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Independent Study: Tim Burton

Introduction “A pale, frail-looking, sad-eyed man with hair that expressed much more than last night’s pillow struggle… I remember the first thing I thought was, ‘Get some Sleep,” writes Johnny Depp, a long time associate actor of Tim Burton, in his forward to Burton on Burton (Burton, Salisbury and Depp, Burton on Burton x). The […]

Comparative Theories of Migration

In the 21st century, migration has become a critical political subject in most countries. Partially, migration is caused by the widening difference between the first and third world countries but other factors such as agricultural revolution, climatic change, rural-urban migration, unemployment, insecurity, and human rights violations still play a big role. Researchers have also observed […]

Ethics of Cloning

Introduction Animal cloning became recognized as a commercial venture in 2001, with the intention to improve the quality of herds. It is one of the many ways in the field of genetics that has been used to improve and advance the quality of life. However, serious scrutiny from several advocacy groups considers the venture as […]

Chinas Motor Industry

Introduction China is one of the rapid growing economies in the world. The country has a high potential of growth in the future. Various economic sectors have witnessed rampant growth. For example, with regards to the motor industry, the country’s ranking has undergone significant annual improvements since 2005. In the first quarter of 2010 the […]

How orientalist constructions of Muslim bodies inform the rhetoric of the ‘War on Terror’

Introduction This paper seeks to establish information on how orientalist constructions of Muslim bodies inform the rhetoric of War on Terror. The subject of terrorism is widespread in the entire globe, and most people have come up with varied ways and techniques to fight terrorism. In this paper, we focus on these methods with emphasis […]

Marketing for Spice Man

Introduction Every organization aims at maximizing the revenue realized while minimizing costs. Marketing strategies aim at helping the firm increase its market share, its revenue and competitiveness in an industry. According to Best (2005, p. 229), B2B marketing is marketing that is related to firms marketing their products to other firms in the industry as […]

Ocean pollution and the fishing industry

Executive Summary It is estimated that water takes up more than two thirds of the total earth’s surface. This means that land occupies less than one third of the surface. Arguably, water is the most essential resource in the world. With it, plants as well as wildlife survive. In addition, its use in facilitating success […]

Work-Life Conflict

Introduction Proposition Research has established that it is very crucial to bring balance in work life, which is considered the most important attribute in an organization after the level of wages prevailing in the organization. It is also known through research that almost 25 percent of employees in organizational settings suffer from high levels of […]

Stress at the Workplace for Correctional Officers

Executive Summary Stress at the workplace is a common phenomenon in many professions. However, unlike other professionals, correctional officers experience unique work dynamics that introduce new stress factors to their work experiences. Particularly, correctional officers have to manage and supervise the activities of people held by the state against their will. Furthermore, most inmates have […]

Byzantine Art by Robin Cormack

Rome with a Christian Face? Early Byzantine Art 330–527 The discussion of Byzantine art represents a challenge for the researcher. The main issue about Byzantine art is that it demonstrates incompliance with the traditional chronologically-based methodologies of art. Standardly perceived as the art of “religious icons”, Byzantine art can be defined as the religious art […]

Reflective Journal on The illusion of leadership: Directing creativity in business and the arts by Piers Ibbotson

Creativity — Myths and legends Chapter summary. Reflecting on the area his leadership skills are applied to and observing comparatively scarce information and discussion of it by those who are directly involved in creativity, Ibbotson points out three principal characteristics inherent in creative process. Irrespective of the creative sphere, creative process involves a background that […]

Internationalization and Cultural Implication for Joint Ventures in Saudi Arabia

International business text has paid particular interest to the study of internationalization and entry mode approaches of companies in various segments. However, very little studies that consider cultural implications in internalization have been accomplished. This paper shall review different literatures on internalization and cultural implications for joint ventures in Saudi Arabia. First, a general explanation […]

