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Marlow in “Heart of Darkness”

Heart of Darkness is a novel published in the wake of the twentieth century (1902). It was authored by Joseph Conrad and Charlie Marlow is the main character. The novel is regarded as one of the most important examples of the use of symbolism in modern literature. Its structure is that of a frame tale […]

After the Oil Crisis, a Food Crisis?

This article talks about the rising food prices being experienced globally and their effects. She gives facts and figures to show that the inflation is being experienced everywhere, both in developing and developed countries. However, the effects discussed largely concentrate on developing countries. The author also discusses possible causes and effects of this global phenomenon. […]

The World Heath Organization

The World Heath Organization (WHO) is a United Nations agency that is responsible for the provision of public health internationally including carrying out of programs that will help in disease control and improving of quality of human life. This organization was started in 1948 and has its headquarters are located in Geneva, Switzerland. The main […]

Total Quality Management

Dr Deming held that by adopting appropriate principles of management organizations can increase quality as cost decreases. Total Quality Management (TQM) implementation process as encapsulated in the Deming model or PDSA cycle are therefore: “plan”, “do”, “study (check)” and “act” (Robinson 45). This is a problem solving process that has been adopted successfully, by many […]

Team Performance Measurement

A team performance measurement is the review of workers’ job performance. This is done to meet the company’s’ goals and objectives. There has to be employees’ assessment so as achieve these goals. Much of work done in companies or industries is as a result of teams. There are various team measurement methods which have been […]

The Benefits of a Routine Physical Exercise Program

In recent years, the proliferation of lifestyle diseases coupled with the underlying need to stay healthy has made many populations worldwide to become increasingly aware of the need for physical fitness. Popular media and other advertising channels bombard us everyday with messages on how to guard and improve our health conditions. Although much of this […]

Should Psychologists Abstain from Involvement in Coercive Interrogations?

The issues of whether psychologist should participate in coercive interrogations draw sharply divided opinions among investigators and even the public. Some believe that psychologists are an integral part of the interrogations since they can ensure that the prisoners or detainees are not handled with cruelty. However, other people believe that the psychologist participation has the […]

Definition of the Religion as a Form of Diversity

Introduction Religions are sets of personal or community institutionalized system of attitudes, principles, beliefs, convections and practices in adoring faith.Religion diversity has taken forefront focus since the history of world’s major modern religions and traditional beliefs. In today’s world of politics, democracy and increased globalization, religions has taken a contentious agenda in many countries and […]

Political Reformation in the Arab World

In his article, Diamond illustrates the political mayhem currently taking place in many nations of the Arab World. The current chaotic nature of these countries is because of political reformists that have sensitized the large mass of citizens about the significance of moving from dictatorial-type of ruling to democratic-type of governance. This document, therefore, critically […]

Voting Challenges in 2012

USA has always been viewed as the most democratic state in the world. This has been due to the fact that the citizens of this nation possess a lot of rights which they get to exercise within the boundaries of their nation. According to Jonel (2006), prior to 1965, US citizens did not have exclusive […]

How music influenced english poetry until 1750

During the period between 1650 and the 1750, there emerged many English poets. This was the period of consistent revolutions, notably the French revolution. The Great Britain at the time was a powerful country. One of such poets and a writer was Alexander pope. He was born in London between 1646 and 1717. “Rape of […]

Immigration policies report

Immigration is the deliberate or forced permanent move from one’s country to settle in another county. Immigration to the U.S has been compromised due to population growth, ethnicity, social and economic development, job creation and social mobility. However, many people have opposed it especially during voting periods. The United States of America should therefore adopt […]

Analysis of Alice Walker’s essay “Everyday Use” in reference to the idea of power and responsibility within family.

