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Art’s Comparison Essay


Impressionism and post impressionism are two art periods that were developed in France. Impressionism developed between 1863 and 1890, while post impressionism was developed between 1886 and 1905. The two methods laid an emphasis on painting as an art work. Impressionism paintings were relatively small and thin, and the brush strokes were visible. Inclusion of movement in human perception was also incorporated in this era as compared to the previous painting eras.

Another significant attributes of impressionism paintings were the unusual visible angles. Impressionism came about due to the rejection of Monet painting that incorporated nude painting. Later, the public was allowed to decide the painting and they were impressed by this kind of style that incorporated independence and rebellion (Maurice, 1962).

The impressionism era was greatly brought about by the industrial revolution and modernism like, scientific inventions, better transport methods as well as growing in middle classes and secularism (Simpson, 2011).

On the other hand, post impressionism came about due to lack of importance given to the subject matter and impressionism failing to give an element of structure in their paintings. It had the same features as impressionism, which included the use of vivid colors, use of real life subject matter, and use of distinctive brushing strokes, as well as applying of thick paint.

Post impressionism art era was also characterized by having younger painters, who were more focused in emphasizing geometric forms in their paintings. Post impressionism was brought about by social and political repressions, which lead to social inequities and unrest, and was expressed in painting by the intellectual painters (Bowness, 1979).

Comparison between impressionism and post impressionism paintings

There are various similarities between impressionism and post impressionism art eras in terms of their paintings. These include the use of the vivid colors, use of real life subject matters and distinctive blush strokes. However, there were differences which included emphasis on the usage of geometric forms and usage of arbitrary colors, which were used in post impressionism.

There was also a distinction in age of the painters whereby, impressionism painters were generally older as compared to post impressionism painters. The freedom of the artist is also another distinction between the two periods as post impressionism artists had more freedom than the ones in impressionism era (Bowness, 1979).

Purpose for continuing the tradition of the impressionism

Continuation of the Impression artistic period is necessary since it gave a rise of usage color to express brightness of light. Ultimately, there was need to incorporate the post impressionism since it brought about simplification in painting as well as enhancing emotional impact. The need to give painting more meaning beyond an impression by incorporation of geometry as well as mathematics was also the need to supplement impressionism with post impressionism (Rewald, 1978).

The Bal du Moulin de la Galette is a panting done by Piere-Auguste Renoir in 1876 under impressionism movement, this painting was a snap shot of real life that shows the richness of form as well as fluidity of brush. On the other hand, the Mont Sainte-Victoire seen from Bellevue is a painting done by Paul Cezanne in 1885 under post impressionism era. It highlights a form of painting in this era; this painting has light and colors giving an impression of a pattern that is not imposed on nature and still gives the natural look (Malorny, 2001).

The later painting under the Post impressionism era is distinct from the former one because there is great use of geometric shapes as well clarity to natural scenes; this has been achieved without giving up on optical realism usually used in impressionism. The paint work of landscape which was incorporated in the impression era is greatly enhanced in the latter painting.

Post impressionism has a great deal to do with the later revolutions that occurred throughout the world due to their major campaign of individualized expression and freedom among artists (Simpson, 2011).. Features which were never before incorporate in the world of painting were incorporated in this era this included: using of power of symbols and color as well as using of physiological depth and emotions.

Traditional conventions of modeling were changed within this era with simplification of structure and form that enhanced impact emotionally. Abstract techniques were greatly emphasized in respect to detail as well as experimentation in the mixing of paint and application of the same. Scientific methods and principles were greatly in application as well as mathematics and optics.

There are many features of today’s painting that were borrowed in this era they include but not limited to the following: Van Gong’s brush work, Seurat’s dots, Gauguin’s distinctive color harmonies and Cezanne’s geometric shapes (Simpson, 2011).

The artist in this period underwent personal consequences risking everything to explore individualistic emotions and impressions. No wonder the paintings in this period experienced a lot of mockery, lack of official support as personal conditions of poverty to the betterment of aspiring artists and transform the artists’ ways of expressions (Bowness, 1979).


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