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The Effects of Quality Management on the Local and Global Competition

Quality management has greatly developed from a basic business and statistical model that is centered on numerical quality control into a concept that includes a wide variety of subjects and concerns within an organization. This kind of quality management is known as Total Quality Management (TQM) and it dominates the existing generation of quality concepts. […]

Comparisons of Early Greek and Early Roman Cultures

Abstract Early Greek and Rome had high contribution to western civilization. The early Greek and Roman cultures were passed down and still influence the modern way of life. While Ancient Greek consisted of isolated city states (poleis), early city of Rome expanded to an empire. Agriculture was the main economic activity for both ancient Greek […]


Defamiliarization- Definition Defamiliarization refers to the artistic practice of compelling the audience to view the familiar in an unfamiliar or rather strange way so as to improve the perception of what is already familiar. Also known as ostranenie, the term defamiliarization was first used by Shklovsky in 1917 in the study, interpretation, discussion as well […]

Crime and deviance

Introduction Deviance is an act perceived to be against one cultural belief and the act cannot be tolerated. Deviance acts are different from one community to another and also can vary depending on generational time. For example, the homosexuality is allowed in American society, but in Africa the act is seen as satanic and can […]

Inequality’s Philosophical Description

When examining the statement “there is hardly any inequality among men in the state of nature” by Rousseau one cannot help but think of the concept of the Ubermensch developed by Nietzsche. Nietzsche describes human beings as being in a phase of intermediate evolution between apes and the overman wherein due to this intermediary state […]

Controlling as a Management Function

Toyota is a motor Company founded in 1937 with the headquarter in Japan. It is among the leading automobile producers based on the levels of production and sales. The firm also takes a lead in producing robots and offering pecuniary services in addition to dealing with the manufacturing of vehicles. It is also well known […]

A Comparison between “The Awakening” by Kate Chopin and “Wild Swans” by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Chopin’s work was published in 1899 while Millay’s work was published in 1921. This period was marked by cultural transformations and technological advancements. This paper shall discuss the similarities and dissimilarities between the two works. Chopin’s main stylistic legacy is the objectivity of the narrator. The narrator treats women’s concerns without contempt and does not […]

Funding of the Education System

When considering educational theories, it is important to consider the source of the theories and the intent of education right from the time of conception. According to the Greek history, education started as a concept of thought. The concept was composed of philosophy, history and basic arithmetic. It therefore indicates that education is a component […]

The Process of “Thinking about Thinking”

Critical thinking is defined as the “intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action” (Criticalthinking.org, p. 1). This definition comes from the National Council for Excellence in Critical Thinking and is […]

Implications of Poverty on Global Health and Research Methodologies Available To Medical Anthropologists

Implications of poverty on global health Poverty has been identified to exist in most if not all countries around the world. Inequality between the poor and the wealthy has been growing and at an alarming rate and inadvertently putting a strain on global health issues. A report by Shah (2009) indicates that eighty percent of […]

Time management

To begin with lesson pacing can be described as a given rate or speed at which a teacher tends to present a task to pupils in a class. Normally this is done through a given curriculum (Alan & Margaret, 1989). First and foremost the most important aspect of lesson pacing is to improve student attention […]

Popular Self-Help Books for Psychotic Disorders: Usefulness

America has witnessed an ever increasing popularity in the use of self-help books especially by those with psychological disorders. Psychiatrists have also resorted to the use of bibliotherapy treatment besides their usual therapy sessions. Bibliotherapy can be defined as the use of various self-help books in the treatment of physical or psychological disorders (Redding, 2008). […]

Hobbes vs. Locke

In studying the influence of the social contract theory on the American nation historians and philosophers always mention the names of two philosophers, John Locke and Thomas Hobbes. The two philosophers had divergent viewpoints about people, freedom and politics. Whereas John Locke held the view that all individuals were born free with the capacity to […]