Family is one of the most demonstrative social groups, where people related by kinship interact within complex relations of authority and power division. In well-balanced families, each member tries too use his/her authority not only for own benefit but also for the benefit of the others. Such attitude forms the basis of responsible treatment among […]

Literature and the Community

Introduction Literary studies entail presentation of poems, stories, songs, and drama among other forms of art to the community. Literature and related studies date back to the time when language was first used as a medium of communication. Literature has a variety of uses in the society including transforming cultural practices and reflecting the conditions […]

Martha Helen Stewart

Martha Helen Stewart is the founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, L.L.C, a leading multimedia company (Sellers, 2005). The company grew and become very successful, thanks to Martha’s autocratic leadership style which gave her unlimited supply of power and authority. Quite often, she would use coercion, intimidation and even exploitation in her bid to achieve […]

Heroes and gods

Heroes and gods are a common feature in all societies they are highly respected and feared , stories of their actions and deeds are passed down to future generations through myths which are tales and stories of the past. Heroes and gods are associated with creation, death, wars, love, betrayal and loyalty. There are some […]

Destruction of the Brazilian Tropical Rain Forest

Deforestation is one of the biggest global problems, it being a practice that is hard to control, because world forest reserves spread over international borders. Although global governments and environmental protecting organizations have always put measures to curb the practice, still deforestation remains one of the biggest threats to the survival of not only the […]

Loss of Innocence

The term “loss of innocence” is now being widely used in different spheres, especially in philosophy. This notion is usually associated with human age, meaning that getting older can lead people far from what they were at the very beginning, in their childhood. Indeed, the older a person is, the less naïve and lighthearted they […]

Google Search Engine and Yahoo Search Engine

There are over 100 search engines that can be used to search for information while one is using the internet. However, not all the web search engines are equally popular. Some of the world’s popular search engines include Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Ask.com. The essay compares and contrasts Google and Yahoo! search engines. Although Yahoo! […]

Museum Writing Assignment: Formal Analysis Paper

Since times immemorial people have exploring the mysterious connection between the man and the nature. The ancient people believed that life was governed by mysterious natural powers to which divine omnipotence was ascribed. With the coming of the industrial era, the distance between the man and the nature grew larger until a disastrous point was […]

Diagnosis and Treatment of the Schizophrenia

Introduction Schizophrenia is among many psychiatric disorders that have been identified my medical professionals. It is a disorder which is characterized by hallucinations, loss of reality, improper reasoning as well as poor social and occupation functioning. A person’s emotions are also affected as it is a psychiatric disorder. Although research has been conducted, the exact […]

Theory of Justice

One works best while performing the duties he/she likes and naturally suited. Every person has skills to execute roles in society. There is a correlation between justice in the society and an individual. If only justice can be found in a society, then justice in an individual will be an easy task. Finding justice in […]

Social Norm Violation

We have a number of societal norms that govern day-to-day actions and reactions. Common norms involve use of he elevator. We understand that it is apparent that one should face the front, avoid distracting others by standing a side and should not look obnoxiously or stare to other users. According to Sharma and Malhotra (2007), […]

AECbytes “Building the Future”

Lachmi Khemlani Author’s Background: Lachmi Khemlani is the founder and editor of AECbytes. She holds a Ph.D. in Architecture, specializing in intelligent building modeling. She also consults and writes on AEC technology. Abstract The article is written by Dr. Khemlani and starts by highlighting the wide range of technology solutions exhibited at a former convention […]

Chicago: the Jazz Era of the Blazing Gun

Because of the way he renders the reader’s heartstrings, Simon Baatz is now one of those people whose opinion is listened to and appreciated. Making a good use of it, the writer speaks of the most important events that have changed people’s attitude towards the world and the way the world spins. Baatz’s novel For […]

Ralph Ellison’s “Battle Royal”

In the story Battle Royal, the author Ralph Ellison depicts vividly the situation in American for African Americans as they struggled to find a place in the American society. The protagonist, a black African American youth just about to graduate from high school struggles to fit into the society and faces racial discrimination. This discussion […]

Home with no Father: Single Mothers

According to Biblical scriptures, a family was made up of two persons, that is, the husband and the wife. The two parents are supposed to raise their children together. Due to unavoidable circumstances one parent may be forced to perform the roles of the other partner. This may result from the death of one parent, […]

Technology: Being Digital

People are always ready to embrace and adopt new technologies. This can be explained by people’s behavior of trying to comprehend electronic content, computers and the internet by reading content that gives guideline on this. Different age groups of people engage in diversified reading with regard to technology all in an effort of getting more […]

