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Concept of the Liberalism Essay


The philosophy of liberalism

Liberalism encompasses three views. First, it views society as a cooperative social venture. The success or failure of projects is determined by the level of social cooperation. Thus, poor social cooperation will lead to project failure. Likewise, adequate cooperation will lead to the success of projects. Besides, rules governing cooperation in regard to social venture should be written by members of the society. These rules directly affect participants. Therefore, there is a need to have rules that cater to the interests of all people.

Secondly, liberalism integrates natural and social lottery. This aspect accommodates different social positions and natural endowments. This determines the chances and possibilities of acquiring wealth, resources, and income. However, it views these differences as random. They are not inherited or even deserved. In fact, it rejects privileges conferred to people at birth.

Liberalism encompasses two crucial principles. First, there is the principle of equal basic civil liberties. The second principle addresses social and economic inequalities. Social and economic inequalities are permissible if they are attached to positions integrating fairness and equality. This principle requires formal equality before the law. There should be no discrimination based on education and economic opportunities. Job opportunities, promotions, and access to public office should be based on fairness. Besides, there should be no segregation with regard to buying and selling. Likewise, liberalism emphasizes the provision of skills and other tools needed to enhance fair competition. This will enhance equality in competing for economic and education opportunities.

The other aspect is the difference principle. Here, rules and regulations in regard to matters of social and economic importance should be formulated to benefit the least-advantaged members of society.

What do you think is the main strength of liberalism, in comparison with the current plutocracy?

The main strength is the principle regarding the provision of skills, tools, and resources needed to enhance competition in a fair way. This will ensure that unfair practices associated with the wealthy class are eliminated. What is more, it will provide equal economic opportunities to all people. This will ensure that there is peaceful co-existence among the people and adequate cooperation that will facilitate economic development.

What is its main weakness?

In my opinion, there is a weakness in regard to equal opportunity among all people. It is not clear whether resources and tools should be provided even too lazy people. There is a need to emphasize hard work among all people if resources are to be distributed equally.

Likewise, this principle fails to address the royal class in society. It is not practical for the common man to access tools and resources for the competition to the same extent as a person from a noble family. Thus, there is an assumption regarding this matter. This is the greatest weakness associated with equality when it comes to the distribution of resources and tools among the noble class and the common persons.

Liberalism deems unequal distribution of wealth as a challenge. This is a weakness in regard to the principle of liberalism. Various measures are being implemented to solve the same issue. However, the impact is yet to be felt. There have been challenges encompassing equal distribution of wealth. Besides, the gap between the underprivileged and the moneyed continues to widen. Liberalists have carried out numerous campaigns to sensitize people on the importance of equal wealth distribution and its importance. Besides, governments have embraced tax systems that aim to tax the wealthy more than the poor. Devolved governments have also been formed to facilitate equality in wealth distribution. This is significant because it leads to uniform development that eliminates poverty.

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