the modern life fall into their places, and to make such issues as the modern technologies and the safety of the wildlife compatible.

To be more precise, the sustainable development concerns the problem of combining the environmental, the social and the economic elements into a single body with high potential for further development. Though such combination seemed rather far-fetched idea, at the current moment it seems that this goal can be achieved once people join their forces and make a step forward.

To emphasize the significance of the sustainable development, it must be mentioned that the idea that underlines the new approach is the efficient use of the natural resources without harming the environment and at the same time providing the maximum of economical profit for the country and its population.

Dealing with the idea of how to utilize the natural resources and provide a good effect on the nature, the book deals with the most topical problem of the environment contamination and the dangers which it triggers. With help of the new approach many dangers can be avoided, yet there is a lot to consider, the authors of the book warn.

According to the overwhelming definition provided by ICE, “Sustainable development is commonly conceptualised as having three dimensions – dimensions which are often symbolised as overlapping circles: environmental, social, economic” (What Is Sustainability and Sustainable Development?).

Thus, the authors of the book make it clear that only maintaining the balance between these spheres of a man’s activity, one can both preserve the wildlife and at the same time reach high level of development.

It is worth noticing that the authors of the book mention all the possible dangers which a careless attitude towards environmental problems can lead and has already led. However, pointing at the most complicated issues on the agenda of the mankind development and the nature preservation, the authors of the book not only draw the idea of the helpless state of nature, but also suggest certain means to change the situation,

According to the authors of the book, controlling the state of environment can prove quite easy once people take certain responsibility in caring of nature and wildlife. With all the dangers which the mankind poses to the wildlife, the importance of technical progress and the development of industries cannot be denied, which means that people merely have to search for harmless ways of development.

Thus, taking the sustainable development approach, people will be able to preserve the environment and at the same time continue the technological growth, which is incredibly important for the modern world.

Considering the impact of the sustainable development, the authors of the book suggest one of the most effective methods to maintain the abovementioned balance. Thus, it seems that their objectives have been stated in the most clear and precise way.

Mentioning all the threats which the mankind poses to the environment at present, they heralded the epoch of saving the wildlife and restoring the nature. As the ideas of industry and nature are comprised, the coexistence of the mankind and the wildlife will become possible, the authors of the book claim.

Once the mankind realizes the peril which the entire world is now, they will eagerly contribute to the nature restoration, 6the book claims. Moreover, it seems that the process has already been started.

Despite the cheerful prognoses, it seems that the rescue team has a long way to go. Indeed, with the level of the environmental contamination it is highly unlikely that the changes are going to occur soon. On the contrary, the efforts needed to apply are quite considerable, which means that the researchers have a long way to go.

According to the evidences obtained recently, the nature is suffering quite severe changes caused by an unwise use of the natural resources and half-baked ideas of how to make use of the natural resources.

Thus, one of the most dangerous threats posed at present to the world is the one concerning the nuclear weapons. Though it is quite clear that the risk level of the scientific experiments must be reasonable, the desire to reach far beyond the horizon is more intense than the wish to keep the environment untouched.

As Huhne said, “Safety is and will continue to be the number one priority for existing nuclear sites and for any new power stations.” (Nuclear Safety Is Number One Priority – Huhne (Press Notice)).

Certifying that the UK does not have anything to do with the tragic events taking place in Japan recently, Huhne also mentions that maintaining safety at the nuclear power stations remains one of the basic concerns of the mankind. However, it seems that the considerations of the nuclear power plants do have certain grounds, which have to be tackled sooner or later.

Along with the energy challenges the authors of the book raise an important question concerning the level of carbon decrease. Whether it is possible is not a matter of life and death yet, but it will soon become the one, according to the prognoses of the authors of the book. Due to the fact that the mankind produces huge mass of carbon dioxide, the environment contamination progresses geometrically.