Understanding Environmental Problems through Poetry

Environmental issues are burning ones in modernity; however, they are not new for the 20th and 21st centuries, since they were raised much earlier, at the outbreak of the Industrial Revolution. It is also true that the environmental problems have been frequently raised in poetry – the works of Wordsworth, Bishop, and Yeats may serve […]

The basis of Civil Liberties

Introduction Civil liberties in the United States revolve around religious freedom and freedom of speech among other liberties that feature prominently in the Bill of Rights. Religious freedom for instance allows Americans to subscribe to a faith of their choice. The state has no right to impose any religion on its citizens (Bardes et al., […]

Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design

Web design is defined as the skills behind the creation of presentations. These are presentations of content particularly in the form of hypertext and also hypermedia. The presentations created by this art are then delivered to the target group by the use of World Wide Web. The end-user or clientele usually gets the contents by […]

A Rose for Emily

Stylistic devices and themes can play the major role of a cornerstone upon which any literary work can be built on. This can help bring out the beauty that keeps the readers glued to the text and be the captivating component that puts the reader’s intellect on toes. As shown by William Faulkner in his […]

Major argument and Minor Argument on Open Relationships

Introduction Open relationships are relationships in which the partners are free to delve into relationships with other persons. They remain sincere and straightforward about what is happening in their personal lives. In an open relationship, two partners concur that they can partake in sexual stumbles with other persons without fault, embarrassment and envy. The idea […]

Verbal learning

Research in the relationship of verbal learning and memory involves the understanding of how people retain and use information concerning symbolically representable objects and events, and the information about their interconnection. Tulving and Madigan described the concept of verbal learning in 1970 and according to the authors, symbolically representable items and events include letters, letters […]

Discovering the Humanities

To discover humanity, it is important to determine how their interactions affect their culture and their relations. The degree of influence is mostly affected by the extent of interaction and how friendly the two groups were to one another. To conduct a comparison on cultural influence and integration between the American and the Africans with […]

Dr. Tram and the Vietnam Conflict

Dr. Tram wrote a definitive book about the Vietnam War from around April 1968 when she worked as the chief medical officer in a field hospital in central Vietnams mountains (Tram 2). She volunteered to offer medical services to the soldiers in the war torn areas, and mostly she wrote down her experiences in her […]

What is Theology – Faith and Reason in Theology

Scriptural hermeneutics refers to the art of science of scriptural study and interpretation. It is specifically necessary where a certain concept is not obviously clear. Therefore, there is a possibility of ambiguity in the interpretation as one seeks to understand its meaning. This case often arises when a several authors of biblical scriptures discuss a […]

Cypress Gardens Checkpoint

In view of the fact that Cypress Garden has faced many challenges leading to its closure, it is vital for the Kent Buescher to come up with policies for its resurrection. Decision making is a vital process in every organization since it entails selection of the best course of action amid many alternatives. Taking the […]

The Baroque Period of Art

Baroque period refers to a time when artists introduced new techniques into their works. The period officially started in 1600, which means that the new trends had already been rolled out earlier. The changes in art styles were initially present in Italy, but as time moved on the trends were spread to the other parts […]

Paulson & Company Value-based Leadership and Strategic Focus

Paulson Still a Bull After His Bare Year. Authors: Gregory Zuckerman and Steve Eder Date of Article: September 19, 2011 Specific chapter topic to which the article relates: (Leadership and Entrepreneurship) Key Points: Value-based leadership and strategic focus; Despite the volatility of the US securities market, the founder and fund manager of the famous hedge-fund […]

The Anatomy of Scientific Racism: Racialist Responses to Black Athletic Achievement

Introduction Racism has permeated almost each and every sphere of the western society. This includes politics, economic, academic among other spheres. Arts and athletics, or the entertainment and sports spheres of the society have not been spared this racialism. It is against this backdrop that Miller B. Patrick, from Northeastern Illinois University’s Department of History, […]

Seven Things you Should Know About Twitter

Scenario The growth of social networks has witnessed the entry of Twitter into the market. Twitter provides microblogging service, which enables its subscribers to receive and send short messages of less than 140 characters. The messages are popularly referred to as ‘tweets’ by bloggers. Twitter vies for subscribers with Facebook, Youtube, Myspace and Google +. […]

