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Shared intentionality

The authors attempt to answer the question on whether shared intentionality is important to the cognitive development of children. Another answer to the significance of shared intentionality in children would focus on the fact that [...]

Recognition or Redistribution

The role of the press in this dilemma is highlighted because the press eventually determines how nations handle redistribution and recognition issues. Siapera's account of the redistribution and recognition dilemma is easy to understand.

Rethinking the Quebec Act

The article "No King unless It Be a Constitutional King: Rethinking the Place of the Quebec Act in the Coming of the American Revolution" by Vernon Creviston published in the Fall of 2011 in Historian [...]

Current Events in Business Research

Business research can pursue a variety of objectives, for example, to examine the attitudes of employees or consumer decision-making. Finally, the ultimate goal of business research is to bring improvements to an organization or solve [...]

Degrees of Freedom

England established thirteen colonies in North America in the course of the 17th century. They were denied the freedom of land ownership and voting rights.

Documentary “Caves”

This documentary illustrates the formation of caves and shows the diversity of species that inhabit them. For instance, one can speak about the caves on the Yucatan Peninsula that acted as water wells.

Organisations value statements

One of the main strengths of a value statement is that it shows the employees and customers of the company its commitment towards realisations of goals and objectives for their benefit.


That is why the chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets Carrefour is considered as the second greatest company in the industry round in the world.

General Electric: Strategic management

After attaining a competitive advantage, the company also has to strive to maintain that advantage. The firm also has to take advantage of business information resources and using it to out rank their competitors.

The global oil prices

The increase in oil prices has been caused by the increase in the number of people in need of oil. The economics of supply and demand have caused the increase in oil prices.

The Screwtape Letters

Hence, the means of temptation and thinking has been vividly given to the audience of the writings. The Screwtape and Wormwood are not happy with how the girl tries to spread the love of God.

Who was Pedro Calosa?

This Church was also referred to as the church of poor Filipinos as well as the oppressed. The revolt was known as Tayug Colorum and deplored the feudal system for poor land tenure without success.

Banking Regulation and Taxation

Due to the scope of activities of the banking industry, it is vital for governments to regulate the industry. It is vital for the government to consider whether banking regulation or taxation would help in [...]

Bloc Party’s CD titled “Four”

In reality, the specificity and the unique sound that the band produces can be seen as a somewhat new direction and a great variation to everything that was created before.

Beating ADHD Naturally

The key peculiarity of ADHD is that a patient displays several of these symptoms, and they are observed quite regularly. Thus, one can say that proper diet can be effective for the treatment of attention [...]

Business in Amsterdam

Additionally, it is important to speak about the taxation in the Netherlands. These are the forces that contribute to the growth of businesses in Amsterdam.

The Steps of Scientific Method

She was instrumental in the attainment of results obtained from a research study that focused on treatment of neoplasms. Her research work and achievements in the study of radioactivity have contributed significantly to advancement of [...]

Management Accounting in Company

The decision made in this situation is unethical as it leads to a creation of a misleading financial statement. This generally is unethical as it represents a favourable financial position of the company but which [...]

Bank of England

In 2012, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Bank of England released a report documenting some of the measures that the regulators would take to ensure that consumers were not exposed to systemic risks by [...]

Effects of Globalization

The second positive effect of globalization is that it promotes international trade and growth of wealth as a result of economic integration and free trade among countries.

The Molly Maguires

According to the legend associated with the organization's name, the Irish miners referred to the name of the Irish Catholic woman Molly Maguire who was rather persistent while opposing to the Irish and English Protestants [...]

The Learn English Website Evaluation

The Learn English website from the British Council is the most used website in the language-learning sector. In addition, teachers and parents can use the site to ease the English learning process of students.

Mobile Phone Use by Teenagers

This paper will address the negative impacts that mobile phones are having on teenagers' school life. Campbell confirms that most teenagers have the desire to upgrade their phones in order to fit in with their [...]

Whirlpool M51 Galaxy Structure

The beautiful colours that form the M51 galaxy are natural colours formed as a result of the intense star forming processes that take place at the galaxy due to the continuous compression of hydrogen gas [...]

Negative Image of Women in the Media

Sexual identity which to a wide extent relates to the way in which people express their "sexual values, attitudes, feelings and beliefs" has been a common factors in society with the identification and further association [...]

Artist’s Role in Society

These artists support the best national ideas and traditions in order to make every society successful. Artists can "encourage their followers to support the best activities and decisions in the society".

Cybercrime as the Top IT Threat

Cybercrime refers to a crime of any kind that involves the combination of a network and a computer. If the threat is not dealt with, every crime that constitutes a cybercrime could lead to a [...]

American, French and Haitian Revolutions

The main differences between the revolutions lie in their origins: the American Revolution was stimulated by the unwillingness to pay higher tax revenues to Britain, the French one was stimulated by the willingness to replace [...]

Basic Conflict in Antigone by Sophocle

In setting the central characters against each other, Sophocles' play Antigone embodies a conflict between one's duty to the state and laws and the responsibility to family and morality.