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The Birth of Venus

The Birth of Venus is a famous painting produced in the year 1863 by a French painter Alexandre Cabanel. This paper analyses the painting The Birth of Venus and gives a brief background of its [...]

The Tang Dynasty

Secondly, the emperors exempted the Buddhist monks from taxation, which promoted the flourishing of the religion by more people joining the monasteries. However, the rulers promoted corruption and social discrimination, which led to the fall [...]

A True Profession

A true profession is characterized by a lifetime devotion to one's specialized area of training when serving others while adding value to one's quality of work in addition to Integrity of character, sound knowledge, and [...]

Graduate Employment Plan: Checklist

Graduate employment offers special opportunities for new graduates to gain important skills. The following Graduate Employment Plan Checklist offers important insights for graduates: Develop an action plan Develop goals and timelines Focus on increasing self-awareness [...]