Research Methods in Narcotics

Narcotics are compounds that have additive effects on the body and sometimes, it may have a medicinal value for relieving pain. Apparently, people who take narcotics normally have their mood being altered and they can also experience change in behavior. With the aim of researching on the effect of narcotic, it is of importance to […]

Air Pollution and Its Consequences

Air pollution refers to the infusion of chemicals, particles and biological matter that are hazardous and are the cause of discomfort to humanity and other living organisms into the atmosphere. Noise is also one of the factors that contribute to air pollution. The main pollutants are gases, solid matter and liquid droplets. These can either […]

What is a Language

Neil Smith and Deirdre Wilson of University College in London focused on one of the fundamental ideas of contemporary linguistics concerning language as a rule-governed system. To say that a language is rule-governed is like also saying that it can be described in terms of a grammar. Therefore, the grammar of a language is a […]

Twelve Angry Men

The movie is about twelve jurors who have to work together to make a decision on whether the little boy, who is accused of murdering his father, is guilty or not guilty. They are expected to be in mutual consent for their decision to hold. Unity is vital as no single person is able to […]

Mental retardation

This is a term that was once used to describe someone who learnt and developed slowly. It is a negative word that hurt many people. Instead, people use “intellectual disability” or “developmental delay”. Mental retardation has various categories; mild mental retardation, moderate mental retardation, severe mental retardation, and profound mental retardation. Mental retardation has many causes. The following are the causes: low IQ scores, genetic […]

Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment is an interactive process that provides teachers, parents or guardians and the students themselves with valid information about progress and attainment of expected curriculum teaching. It focuses on teaching, learning and outcomes. The main goal of assessment is to improve student learning in the subject under study. Assessments are based on achievement goals and […]

Divine Command Theory

Divine command theory is based on the idea that God is the determinant of right and wrong behavior. Religious groups such as Christians, Muslims and Jews follow laws contained in holy books that guide their worship activities. Holy books were written by wise people inspired by God and should be followed. God forbids morally wrong […]

The History of Judaism and Hinduism

The history of religion provides the clue to an understanding of past values and traditions within a given geographical location. This essay aims at providing a brief history of Judaism as well as Hinduism in an attempt to provide a better understanding of the similarities and differences of the two religions from their places of […]

A Review of Bringing Up Baby 1938 (K. Hepburn)

This is an American comedy film, directed by Howard Hawks, starred by Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn, and produced by RKO radio pictures. It’s a movie that narrates a paleontologist’s story, which revolves around a woman who is embedded with a unique sense of logic, and a certain leopard that is given the name Baby. […]

Analytical Essay of a Specified Commercial

The face of social media continues to transform our lives, as the nature and trend of modern mediums of communication continue to evolve with times. As a matter of fact, these profound changes have brought positive impacts to modern businesses, thus revealing a promising future to marketing professionals allover the world. As observed in video […]

Management is a Difficult Term

Abstract Management refers to gathering of personnel in a work place to achieve set objectives through effective utilization of accessible capital. Management occurs in varied forms that include a process, an activity, a discipline, a group, a science, an art and a profession. Various theories apply in management and must be integrated together to achieve […]

How is Political Neutrality Defined?

The relations between public administrators, public servants and the representatives of the government and political system in Canada should be neutral according to the doctrine of political neutrality. From this point, it is necessary to distinguish between the aspects of politics and the process of realizing the definite policies with the help of public servants […]

Global Sourcing of Capital

The global sourcing of capital refers to obtaining financial resources from debt, equity, money or capital markets. Amongst these, debt refers to those financing sources which provide financing opportunities for both short and long terms. Equity, on the other hand, refers to obtaining finance for a business through issuance of stocks in local and / […]

Human Development and Learning: Analysis of the Lesson

Observation and Description The lesson is taught by Lisa Polacsek for the fourth-graders. As learning theories may have some aspects in common, it is necessary to take into account those that are more related to the lesson in question. As such, the learning theory observed in the video can be considered relevant to social learning […]

The Implication of Chafee and Metsger’s Article “The end of Mass Communication” on Lindenwood University School of Mass Communication

