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San Manuel Bueno, Mártir

Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo was one of the first Spanish writers of the 20th century, who concentrated on the perspective of a man with his passion, desires, and hope and the world itself. This writer tried to analyze the idea of faith in the society. One of his last works was San Manuel Bueno, […]

Review of Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy

In 1888, the reader saw Looking Backward: 2000-1887 by Edward Bellamy for the first time. This utopia novel was considered as one of the most remarkable pieces of writing created by American writers. It was a real world sensation, where the author made a wonderful attempt to represent his personal standpoints concerning economic and even […]

Accounting and Finance: Importance of the Studies in Today’s Society

The world of accounting and finance is very interesting from different perspectives: first, accounting and finance help to develop new services and improve people’s living conditions; second, these two concepts are the major needs for decision makers; and finally, these current studies may be stimulating and rewarding at the same time, because accounting and finance […]

Discovering Cumberland Island

Well nested on the east coast, is a place I never imagined I could long to go back and visit. Its funny how many individuals perceive east coast to be; a land where money and time-share a common language; “scarcity,” while forgetting there are better things there. To some extent, owing to its geographic position, […]

A Critical Evaluation of Criteria for a Successful Presidency from a Citizen’s Perspective

There exists a popular adage that argues that ‘leaders are born, not made.’ This adage, though used extensively by civilizations across the world, has been proved wrong by systematic studies, which have generated a body of knowledge and evidence indicating to the contrary. Today, more than ever before, the standards or criteria of what constitutes […]

Egyptian hotel holiday policy

A holiday policy is one of the basic legal frameworks that each and every business enterprise has to have in place. This is particularly important in private business because unlike the public sector most businesses operate on the principle of profit maximization and as such would operate even on weekends and would-be public holidays. Having […]

The impact of colonialism on cultural transformations in North and South America

Any development project usually brings along economic advantages and helps in poverty alleviation. The project would contribute to social development, which will foster interactions between locals and outsiders. This would undoubtedly affect the neighborhood in both harmful and constructive ways, depending on how they utilize the opportunity. Gambling projects have transformed the landscapes of individual […]

Get Capone Book Review

Get Capone: The Secret Plot That Captured America’s Most Wanted Gangster is a first edition book by Jonathan Eig and published by Simon & Schuster on 27th April 2010. Given the way the book goes beyond mere myths in seeking to bring out new facts and evidences concerning the rise and fall of criminal activity […]

Concept of Business

Outline Introduction Elements of deceptive advertisements How a case account to deceptive advertisements Conclusion Introduction The Federal trade commission policy paper declares deceptive advertisement to be unfair, misleading and of material respect which is against the law. These advertisements may sometimes persuade falsehood purchase of products. Hence, there is a need to identify the elements […]

Modernization and Democratization

Modernization can be defined as a set of symptoms of social changes in relation to industrialization. one set of these symptoms is motion which infiltrate through all phases of life to make life more comfortable by improving standards of living, enhancing economic growth and development, reducing mortality rate by increasing life expectancy among others. Modernization […]

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

“I wished I looked like Paul Newman. He looks tough and I don’t. The other thing-it’s a long walk home with no company…And nobody in our gang digs movies and books the way I do. So I lone it” (Hinton, 1967, p.6). From this passage, it is evident that the main character, Ponyboy Curtis, who […]

Corporate Event: Ideal Bank Heart Dinner

Ideal Bank Heart Dinner Ideal Bank is one of the leading and successful corporate in the financial services sector. The bank is involved in lending to the micro and small enterprises. It also engages in individual lending and other financial services like overdrafts, saving accounts and current accounts. The vision of the bank is to […]

Do I need God to be moral or happy

The creation of earth and man has remained a mystery that has enabled religious commentators and scientists to put forward spirited theories to explain their existence. However, critics too have come up with facts challenging the reports by denouncing their authenticity. The existence of man and earth though can be traced to a deity with […]

English Discussion Board Post

Introduction People always express their views about contemporary issues in the society in different ways. For example, some people express their views by writing articles, giving speeches, and debating on various issues. Poems can also be used as a means of conveying ones feelings and attitudes about a given event or issue in a more […]

