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Environmental Studies: Energy Wastefulness in the UAE Essay

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Updated: May 30th, 2020

Choosing your topic

My group has interest in electricity. Thus, I chose the topic since electricity is a form of energy that needs to be conserved. Electricity is also dangerous due to its hazardous nature, and in the United Arab Emirates alone mishandling of electricity has given rise to a lot of fires in the recent past both in commercial and residential premises. Hence, by being able to research on the methods of electricity awareness I will be able to educate people, organizations and institutions on how to conserve this form of energy, thus reducing their bills leading to economic growth as well as reducing electricity hazards and accidents (Bird, 2010). Furthermore, awareness of the proper ways of using electricity is in line with the global goal of conserving energy.

Researching for information. What are the issues?

Video research

The video has a short message and takes roughly a minute to present the message in an intriguing and exciting way (Wn.com, 2014). Thus, it was interesting to see how the video narrates what goes on behind and electricity switch, yes a switch that we normally use to switch sockets and lights on and off. The video starts by explaining that behind the switchboard there is a process that involves nature and skilled people and that the electricity we use comes from nature and travels a lot of miles just to get into our house.

The video goes ahead to explain how it is numerous men and women work behind the scenes by building machines such as turbines for hydroelectric power, solar panels for solar energy and wind turbines for wind energy and how these types of energy provided by nature are harnessed. Thus, electricity travels hundreds of miles to get into our house and it is our decision not to let it go by, leaving sockets and switches on since, although electricity turns our dreams into reality, its misuse is capable of destroying nature and causing electrical hazards that are not sustainable.

The local issue related to this campaign is the sustainability of electrical energy and management of hazards caused by electricity. United Arab Emirates is a desert and failure to conserve our electrical energy will render the country’s resources unsustainable both natural and man-made since all the building that are magnificent need electricity. Furthermore, failure to be aware of the hazards caused by electricity and avoid them can lead to numerous accidents, especially fire that can also be made worse by the frequent sand storms in UAE.

Image/message research

Switch to energy-efficient bulbs
(UAEinteract, 2014)

The image I found is the one above that belongs to DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority). It is an image that encourages the residents of the United Arab Emirates to start using energy efficient bulbs. These types of bulbs are usually known as Light Emitting Diode (LEDs) and they do not use the conventional filaments to produce light and thus they consume less energy.

Furthermore, the image and the campaign by DEWA does not only address the issue of switching bulbs, but also conserving electricity by being able to unplug appliances not in use from their sockets since by doing this the residents will be able to save energy as well as avert possible fire hazards and accidents.

Another issue relates to the use of air conditioners since you are aware that UAE is located in a desert and thus the temperatures are harsh, residents are advised to adjust their conditioners to the normal 24 degrees as they will consume less power but at the same time ensuring the temperature levels in the room are habitable. More so, all these efforts are part of Energy strategy for 2030 that aims at reducing the rate of energy consumption by more than 30 percent so as to make the United Arab Emirates’ energy consumption sustainable.

Article research

The article discusses how the government of the UAE used the period of Ramadhan to advocate for better power consumption, especially by using the slogan “This Ramadan, let your good deeds outweigh your consumption” (Khallej Times, 2014). The article focuses on the campaign to reduce and avoid the wastefulness of energy in the country.

Thus, from the article the local issues highlighted are the day to day misuse of power and negligence which leads to unsustainability or accidents. Thus the solutions offered are simple and clear as they involve not leaving electric appliances on when not in use, using low voltage bulbs that are efficient, using the stairs at home instead of installing elevators.

Identifying your specific Challenge

identifying your specific Challengeidentifying your specific Challenge

Identifying your group challenge

Identify your group Challenge

Topic: Electricity Awareness

The Challenge: Reduce the amount of electricity wastage and use electricity with care so as to avoid unnecessary electric hazards that can lead to accidents.


I chose this challenge because electricity is a very vital resource that is harnessed from the environment and can be used to turn our dreams to reality or in some instances, if misused can be the source of our sorrow since it can lead to destruction of property and even death. Thus, by being able to research on the methods of ensuring conservation and proper use I am able to create awareness and the in the process ensure sustainability in line with the global goal of a green world.

It is important to my community since the proper use of electricity ensures that there is environmental conservation, sustainability and a hazard free lifestyle. These factors are important in ensuring an affordable life since with a sustainable source of energy the electricity bills will be cheaper and with less electric hazards the insurance premiums will be lower due to a lower risk and the UAE will also be able to achieve the prime minister’s vision for 2030.


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