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Prosocial Media

The general purpose of the study and research questions This current study adopted the General Learning Model (GLM) to test whether prosocial lyrics educe prosocial thoughts, feelings, and its role in participant’s behavior. Greitemeyer (2009) established that previous studies had overlooked the prosocial media effects on the internal state of prosocial lyrics listeners’. Consequently, this […]

Poverty: Research Proposal

Introduction For a long time, poverty has been perceived to constitute lack or inadequacy of basic needs, including food, clothing, and shelter. The levels by which different societies achieve these three basic essentials vary, and this explains the differences in poverty levels among different societies. Today, America is described to have the highest level of […]

Real Estate Sector in Dubai

Real estate in Dubai is supported by both the government and private sector. The government, through various programmes, organises affordable and suitable housing for its citizens. The Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme, established in 1999, provides interest free loans and non-refundable grants for constructing and buying homes (Dubai Land Department 2013). The recipients have to apply […]

“Towards a More Effective Enterprise” by Robert Katz

Introduction This study is a critical analysis and reflection of the article, Towards a more effective enterprise, by Robert Katz. Katz (80) argues that the conventional way of organizing and operating an enterprise is outdated. Katz demonstrates how the usual way of doing business leads to uninformed decisions coupled with loss of motivation and inefficiency. […]

When Every Single Possibility of Misunderstanding Has Been Taken Care of: Fayolism and Its Topicality in the XXI Century

Fayol and What He Had to Say on Corporate Management Coordinating the work of several hundred employees and making sure that the production processes are running smoothly is not an easy task, especially when the need to solve workplace conflicts and improve relationships among employees arises. Therefore, for a company manager to get the priorities […]

Capital Punishment in United States

Introduction Capital punishment refers to execution of individuals found guilty of first degree murder. A murder is considered first degree if the prosecution establishes that the accused had clear intent of carrying out the crime otherwise referred to as malicious aforethought1. The methods of execution have varied overtime and from one jurisdiction to another but […]

Information Technology in Fedex

Executive summary This report investigates the current information technology systems being used by Fedex Corporation and evaluates the effects of the adoption of these systems on the performance of the company in terms of productivity and profitability. The investigation has been carried out through evaluating the information systems that the company has adopted over the […]

Terrorism and the Global Economies

Introduction Terrorism involves the intentional use of violence against civilians. Terrorists are done for political purposes. In some cases, conflicts between religions cause terrorism. The global economy has been affected by terrorism in the past, and people fear terror attacks. Terrorism has affected the global economies because the emergence of globalization created the unity of […]

Internet Usability Importance

Internet usability is a very important activity that helps to improve the internet-user interface mainly by utilizing domain names. Internet usability refers to the design and positioning of a website for ease of interaction with the users. Internet usability entails such activities as web site design, human-computer interaction, Web site usability, online brands, and online […]

Emotional Research of Cognitive Bias

Cognitive biases are a group of biases faced when conducting an emotional research. Cognitive biases are any biases introduced by cognitive reasoning and emotion (Zambardino & Goodfellow 2007). Therefore, cognitive biases are errors in research introduced when information is processed through cognitive filters resulting in misinterpretation of what is real. There are two types of […]

Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions

The increasing internationalization and globalization armed with technology has made the world a global village. This means that people in different parts worldwide can intersect at a common place for reasons such as employment. Likewise, companies start looking around to expand their operations as the world increasingly becomes interconnected. Though this concept looks interesting, it […]

Strategic Value of Information Technology

Microeconomic advantage of IT Carr’s view that investment on IT infrastructure has only macroeconomic advantages is not true as it has both microeconomic and macroeconomic benefits. In macroeconomic sense, investment in IT impacts on the patterns of production, trade, employment as well as investment while in microeconomic sense, it changes business activities. IT enhances a […]

“Translanguaging in the Bilingual Classroom: A Pedagogy for Learning and Teaching” Article