Urban Outfitters Continuing Case Study

Starting a business involves coming up with an idea of a venture that can be beneficial to parties involved. It is taking a well-calculated risk. After having the business idea, the next stage is establishing an appropriate location, finally taking the bold step of starting up. It is not dependent to the level of education […]

Millenium Development Goals

Over many years, many people have not valued education especially the uneducated parents most of who are in the developing countries with Africa being the most affected. As the cost of living is drastically increasing, education is becoming more and more essential in enabling one to live a more comfortable life through provision of employment […]

Consumer Protection with Regard to the Ethics Code

As psychology has developed, the efforts to provide consumer protection have promoted the establishment of specific rules, principles, and standards. In particular, the present set of standards and ethical issues has created the ground for analyzing the difference between consumer protections in such settings as assessment/testing and therapy/counseling. These settings undertaken by psychologists have certain […]

Materials for Interiors: Wood

Hardwood Wood is the oldest construction material known to humanity. Before man had made advances enabling him to use brick and mortar, wood presented the viable stating place because of its relative abundance and ease of working. Almost all cultures have a history of working with wood for various applications. In ancient times, the Chinese […]

The Peculiarity of Class Stratification

Introduction Nowadays there are only a few communities which can be regarded as non-class societies. There hardly can be found a state which is not characterized by class stratification. Nevertheless, people still cannot agree on basic points concerning class stratification: the definition of class, origins of classes emerging. Thus, there are several theories explaining what […]

Positive Impact of Islamic Art on Society

History of Islamic Art takes its roots in the seventh century and encompasses all types of visual art produced by people who inhabited culturally Islamic territories. Though Islamic art long stayed remarkably loyal to spiritual and religious traditions, it can still be perceived as sophisticated mixture of Arab, Turkish, Persian, and even Roman and Byzantine […]

The Hospital Cooperation of America Leadership Strategy

The Hospital Cooperation of America does not employ an authoritarian approach to its leadership. The organization believes in empowering its employees as a key leadership strategy. In one instance, the management plans to choose a suitable system that the organization can adopt. The management of the organization assigns the responsibility of choosing the most suitable […]

Burning Copies of the Koran

The event of protest covered in this 25th august 2010 New York Times was the planned burning of copies of the Koran by members of a small Florida based evangelical church led by their pastor, Terry Jones. They had planned to conduct their protest so it would coincide with the 10th anniversary of September 11th, […]

Gambling should be illegal

For years, several government quarters have continued to debate on the legality of gambling. While the debate continued, people continued to gamble. The attraction from the beautifully decorated neon lights, the excitement, and even the five start hotels where the gambling activities take place kept gamblers wanting more and more. Although to some it looks […]

The Functions Management

Management is process of working with resources to attain goals and objectives of an organization. This can only be achieved through working with human resource, and proper planning and good supervision of all the processes involved. The organizational processes include marketing, transportation, accounts, manufacture of goods and delivery. Therefore, this paper focuses on the four […]

It’s Just the Way the Game Is Played”: The Move from Adulthood. An Interpretation of Benjamin Percy’s Story “Refresh, Refresh.

The story by Benjamin Percy “Refresh, Refresh” is one of the most affecting and thought provoking fiction stories produced in the recent years. Indeed, it is a masculine story, as it deals with the aspects of men’s principles, life and fates. The author provides the observation of lives of two friends whose fathers were sent […]

The Planet Jupiter

The study of the universe and other heavenly bodies has been one of the main concerns of scientists since the ancient world. The solar system has a series of planets and Jupiter is one of them. This planet was first discovered by scientists during the ancient period and it was closely linked with religious and […]

A Review of David Birmingham’s “The Decolonization of Africa”

Having spent most of his life in Switzerland, David Birmingham returned to his home country in the 1990s to concentrate on his scholarly work. Remarkably Birmingham has made two significant contributions in the filed of history: he has authored many history books especially on African history including “Kwame Nkrumah”, “Empire in Africa”, “Portugal and Africa” […]

The Industrial Revolution in the American History

The current civilization bears a close connection with the industrial revolution. Both the revolution and the emergence of urban society happened simultaneously soon after the first World War. People welcomed it highly, as it provided them with scrupulous means of transport and communication creating more job opportunities and cities such as commercial, administrative and industrial […]

