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Physics in Astronomy

Contrasting the orbits of Comets and Asteroids Asteroids have short, circular orbits which tend to form cluster belts, but comets have elongated and extended orbits. Again, Asteroid orbits are closer to the sun and are much more numerous, as compared to comet orbits which are farther from the sun and few. The reason as to […]

Walmart in Africa

Walmart’s Growth and International Experience Globalization has become an important strategy for firms to expand their operations. Normally, businesses go global to either escape from threats in their domicile locations or to take advantage of opportunities in the global markets. Walmart is one company that internationalized its operations due to threats in the local market […]

IT projects: Understand framework of scope

Understand framework of scope and strategic objective to classify IT projects based on risk? Understanding the scope and strategic objectives of an IT project is essential for any business contemplating to invest in new technology. They also provide a company with knowledge about classifying IT investment projects based on the risks involved. The IT department […]

A View Worth a Million Words: “A Story of Canadian Art as Told by the Hart House Art Collection”

Introduction: Taking a Time Travel A true appreciation of art comes only when one is left eye-to-eye with the author’s work. Offering the Canadian audience a chance to have a “personal conversation” with some of the renowned artists of the Modernist era, the organizers of “A Story of Canadian Art as Told by the Hart […]

Influence of Propaganda Politics

Trust The propaganda memo in the sticker was projected to influence the response to essential wishes and desires in marching with stylish tendencies in outlook and feelings. A number of researches conducted to set up what would motivate the targeted addressees. The message was intended to raise people’s self-esteem to participate vigorously in celebrating but […]

Value of Correlation

Correlation is a statistical analysis tool that is used to ascertain the relationships between two linear variables. A correlation can only be effective when two or more variable are compared side by side; whereby, their strengths are compared to determine whether their relationship is correlated or non correlated (Ferguson, 1959, 1). Correlation can be established […]

War is Nothing Like Criminality and Chaos

State building is the process of creating new governments or transforming the existing ones to enhance the governance process (Coyne and Pellillo 6). This concept is highly utilized by established states on entities extensively rocked by political instabilities. It is usually an intervention by well-established organizations. These organizations, establish strategies for renewing the failed states. […]

Modern State Formation: The Case of Former Yugoslavia

War historians and political analysts are in agreement that the ideological, economic and political conflicts between the Soviet Union and the United States immediately after World War 2 influenced, in large part, the formation and political orientation of many countries in Eastern Europe. Indeed, the deep-rooted ideological, economic and political differences between the two countries […]

Theoretical Concepts of Organizational Transaction

Aside from deciding whether one’s research will be experimental or observational, cheap or expensive, qualitative or quantitative (or mixed), one must also decide whether one’s research will come from any number of theoretical approaches (Kelly, 2008; Creswell, 2009, 4-20; Cavallo, 2005; ThinkPhD, 2009). Many theoretical approaches are context and subject-specific: Feminism, socialist or Marxist, Foucaldian, […]

Marketing Mix Strategy

Introduction Marketing mix refers to a combination of product/services, price, place, and distribution. A marketing manager of Campos Coffee can have control of these four factors subject to external and internal environment factors. Campos Coffee has to make decisions regarding its products and services (Antony 2008, p. 58). Products/Services Products refer to anything tangible or […]

Why Do Acquisitions Fail?

Introduction The modern business environment is increasingly competitive. New technologies in the market mean that old technologies are growing obsolete far much faster. New start up companies are emerging which replicate the successes of established firms at a much lower overheads. Layoffs and cost cutting initiatives are increasing being countered by lawsuits and industrial strikes. […]

Effects of Child Abuse

The 4 Peer-Reviewed Articles Fang, X., Brown, D.S., Florence, C.S., & Mercy, J.A. (2012). The economic burden of child maltreatment in the United States and implications for prevention. Child Abuse & Neglect, 36(2), 156-165. Gloud, F., Clarke, J., Heim, C., Harvey, P.D., Majer, M., & Nemeroff, C.B. (2012). The effects of child abuse and neglect […]

CREDE Standards in US

The United States of America have always been one of the most diverse countries of the world. People of all ethnical groups and cultures have been living in this country for generations. Most of them had to face many difficulties related to their ethnicity and their English language proficiency. The children of various ethnical minorities […]

FEMA Programs

FEMA’s (Federal Emergency Management Agency) “role in preparedness is to improve the citizens’ ability to respond to, prepare for, recover from, and prevent disasters” (Department of Homeland Security 1). According to the organization’s website, its vision is “A Nation Prepared”. The role of FEMA is to coordinate the federal government’s involvement in disaster preparedness. Consequently, […]

iSporty LR Decision Analysis

Achievement of the Objectives According to the expectations that were identified in the marketing plan, it is evident that the organisation was able to achieve most of the objectives. The various objectives can be outlined under following subheadings. Marketing Objectives Isporty LR Product Forecast Actual figures after round 5 Extra in units Not sold Comments […]

The North Face

The North Face (TNF) was a market leader in the manufacture and marketing of outwear clothing, sleeping bags, and tents. TNF was also one of the major companies that engaged in the manufacture of backpacks. The company had dedicated sales representatives that provided it with a competitive edge over other companies in the industry. In […]

2022 World Cup

Introduction Any major sporting event whether it comes in the form of the Olympics, the World Cup or a variety of other events has the advantage of creating substantial economic activity within the country it is hosted in. This is due to the sheer amount of visitors such events draw as well as the greater […]

Why the American Citizens are Adopting Children from Other Countries?