Content of the Article The article “Translanguaging in the Bilingual Classroom: A pedagogy for Learning and Teaching” by Creese Angela and Blackledge Adrian discusses bilingual pedagogy based on the assumptions on Gujarati and Chinese language schools within the United Kingdom by Cummins. The authors are comprehensive in the aspects of language ecology and how complementary […]

Effective Communication Strategies in a Culturally Diverse Workforce

As more and more organizations come face to face with a multicultural workforce structure due to enhanced globalization and internalization of labor (Seymen, 2006), contemporary managers must demonstrate proficient cross-cultural communication skills if they wish to succeed in today’s global environment (Munter, 1993). The present paper discusses some communication strategies that can be used by […]

The Meta-Analysis Method

Introduction There are a number of research methodologies that can be used for carrying out an investigation. The type of methodology chosen for use depends on the nature of the topic or question to be covered in the research. These methodologies may either be quantitative or qualitative in nature. Meta-analysis is a method which involves […]

Innovation Strategy of Coca Cola

The innovative strategy of Coca Cola seeks to provide its shareholders with very attractive remunerations on their invested investments by increasing the profitability. The company has used innovative business partnership with FEMSA to develop a more advanced joint business models and raised share incentives to capture vital growth chances. It is worth noting that Coca […]

Ethics and Social Responsibility Roles in Strategic Plan

Introduction Ethics and social responsibility are fundamental aspects when one is developing a strategic plan and considering stakeholders needs. As much as the organizations give priority to profitability, the issue of ethics and responsibility should also raise concern. The reason as to why this should be emphasized is because; the success and development of any […]

Retention of Talented Employees in the UAE Competitive Market

In the modern Middle Eastern competitive market, the retention of talented employees becomes the main goal because of the necessity to save costs and to overcome the lack of available talents in many different industries. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) “is considered as one of the most rapidly developing countries in the Middle East”, where […]

Congress is a Broken Institution

Introduction The unending public and political debates concerning the credibility of the present Congress House of the United States have provoked constitutional changes (Sinclair, 2009). Political analysts and some of the open-minded American citizens have considered the Congress to be an ineffective institution, because the American government seems to manipulate the organization. Complaints against the […]

General Electric

SWOT analysis A summary GE’s SWOT analysis is as follows: Strengths Extensive distribution network (nationwide) Good corporate governance Competitively priced products Influence of patriotism as Apple is national mobile phone-maker Extensive support from government Weaknesses High cost of operation expansion through the advanced technology It employs insufficient research and development level Vulnerable to increasing material […]

The Free Trade Role in the Industrial Development of Syria

Introduction Free trade does not support local firms to grow in the developing world. This paper supports the debate argument that free trade will inhibit the flexibility of developing countries to use trade policy for industrial development and could leave firms in developing countries worse off. The case study used is Syria. Shortcomings of free […]

Is Thunderbolt the Real Deal?

Thunderbolt™ technology was developed by Intel® in collaboration with Apple® in order to transform the performance of PCs. The key features of Thunderbolt™ technology include optical or electrical cables, daisy-chained devices, dual-channel 10Gbs per port and compatibility with prevailing Display Port devices. Other characteristics include the use of both PCI Express and Display Port protocols, […]

Demographic Change as an Opportunity to UK Businesses

Demographic statistics shows that the United Kingdom will experience overall population growth and further increase in the number of aged people in the future. Demographics refer to numerical characteristics of people (Lutz, 2006). These statistical characteristics are widely used in marketing. Generally, demographics entail examination of gender, race, age, mobility, employment status, and disabilities in […]

Heathrow Terminal 5 Project

Critical Analysis of the Heathrow Terminal 5 Project Terminal 5 (T5) was officially opened in the London’s Heathrow Airport in 2008 with an objective to increase the airport’s capacity up to 95 million passengers annually (Chan 2012). At that, the intended capacity of T5 was 30 million passengers each year (Towards a sustainable Heathrow 2011). […]

