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Article Critique of ‘The Etiology of Administrative Evil: Eric Voegelin and the unconsciousness of modernity’, in American Review of Public Administration, vol.31, no.3, September, 2001, pp.296-312.

In this, the importance of Voegelin's work, is given suitable merit, and more than this, in presenting his ideas alongside similar ethical and philosophical approaches, the author, does strengthen the arguments for broadening and deepening [...]

Figurative language

In many of the educational facilities, there is a misguided notion that these students will automatically fit into the society in their institutions through their interaction with the natives, but this often results to miscommunication [...]

Successful Team Building

A team leader should consider explaining the mission of the team to the members because if he/she assumes that they understand it, he/she will be surprised later on because people understand things differently and this [...]

Bucholtz’s Article Review

The coexistence of standard and superstandard English among the multiracial American youth is characterized by the presence of certain phonology, grammar, lexis and slang that make youth subcultures different.2. The central problem of the article [...]