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Business in Amsterdam

The growth of various businesses in Amsterdam is stimulated by various factors. First, one should speak about the availability of skilled labor force. Approximately, 44 percent of the adult population has higher education (Consultants International, 2010). Thus, entrepreneurs can find a great number of knowledge workers in this city. This is one of the social […]

Measurement and Early Geometry

Measurement concepts have some distinct goals. The first is to help young children understand the description of measurement and how to solve the issues related to mathematics. This includes an understanding of the features that need to be measured, the way units are applied, and understanding of the way measuring devices operate. The second goal […]

Beating ADHD Naturally

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurobehavioral disease which is characterized by such symptoms as inattentiveness, daydreaming, hyperactivity, impulsiveness, inability to focus on the same thing for a long time, and impatience (NIMH, 2010, unpaged). The key peculiarity of ADHD is that a patient displays several of these symptoms, and they are observed quite […]

Healthcare: Clinical Roles and Social Identities

Some of the common professionals in healthcare sector include nurses, physicians and nurse practitioners. All of them play integral roles within their diverse disciplines. For instance, a nurse plays the role of a caregiver who attends to patients in a caring and passionate manner. A nurse also facilitates smooth flow of communication between healthcare recipients […]

Muhammad Ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi

Muhammed Ibn Musa al Khwarizmi was a renowned mathematician, astronomer and geographer, who lived during the Abbasid Empire. He is known as the father of algebra. Some historians believe, he was born in Chorasmia in the year 780 AD (Moore & Mertens, 2011), and died in 850 AD. Others think that he was born in […]

The Screwtape Letters

It is perhaps possible to wonder whether a tempter can control everything we do or not. Better still, could there be some invisible powers that always beleaguer our steps? Lewis attempts to clear all the uncertainties that may be surrounding these twin questions. The instructional correspondence as portrayed in The Screwtape Letters depicts the activities […]

Living Buddha, Living Christ

In his book Living Buddha, Living Christ, Hanh (1995) explores the issues concerning religious tolerance and peace among people pertaining to different traditions. One of the most striking statements in his writing (which can be regarded as a thesis statement of the entire work) is as follows, “We have different… ways of seeing, but we […]

“Eco-Warriors” by Rik Scarce

“Eco-Warriors” is a book that investigates the actions of environmentalists using both historical and philosophical accounts. The author of this book is Rik Scarce a sociologist at Skidmore College and he refers to the several environmental organizations in this book. This paper provides a review of Scarce’s book in the view of the effects that […]

The Future of Professional Psychology Presentation

Introduction The future of professional psychology is clouded by challenges despite many efforts to reduce them. In particular, special social groups such as elderly and Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender (LGBT) community pose a myriad of future challenges due to various factors. The Future of Professional Psychology At the outset, the number of people above […]

Bisman’s Social Work Values: The Moral core of Profession

Hypothesis In these modern days, acquired knowledge for professional purposes has replaced the core values and mission of social work in industrialized countries. The belief that the society has a moral obligation to cater for social needs of poor people has reduced considerably. Goal To establish the reasons behind shifting priorities from social objectives to […]


Today millions of people from France, Argentina, Brazil, China and many other countries associate the word “Carrefour” with convenience, quality, and the best service. That is why the chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets Carrefour is considered as the second greatest company in the industry round in the world. When the first store of this brand […]

Conflict in The Age of Innocence and Manhattan Transfer

Goldsmith, Arnold. The Contemporary American Urban Novel. Wayne State UP, 1991. Goldsmith examines various American novelists and the way these novelists present the American society. Goldsmith notes that these novelists have presented the conflicts that faced people as they encountered new ways. This book makes the reader understand the concerns that are raised in American […]

Human Rights of People with Intellectual Disabilities

Perceptions of people with intellectual disabilities have changed over time in that, the society no longer views them as disabled members but see them as having unique abilities that require nurturing. Since disability is not inability, human rights’ advocates argue that perception of people with disabilities as disabled is discriminative and therefore call for their […]

How we Know-and Sometimes Misjudge-What Others Know: Imputing One’s Knowledge to Others

Raymond S. Nickerson in his article, How we Know-and Sometimes Misjudge-What Others Know: Imputing One’s Knowledge to Others, reminds us that, “To communicate effectively with other people, one must have a reasonably accurate idea of what they do and do not know that is pertinent to the communication” (p. 737). Therefore, for effective communication one […]