Michigan Newspapers’ Biased Coverage of Jewish Persecution in Germany

Introduction Soon after Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in 1933, he quickly began a process of eliminating political and economic opponents of his usually extremist policies for development in Germany. “The Night of the Long Knives” in 1934 saw Hitler eliminate his political challengers and opponents through extra-judicial executions on the false allegation of an […]

The leadership of Amazon

Introduction It is doubtless that the success of any organization depends on a wide range of intertwined factors, which have the potential to propel an organization or make it crumble. One of these factors is leadership. In any organization, leadership is usually charged with the responsibility of giving direction and setting performance pace through formulation […]

Organizational Change Plan for Accor Company

Introduction Accor Company Change Management Project Team (ACCMPT) will provide Accor Company with methods that will help sustain customer satisfaction for a long time in Accor Company. ACCMPT has significantly involved in Accor Company different changes implementation. The changes included change to spread the company worldwide, change on methods of recruiting workers of Accor Company, […]

Transportation Improvement Plan: Toyota Motor Cooperation

Introduction Transport system is a very significant component in supply chain. Before the final product reaches the consumer, there are transportation costs involved. These costs involve the transportation of raw materials to the plant and then the ready products to the market. They affect an organization’s profitability directly thus companies have employed transportation as a […]

Public Discourse under the Financial Crisis in the U.S and Canada

Abstract Many authorities have considered the occurrences of the 2008 financial crisis a historic occurrence that brought many challenges to the entire economic world and changed how the world does business. To date, the effects of this crisis still resonate in different parts of world’s economy. The number of people that lost their jobs, the […]

Overtime Analysis

Abstract The main aim of this study was to determine the most cost-effective method that the Immigration Branch of Commercial Bank of Dubai would use to minimize their annual expenses. The choice to be made was between overtime and hiring of new employees. From studies that have been conducted on the topic, it has been […]

Charismatic vs. Inspirational Leadership

Introduction Leadership is one of the most important management functions in every organization. An organization can only run successfully if it is piloted or led by a skillful, as well as, an influential leader. A good leader inspires and motivates his followers. Additionally, the leader is expected to structure the organization in a manner that […]

Education: Secon language Learning

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to investigate the strategies that can be used in motivating young learners in studying Chinese language this has been brought about by the fact that there is a great need to connect to the world which has became just like a global village. Those strategies have been tackled […]

Issues underlying global poverty and provision of aid

Provision of aid programs to nations suffering from poverty has raised intense debate on the effectiveness of the practice in eradicating poverty. Proponents of the aid programs have lauded provision of aid as one of the most viable development steps that has seen many poor economies and needy nations all over the world gain wealth […]

Cairo Leather Industries Company

Cairo Leather Industries Company: Teaching Case Study Introduction On the eve of what would be a stormy management review meeting, Cairo Leather Industries Company’s head of marketing was restless. Top on the agenda of the business meeting that day was the presentation of fiscal plans for the financial year to the company’s board of directors. […]

Culture and Innovation in the Palladium Group

Abstract The concept of organisational culture is a subject of interest for many researchers in the field of organisational behaviour. There is an agreement among various researchers that organisational culture comprises of norms, beliefs, values and symbols of an organisation. Organisational culture is directly related to innovation in organisations. Organisations with strong organisational culture are […]

Leading Innovation and Change

Abstract This paper provides a critical review of the theories of change and innovation, as well as, leadership of change and innovation. It also presents an assessment of my leadership skills, as well as, examples of change processes that I have participated in. The change that I successfully led involved improving the website of a […]

China’s Media Regulations and Its Political Right to Enforce: Conflict with Foreign Correspondents

Abstract In China, foreign journalists are never given sufficient freedom to cover issues related to the state and government. Foreign journalists have always demanded for freedom but the government of China has been reluctant to grant them the right to freedom of the press. In China, the government has the right to enforce laws barring […]

Zara Fashions’ Supply Chain

Abstract Zara Fashions has been struggling to improve its supply chain as a way of improving its supply delivery in the market. The management realized that the process needs modern technologies and effective strategies that would help in reducing the duration of product storage and transportation. This is important in reducing the cost of the […]