Introduction In this article, Steven Chafee and Miriam Metzger argue that the term “mass communication” in the modern world is losing significance because a new area, called the media, has emerged due to technological developments. According to the two authors, mass communication is no longer an accurate description of communication in the present situation due […]

Impacts of Globalization

HP company is one of the America’s IT corporation whose headquarter is located in California at a place called Palo Alto in the United States. The company has specialized mainly in “developing and manufacturing computing, data storage, and networking hardware, designing software and delivering services. Major product lines include personal computing devices, enterprise servers, related […]

Beneficiaries of U.S. welfare programs

The U.S. federal government has put in place various welfare programs to cater for the needs of certain vulnerable groups within the society. There are distinctive qualities that define an individual’s eligibility to a welfare program. These programs target different groups of people in society. This paper explores the available U.S. welfare programs in respect […]

US Government 1789-1821

Greatest accomplishments from 1789-1821 George Washington became the first president of the United States of America in 1789. From 1789-1812, America’s government worked hard to rebuild the state’s financial structure. One of the greatest accomplishments during this period was legislation of crucial laws that helped to shape the country’s governance. The legislature included the senate […]

Indoor air quality in sustainable, energy efficient buildings

Introduction ‘Indoor air quality in sustainable, energy efficient buildings’ is the article by Andrew K. Persily and Steven J. Emmerich. The article is devoted to the problem of the indoor air quality. The authors focused their attention on the energy-efficient approach of its achievement. The background of the article The energy efficiency is the urgent […]

Fat-and Water-Soluble Vitamins

Overall, the classification of vitamins is based on such a criterion as their solvability. One can distinguish two broad groups, in particular, fat-soluble vitamins such as A or E and water-soluble vitamins like folate or biotin (Grosvenor & Smolin, 2012). Certainly, these organic compounds can be divided into other classes; for example, one can use […]

At which stage can centralized and decentralized cities meet to create a design that is essential in maintaining a healthy mind and body?

This is a content analysis paper on the literature review titled City Form and Structure and its Impact in our Lives. The research question designed for this literature review is: At which stage can centralized and decentralized cities meet to create a design that is essential in maintaining a healthy mind and body? This content […]

The Invention of Development

The world has experienced tremendous developmental progress since time immemorial. A great number of personalities and events have contributed either directly or indirectly towards this end. The notion of development has acquired various perspectives throughout the long period of time in the world. Sustainable development can be defined as the process of improving the welfare […]

Concepts of Supply Chain

Introduction Cuero limited, is a company that is involved in the manufacture of shoes and has 3 factories for manufacture that include Catesby factory, Kilsby factory and the Buckhorn Weston factory. The company is also involved in retailing, distribution of shoes materials and the operations of a mail order business. The purchasing and supply performance […]

Melbourne: Army Recruitment

Recruiting and Marketing Initiatives Recruitment is done in various sections which include; Professional Graduate Officer careers, the ADF Sponsored Undergraduate scheme, Australian Defense Force Academy amongst others. ADF has to put down strategies that will ensure that they compete favorably for candidates within the market. Their offer to the candidates should be extended to family […]

Nickel and Dimed

The book “Nickel and Dimed”, written by Barbara Ehrenreich investigates the resulting impact of the 1995 welfare program instituted by the U.S. in order to aid the working poor. Set in the perspective of an investigative journalist working undercover as a poor low wage worker, the book delves into how non-skilled workers within the U.S. […]

Fraudulent accounting and tax evasion

In the recent past, high profile cases due to fraudulent accounting and tax evasion have led to substantial changes in the regulations of corporate governance and accounting (Crocker & Slemrod, 2005). Fraudulent accounting and tax evasion has been established as an avenue through which corporations can increase their profits and as such requires increased regulation […]

How People Make Economic Decisions

Introduction Decision making is very crucial in any context of economic decision making. Part of this decision making is individual decision making. Principles of individual decision making entails the principle of tradeoffs, the principle of opportunity cost, the principle of rational margin and the principle of incentives (Mankiw, 2008 p.6) The principle of trade-offs According […]

Discrimination at Publix Incorporation

Introduction It is illegal for firms in different sectors to practice any form of discrimination. To guard against this, various governments such as the Unites States have instituted legislations that stipulate penalties due to discrimination. On the other hand, firms have instituted policies aimed at ensuring non-discrimination. This paper evaluates the degree to which Publix […]