Communication and Decision Making

Abstract Heuristics are strategies that people use in making decisions thus coming up with appropriate solutions to existing problems. The assurance that these strategies eventually lead to the right solutions is elusive. This paper concentrates on decision making heuristics such as representativeness, availability and anchoring. These heuristics are used together with effective communication strategies in […]

Different Styles of Painting

Painting can be defined as the practice of applying paint, pigment, use of color, or any other medium to a support surface (Raczka 1). Artist and designers use the term painting to refer to both the act of and the result of painting. Support surfaces where painting can be made include such surfaces such as […]

Article Critique of ‘The Etiology of Administrative Evil: Eric Voegelin and the unconsciousness of modernity’, in American Review of Public Administration, vol.31, no.3, September, 2001, pp.296-312.

The main thesis of this article, highlights the growing attention ‘administrative evil’, as a research problem, is today receiving in ‘public administration research’, especially since Adams and Balfour’s (1998) pioneering study Unmasking Administrative Evil. While the problem under consideration looks at the extent to which ‘administrative evil’ is caused by technical rationality’, here the main […]

Motivation Evaluation

The basic understanding, as far as motives are concerned, points to the fact that a motive results from an internal state arousing and directing behaviors to a given specific goal. This could also be as a result of a deficit and will differ in terms of types and amount. Most importantly motives will drive people […]

Muslim Women Rights

The human right awareness in the world has taken a quite interesting shape in the attempt to achieve sisterhood and recognize women rights as human rights. This has been a subject of debate and extensive criticism as it is perceived as having potential to “homogenizing the issues that might be different to different women. There […]

Figurative language

One out of every six American children either speak a different language or have the knowledge of another language that is not English. Most of these children happen to be non-natives and as result of this they still have influence of their native language. The time they take to grasp the dynamism that defines the […]

Comparison and Contrast

‘To a Locomotive in Winter,’ is a poem by Walt Whitman. It is a poem about a powerful and strong locomotive. The speaker supports technological advancement of America as it is represented by the given locomotive. There is an attempt by the poet to connect science and poetry. The poet tries to bridge the Romanticism […]

Institutionalized Racism from John Brown Raid to Jim Crow Laws

Discussion Institutionalized racism was powerful in the history of the US for many reasons. This concept was a norm in the US society. Norms are widely agreed practices, procedures or customs. Institutionalised racism is not a pattern that is viewed unusual. Racial stratification continues to be maintained in the US. American society is arranged into […]

Out of the Matt

It may seem like a surprise how the world is interconnected through a web link not seen by many. As human beings, we do not pause to think how interconnected things are. This is one of the reasons why there is a lot of violence in the society. We are filled with too much negativity […]

Organizational Behavior for Manager

Human beings have a tendency to interact with each other by means of communication. It is this interaction that molds behaviors in organizations. Organizational behavior can therefore be demystified as the manner in which humans behave while interacting with colleagues at their work places; this includes how communication takes place in the different levels of […]

The Existence of Ghosts

In the traditional cultural beliefs, a ghost is universally thought of as the spirit or soul of a dead person. It could even be that of an animal, which can appear to the living in different manifestations. In every culture, people believe that ghosts exist, which is certainly true, except that their description differs. Ghosts […]

Clothing and Culture

For an individual to be well assimilated into a new culture, he or she should reject the culture of her or his home country and concentrate on the customs present in the new country. In this study, I shall discuss the clothing culture of the Rastafarian women, Turkey women, Indians, Egyptians and the Roma people. […]

Outbreak of War in Europe in 1914

Introduction The World War I began when Austria-Hungary declared war against Serbia. However, it later spread all over Europe, especially in Germany, Russia, The Great Britain, and France due to the fact that these countries had formed alliances to defend each other in times of war. Over eight million people died in this Great War. […]

The Epic of Sundiata

Sundiata Keita was the founder of the famous Mali Empire in West Africa. His life history appears extremely impressive. His role as a leader among the Mandinka people of Mali since the time when he founded the Mali Empire in the year 1230, till his sudden death in 1255 propelled him to the rank of […]