Pre marriage counseling/ one year before getting married

Introduction Pre-marriage counseling is an emotional, social, and psychological preparation that a couple, ready to settle down in marriage, undergoes to form a stable union. Statistics show that, marriages that undergo through premarital counseling are bound to last longer than those that do not. Therefore, what are the advantages and disadvantages of a couple seeking […]

Congressman Grijalva and Howard Zinn

Having read Zinn’s People’s History of United States and having watched Congressman Grijalva’s interview in I Have Something to Say with Gabriel Buelna, it is possible to say that Zinn and Grijalva have similar ideas as well as absolutely different points of view on particular situations. The time periods in the book and in the […]

Drama – the Relevance of the Oldest Plays

Prior to commencement of this course, I thought drama was disconnected from present day experiences, but I was surprised to find that even some of the oldest plays are still relevant today. I expected to learn about particular components of the social and cultural backgrounds of the plays by simply looking through their scripts. After […]

The American Civil Right Movement

The African-American Civil Rights Movement refers to a group of activists in the United States targeted at banishing the racial discrimination against Black-Americans and reinstating voting rights mainly in Southern states. It covers the duration of the movement in the early 60s especially in S. America. By the year 1966, the rise of the Black […]

Based on “Young Goodman Brown,” what kind of belief system did Goodman Brown have?

Written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Young Goodman Brown is an allegorical story that focuses on the religious or theological practices of the Puritans. The Puritan society adheres to strict religious practices thus Brown was not an exception. Brown and his newly wed wife, Faith, respect all the people around them because of their belief in God […]

Complex Emergencies and the Crisis of Developmentalism

Over the years, developmentalists, non governmental organizations and donor governments have been engaged on a conscious effort to ensure that they results to a world that has no suffering through giving their assistance in areas of need. Due to these conscious efforts, the international non governmental organizations (INGOs) as well as many countries especially the […]

Absolutism in French Revolution

World history is varied and it is possible to consider different regimes and policies applied in the societies. Having read the words by Ronald Reagan that, “Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty”, I have remembered about French revolution, the event which can be considered as the beginning of the Age of Absolutism. […]

Unemployment and Inflation

The current unemployment rate in the United States is 8.3%. This is an improvement from last year and the last quarter. The economy generated around 240,000 jobs with the private sector taking over 60% of this tally. The economy is set to continue generating jobs in the next few months further reducing the unemployment rate […]

Life of Polar Bears

The polar bear is a native of bear found within the Arctic Circle that encompass the Arctic Ocean at the North Pole and the adjacent land. According to the observation of many scientists, this type of animals must have evolved from the ancestors of the brown bear. Polar bears are carnivorous, meaning that they are […]

Short Fiction Analysis

There are various opinions with regard to the story “A Good Man Is Hard to Find.” The varying opinions mostly revolve around the grandmother’s act of reaching out to touch the Misfit. The most dominant opinion though is that the grandmother’s final deed was graceful, thereby implying that “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” […]

“In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote

The Clutter family and how they serve as an example to the All American family The Clutter family is a symbol of the uppermost honesty of family life. Their decency is associated with the strength of their relations. They lead a thriving and admirable life. They are also famous and valued by neighborhood members (Capote […]

Elements of strong family

Family is the first social circle in every human being’s life. The effects of family bonds reflect on the individual’s personality, way of life and self-confidence. However, the question is what defines a strong family? In my opinion, attention is the most important element. However, it does not mean the high “volume” of attention will […]

History of Clinical Pharmacy

1910-1959 Success in a professional career requires the ability to learn from the past. It is important to note that the time period between 1910 and 1959 was characterized by several incidences that acted as major platforms for the transformation of pharmacology in the world. Pharmacy in this period was composed of great levels of […]

Why College is Important

Many high school graduates tend to ask a lot of questions concerning the importance and relevance of college education. The current education system has made it difficult for one to access any meaningful employment without being a college graduate. The desire to make quick money after gradating from high school has made many high school […]

The Era of Franklin D. Roosevelt

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd president of the United States of America. He ascended to power in 1933 and ruled for three terms up to 1945. Roosevelt succeeded the Republican Herbert Hoover in the November 1932 elections and was re-elected two more times as president of the United States (Polenberg 52). He was […]

