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The Socialite club logo and brochure design

Introduction Most desktop publishing applications have a common design area with a toolbox that contains various tools like the shape, text, animation tools among others (Adobe Creative Team 2010; Cohen 2010). These tools are used together with texture and colour palettes to develop and colour publications. The designer can also choose from a set of […]

Three Common Small Group Networks

The type of group network can influence the collective sensemaking. The interaction between members of group predetermines types of networks. The first type is based on the notions of similarity and stability. The second type is connected with workflow independence. The third network is an informal social network (Morrison and Milliken 715-716). The effectiveness of […]

Relevance and Significance of Communication Technology

The relevance and significance of communication technology in modern world is growing tremendously and its application in business is becoming more subtle to the users. In view of the tremendous advancements in communication technology, companies are bracing up to cope with the challenging demand that compels them to develop a dynamic staff who can keep […]

Exit Strategy in Tropical Health Drink

TCH realises the importance of having a built-in exit strategy for the company’s Tropical Health Drink. This is because of the fact that uncertain business environments may either hinder future commercialisation of the product or make it gain immense market share to a point of wanting to sell the product line to more established businesses […]

Edelman Company Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Edelman Dubai is a leading public relation (PR) corporation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company’s goal is to retain its swiftness as the leading PR Agency in the region. The article “Code of Ethics and Business Conduct” explores the ethical practices at Edelman. The company’s employees should commit themselves to excellent service, support, […]