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The Plan for a Dream Vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada Creative Writing Essay

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Updated: Oct 18th, 2019

Visiting to one of the most popular cities of Nevada, Las Vegas, may seem like an endless party, where each member is eager to continue entertaining, without sleeping all days and nights in order to enjoy the beauty of this city, if it is possible.

Huge buildings, touching the sky, multicolored lights, making the city brighter and even warmer, and people afoot – all this creates a picture of a lively city that is always ready to accept one more visitor and present the world, full of events and happiness, to him/her. “What matters is that, like an oasis mirage in a parched desert, Las Vegas is whatever you desire most, if only for a day, a night or a dirty weekend.

Here, everyone lives like the King” (Benson 2007). There are 5 evident reasons to visit Las Vegas, Nevada: (1) an ability to watch amazing shows any time you want; (2) a good chance to observe a Pyramid, Ancient Rome, and the Eiffel Tower; (3) a possibility to drink for free visiting different casinos; (4) a great opportunity to win much and be recognized by the world or loose everything; (5) a funny and unforgettable place to get married.

Las Vegas is worth visiting for many reasons, and I, as a sophisticated travel agent, am ready to introduce you this city and prove that you will never forget your vacations and your trip to Las Vegas, where an opportunity to relax, gamble, and meet new people are available all the time.

The Description of the Target Group

The chosen target group for vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada has rather clear purposes to relax, to rejuvenate, and simply to have fun. The choice of this city is obvious: Las Vegas is created for fun, shopping, gambling, and various entertainments, and if people want to have the most amazing vacations ever, the city is waiting for them.

Las Vegas attracts the attention of more that 35 million people annually (Moehring & Green, 2005), and it is never too much for it to accept one more visitor and open its doors with pleasure. The age range of my group is around 35-45 years. It is the most perfect target group because of several reasons. First of all, people of this age usually have successfully established careers, and their fiscal freedom allows them to visit any country and any city in order to relax or just enjoy this life annually.

Household income of the family, the members of which are under the age of 35-45, is about $80,000 per year (Biederman, 2007). People’s abilities to control their income and support each member of the family provide families with opportunities to visit such cities like Vegas and spend a couple of thousands there.

Lifestyle dimensions of this target group are connected to luxury and expensive and of course comfortable conditions. If people go on trip, they prefer to choose air transport in order to spend less time, use the best services, and enjoy the vacation. In spite of the fact that comfort is inherent to this group, people like to see the sights in crowds and eat standard food during the tours.

People under the age of 35-45 prefer both venturers and dependable trips. The latter is used in order to be sure that their vacation will not be spoiled by unpredictable situations or the absence of the necessary comfort, this is why they take short trips and choose standard accommodations. The representatives of venturers prefer new destinations each year and like to buy souvenirs and gifts in order to remember the vacation and have something to share with people from native places.

Vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada

The target group under analysis is going to visit Las Vegas. The choice of this city corresponds to almost all characteristics, which have been mentioned above about this group of people. First of all, 35-45-year-old people can permit themselves visiting different cities and their sights, spending certain sums of money, and enjoy the beauty of the chosen cities.

Las Vegas is the city of gambling and fun, this is why those people, who earn enough money and like different types of entertainment, will certainly find this city interesting and magnificent in many senses.

The peculiar feature of Las Vegas trips is the necessity to plan it beforehand: booking hotel rooms in order to have a place to stay for a while, buying tickets in order to have a chance to reach the city comfortably and quickly, and pointing out the places, which you want to see at first, in order to find out when it is possible to visit it and spend less time to enjoy everything (Benson, 2008).

Government and Tourism. Current economic crisis creates numerous challenges for the sphere of tourism and travel, and the efforts of the government to support Las Vegas’ vacations play a significant role nowadays.

The role of government becomes crucial because only this body is able to support the industry of tourism on its national and international level, to roll out promotions in the state and out of it, and to offer incentives in order to attract investors and develop projects.

As a rule, economic factors become the major ones: generation of jobs, incomes, and taxes should be evaluated in order to pay for numerous public services. However, cooperation of government and tourism may be characterized by both positive and negative outcomes.