Financial Management in Criminal Justice Systems

Abstract Criminal justice departments are touted to be one of the most inefficient and morally impaired sectors of the government. Among other reasons, financial problems have been the cause of disparities within the criminal justice system. Misappropriation of resources and poor financial planning has been the major cause. For a properly functioning criminal justice system, […]

Theft of Information and Unauthorized Computer Access

Introduction Information plays a vital role in successful organizational management. Information management using modern information technology enhances organizational survival and decision-making. Individuals with ill intentions can utilize any security flaw existing in the organization’s information systems to pursue their selfish interests; this, in other words, can render an organization susceptible to risks, which are costly […]

Tiered pricing airlines and pharmaceuticals

Introduction Most industries and companies change pricing strategies in a volatile manner depending on various marketing environmental factors. Ideally, companies’ pricing strategies are much influenced by the desire to increase corporate profits and cover operating and other costs (Thomas & Maurice, 2010). One of the commonest pricing strategies is the differential pricing strategy or the […]

World Regional Geography Report: London and Paris Comparison

Map comparison assignment Both London and Paris represent primate cities of their respective states- England and France respectively. London is synonymous to Paris with respect to spatial structuring and land use patterns. On focusing the map of London (figure 1-9), it is apparent that the city is located centrally enhancing its influence on the entire […]

Universal Health Care

Introduction The United States national health care is in need of reforms due to the spiraling cost of health care and around 46 million Americans are not insured, while several other millions are underinsured. During the 2008 presidential elections, the issue of health reforms was among the top priority issues in all campaigns. The United […]

Domestic Climate Policy

Introduction A policy is an official statement or set of statements used to define how particular issues are to be tackled by stakeholders. A policy gives a framework within which individuals, private and public institutions may carry out their activities. A policy comes into focus when decisions are being made. It has been used mostly […]

Educational Psychology

A course in educational psychology has helped me as a teacher in learning how to completely comprehend and tackle daily challenges in a typical class setting. Fundamentally, this course focuses on tenets of learning and teaching in a classroom. From my experience in this course, I have realized that education psychology entails more than just […]

Dynamic Instructional Design (DID) Model

The dynamic instructional design model, abbreviated as DID, is the study that is predominantly based on matters based on improved technology that moves around in designing and focusing on the establishment of an appropriate and effective studying environment for all the students. The model is mainly centered among learners; it consists of special procedures like […]

Examining Problems with Implementation of Amanco’s Sustainability Scorecard

Introduction When examining the initial implementation procedures utilized by Amanco for its sustainability scorecard (SSC), the first error that was made was trying to implement a generalized scorecard procedure across all its different branches. What must be understood is that each branch of Amanco located in 25 countries within Latin America operated under a distinct […]

Understanding of the Economics and Politics of Latin America

Summary Economics encompasses the study of the allocation of scarce resources, whose underpinnings accords a comprehensible understanding of the political game applied by a certain region (Vanden and Gary 151). In this case, a susceptible understanding of the economics and politics of Latin America accords with a patent understanding of the allocation of scarce resources […]

Online Policy Primer

Online policy primer is the so-called docket which is written to inform the users about their rights and abilities while installing or using various electronic sources. The policy describes the rules of various websites which are to be fulfilled to avoid problems with further use. Online policy primer explains the points of the terms of […]

Kenya’s Government, Finance, Manufacturing and Other Aspects

Kenya government The type of government in Kenya is almost similar to other governments around the world. People’s representatives are elected through democratically held elections with governments and various bodies around the world sending observers to ensure transparency. However, citizens are not allowed to vote on issues that relate to policy formulation and changes in […]

Marketing research: Process and Progress

Introduction Marketing research is a marketing discipline that connects the customers, the public, and the consumers to a particular marketer by means of information. Marketing information helps marketers in coming up with strategic marketing decisions that can enhance the marketing process and monitor its progress. Due to the increasing change in current market and market […]