They’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught by Susan Konig

How do people become aware of their racial or ethnic differences? Can these differences be artificially constructed? These are the questions that many psychologists and educators try to examine in their studies. The promotion of diversity and multiculturalism in schools is an important task that educators are responsible for. However, as a result of these […]

The Possible Solutions to the Data Management Problem

The data management problem in the healthcare industry is one of the most urgent issues because it affects the quality of the treatment as well as the daily work of different healthcare organizations. The process of operating the necessary data is influential for resolving the questions of the patients’ care and organization’s activities, and even […]

Financial Implications of the Data Management Problem

The data management in the healthcare industry is based on collecting the necessary information, analyzing, and using it with references to the definite developed databases. Today, the effective data management depends on the usage of the modern technologies to work with the different kinds of data. Moreover, the effective usage of the necessary data is […]

Fame and Notoriety

How do you understand our society’s celebration of being famous? For so many years, psychologists have been unable to distinctively distinguish the terms fame and notoriety. This is so because the two concepts always seem to be used interchangeably. For years, fame and notoriety have been used to refer to certain cultures of people who […]

Libyan Conflict Involvement

NATO means the North Atlantic Treaty Organization; it is an Intergovernmental military alliance based on North Atlantic Treaty which was signed on April 4th 1948. It comprises of 28 nations, and its headquarter is in Brussels in Belgium (Marco, 2009). It is the world largest military alliance, and its member states agreed to offer a […]

Information System and Modern Business

Many enterprises have adopted information systems and business modelling tools to manage their operations. For instance, the Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) is currently used to address business challenges such as linking strategic objectives of the organization and performance (Serova, 2009, p. 269). The Enterprise Resource Planning consists of unique applications, languages and software which […]

Censorship for television and radio media

Censorship is the suppression of any form of public communication which may be regarded as objectionable, harmful, or insensitive (Burress 13). This is as decided by the state, media companies or any other regulatory bodies. The constitutions of most countries provide protection from censorship but this security is in no way absolute. In some circumstances, […]

Spirited Away: A Unique Embodiment of the Present-Day Japan

Admittedly, any form of art reflects major trends in the human society. Paintings, plays, films and cartoons contain most important values which are propagated. Anime is a very specific form of cinematographic art as it is closely connected with Japanese culture. Anime is based on the major “worldwide artistic traditions of twentieth century cinema and […]

Issues of Japanese Cultural Identity

Through anime productions, Japan has today become a significant player in the global cultural development and economy. Many people across the world label anime as Japan’s major cultural export. The products and ideas have extended across the world. While it is hard to give a proper definition for anime, many people have defined cartoons and […]

Olympics Games: Should It Not Be Olympics Festivals?

What we know about the ancient Greek history today “survived either by pure chance or for literally reasons unconnected with their historical significance” (Crawford and Whitehead ix). Among the interesting activities in the contemporary society that interest me is claim that Olympic Games have its origins in Greek ancient history. But does it really? Well, […]

Ethical Aspects of the Financial Crisis

The documentary film Inside Job directed by Charles Ferguson examines the origins of the financial crisis that broke out in 2007. Certainly, this movie cannot be regarded as a scientific study of the recession, but it does raise several important questions about the behavior of financial institutions or political leaders. This paper will look at […]

The Context of Desire: Political Economy of Consumption

Trends of consumption in Japan largely depend on consumer behavior in particular and socio-economic factors in general. Economic and political factors influence consumer behavior because they facilitate various social processes, including supply rates, savings, and foreign good import. All these aspects are also tangible in much larger context that in its turn affects the overall […]

Sociology of Consumption

In these chapters, John Crammer examines the consumption patterns existing in Japan. His main argument is that by studying them, researchers can better understand the social life of a country, the formation of people’s identities and values, or micro-economics of households (Clammer, 2008, p. 1). In the author’s opinion, the discussion of consumption patterns is […]

The Peculiarities of Modernity in the United Arab Emirates

The process of globalization, the expansion of the economic ties and phenomenon of multiculturalism are the main features of the modern social evolution which can be considered as the aspects of modernity. The notion of modernity is relevant for discussing the processes by which the development of the contemporary United Arab Emirates (UAE) is characterized. […]

