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Environmental Studies: Water Contamination in China

Introduction Development and population growth have adverse effects on the environment, and thus they are the major causes of water contamination in China. Water is essential for human livelihood and a basic requirement for industrial and economic growth. However, with the government focusing on economic growth, little attention is given to water conservation, thus leading […]

Quality Management Role

Introduction The report covers element of quality management in products. It uses Apple’s iPad to highlight various issues, particularly in product quality features and communication to customers. Quality management is an important element for an organization. It ensures that all products and services are consistent with the established standards. In quality management, organizations must ensure […]

Quality of Life in Contract Security

Introduction A contract security company, such as G4s and Walden, should have an effective framework that deals with critical issues experienced by employees. This may include wages, union representatives, job placement, and pension, among others. According to Schermerhorn, Osborn, & Hunt (2000), a vast majority of the contract security companies is faced with a dilemma […]

Construct Development, Scale Creation, and Process Analysis

Introduction Development of psychological tests necessitates coming up with a criteria that follows specific guidelines, namely, coming up with a sample, assessing the characteristics of the sample, developing instruments for testing, and evaluating the instruments using the validity and reliability criteria. This paper will focus on development of construct and creation of scale by consulting […]

Internet Technology, Marketing and Security

Introduction Internet technology has an expanded network base all over the world. This has enabled multinational corporations to market their goods and services without the need to move from one place to another. Internet marketing has improved customer relationship with businesses as it brings goods closer to the consumer. In fact, advancement in technology has […]

The impact of studying abroad on graduate employability

Introduction The United Kingdom’s government policies promote the development of higher education. The government advocates for the increment of the catchment population for higher education and growth of proportions of labour market entrants with degrees. Government policies may lead to the increase in the supply of graduate labour. The media and society in the UK […]

Broadway Training Partners

Introduction Broad way training partners is an incredibly well established corporation in the corporate market. It offers several training courses including management skills, technical skills and executive training. As a result of the steady gain in the number of clients, broadway Training Partners has decided to develop new training centre to accommodate this rise in […]

Walmart Company Opportunities and Advantages

Thesis Statement This report evaluates the Wal-Mart Stores. Thus, it explores the Company in terms of its low-cost strategy, product diversity and the high number of large physical stores. Using these capabilities, Wal-Mart has and continues to lead in the retail industry. The report, therefore, evaluates how these capabilities have enabled Wal-Mart to realize its […]

Managerial Skills: Consulting

Introduction At a time when globalization and consumerism patterns have turned out to be the determining forces in the market, mergers and acquisitions among organizations are very critical in maintaining market capitalization, sustainability and subsequent development. Consultants on mergers agree almost unanimously that the merging of companies is an important process that provides organizations with […]

Response to Aviation Accidents

Introduction Accidents are common occurrences in the aviation industry. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are responsible for investigating aviation accidents and giving safety recommendations. In addition, they develop rules, policies, and laws to alleviate reduce accidents (Federal Aviation Administration, 2011). The two bodies work together through exchange of […]

Comparison of Guided Search Model and Feature Integration Model of Visual Search

Abstract Scientific evidence supports the feature integration model. Experiments among patients with Balint’s syndrome, simulated experiments, and existence of the binding problem all testify to the relevance of attention in visual searches. However, this model has weaknesses, which the guided search model solves. The guided search model explains why certain conjunction searches may be fast […]

International Business

Introduction The term International business refers to companies having business operations in different nations across the globe. Globalization has made it possible for many countries particularly the developing and the underdeveloped nations to expand and receive foreign investments in their countries. The WTO alongside the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) among other trade […]

Workplace Issues in the Tourism Industry

Introduction Many researchers say the hospitality industry experiences high employee turnovers than most sectors of the economy (Davidson & Wany 2011). Albeit this fact is widely undisputed, it is important to understand what researchers mean by “employee turnover.” Davidson & Wany (2011) say employee turnover denotes the rate at which a company gains and loses […]

IT Project Management Plan for Gold Source International Ltd Company in Dubai

Executive Summary This project seeks to launch a new product for Gold Source International Ltd Company in Dubai, (U.A.E.). The company will incorporate the use of IT in the development of the designing software and will use an internally developed website for creating awareness of the product. The company will provide website’s links to social […]

Book Reviews Red Dust: A Path through China and Iron and Silk

Red Dust by Ma Jian Red Dust presents the author’s (Ma Jian) experiences in China while it was under the communist rule in the 1980s. The book falls under the genre of a travelogue as it essentially gives details of the author’s three-year travels across China in a quest for self-discovery and spiritual fulfilment. The author’s […]

Theatre History in Grossmont College production and Terrence especially

Introduction The history of art has evolved through the year with notable differences and classification of literature work. Though the times and society has changed and more the traditions and technology, it is amazing how works of the roman empire periods could bear same characteristics as works written our today’s post modernity era. It seems […]

Organizational Analysis and Design – Etisalat

Introduction Etisalat is an international telecommunications firm based in the UAE. Many recognize it as a formidable force in data and voice services across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The organization’s net revenue illustrates this; on this basis, the company lies among the top 150 most profitable organizations in the world. Structural arrangement of […]