Leading to an environmental catastrophe, this problem must be tackled, otherwise people will not be able to resist the danger. As the England Annual Conference announced, Speakers representing the views of all the construction professions spoke at – what provided to be – a very enlightening day.

Topics covered included new developments, insulation, low carbon emissions, retro-fitting historical buildings and the carbon footprint of the whole life cycle of construction. (Is Low Carbon Sustainable Development Possible?)

However, these are not only the threats which the book is speaking of. The authors also suggest the method of sustainable development as a means of comprising the technology development and preserving the wildlife and the nature. Once the new method is utilized, it will become easier to control the safety of the environment, the authors insist.

It seems that the new means of protecting the nature does have the right to be practiced. Indeed, once the riches of the nature are wisely utilized, the state of the wildlife will become more or less stable.

Contributing to the Great Mission: Some Suggestions

Throughout the history of the world people have always been using its riches, yet it was only in the past few decades when people became seriously concerned about its safety and balance.

Thus, taking into account the damage which has been made to the nature and wildlife, it seems that repairing the damage will take people much more than a few years. Still there are certain suggestions of how to make the world more stable and to maintain the sustainable development without traumatizing the Mother Nature anymore.

Thus, it seems that the mankind has to deal with the environmental issues at present, otherwise there will not be enough time to tackle all the complicated issues which have already arisen.

Among the most complicated subjects which need serious considerations and fast solutions, the one concerning the alternative energy sources and their utilization. As The Royal Academy of engineering claims, “Meeting the increasing global demand for energy is one of the key challenges for sustainable development” (25).

Thus, it is extremely important to search for4 the new ways of obtaining energy and to make wise use of the remaining sources. Taking into consideration the way people use the energy sources, it can be supposed that looking for the new energy sources will soon become the key priority of the mankind.

Therefore, it is vitally important for people to think of the new energy sources. It is not only the lack of energy sources at present that raises certain questions, but also the impact which the current ones have on the atmosphere, the wildlife and the nature in general. It is obvious that the modern mankind faces great dangers connected with the energy sources.

Due to the CO2 emissions, a great number of animals suffer, and a lot of species are on the verge of extinction, not to mention those which are already considered as extinct.

Thus, the energy problem must be tackled. IEMA mentions that they are “determined to place environmental professionals at the heart of sustainable change, this conference will give delegates some of the tools they need to shape the development of the sustainability agenda” (Make the Business Case for Climate Action and Resource Efficiency.)

However, at the same time the researchers admit that the changes which they are going to undertake will demand considerable time and efforts, which means that the current situation is going to last for another bunch of decades before things shift from their standstill position.

It must be mentioned that certain measures still have been undertaken, among them the resolution concerning the British government and their responsibility for the state of the environment: “Government should develop a single framework for UK businesses to use to report their greenhouse gas emissions.

This could be based on the 2009 Defra/DECC ‘Guidance on how to measure and report your greenhouse gas emissions’” (IEMA Evidence Included in Influential Report on Energy Efficiency).

Thus, there is no doubt that the UK government and a group of activists are exploring the means to ensure the environmental safety in the country. However, the existing theories on what sources of energy can substitute the potentially dangerous ones and the ones which are going to be drained soon lead nowhere.

However, it must be admitted that the activists interested in the state of the country are not sitting twiddling their thumbs, but working on the problem solution. One of the major improvements in this sphere is the fact that the population of the UK are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers which the unreasonable use of natural energy might lead to.

Organized to make people shape a general idea of the energy situation in the country, the Climate Week brought much more results than the organizers could have thought – people are now eagerly participating in the energy problem solution:

“Thousands of businesses, charities, schools, councils and others are running events to help highlight the issue of climate change and provide practical examples of how people are responding to the challenges.” (Natural England Supports Climate Week).

Therefore, it is clear now that the mankind is going to find the way put of the complicated situation. Once people join forces, they will be able to drive the nature out of the crisis it is in now. Joining forces, people will finally find the alternative energy source and will preserve the environment as it is – pure, rich, and fertile.

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