Analysis of Michael Foucault’s ideas and methods in social sciences

Michael Foucault was a brilliant researcher and professor with extensive academic publications in the field of humanities and social sciences abode between 1926 and 1984. He was a political activist, who really despised modern life due to the oppression he witnessed. He used his lecturing and academic opportunity as a forum to criticize tyrannical power. […]

The History of Japan and China in the 17th Century

The progress of Japan and China in the 17th century is characterized by the definite accomplishments and failures in the political, economic, and social life which influenced the further development of the countries. The period of the 17th century in the history of these two countries can be discussed as the shift to the era […]

How Different Love Between Catherine And Henry Could Be If There Was No War?

Frederic Henry, an American ambulance driver during the First World War, meets a nurse from Britain. When a munitions explosion at the frontline injures him, Henry is hospitalized in Milan where he and Catherine get close. Henry has a different perspective regarding the war from this point onwards. He perceives it as brutality rather than […]

Five Lesson Plans for Elementary School Children

Generally, it must be pointed out that teachers of elementary school should combine different learning styles. Auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning styles are of particular attention, as they are recognized to be the basic learning methods children’s ability to process and evaluate information depends upon. Other important learning styles teachers are to rely on include […]

Propose a Change to Improve K-12 Education

Social factors have always been a determinant element in the effectiveness of K-12 education. Various researches done on the effectiveness of K-12 education in public schools indicate that social factors such as poverty, crime, dugs and teenage pregnancies are a major influence on the effectiveness of education. In this respect, poverty can be claimed to […]

Hominids as the Members of the Human Family

Evolutionary relations between species are the major concept that has a considerable influence on the organization of species (Cameron 5). Hominids are the members of human family that consists of numerous human ancestors and living apes. More than 20 million years ago, the process of splitting took place; and people, who deal with the analyses […]

Improving decision making

The method that chosen and used for collecting and analysing data meant to give form to the human thinking and process of solving problems. The effectiveness in detecting the problems and making decisions over them depends on statistically collected. The decision-making procedure involves “detecting problems, defining priorities, identifying innovative solutions, and allocating resources for improved […]

The Democratic Party vs the Republican Party as Important Organizing Political Structures in the United States

At the beginning of the 19th century, two significant parties appeared on the American political field. They were the Democratic Party (1824) and the Republican Party (1854). The development of these two parties made the United States of America one of those nations, where two different ideologies were supported on a national level and had […]

Summary of the Chapter: On the Shoulders of Carl Rogers Introduction

Introduction “On the Shoulders of Carl Rogers: The Contribution of the Therapeutic Relationship to Treatment Outcome” is the chapter from the book by Scott Miller, Barry Duncan, and Mark Hubble Escape from Babel: Toward a Unifying Language for Psychotherapy. This chapter is a small research that helps to comprehend how important therapeutic relationship might to […]

The History of Barbie

This doll is one of the most famous toys in any country; her beautiful appearance and mobile parts of body attract the attention of so many children and even grow ups. Almost each girl on this planet is eager to have at least one of these beautiful dolls, which are known as Barbie dolls. However, […]

What Can Make People Blind?

A famous South Korea’s director Im Kwon-taek usually amazes viewers with unbelievable plots and settings. His works are based on past Korea’s traditions and culture, however, set in the modern period of time. Lots of the movies of this director gain recognition both at home and abroad. Im Kwon-taek and his works won different awards, […]

Understanding and Highlight Efforts to Help Women Define Their Needs

In the 1950s and 1960s, the concept of the American housewife was increasingly popular. American women strived to fit in social stereotypes. They were concerned with proper education, marriage, children, and household routine. However, the firmly established stereotypes did not allow young girls to fulfill themselves in other realms than those of a woman and […]

The Consequences of Using Corporal Punishment

The usage of corporal punishment as the way of providing discipline and controlling the children’s behavior is one of the most controversial questions which are widely discussed by psychologists, sociologists, and philosophers today. These debates involve arguing on the main moral and psychological aspects of the issue because it is the problem of not only […]

Post traumatic stress disorder in veterans and how family relationships are affected

Introduction to Your Area of Interest Through extreme pressure and exhaustion experienced in the battle field, military veterans are probably prone to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) more than people in ‘normal’ careers. Witnessing life threatening situations either to self or to colleagues can cause an individual to develop anxiety consequently exhibiting signs of intense […]