Feminist Pro-Porn During Sex Wars

Introduction Feminist Sex Wars of 1970s and 1980s were acrimonious debates about a number of issues relating to sex, and the role of women in this context. In the debate that was uniquely feminist in nature, the focus was on various issues about sex and how different members of the society viewed it. One of […]

Economics: Common Concepts

Opportunity Cost Opportunity cost is a term that is applied in the microeconomic theory where a decision has to be made between two or more choices. An opportunity cost refers to the choice that is forgone when another choice is made. For a choice to qualify as an opportunity cost, the alternatives should be mutually […]

SABIC Practitioner Corporate Award

Objectives This paper seeks to achieve the following objectives: Appreciate the notion of working capital and evaluate issues that are associated with the monetary feasibility of a company Appraise the risks that SABIC/B&W may encounter in the present position Recommend answers to problems that relate to: Supplier associations Power and management Cost management Working capital […]

Marriott Hotels – Product: “Expensive Rooms”

Executive Summary/ Overview of the company: The international hotel industry has a lot of potential with more people participating in leisure, business and tourism all industry participants are formulating and implementing top notch strategies and offering premium services and products activities. The flagship brand of Marriott International, the Marriott Hotels and resort is one of […]

Mobile Marketing: The Hotelier’s Point of View

Background Mobile marketing is a range of activities that allow the businesses such as the hotel industry to communicate with potential customers through the help of mobile devices, gargets and networks, in a relevant and interactive manner (Aberdeen Group, 2008, p.1). Mobile marketing is the utilization of mobile phones and other wireless gadgets to enable […]

Geographic Information Systems: A Review

Abstract The study of geographical information system is an important part of construction practice and IT. Many institutions around the world have adopted it. There are a number of changes that this field of study has undergone with the most significant part being played by the increased innovation in computer science. GIS has revolutionised the […]

Westfield Shopping Centre Marketing Strategies

Introduction Background of the study Supermarket malls need to maintain their supremacy in enjoying huge and constant number of customers to survive in the competitive business environment. It is therefore a requirement for any supermarket mall that wants to remain champion to put its strategies well fit for market diversity needs and satisfaction of the […]

Human Resource Management in Bidco manufacturing Limited

Strategic Plan Brief History of the Organization Since the inception of Bidco manufacturing Limited, four managers (founders) have run the company. However, three of them decided to sell their shares to a new foreign investor who now holds majority shares. The change in ownership has necessitated a change in management. However, the company experiences several […]

Addressing the Impacts of Undergraduates’ Engagement in Community Service on Stakeholders

Introduction Background Information Community service as a concept has gained popularity throughout the world for various reasons. Perold & Rahmat (1997:14) are of the view that this concept is gaining popularity in discourses taking place throughout the world. This is especially the case in community development discussions. Bryant & West (2011) views community service as […]

Marketing Plan for Harley Davidson

Introduction Harley-Davidson Inc. is a US-based motorcycle manufacturer established in 1903 by collaboration between William Harley and Arthur Davidson. The company was considered world’s leading designer of motorcycles comprising of heavyweight, touring as well as performance motorcycles. The company also deals with line of motor cycle parts and accessories. The supplies of motorcycles from Harley-Davidson […]

Economic Policies in The Global Economy

The recent spate of economic recession in the global economy and eventually national economy has prompted policymakers to consider diverse aspects of expansionary economic policies. To some extent, policymakers have adopted policies that can be considered unconventional and highly aggressive in hope that desirable economic conditions can be obtained. Whereas monetary policy has been used […]

John’s Smoothies’ Strategic Management

Mission statement To use my business skills as well as knowledge in the establishment of a successful smoothie business that will aim at providing quality and unique products to customers which will involve the use of creative and interesting recipes while ensuring world class hygienic conditions are maintained. The provision of these products while guaranteeing […]

Teaching the Spoken Language

Introduction English is the most widely spoken language in the world today. Stemming from the British Empire dominance in the early days of civilization, former colonies of Britain either adopted English as their official language or as their second most important language after some indigenous languages. Because its used in international instruction, learning English as […]

