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Green Marketing and Environment Essay


Cultural values are essential in marketing. Consumers tend to believe in social norms that define how they buy goods or services. Understandably, green products have gained prominence in marketing circles. Societies are changing their cultural values to help conserve nature. The humanistic approach has gained prominence concerning environmental protection.

Consequently, businesses have transformed their marketing techniques to focus on green marketing. Moreover, numerous products have been produced to help conserve the environment. This paper will explore a green product and environment Issues it addresses. It will also explore green marketing techniques used for the promotion of the product (Lozanova, 2010, p. 1).

Product and the environmental issue(s) it addresses

Over the years, billions of environment-friendly products have been produced. These range from solar products to biodegradable packs. This assignment will explore recycled ink cartridges and toner cartridges. Based on previous research, it is understood that printer cartridges decompose beyond 1000 years. This has raised fears on the growing number of dumping sites for a used cartridge. Green technology has come up with ways of recycling these products with numerous benefits to consumers and the environment (BuyGreen, 2013, p. 1). Firstly, the product saves the environment from over 300 million inkjets and laser cartridges that are usually dumped in landfills in the United States and its surroundings. In this regard, it saves the world from unwanted wastes that pollute the environment and are difficult to decompose. Recycling cartridges also help in saving resources through remanufacturing, which would otherwise be used in conserving the environment. Moreover, it minimizes the dumping of such products in third world countries as has happened in the past. In essence, reuse, recycle and reduce model is desired to reduce the dumping of hazardous wastes.

Green marketing used to promote the product

A number of green marketing techniques have been utilized to market recycled ink cartridges. One technique utilized is through advertising, which has been utilized profoundly to achieve the deliverables of environmental protection. Massive advertising through website portals, social networking sites, newspapers, magazines, and television have been utilized to popularize the product to American society. This has worked to transform their cultural values, which are increasingly inclined to conserve the environment (Lozanova, 2010, p. 1). The second marketing technique is through price control. For instance, the product is remanufactured at a lower cost than new ones. In this regard, marketers give lower prices of up to 30% on new products. This makes the product competitive and makes it easy for consumers to conserve their environment at no extra cost. Moreover, Marketers promise better, if not the same quality as new ones. In essence, marketers appeal to their consumers by explaining the importance of purchasing green products, which are given at a lower price than new ones but with the same quality (Hawkins, Mothersbaugh & Best, 2010).

This product received cause-related marketing in social network sites like Facebook, Twitter. There was a huge response to this product since most consumers could now recycle their ink cartridges instead of dumping as was earlier done. Cause-related marketing was also done to help consumers keep their used cartridges for collection by company representatives who would then take them up for recycling. Also, consumers would expect a discount on recycled cartridges. Marketing on social sites was also paramount for the product. I first saw its promotion on Facebook. Environmentally friendly products have been marketed vigorously in social sites as well as in media (Graham, 2010).

Reasons for purchasing or not purchasing the product

Several reasons made me buy this product. Firstly, I noticed that we needed to conserve our environment to achieve millennium goals. Therefore, although our country never signed the deal to reduce pollution of the environment, most Americans have professed their concern for the environment. This was important in ensuring that I bought the product.

Additionally, the product assured me of quality as a new one with the advantage of going green. This excited me since global warming, and its effects are already plunging the world into various calamities. Going green was, therefore, a good option for me in buying the product. Besides, the product was priced fairly as compared to new cartridges. I would also credit advertising techniques, which appealed greatly to me to buy the product. Essentially, numerous things came into play to convince me to buy the product. However, chief among them were quality, recycling, environmental protection, cost, and advertisement (Yudelson, 2012, p. 1).


Green marketing has changed consumer values in the recent past. Most consumers are currently buying green with the conviction that they are helping conserve the environment. Additionally, some of them have gone out to buy expensive products just to conserve the environment. In essence, green products are appealing to consumers. Besides, the effects of global warming have convinced consumers that they need to conserve their environment. Additionally, vigorous advertisements that range from media to social sites have been successful in drawing consumers to green products. Green products not only provide consumers’ needs but also conserve nature.


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