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UAE Medical Waste Culture and Environmental Impact Essay

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Updated: Jul 3rd, 2021

The promotional products initiative is aimed at informing the UAE population about medical waste management measures. The proposed solution aims to convince citizens of the direct impact of incineration or landfill on global warming.

The primary means of information will be advertising banners stretched out on the street and distributed on social networks. I had to work with my classmates to choose the inscriptions for the posts that would attract the attention of the user or the pedestrian. Among the users who are interested in the problem will also be medical professionals who regularly throw syringes and cotton in the garbage can. In the UAE, medical personnel is indifferent to the consequences of their actions (Abhijit, Chopra, and Kaur 130). Offline and online information will tell you not only about measures that should not be taken but also about possible risks and the current crime situation in this area. Moreover, in the long term, it is planned to use visual statistics to visualize the overall picture of the UAE pollution.

The second important step would be to ensure that norms and regulations are established that apply sanctions to violators. Of course, I do not have the power to enforce any new laws within this country, but by creating a social movement, we will be able to attract the attention of politicians to this problem. The adopted laws will allow us to develop strategies to improve the culture of medical waste management. Alternatively, rewards and benefits can be provided to those who correctly follow the recycling instructions.

Advertising on the street and the internet mock-up:

Advertising on the street and the internet mock-up

Reflexion Page

When I was studying the issue of improper waste disposal technology, I realized a critical thought. There is a strong link between careless waste management and global warming (Mugabi, Hattingh, and Chima 1633). Today, in the UAE, many clinics and health facilities are ignoring the rules for the destruction of used materials such as syringes, masks, and medicinal chemicals (Kurannen, Baharum, and Akashah 117).

In addition to the apparent danger to the health of citizens, waste also causes significant damage to the environment (Mugabi et al. 1633). Thus, inappropriate waste treatment leads to the release of gases into the atmosphere that triggers global warming processes. My research included a survey of students and people on the street asking them how to manage waste properly. After receiving the results, I realized that citizens do not understand what an environmentally sound system of medical waste disposal is.

In this regard, I have two ideas to solve this problem. Firstly, it is necessary to inform the population of the UAE about the rules and regulations of waste recycling (Kurannen et al. 171). When we discussed with my classmates’ possible ways of disseminating information, they said that they actively use social networks and do not watch TV. For this reason, the public is informed through banner advertisements along the roads, which are actively disseminated on the Internet.

Most of the citizens of this country have no sense of patriotism, which makes people take care of the environment. The second solution is to establish strict regulations and laws to minimize the desire to bury or burn garbage. Established rules must not violate fundamental human rights and comply with international standards (Abhijit et al. 130). Many developed countries have regulations in place and in the UAE, too (Abhijit et al. 130). However, conscious propaganda of silencing the problem by the state leads to drastic consequences for nature and humanity.

My reflections on this issue were primarily influenced by the work of Benjamin Barber Shrunken Sovereign: Consumerism, globalization, and American emptiness. A significant share of the UAE’s economy is tourism as part of the globalization process. Most of the garbage that tourists bring with them is either burned or formed in the open countryside in the countryside. Moreover, being in a new climate, people often get sick, which in turn leads to large-scale spending of medical resources, which are not disposed of properly. Thus, globalization has no positive impact on the environmental situation in the UAE. My idea of informing the population is to help all citizens without exception to remember what it means to take care of nature.

During the practical part of the work, I was faced with a misunderstanding of what kind of words should be written on banners so that people would understand how to dispose of garbage correctly. Then I turned to my group and asked them what they thought about it. They suggested that banners should write some catchy words in large print in the title and give a short instruction below. This way, people’s attention will be captured, and I can bring the idea to light.

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