Gaining a Competitive Edge

Abstract Business organisations operate in a highly competitive environment. Therefore, it is critical for business organisations to adopt strategies that improve their competitiveness. Companies strive to meet the needs of its stakeholders to remain competitive. Employee empowerment is one of the strategies that companies use to improve their competitiveness. Employee empowerment increases employee motivation, which […]

The use of video games in the modern world

Introduction Video games have been used in the modern word, especially in the development of technologies. The game involves human-machine interaction. Video gaming powerhouses have grown over the years , hence forming an industry associated with art. Various companies develop video games. With the increase in demand for video games, various firms have entered the […]

Sales Promotion Techniques: Checking for the Variety of Baits. What Makes a Good Promotion Strategy

Introduction: Targets and Best Buy Open the Hunting Season It goes without saying that selling a product without a decent promotion strategy is practically impossible. It is only a specific technique that will help a product become recognized and be quite popular. Analyzing some of the pictures of products, one can possibly define the strategies […]

Computer forensics and other information technologies. Principles of computer forensics.

Principles of computer forensics Principles of computer forensics are standard rules that govern how digital evidence is handled to make it admissible in court (Nelson, Phillips & Steuart, 2010; Taylor, Haggerty, Gresty & Lamb, 2011; Easttom, 2014). Many countries and states had their principles of computer forensics. However, efforts have been made to align several […]

Why Marijuana should be legalized

The use of marijuana has been a subject of great controversy for a considerable length of time. In the 17th century period, the use of marijuana was quite widespread in most civilizations. It was used a lot for recreational purposes. Records obtained from historical facts reveal that marijuana was used in legal tendering in several […]

Through a Computer Display and What People See There: Communication Technologies and the Quality of Social Interactions

Introduction: Communication Technologies Come to the Rescue It is hard to deny that communication technologies play a great role in the lives of billions of people all over the world. With the rise of technology and the surge of innovations that have opened new possibilities for communication between the people in different parts of the […]

Entrepreneur’s Marketing Source Inc (EMS)

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Source Inc (EMS) was started by Brent Banda to offer marketing consultations to small business in Saskatoon. He based his philosophy on a simple principle of penetrating the neglected market comprising of small businesses. The company is based in Canada. Problem Definition Entrepreneur’s Marketing Source Inc (EMS) is currently faced with the […]

Social Network and Personal Loss Among Young Adults With Mental Illness and Their Parents: a Family Perspective

Research shows that young adults with mental illness and their parents experience many problems. This has been facilitated by mental illness and the negative aspects associated with the same. In fact, young adults with mental illness are viewed as burdens to their parents and the society. Thus, their relatives, neighbors and even other family members […]

Prevention of Disease

Health is very important to all people because it determines how a person can best enjoy his or her life. God created man to take care of His creations but man’s activities and aggressiveness are posing a great threat to his health. This paper discusses the prevention of breast cancer and diabetes. These two illnesses […]

Response to A Gesture Life

There are many topics explored in the works of Chang-rae Lee referring to the displacement and alienation of people not fitting ethnically, racially, or even psychologically in the environment in which they have to exist. However, the work A Gesture Life is highly remarkable in the sense of exploring an individual tragedy of a strange […]

Organizational Change Management

Why is it often difficult for managers to bring about major change in their organization? What, if anything, can a manager do to improve the chances of a successful organizational change? Change management refers to a strategy applied by organizations in order to modulate people and cooperative units from their current state to a desired […]

Interpersonal Communication

Principles and Misconceptions in Interpersonal Communication For you to gain a better understanding of interpersonal communication, it would help to familiarize you with the principles of interpersonal communications. A key principle of interpersonal communication is that it cannot be avoided. Communication researchers assert, “You cannot communicate” (West & Turner, 2010, p. 26). You and your […]

Antisocial Networking

Technology is a concept that has experienced great revolution over the past years. This has grown to have a positive influence in most parts of the world. Interaction with technology has become the daily order for people across the world. Technology has contributed towards the establishment of various communication links across the globe.Children in contemporary […]

