Global Trends in Economics

Students joining the 21st Century workforce face an occupational world literally unrecognizable to their parents’ generation. Industries, organizations, management and employees around the world are now interconnected in a truly Global Economy; a network that seems to ignore or subordinate geographic, political and even cultural differences for better or worse. Globalization has flattened the world […]

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is one of the most important skills required in making various decisions that pertain to business, management, relationships, and every other aspect of life. Many definitions have been ascribed to critical thinking by various scholars. Generally, critical thinking refers to the capacity to form thoughts clearly and logically. It encompasses the ability to […]

Syntax Transformational Grammar and Systemic Functional Grammar

Introduction When teaching English syntax to students, both native and non-native, it is vital for the instructor to consider both facts and theory, and balance the two. This is because classes in English syntax are aimed at assisting students to improve on their understanding of the structure of English in a systematic and scientific manner. […]

Regarding the Pain of Others: images created by James Nachtwey

The ability to observe various social phenomena can eventually contribute to the changes in the community. Admittedly, this statement may seem paradoxical, but it can be illustrated in this essay. In particular, this paper is aimed at discussing the way in which witnessing and recognizing the suffering of others can affect our ethical decisions and […]

Sexism in the English Language

The gender inequality is one of the most discussed topics in the sociological discourse, but this idea is also related to the linguistic discourse because the gender relations are reflected in languages. Thus, Piercey states that the gender relations in the English language are based on the “masculine-feminine dichotomy that arises in the vocabulary” (Piercey, […]

Comparison Between the Two Stories “Kitchen” and “Spirited World”

Mikage, a young girl in Banana’s story “Kitchen” is the main actor and many situations revolve around her. Her predicaments are brought out in simple and understandable situations. Having been left alone by the only last relative she had, her life seems to be filled with grief (Dorson 54). The death of her grandmother has […]

Fast Food, Fat Profits

The documentary film Fast Food, Fat Profits is aimed at exploring various issues such as the underlying causes of obesity in the United States, the eating habits of American people, and the factors that shape their dietary choices. This movie can be discussed with the help of frame analysis developed by Erving Goffman. This approach […]

Hotel Tempus

Sales and Marketing There should be inclusion of efficient steering and controlled implementation of real-time information which can assist in relaying timely information from various market segments. Targeting and positioning of Hotel Tempus are based on workable strategies dependent on the nature of market segment. Corporate market segment seems to have the highest paying capacity, […]

Labor Regulation

Introduction A law regarding labor finds its approval from the state legislature or congress. At the local level, this law is usually termed as an ordinance. Such laws are either based on the chronological facts relating to period passed or according to topic. This paper serves to explain the more on the Clean Air Act […]

Handbags History

Over time the handbag has become a necessity, as well as a fashion symbol for many women. The purse defines a woman, while serving the added purpose of carrying her belongings. The handbag has a history that goes back 2000 years, a history of competing need and status. Handbags were typically carried by men at […]

Under-age Criminals

This paper explores the events that happened on the 5th of September in 1994. The research of the New York Times archives revealed three particularly worrying articles. All of them described murders and injuries of three different people, and all of them had one feature in common – the suspects charged with murders were under […]

Cultural Differences and Conflicts in the Workplace

Cultural issues have become more significant in the business world due to the increasing wave of globalization. The operations of organizations that have international operations are affected by many factors, among them being the cultural differences in the different countries of operation. Culture is said to be dynamic and evolving continually.1 The increased development and […]

Improving the Creativity of Organizational Work Groups

In this article, Leigh Thompson discusses the ways of improving creativity of organizational workgroups. In particular, the author examines various barriers preventing teams from developing original ideas such as conformism or lack of motivation. Furthermore, the writer offers recommendations that can help managers create an environment that fosters creativity. This article should be considered by […]

Handling a Depressed Youth

Research indicates that depressed teens are more likely to commit suicide compared to those that do not experience depression (King, Strunk & Sorter, 2011). It also shows that cases of suicide are few during the early stages of an individual’s development, but increase as youths approach adulthood (King, Strunk & Sorter, 2011). According to Erford […]

International Business Transactions

International business is a type of trade that involves commercial transactions between two or more countries operating beyond their national boundaries. In other terms, these are business transactions involving several nations, which are carried out at the international level. As it would be observed, international business transactions are of great importance to participating countries in […]

Epistemological Nature of the Knowledge and Skills Needed for Real Estate Management

Real estate management involves the operational control and responsibility bestowed in an organization or an individual person over some given assets. A real estate manager needs to apply science, pseudo-science and ideology of the day to day operations so as to achieve their desired goals. Successful real estate managers require epistemological knowledge relevant to the […]

Curriculum Map and Assessment Strategies for College ESL Learners

Objectives The present paper develops and presents a curriculum targeting ESL college students, with particular focus on proposing courses relevant to this group of the population, developing a curriculum outline for one of the selected courses, developing a curriculum matrix showing how the curriculum content will be assessed during instruction, outlining the benefits and drawbacks […]