The Total Rewards System

Introduction Compensation system in an organization is very important because it helps organizations improve their performance through increased employee output. Total reward programs are systems set in place by the management of an organization with the main aim of rewarding employees for their efforts and excellence in their work. The compensation system may involve things […]

The Implications of Technology on human behavior

The use of technology is so ubiquitous to present day society that its usage is attributable to nearly 70% of an average person’s day with the remaining percentage going towards eating, sleeping and miscellaneous other activities (Sehgal, 24 – 27). Technology has in effect changed the landscape of human actions; it has enabled better methods […]

Qualitative Research: Grounded Theory

Grounded theory was coined by both Glaser and Strauss as a reaction to positivism. It was intended to loosen holds on positivism that were placed on an idea that was important to test all theories for applicability. Theories are data driven and they intend to draw on research fields based on oral tradition and explicit […]

All forms of Culture are of Equal Value

Multiculturalism, cultural relativism and economic development. It is true that all cultures are equal and none is superior. In the recent past there has arisen the concept of multiculturalism. This is where the people accept all the different ethnic and religious cultures without promoting a specific culture. This has come about because of the cultural […]

Role of Women in the Church

The roles that women play in church leadership today have been of critical importance in enhancing performance of church ministries in both complementary and active roles. Credible studies on egalitarianism indicate that the intention of God regarding church ministry and leadership roles has been that both men and women serve in equal positions and status. […]

“Diet for a Warmer Planet” Julia Whitty

Introduction In the article “Diet for a Warmer Planet” Julia Whitty presents two specific ideas: that it is necessary to reduce the global carbon footprint made by humanity in order to prevent adverse climate change and that the most effective way of doing so is to reduce individual consumption as a group so as to […]

Hacking: Social Engineering Online

Hacking is a well-organized system used by criminals to obtain information from various individuals and corporation. This information may concern the financial status and transactions of the targeted groups. Hacker uses well designed software which enables them to break passwords and upload the information into there database. The information is fed to the main web […]

Confucians and Judeo-Christians

Part 1: The Ethical Conflict between Indulging Individual Freedom and a Well-ordered Society This conflict can be seen in the case of Confucians against Western democracy or Judeo-Christians. Western countries including Europe and America seem to observe individual freedom at the expense of the entire society unlike Asian countries, which embrace the notion of a […]

Deal to Combat Piracy Nears for Australia

According to the Federal Attorney General, curbing online piracy involves the copyright owners, the internet service providers, and customer advocates. Internet users who are found to make copies of movies and music will be given warnings. If they fail to adhere to the warnings, they will be sanctioned and even disconnected from internet services. Former […]

Geographical outlook of the Northern Africa

This chapter provides a summary of world Geographical outlook of the Northern Africa and parts of the Middle East. This chapter is a preferred one since it provides a quick understanding of fine details ranging from physical geographical location to the demographic patterns (Mathews and David 3). Consequently, the chapter directs the reader’s attitude towards […]

Economics, business and sugar in UK

Introduction What Is Economics? Economics is a social science that focuses on relationships between individuals, businesses, countries, and continents in terms of how the resources are being used in order to meet the wants of humans. This subject can be divided into two major categories, in particular employment-government, and business-government relations. The first one is […]

Louise Bourgeois’ Art

Bourgeois, a French woman, was a famous artist who died from a heart attack on at 98 years old. She had a painful childhood experience which became “the grist to her mill of artistic”. Her mother died when she was eight and this affected her psychologically. Bourgeois started her career in art in the late […]

Diversity and Groups

It is difficult to accomplish a collective objective while working in solitude, team work is a fundamental element of an organization. All units within the organization should be created to work as a team since it is detrimental if all units choose to work independently. Introducing teamwork spirit in the hotel would enable easy assembly […]

Geography of East Asia

Map comparison The present day state of China is a consequence of spatial-expansion that traces back to an era long before Christ (1900 BC). Basically, until early twentieth century China was synonymous with dynastic rule. With Manchu dynastic rule (1644-1991) recording massive gains and thus hitting an all-time high, the entire period represents rollercoaster kind […]