Heroes – Nelson Mandela

Mandela was born on July 18, 1918 and died on December 5, 2013 following a recurring lung infection. The renowned world figure finally succumbed to his illness at the age of 95 years, marking the end of a long illustrious political life. Apart from his praiseworthy political life, Mandela was also known for his unwavering […]

Global Experience at Work Event

Introduction Business events are often informative, resourceful, and provide knowledge which can be transformed into a business idea. This paper is divided into three parts. The first part examines the nature of the event I attended, time of occurrence, location and reason for the choice of this event. Besides, goals are set for the event […]

Saussurean and Psychoanalysis in Power of Horror

Introduction Discussion Kristeva’s theory is the notion of signifying practice in literature and psychoanalysis. She developed the theory of semiotics which places emphasis on the nature of poetic language and the structural notion of sign while also involving extra-linguistic factors of psychology, history and gender. She investigates the territories of subjectivity and multiplicity and has […]

Cash transfer and In-Kind transfer

Cash transfer refers to payments of money made directly to eligible poor people, by state or federal government. This is done with an aim of reducing poverty through introduction of conditions towards the receiver. Only people who meet certain criteria benefit from the government money transfer and this ensures that ineligible people do not get […]

Sole proprietorship

Sole proprietorship forms by far the most common form of business ownership for start ups. Numerous ways of starting businesses are available to entrepreneurs but still this is most preferred. Several reasons can be attributed to this situation. These reasons could include the autonomy one requires. As opposed to partnership and companies that may limit […]

Successful Team Building

A team comprises of people who come together with the aim of reaching a common goal. For a team to be successful in its mission there are various issues that have to be addressed at the onset of the mission. A team brings together people from various departments in an organization. Besides, they each have […]

American Born Chinese

The graphic novel American Born Chinese was published by Gene Luen Yang in 2006, and quickly won the author and the colorist who took part in its creation fame. The reason for extreme popularity of the book seems to be in the topics explored by the American Chinese person who gets a deeper insight into […]

Of Matrilocality and the Role of Women in a Village Election in Northern Thailand

Summary This article reviews Metrilocality societies in Thailand. It explores gender roles as defined by community customs in the region. The article traces the disputes arising before and after an election and highlights the role of women in solving these disputes. It also looks at the varied causes of the dispute. The article examines extended […]

Bucholtz’s Article Review

1. Mary Buchotlz (2001) dedicated the article to the marked language in multiracial youth culture. In the article, the author bases on anthropological and linguistic research on youth subcultures. The author follows the idea that nerds have an ambiguous racial position. They resist current trends, reject the norm of coolness, and signal their distance from […]

Human Resource Development Models

Introduction According to Dubrin (2009, p. 56) human resources are the most important resources of an organization. Their organization and development helps organizations achieve efficiency in task performance as well as objectives as laid down in their mission and vision. Armstrong (2007, p. 78) says that the old model of human resource management that was […]

Fast Forward’s Continuous Improvement Process

Introduction Continuous improvement process entails all effective changes undertaken in an organization to ensure that the organization maintains a sustained growth and value for customer. It involves instituting measures, techniques and performance indices that are used to assess, evaluate and take appropriate actions to sustain the life of an organisation. Fast Forward’s continuous improvement policy […]

When the Need to Keep Silence Arises

Introduction: Whistleblowing as Specific Measures Despite the established rules and the specific behavior accepted in most companies of the world, the cases when the corporate rules are violated and the need in whistleblowing arises are rather frequent. Because of the growing dependency of the departments of a certain company on one another, certain faults in […]

Woman intimacy and friendship with the appearance of social media

Social media has provided a platform for women to communicate about intimacy in a way that was never possible before. Across all races and gender, social media has promoted cohesion by driving spontaneous affection, intimacy and informality (Zacharias and Arthurs 214). A majority of studies reveal more women than men use social sites. It has […]

Social and Political Changes

Martin Luther was a German priest and a person who initiated the Protestant Reformation. Though he was also known for his antisemitic claims which turned out to be controversial for his reputation, Martin Luther contributed greatly to the political and social changes that began in Germany and spread all over the world. The first change […]