On the one hand, government can provide the necessary promotional support as well as tourist police protection and consular services in order to manage crisis and promote tours. On the other hand, out- and in-bound requirements may hurt the industry and mistakenly reward some and disappoint the others (Biederman, 2007).

Sustainable Tourism. The idea of sustainable tourism becomes more crucial due to tourism’s dependence on some cultural and natural resources. It is about “the minimization of negative impacts and the maximization of positive impacts” (Weaver, 2006, p. 10).

Tourists’ activities in Las Vegas have to be rationed to help conserve the area: due to the great amount of tourists every year, it is extremely important to develop approaches and meet the demands of tourists as well as native citizens. The societal issues in Las Vegas do not face any challenges or troubles, because people and culture in Las Vegas are properly comprehended by the tourists and usually appreciated.

Those tourists, who come to Vegas in order to entertain and get some pleasure, realize that Vegas culture and traditions differ from the ones, they come from. It is possible to get married, earn millions, or lose everything within the shortest period of time.

Activities. Gaming activity is probably the major activity to include in vacation to Las Vegas. Many people prefer to visit the city of sins just in order to gamble and get and opportunity to win a bit.

Las Vegas casinos are the most captivating sights: The Hard Rock Casino, Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, or Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino, and other casinos on Las Vegas Boulevard (Herczog 2008). This is why it is important to explain how dangerous and unpredictable the games at casinos can be. However, it is also better to comprehend that the target group is old enough to control own budget and incomes.

So, gambling is the activity number one in out vacation list that should happen at day time, because nights have to be spent to enjoy the play of Las Vegas lights and sounds. Many people go outside and observe how amazing the evenings can be: lights of casinos and cinemas and crowds of people make the tourist believe that it is day outside and no one wants to sleep. Another activity that is inherent to the tourists of Las Vegas is shopping and visiting shows.

Ecotourism. Travelling to Las Vegas may be of different types; its magnificent buildings, huge and green parks, and amazing alleys provide ecotourists with opportunities to visit this city and develop ecotourism as an integral part of their lives. Ecotourism differs from other form of tourism due to its abilities to improve native citizens’ well-being and to conserve environment (Biederman, 2007).

It is possible to visit Las Vegas Zoo, also known as the Southern Nevada Zoological-Botanical Park, in order to observe exotic animals and enjoy numerous bamboos and cycads. This travel to the zoo helps to forget that you are in the city of casino and to feel yourself as a jungle-person, who observe nature and its riches for the first time.

Transportation. In spite of the fact that Las Vegas is almost in the center of a desert, there are many ways to reach this city within a short period of time.

The only important step to take is to buy a ticket to airplane and come in time to the airport. It does not matter what state/city you are coming from, trip over the air does not take too much time: a couple of hours, and you are in Las Vegas. Travels by airplanes are expensive indeed, but still, all those comfort, saved time, and services cost this money and do not make a traveler being bothered about something.

Local transportation within the city allows getting a cap any time; however, if a person is a member of my target group, a comfortable bus is already waiting for you to take to the most interesting places of Vegas. Minibuses, taxi, or monorail are available for tourists 24/7; and if a tourist loses his/her way or wants to get to his/her apartments as soon as possible, it is possible to spend some money and use some of the above-mentioned transport.

Travel agent vs. online travel site

The role of travel agents is crucial indeed: they ensure connection between travelers and travel vendors like airlines, hotels, and transport. When a person wants to visit Las Vegas for the first time, it is crucially important to use the services of travel agents in order to become aware about possible challenges of this vacation, about places, where some help or support can be found out, and about people, who can help, when it is necessary.

With the help of tour operators, a tourist can learn the prices and foresee possible money spending. In comparison to online travel site, the work of travel agents and tour operators seems to be more reliable and safer. Online sites may present interesting and necessary information about Las Vegas, provide with the necessary maps and facts.

However, if a person loses its way or is not sure to use this service or not, online site cannot offer a good solution, because, there are only some general facts and some general suggestions.

Traveler-beginners should feel that their vacation is under someone’s care, and if some unpredictable situation takes place, there will be a person, who is responsible for all this and is able to offer an appropriate way out. My role as a travel agent is very significant, because I try to do my best in order to offer the best vacations ever, and Las Vegas is a good point to start with.

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