Brodzinsky, D.M., Schechter, M.D., & Henig, R.M.  (1992). Being adopted: The lifelong search for self. New York, NY: Doubleday. The authors of this book managed to outline developmental tasks at each of seven stages throughout the life of an adopted person. Brodzinsky, D.M., & Schechter, M.D. (Eds.) (1990). The psychology of adoption. New York, NY: […]

Analyzing Firm Strategy: Lipton Tea

Lipton Tea Industry Competitors Lipton Tea firm represents a global expert at tea production industry. The universal success of this company is referred to the exceptional quality of the products. It provides the customers with flavonoid antioxidants, which accounts for weight management and free radicals rupture (Strategic marketing management-Lipton tea, 2003). The firm adopted a […]

Costco Wholesale Corporation Finance Management

For a corporation to succeed, the management needs to have sufficient knowledge on financial concepts. Companies that apply these concepts manage to outdo their competitors as illustrated by Costco Corporation. Costco Wholesale Corporation runs 592 warehouses across the globe (Brigham & Houston, 2009). They sell various product brands together with the company’s own Kirkland Signature […]

Supply Chain Management: An Analysis of Dell’s Value Chain

I choose to do the case study of Dell Computers, a case that allows the firm to develop a relationship with clients through a win-win situation. Dell’s direct sales and build-to-order model Dell has successfully used its direct sales and build-to-order systems to develop an exceptional supply chain by incorporating everything from the start to […]

Impact of Academic Preparation in Online High Schools on College Admission

Introduction Virtual space provides students with unlimited opportunities for self-development and learning. The World Wide Web has become a global phenomenon with a strong presence in Western Europe, North American and East Asian. The online network, thus, has a potent impact on social, cultural, and economic development of education (Bach, Haynes, & Smith, 2006, p. […]

Roles of American policymakers in American history

Introduction This paper examines important roles played by the influential American policymakers. Prominent American personalities fought for restoration of human dignity not only in the United States but also in the entire globe. Such leaders embraced democracy during the difficult period of the Cold War. The paper evaluates significance of historical and social context during […]

The usefulness of computer networks for students

Computer network is the interconnection of many resourceful computers through domains which provide users with the possibility to freely share ideas, information and other useful resources. In my class setup, computer network has played a big role in construction of knowledge among my fellow learners. One major role which computer network plays in imparting knowledge […]

Education Testing Methods

Owing to the increasing speculation over learner assessment methods and data analysis methods in the education sector, the necessity to clear up this speculation and shed more light of the state of affairs is deemed necessary. This paper hence seeks to iron out these highly contentious issues by answering some of the questions which more […]

The impact of using calculators in teaching mathematics at lower grades

Background Study Different people have different inferences about the effects of using calculators in teaching mathematics at lower grades. Some people are of the opinion that the use of calculators at lower classes helps learners to understand mathematics concepts better. They argue that using calculators help learners in lower grades to develop a sense of […]

Florida Higher Education

Introduction The article discusses how the legislative system of Florida allowed three state universities to increase their fees and tuition over several years. This move was welcomed by Bernard Machen, the University of Florida president since it would help in improving the academic profile of the universities and in combating the high student to faculty […]

Financial Planning for Community Oriented Policing Services

Abstract The Massachusetts Oceans Act/plan of 2008 is a legislation enacted by the state which requires the development of a management plan that is comprehensive for the marine waters of every state. The plans’ objective is a balance between human activities and natural resources presentation, especially renewable energy, in marine waters that fall under states […]

Marking Territory by Lynda Walsh and Politeness, Power, and Activity Systems by Stephen Bremner

Reading Commentary Marking Territory by Lynda Walsh is an article responding to a research on the intermingling of administrative writing-style expressions and the feelings of stakeholders towards worldly objects. The author seeks to find out the various communication challenges that the Mexican Wolf Blue Range Reintroduction Project (MWBRRP) encounters. A number of remarks, recorded randomly […]

“Narrative of the life of Fredrick Douglass”

The Narrative of the life of Fredrick Douglass is a pure and classical narrative written by Fredrick Douglass from the first person singular format focusing on Douglass’s own reaction to slavery in America. The Author is also the persona in entire narration as he recounts his real experience in slavery right from childhood (‘Clayton’1). The […]

Efficiency of Communications Research

Communications research is a field that every successful organization should invest in, if it is interested in the maximization of service production and guaranteeing consumer satisfaction. The claim comes in because it equips an organization to deal with its research questions concerning issues such as usage, branding, advertising, new product introduction, and pricing among others. […]

Human Resource Development Foundation

The three measurement criteria and their significance evaluation Human Resource Development (HRD) is widely recognized as a theoretical framework upon which human capital become expanded via developing an individual as well as an organization to realize their respective performance improvement. Adams Smith originally quoted that an individual’s capability largely bank on access to learning or […]