Using the information from Albl, define both faith and reason

Many people best understand faith as a religious concept, particularly, the belief in things not seen but that are true (Lewis 56). By contrast, the conventional definition of reason is far from religious; it has to do with the natural sciences deductive thinking and dialectical theories. However, this paper seeks to correct these narrow-minded views […]

The cosmological argument

The cosmological argument refers to a theoretical squabble for the subsistence of God which elucidates that everything has a cause. The cosmological argument attempts to prove that God exists by stating that there ought to be an ultimate origin of all things. This can be elaborated further by a simple cosmological argument that states that […]

Case Study on Strategic Management

Suzanne’s article on the interrelationship between beauty and business highlights the difficulties that leaders encounter when presented with an opportunity to draw. The report indicates that using art for professional progress is an intricate task. Evidently, the report begins by providing a brief history on the discovery of artistry in the Polaroid creativity lab as […]

‘Artefact’ Through Lens of Hospitality

Introduction The concept of hospitality is an evolving phenomenon because it closely correlates with multiple characteristics and qualities at various points of time. Specifically, hospitality aspects have undergone fundamental changes with regard to time, culture, social circumstances, and locations. These variations are contextually presented in different social and economical environments shaping dichotomy of hospitality between […]

Information Security: A Critical Discussion

Within the contemporary, hyper-connected and interlinked business landscape, organizations – large and small – are continually under attack. A computer crime and security survey conducted in 2005 through the joint efforts of the Computer Security Institute (CSI) and the San Francisco Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) demonstrated that six in every ten […]

Exposure to mass media proliferate smoking

Albert Bandura theorized this far fetched fact in his modeling theory. The debate carried on this article delineating smoking to be injurious is strongly founded and has far reaching evidence in support of the same. Thesis Statement: Although advertising of smoking is illegal, the media and particularly the actors and actresses have been used to […]

True Region Jeans: Financial Ratio Analysis and SWOT

True Region’s financial analysis and swot analysis is presented in this case study as a way to identify how the company can strengthen its position in the industry and to continue enjoying the largest share in the market. This paper starts with the financial ratio analysis followed by the SWOT analysis. Financial ratios The financial […]

Theology and Philosophy

The Author of “The Shape of Catholic Theology “tries to explain the importance of God in Christianity and how theology relates to philosophy. Philosophy and theology are relevant in explaining some of the basic elements of Christianity. Although theology is about faith and revelation, it cannot overlook the importance of philosophy in its work. Philosophy […]

Assessment of Total Evacuation Systems for High-Rise Buildings

Purpose/rationale– Building and property managers face a difficult task because they have to balance the legal requirements that will protect occupants of the high-rise buildings. Most developers do not abide by fire or building codes that require the buildings to be effective in providing emergency evacuation measures1. The purpose of this study is to evaluate […]

Policy Making and Economics

From the beginning of the 1980s through 2007, the world experienced a long economic expansion, characterized by a steady expansion of GDP, employment growth, and modest inflation rates. The question that we are left to ponder over is as most economists got used to this kind of situation, was it likely that policy makers became […]

Picture essay on poverty in Africa

Pictures have long been used to convey different messages throughout history. They have been used for cultural, political and other events in the society to put emphasis or communicate more directly to the audience. This paper seeks to use a series of pictures representing poverty in Africa to identify how pictorial representation describes the intended […]

Review of “Freedom Writers”

This paper analyses a movie review “Freedom Writers”. The movie discussed how a tutor and one-hundred and fifty students utilized education to transform themselves and the surrounding world. Actually, the debate was a true incident. “Freedom Writers” was an account how Gruwell, a high school tutor, trained students who were perceived illiterate. In fact, Gruwell […]

River Clean-Up Project

Due to increased rate of dumping of dirt in the Community Rivers, students should carry out a river clean-up project (Crews, 2002). This involves removal of the solid waste dumped in the water and purification of the already dissolved materials (Crews, 2002). Community clean up will also be included in the project, whereby students will […]