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods: Similarities and Differences

Introduction The aim of this paper is to analyze and to compare quantitative and qualitative research methods. The analysis will begin with the definition and description of the two methods. This will be followed by a discussion on the various aspects of the two research methods. The similarities and differences between quantitative and qualitative research […]

Online Marketing Challenge

Executive Summary The analysis of online marketing challenge is aimed at improving the performance of a hotel in the competitive Australian industry. In this case, the Managing director of the hotel needs to understand means of optimizing the internet marketing to improve the performance of the hotel. The challenge of online marketing necessitates the use […]

Corporate Social Responsibility is Integral to the Long-Term Success of Five-Star Hotels

Introduction The hotel industry around the world continue to undergo transformation in order attain competitive edge among other destination places. The desire to provide superior services and positive clients experience necessitate the ongoing changes are also necessitated by. The hotel industry has a significant task in developing the appropriate tourism merchandise (Ayuso, 2006). There is […]

Ethical Aspects of Neural Prostheses

Introduction The use of neural prostheses in clinical settings to aid in the repair of the nervous system is increasingly being practiced. These neural prostheses interact directly with the nervous system, facilitating the restoration of neural function damaged by injuries and disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. The loss of neuronal motor signal frequently causes partial […]

Family and Marriage Therapy

Introduction Diagnosing a problem is one of the most important stages in resolving issues affecting individuals in relationships and the issues facing the family. However, diagnosis does not take place without the application of certain models or theories. A therapist should employ a certain model or theory in diagnosing a problem affecting an individual in […]

Social and Political Philosophy

Plato’s critics on Athenian way of life With the conviction of Socrates, Plato, one of the great Socrates’ supporters, sees Athenians as prejudiced people who convict the innocent freeing the guilty. He observes “…his conviction resulted from his unwillingness to address the Athenians the way they would have liked him to do” (Plato 245). Plato […]

Contribution of Women in the Vietnam War

Introduction Women participated in various capacities in the Vietnam War but medical positions took up the largest percentage. Some of them served in hospitals; others were in medical evacuation flights, the Navy through ships and even makeshift medical units. Female military personnel played a large role in saving the lives of many soldiers. These women […]

Organizational Learning Success

Introduction Many scholars have defined organizational learning while considering key areas such as knowledge creation, transfer and behavioral change or adjustment. A widely accepted definition is that organizational learning is an incessant process of knowledge creation and acquisition as well as transferring the same knowledge with an effect of causing behavioral modification. The end result […]

Balanced Literacy Program

The teaching and learning processes are interdependent and inextricably linked to each other. Hence, if to illustrate these complex phenomena in simple notions and components, the teaching-learning correlation will look as follows: [Board of Studies (a), p.86] These are the paving stones of theory to organizing and planning the class with the students of any […]

Nations Universal Inclusion

Introduction Although many nations in the world remain politically focused wherein politicians of a country strive to protect their country’s sovereignty, many nations in the world continue stay away from universal inclusiveness, simply because each nation contains citizens with quite different ideologies. The differences exhibited in ideologies among citizens in a given nation; limit universal […]

Language and Time

Language is a critical tool in the humanities and social sciences. It would be impossible to study communication arts, history, philosophy, religion and the classics if one will deprive himself of this tool. Language is the key that opens the door in the study of humanities. However, the same thing can be said when it […]

Internationalisation Strategy for Fukamo Automobiles Company

Executive Summary Fukamo Automobiles Company is a leading cars manufacturer in Brazil. The company intends to roll out an internationalisation strategy to expand to other parts of the world. The objectives of the organisation include becoming a leader in the automotive industry. The following report proposes an internationalisation strategy for Fukamo Automobiles Company. The strategy […]

International Relationships with Oil

Condoleezza Rice’s visit to Kazakhstan Visits by top United States officials to Kazakhstan elicited reactions from the Russian authorities that the west was trying to lure away its partners. However, this was dismissed by Rice, the US Secretary of State, during her visit with Kazakh foreign minister. Washington was seeing Kazakhstan’s economic potential in expanding […]

Communication in Entrepreneurship

Research Background Information flow within an organization has always been the subject of unceasing interest for researchers (Welch, 2011). Entering into the global economy has posed new challenges to the communication process and at the same time provided new avenues for addressing standard communication issues. However, when descrying communication as a crucial part of an […]

Athenahealth Inc. Analysis

Athenahealth controls health system management software market through its products that target physicians. The company has enjoyed considerable success due to its strong marketing strategies. For six consecutive quarters, the company has posted positive earnings. This demonstrates the strengths and viability of the marketing approaches adopted by Athenahealth. The company’s hold on the market and […]

The Importance of Education during Early Childhood

Introduction In pre-school children life, parents play an integral role in influencing children’s learning experiences and knowledge grasps. This arises from interactive segments among parents and children. For this reason, many parents opt to participate in mothers and toddlers groups, childcare arrangements, babysitting activities, and other events that increase interactive sessions between toddlers and parents. […]