Attachment Dimensions and Adolescence Drug Addiction in Relation to School Counseling

Introduction The development of an individual largely depends on both the inborn features and psychological predispositions, in combination with the predominant social and cultural values progressed in a society (Andersson & Eisemann, 2003). The family environment has long been identified as exerting significant etiological influences on personality development and behavior. Most of the retrospective studies […]

Women in Technology Fields of Europe and Middle East

Introduction As society evolves to become more dependent on science and technology for growth and development, the occupational segregation of women in the sciences relative to men, not only in terms of absolute numbers but also in terms of visibility in the upper echelons of the professions, represents a misuse of scarce human capital and […]

The African Traditional Religions

The African Traditional Religions Introduction The religious beliefs practiced by African people differ from Christianity in many aspects. First of all, they emerged in specific and rather secluded communities and for a very long time they did not come into contact with other cultures or religions (Crafford, 1996, p 2). Secondly, they are not unified […]

Sociological Theories and How They Contribute to Our Understanding of Education

Introduction Different scholars look at education functions from different perspectives depending on the theory they deploy in interpretation of their perceived features of education. The theories that tend to explain the sociological functions of education are collectively termed as sociological theories of education. Young posits that sociology of education entails the study of the manner […]

JGC: Localizing Design Services in Saudi Arabia as an IK-EPC Company

Introduction Saudi Arabia’s economy continues to attract a lot of attention from foreign investors. “It is one of only a few fast-growing countries in the world with a relatively high per capita income of $24,200 in 2010” (Central Intelligence Agency, 2011). In the recent years, the country has recorder a rapid population growth. This, combined […]

Azerbaijan’s Economic, Political and Social Features

Introduction Azerbaijan is a country located in Southwestern Asia, bordering the Caspian Sea, between Iran and Russia, with a small European portion north of the Caucasus range. The country has three dominant features that dominate its landscape. To the Eastern part, the country borders the Caspian Sea. This is its natural boundary. To Northern side, […]

Transformation Of The Canadian North (Arctic)’S Natural And Social Environment By The Extraction Industry

Introduction Northern Canada, which is also referred to as the North, is the extensive northernmost region of Canada, which is distinct from other parts of the world by its topography and administrative structure. When the term northern Canada is used within a political context, it refers to three northern territories in Canada. These, according to […]

Exploitation of Copyrights, Trademarks and Intellectual Property Rights in Modern Day Business: An Examination of Adverse Practices in an Internet Dominated Era

The Internet and Intellectual Property Right Infringement Intellectual property rights are broadly defined as “exclusive rights pertaining to distinct intangible creations of the mind which range from music, designs and various artistic works to broad categories such as inventions, literature and even phrases” (Woker, 2006). The basis for intellectual property rights is to protect the […]

Using Smartphones in Learning

Introduction According to Madden (2011), smartphones were introduced into the market in the year 1996, and quickly spread to all parts of the world. This is contrary to other technologies like landline telephones that took longer time before reaching the local and international market. Before the introduction of smartphones into the market, most people including […]

Façade Constructions

Introduction Façade constructions are parts of a building that provides protection of the people inside against extreme weather and enemies. Buildings either for commercial, institutional or residential purposes must fulfill fundamental needs of human beings. In most cases, these fundamental needs relates to the dictates of weather and climate for instance adequate sunlight, cold, wind […]

Steroid use in professional sports

Abstract The issue of steroid as a substance of enhancing muscles for sportsmen and women has become a hot issue in sports arena. Majority of athletes are making personal admission that they have been using steroids for a long time in order to gain bodyweight, increase muscles, and realize increased body mass growth. Numerous prominent […]

Human Resource Paper

Introduction Human resource management can be defined as a branch of management which deals with issues that pertain to personnel. The branch of management is normally tasked with the responsibility of resourcing employees on behalf of an organization, developing the employees and finally maintaining the achieved efficiency of the employees. Specifically, human resource management looks […]