Movie Analysis: The Long Shorts by Ice Cube

This movie is about a young girl whose talent was discovered at a young age of eleven years and then exploited to success, fame and honor. The movie is based on a true story of a girl called Jasmine Plummer who, at the tender age of 11years, was the first female player at the Pop […]

Religion and Sports

In the world of sport, man has internalized the concept of supernatural intervention as the basis of success. This success is greatly attributed to intervention by a supernatural being that is believed to be the force behind every victory. In the world of sport; from football, athletics, to indoor events, many participants have displayed deep […]

How Is the “Greatest Happiness Principle” Supposed to Be Useful in Determining What I Ought to Do?

All people live according to various principles. Some people follow one specific principle, others refer to various life principles depending on situation. It is possible to judge each of the existing principles from the point of view of correctness and morality. Considering the greatest happiness principle as the main idea I ought to live in […]

Technological Access, Literacy and Fluency

Majority of people in the United States can access technological facilities easily. A slightly smaller number are technologically literate. However, across all ages, social status and professions, most people are not technologically fluent. According to Williams (2003), more than sixty percent of families in the United States have computers with Microsoft applications and internet connections […]

Relationship between displayed emotions of employees and organisational sales

This article is about the relationship between displayed emotions and organisational sales. It addresses emotions that employees display at the workplace, and the effects those emotions have on organisational sales. Sutton and Rafaeli provide that emotions that employees display at the workplace are caused by factors such as job characteristics, stress, compensation and/or relationship with […]

Pros and Cons of Physical Assisted Suicide

Introduction Physical assisted suicide refers to deliberate annihilation of life done by another person through an open request of the individual wishing to die. It may entail killing a sick person out of apprehension and sympathy for his suffering. For years, medical doctors have been proscribed from assisting long- suffering patients in committing suicide (Dahl, […]

Sociology of Emile Durkheim

Emile Durkheim is one of the greatest sociologists and his work has contributed a lot in the discipline of sociology. Because of his outstanding contribution, Emile Durkheim is considered as the father of sociology1. The work of Durkheim was mainly concerned with social integration2. According to Durkheim, there is a need to maintain social integration […]

Impact of Industrialization on America

Definition of Industrialization Industrialization refers to widespread increase and growth of industries because of technology. The community changes from agriculture dependent to manufacturing and the country`s ability to produce secondary goods and services is boosted. However, industrialization is not only the physical growth of individuals, but it involves psychological change. The society changes its discernment […]

Similarities and differences between the Cherokee’s and euro-American norms

Introduction Native American Indian otherwise known as the Cherokee is a powerful Indian community. They branched from the Iroquoian-language family and originally settled in the southern Appalachians Mountains, North and South Carolina among other areas. The dominant American culture on the other hand was founded by the euro-Americans and their values and customs still dominate […]

Business Data Analysis: Abu Dhabi Municipality

Database refers to the collection of information that is organized and can be accessed according to the logical structure of the company. While relational database is a series of logically related two dimensional files that stores information. (Adriaans & Zantinge 1996) Database is characterized by the collection of information and created with a lot of […]

Math Teaching Methods

Introduction Rounding of mixed decimals is a significant mathematical concept. This concept as presented in the paper targets students who are in the fifth grade. Students at this level ought to be clearly taught how to round off numbers involving decimals to the nearest tenth as a foundation for the concepts in the upper grades […]

American National Identity

For decades, the United States has been identified as a very socially complicated country. Sometimes, it is remarkably violent irrespective of the fact that it is overtly religious. The United States is extremely dedicated to freedom. Moreover, it is recognized for having an extremely anti- democratic society until the mid- twentieth century. United States’ national […]

Proposal. Qualitative Research

Purpose For this project qualitative analysis will be conducted using the focus group discussions. The primary aim of the task is to point out the sentiments of Nando’s consumers to the new delivery framework developed by Nandos. The focus shall be on quantifying the attitudes of consumers to Nando’s as an institution, and the services […]