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“The Value of Reanalysis: TV Viewing and Attention Problems.” Summary

“The Value of Reanalysis: TV Viewing and Attention Problems.” E. Michael Foster and Stephanie Watkins. Child Development, 81(1), 368–375. January/February 2010. In the study, Foster and Watkins employ the reanalysis procedure in order to explore the developmental issue of interrelation between watching television and attention disorders in children (2010). To conduct their research, the authors […]

Fisher’s Personal Transition Curve

Fig1: Fisher, John.The Process of Transition (Fisher’s Personal Transition Curve) This diagram illustrates a figure described as the transition curve (Fisher 1). I choose this diagram over other arts because it portrays the different phases that people undergo through when they meet considerable changes in their professional, communal, or personal lives. The above transition representation […]

The Birth of Venus

The Birth of Venus is a famous painting produced in the year 1863 by a French painter Alexandre Cabanel (Pipes 133). In the same year, Napoleon III purchased the painting. Currently, a similar painting is being preserved at the Musée d’Orsay Museum in Paris. Many writers have described Cabanel as an intelligent academic painter with […]

Public Art in Education

My background training involves studies on various components of contemporary art and design. Public art as envisioned by Freedman, combines the interests of various stakeholders including artists, local communities, urban planners, city agencies as well as both private and public organizations (Freedman 6). I am interested in understanding the effectiveness of public art in education, […]

Success and Money

The development of the information technologies and the ongoing progress led to the reconsideration of the values and beliefs. It is significant to understand that there is no right or wrong answer for the question regarding the connection between money and success as every person has unique experience and background. Success can be determined as […]

Age and Sex Difference

Hypothesis A In order to retain their ability to perform complex calculations and make correct and logical conclusions based on specific premises throughout their life, older people should train their skills on a regular basis; otherwise, their skills will deteriorate very fast. Since lack of training and education leads to faster decline of cognitive and […]

How Ethnicity Affects Normal and Abnormal Behavior

Diverse ethnic roots have been known to bear a central role in determining individual and collective behavior. This follows from the fact that, human behavior though inherently rooted in ones personality, is also a product of the environment in which one is brought up (Logan, 2010, p.1). Geographic location, ethnic believes, ethnic traditions, and ethnic […]

Social Relationships in Childhood

The children, who lack healthy, primary relationships, are likely to suffer from social problems in life. According to Berk (2009), the lack of sensitivity towards a child, by primary caregiver promotes the occurrence of problematic behavior patterns later in life. The failure to build effective relationship with a child disrupts security attachment; hence enhancing the […]

Characteristics of Incarcerated Women

Incarcerated women demonstrate characteristics that are unique to their status. As is the case with other groups of the population, incarcerated women often engage in self-mutilation behavior. This behavior occurs when the women intentionally harm, damage or mutilate themselves through cutting, burning, head banging or taking known poisons, with the intention to self destruct. Second, […]

The Relationships of Working Memory, Secondary Memory, and General Fluid Intelligence: Working Memory Is Special

The article discusses the perceived link between working memory and fluid intelligence; according to the writer, both have similar approach of retrieving information from secondary memory. In the article the writer aims are investigating the robustness secondary memory in the ability to predict higher order cognition. To support/research the issue, the writer undertook a survey […]

The 7Up Advertisement

One of the categories that Erving Goffman used to describe gender roles in advertising is the family. According to Goffman, proper positioning of the different members of a nuclear family can be used as a symbolization of the family’s social structure. As far as the presentation of family in commercials is concerned, Goffman concluded that […]

Cultural Awareness

Culture is an important element of diversity at the workplace. As a result, cultural awareness at a company of 1000 employees is crucial because of business globalization and the need to celebrate and appreciate diversity. A good cultural understanding among employees of the same company promotes unity, productivity and good communication at the workplace. Different […]

My Classroom From Hell

During the writer’s senior year at Yale in 2000, he turned down a job with an Al Gore pollster to teach in the Emery Elementary in Washington. This was an inner city school and from the start, he was warned it was not going to be easy. The skills that he had picked up during […]

Mrs. Dutta writes a letter

In the story Mrs. Dutta writes aletter,we encounter Mrs.Dutta, the main character breaking into song once her son and his family have left in a huff. She is in the kitchen,her favourite place and sings along with the reassuringhum of the refrigerator,though her voice is rusty and a little off key. The writer says that […]

The Tang Dynasty

The Tang dynasty started ruling China from 618 up to 907. Besides establishing stable government emperors, the Tang dynasty promoted religious beliefs among the Chinese people. Among the successful religion was Buddhism where different factors underscore the prosperity of this religion during the Tang Dynasty. First, the Tang Empire established policies that encouraged religious people […]

A True Profession

A true profession is characterized by a lifetime devotion to one’s specialized area of training when serving others while adding value to one’s quality of work in addition to Integrity of character, sound knowledge, and excellent skills. Honesty, accurate and true dissemination of information in addition to individual responsibility for ones’ actions define true professions. […]

Stages of a Policy Cycle

Today, more than ever before, shifting social, economic, and political dynamics is forcing policy-makers, program-developers and stakeholders to continuously evaluate their programs or risk failure. An evaluation, according to Fink (1995), is a thorough investigation of a program’s fundamental characteristics and merits. The importance of program evaluation in the policy cycle can never be underestimated. […]

Diminishing marginal returns

The law of diminishing marginal returns states that when a firm mixes variable and fixed inputs, the marginal productivity of the variable input decreases with increases in use. It is the point where marginal physical product curve starts sloping downwards towards x- axis and beyond it. This is due to the fact that if more […]

Loyola and Calvin’s Beliefs

Calvin believed that salvation of man is predetermined by God only. A human being does not receive salvation based on deeds or piousness. Calvin urged that even before God created the earth he had already elected people who would receive salvation. The people not elected can do nothing to escape the damnation (Robinson 1). On […]

Lateral Ankle Sprains Orthotic Materials

Cushion cork This material is majorly a composite of cork and rubber molded together to form a stiff non-thermoformable substance (Benedetti et al. 169). It is specifically very effective in making of heel lifts used to support heels in patients suffering from ankle sprains. It cushions the heel to relieve upward thrush on an injured […]

Anthropogenic Ocean Acidification

This article focuses on the implications of the process of calcification marine systems (Orr et al. 681). The authors assert that the calcium that is used in ocean calcification is obtained from living organisms that live in seawater. This article correlates calcium with oceanography because the process of acidification, which causes the ocean’s pH to […]