Bipolar Disorder and Its Main Phases

Introduction Bipolar disorder, also called manic-depressive disorder refers to psychiatric condition that entails varied mood swings whereby an individual experiences episodes of intense mood swings. These mood swings are different from the normal mood swings because they are so intense such that they interfere with normal body functioning ((Maj, Akiskal and López-Ibor, 2002, p. 6). […]

The Rise of Business Science

Nowadays, business plays a very important role in almost each sphere of life, and the citizen of any country becomes an integral participant of business science. The changes, which happen in our world, touch business science and require certain improvements and shifts almost every day. This is why business as a maturing science demands more […]

Gender and global political economy

Politics in a state play a role in determining the economic perspectives of many countries in the globe. National policies and domestic cultures have a significant influence on how the economy behaves. The rise of market capitalism worldwide has resulted in the creation of numerous employment opportunities for both men and women. Global capitalism has […]

Rich and Poor Nations (Planet of Slums)

Explosion of Slums in Third world Countries Davis exploration of the future expectations of urbanization in the radical yet unequally and highly unstable global world indicates that urbanization and industrialization are incoherent. Urbanization always forms aspects of industrialization and economical escalation in most developed countries, but the developing countries are full of shanty housing units […]

One Holy Image By Two Great Artists

One of the most important themes in the western art is religion, and one of the most inspiring images for may be each of the greatest artists has been the Virgin Mary. Enormous amount of works of art depict the Virgin, and since with the course of time artistic styles change, these images are revealed […]

Difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics

Introduction Economics is a process of making decision using scientific tools of research and analysis. This paper is a presentation of distinction between microeconomic and macroeconomics. These terms are critical in economics since they offer insight into economic discipline. Examples of each Distinctive difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics will be discussed in depth. It will […]

Product Life Cycle

Rating of a product against various stages of the Product Life Cycle (PLC) depends on the characteristics and amount of revenue that a product generates over a specified monitory period. This essay forms an analysis of a ‘universal charger’ as a product category that covers a wide range of brands such as the solar-powered charger, […]

Vitaminwater advertisement

How many people buy products just because of persuasive advertisement on TV? How does the advertisement encourage the audience to buy their products even though people do not know whether displayed items actually work or not? According to the research, almost 90% of advertisements whether on TV or printed apply two or more propaganda techniques. […]

The United States Civil war

The historic United States Civil War, which commenced with the attack of Fort Sumter on 12 April 1861, and climaxed when the South admitted defeat in April 1865, is regarded as one of the deadliest internal conflicts in the history of the country. The battle left about six hundred thousand men dead and massive destruction […]

Defining the Concept of Civilizations

Civilization is one of the key concepts of Anthropology. Recognizing this phenomenon as a complex one, researchers integrate materialistic and spiritualistic approaches to defining it, considering physiological peculiarities of the development of the nervous system, geographical and social environment, and system of beliefs as the main determinants of the formation and development of the civilizations. […]

Harlem Renaissance

The cultural movement period referred to as the Harlem Renaissance, which occurred during the 1920s and 1930s, was full of astonishing literary creativity. Most of the activities of these writers were based in the ghettos of Harlem, New York City, which was largely a cosmopolitan community consisting of rural farm laborers, African-American experts, musicians, and […]

Justice on guns control

Introduction The sale and use of guns (guns control) has become an immensely popular issue of debate among political critics on either end of the political divide. This has always been based on the argument of balancing the security as illustrated by an individual and the state. This is with respect to the privileges of […]

The Concept of Reconstruction

Reconstruction is regarded as the phase of struggle for United States after the defeat of confederacy in the civil war in the year of 1877. The phase of Reconstruction experienced a number of resolutions as proposed by Republicans and federal government to make positive effort. In the same era, Abraham Lincoln observed the plans of […]

The dark side of life in America

With the challenges of modern day living, most individuals have to go to all possible lengths to earn a basic living. This is an element that has been well presented in authors Barbara Ehrenreich and Lars Eighner in their essays titled Nickel-and-Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America and On Dumpster Diving respectively. Ehrenreich assumes […]