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African American Studies

The studies ought to apply distinctive and appropriate analytical techniques that assist in studying of specific circumstances that captures and accounts for experiences of all the major societies of the African Diaspora especially outside the [...]

Unilever Company

Unilever is the working arm of Unilever PLC and Unilever N.V.'Meeting the everyday needs of people everywhere' Unilever is going by the inexpensive pricing strategy of Hindustan unilever limited in markets with recession such as [...]

Jeannette Rankin

After the completion of these, Rankin joined philanthropic school in New York after which she again worked as a social worker in children's home in Washington Rankin also was in the forefront in agitating for [...]

Parthenon in Athens

The damage of the temple made some people to steal the artifacts that used to be housed in the temple. Frieze was used to decorate the exterior walls of the temple and also illustrate the [...]

Formal Analysis

It seems to have been framed on the warriors' figure in part of a greater scene, and this stresses the significance of the figure. The legs and feet of the warrior look bigger compared to [...]