Technological Play and Touch Technologies among children

The world has changed into a technological world. Most parts of the world have endorsed technology. Approximately 71 percent of children have also endorsed technology significantly (Yelland, 2010). Children access information through technological devices in the form of videos, text and pictures. This aims at equipping them with the needed technological knowledge in the present […]

EU Zone Crisis

There are a number of criteria that member of Eurozone should follow to be signed in. Most importantly, the inflation rates of the aspiring member state should not be above 1.5 percentage points. The second factor should be government finance; both annual government deficit and gross government debt. The other important factor is exchange rate […]

Documentary “Caves”

Summary of the Film This documentary illustrates the formation of caves and shows the diversity of species that inhabit them. At first, the authors speak about limestone caves. They note that although these rocks can reach hundreds of feet above the sea level, many were formed under the water. For example, one can mention the […]

Popper on Corroboration

Popper’s theories have always attempted to draw the line between science and non-science. Popper is of the view that induction belongs to the non-science category. Therefore, Popper falls back on his best-tested theory as the best tool for scientific research. However, his views on corroboration seem to contradict his earlier dismissal of induction. According to […]

Mobile Phone Use by Teenagers

Introduction Mobile phones, which were invented a few decades ago, have become important communication devices utilized by society members of all ages. One age group that has made persistent use of mobile phones is teenagers. Teenagers’ overuse of phones has had a marked effect on their school lives. This paper will address the negative impacts […]

Psychology of Implicit Attitudes

Introduction An implicit attitude refers to the hidden attitude that an individual may have towards something. It has been observed that most people have implicit attitudes towards people with disabilities. Implicit attitudes Discrimination of people with physical, emotional, social, and mental disabilities has mostly been as a result of the hidden cultural and social beliefs […]

Describe the ways in which Chekov conveys the transformation in Lady with Dog

Chekov’s “The Lady with Dog” is perhaps one of the most captivating and intriguing pieces of writing that could easily inspire the mind of any reader. The author begins with a range of signals that demonstrate the unyielding transformation of his characters in the short story (Chekhov 34). The author’s choice of event is keen; […]

How the event organizers influence Sydney’s annual City to surf event for wider social and economic outcomes?

Recently, sports have been viewed to be one of the most valuable instruments that can be used in promotion of a region as a tourist attraction centre, a place for business location, and an attractive place where people can live and at the same time, work. Sports also have become a catalyst, which countries are […]

Degrees of Freedom

The degree of freedom in colonial North America varied from one group to another. England established thirteen colonies in North America in the course of the 17th century. During the colonial period, the lives of American women were very different. The majority of women performed domestic chores. The rights of women were limited by the […]

Critique of the journal article “Citing data sources in the social sciences: Do authors do it?” by Hailey Mooney

Mooney, H. (2011). Citing data sources in the social sciences: Do authors do it? Learned Publishing, 24(2), 99-108. The article under consideration dwells upon the practice of citing sources by scholars. The author argues that citation practices have become somewhat marginalized as authors fail to provide proper references to the sources they use. Mooney (2011) […]

Genetic and Cultural Differences Are not Two Opposites

The Article by Way and Lieberman (2010) The issues concerning cultural differences have been discussed throughout decades. It is often believed that such factors influencing people’s behaviour as cultural differences and genetic differences are not interconnected. However, many researchers argue that genetic and cultural differences are interrelated. For instance. Way and Lieberman (2010) claim that […]

Rethinking the Quebec Act

The article “No King unless It Be a Constitutional King: Rethinking the Place of the Quebec Act in the Coming of the American Revolution” by Vernon Creviston published in the Fall of 2011 in Historian discusses the implications of the Quebec Act of 1774 for the American colonies and the impact of this legislation upon […]

“Escaping to Reality: Fashion Photography in the 1990s” by Elliot Smedley

Written by Elliot Smedley, “Escaping to Reality: Fashion Photography in the 1990s” explores how contemporary fashion photography is adopting realistic styles by using realistic activities contrary to ideal styles that had dominated art and photography for decades. A shift from idealism to realism has kept in tandem with current socio-economic conditions that reflect consumerism. Realistic […]