Caesars organization

Information determines whether an organization, such as Caesars, would achieve its business objectives in the highly competitive market. Through effective communication, the organization is likely to establish strong relations with its customers. However, poor circulation of information results to poor service delivery, as it brings about lower inefficiency. For instance, the top management might draft […]

Porsche Analysis

Porsche’s strategy and brief financial assessment Car manufacturing industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Besides the large amount of capital investment required, the industry is also characterized by high level of engineering expertise. Therefore, car manufacturing companies have to incorporate lots of technology to compete favorably in the industry. Regulations […]

Structure and Strategy: The Case of Coca Cola

Aligning structure with strategy is fundamental to the success of any business. Fortuin (2007) defines strategy as “plan for the whole business that sets out how the company will use its major resources” (54). Structure, on the other hand, is “the way the pieces of the organization fit together internally” (54). Managers of companies must […]

Mapping the Innovation Process at Etihad Airways

Introduction Innovations play an important role in the company success. They allow remaining the competitive edge in the market and maintaining profitability. The innovation process assumes several stages each of which is characterized by its peculiarities and specific features. The aim of this essay is to map the innovation process at Etihad Airways which is […]

ZaraCloth Case Study

The Zara model looks rather sustainable, as it covers several layers of population. Clothes manufacturing plays one of the key market roles in the global business industry. Since it has made use of many employees from different countries, Zara’s success is obvious. It is not uncommon when a country of lower economic development produces goods […]

Business Plan Competitions

Business plan competitions began in the U.S. universities during the early 1980s. Since then, the programs have been initiated in several universities around the globe. Business plan competitions are organized with the aim of encouraging development of new business enterprises, expanding local economies and encouraging cultural change. Business plan competitions generate a lot of funding […]

Leadership Style Assessment

Introduction Leaders differ in a number of respects in their focus of attention. Some leaders have emphasized task accomplishment, while others concentrate on driving performance through quality relationships. The behavior of a leader can be explained in terms of how they structure communications and working methods for their teams. Research has shown that most progressive […]

The 2008 Financial Crisis

The housing and monetary policies are the key causes of the 2008 economic crisis. Two main mortgage firms, the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Corporation eased the credit requirements on loans it purchased from lending institutions. In September 2008, the two giant mortgage companies faced the danger of bankruptcy as they had guaranteed close to […]

The Collapse of the Greatest World Civilizations: the Maya, the Aztec, and the Inca Civilizations

Introduction The collapses of such great civilizations as the Maya, the Aztec, and the Inca civilizations are discussed by many researchers as rather unexpected and influenced by a lot of different factors, including environmental and social changes along with the war conflicts. The stages of the Mesoamerican civilizations development and of the Incas were rather […]

Sasenarine Persaud, “Canada Geese and Apple Chutney”

Immigrants have some common experiences that include uncertainty, fear and hope. Literatures on immigrants are mostly about racism, separation, and fraud. Caribbean fiction stories also draw ideas from this perspective writing about immigrants. Some of the ideas in Caribbean short stories are about local dialect, trade, culture and racial tensions between Northern and Southern worlds. […]

Martha Stewart case analysis

Facts Martha Stewart had a total of 3,928 shares in ImClone Systems, a giant biopharmaceutical company. In late 2001, ImClone Systems was awaiting a decision of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on a monoclonal antibody-based drug it had developed (Dove, 2002). However, some insiders in the New York Stock Exchange learned in advance that FDA […]

Hegemony Analysis

Leaders apply different forms of ruling all over the world. Some of the methods are still in use in the modern form of governance. Cultural structure affects the framing of leadership. Some leaders use their power to dominate every action needed to be taken in line with leadership responsibilities. The article ‘torture’ has related the […]

History of Western Civilization

Introduction Western civilization is anchored in an active interaction of law and justice that perpetually try to find harmony and stability in the gist of unending antagonism and vulnerable dissolution. Civilization has thrived while this counter-point has staggered and crumbled (Plato 69). Greek tradition and misfortune were the reasons for instability. Thus, Aeschylus outlines the […]

Five-Forces Model in Google

Introduction According to Porter, five forces influence competition in any sector or industry. These forces include threat of new entrants, threat of substitute commodities or services, buying power of customers, bargaining power of suppliers, and rivalry (Porter, 2008). These forces determine the intensity of competition in any industry. They determine the strategies that organizations and […]

Risk Management

Introduction Risk management refers to the process of identifying, assessing, and prioritizing risks, as well as consequent application of measures to monitor, minimize, and control their effects (Frame 53). Risks emanate from several occurrences such as financial uncertainties, project failures, legal liabilities, credit difficulties, accidents, and other unpredictable events. Risk management standards apply avoidance of […]

Comparison and Contrast of two plays: “Comedy of errors” by William Shakespeare and “Oedipus the King” by Sophocles

The literary work is a reflection of what is happening in the society. Authors normally voice their opinions about issues affecting the society through various themes. These themes are closely linked together through analysis of a character’s actions. In the contemporary society, introduction of literature research has extensively increased the volume of literature in every […]