Relationship between performance-based pay and job satisfaction

Introduction The impacts of any form of compensation have become one of the major issues within the organization, whether in policy formulation, human resource management and decision-making process. Most importantly, compensation procedures are critical in determining employees’ performance and job satisfaction. The main reason why compensation concepts mainly performance-based is essential to the organizations’ human […]

Development Plan for MSF and Frank Dale Food Company

Executive Summary This reflective report involves an examination of the experiences encountered in the process of undertaking consultancy projects at MSF Company and Frank Dale Company. The report examines how one can learn from experiences by adopting a structured reflection approach. Subsequently, the report is based on two main models of reflection, which include the […]

Kill School Boards

Introduction Why is local control in our schools such a failure? This question has been echoed in many quarters among Americans concerned about school management. Due to lapses in school management, some people have strongly advocated for abolishment of school boards. This paper seeks to expose the reasons why school management has largely failed. It […]

Academic Achievement and Physical Fitness

Introduction Increased levels of obesity and poor health standards among students across the United States (US) has brought a lot of focus to student health and more so, the effects of bad health on academic performance (Chomitz, 2009, p. 30). However, the debate on the correlation between health and academic performance has long been done […]

City Branding of Dubai

Introduction Different scholars seek to determine why governments and private investors engage in a complete overhaul of a city. Breitenoder (2009, p. 104) argues that like a product, a city requires branding, rebranding, and marketing. It requires a strategic plan, and an effective communications plan to achieve the city objectives. Prior to the development of […]

Culture and Innovations in Organisations

Introduction Organisational culture is a set of rules and priorities which help the company meet its mission and vision, complete tasks, satisfy customers’ needs, and create its image. Depending on the country the company performs into, the principles of the organisational culture may differ. The innovation in organisation change may vary because of the peculiarities […]

The European Union and Mercosur

Regional integration phenomenon Regional integration is a common trend in today’s world as countries, regions and businesses are on a drive to become a part of the globalization process. Within the previous decade, the ongoing processes that have taken place in organizations such as the European Union (EU) and the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) generated […]

Market Entry Strategy Project

Introduction In this report, Kenya, which is an East African country, is analyzed with the aim of establishing the best market entry strategy for M-box video game. The report is divided into different parts; the first one being the market intelligence report. The market intelligence report is followed by an analysis of the business environment […]

The Social, Economic, Intrinsic Values of the Arts and the Legitimacy of Supporting Arts in the UK

Introduction In any country, state capital and cultural capital always walk hand in hand hence can not be separable. In many countries including the United States of America, most of the arts are administered by the private support; however many European countries like the United Kingdom are paying greater public support for the artists. The […]

Types of Cardiac Arrhythmia Resulting From Centrifugal Acceleration

Abstract Cardiac arrhythmia is one of the many health conditions that form the basis of aviation medicine. The absence of adequate information around the condition necessitates studies to that effect. The current paper sought to determine the types of cardiac arrhythmia that result from aviation related movement. The study relied on findings made in centrifugal […]

Nokia Pure View Smartphone Marketing Strategy

Executive Summary Fundamentally, this paper seeks to do an in-depth critique of Nokia 808 Pure View Smartphone, which was just released into the market recently. In doing so, central focus will be on giving an evaluative analysis of a marketing strategy that can be adopted by Nokia in marketing the 808 Pure View Smartphone such […]

Creative Industries of New Zealand

Introduction Creative industries of New Zealand (NZ) have the potential to create not only knowledge but also goods and services in several fields. These include screen production, television, music, design, fashion, publishing, textiles and digital content. The creative industries have been built on the unique aspects of NZ’s culture. These industries contribute to the economy […]

Sikhism (Religion and Theology)

Introduction Sikhism is a practical religion which does have merely words or any certain set of beliefs. This religion does not involve visiting shrines and tombs or following Yogis. This religion believesthat a life should be lived in some patterns.it’s main asset is its simplicity. It does not have any kind of supernaturalism or mythology […]