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Human Impact on the Environment

Human interaction with the natural environment has imposed diverse impacts on the natural resources, which has resulted to degradation and depletion of the biophysical surroundings, biodiversity and natural resources. This poses the need for the implementation of effective policy regulations in order to address the negative influences that human activities impose on the natural resources […]

Brand Management

Introduction Principle products account for a sizeable percentage of a company’s profits. Companies use various strategies to improve the competitiveness of their products. Branding is one of the major strategies that companies use to improve the competitiveness of their products. Brand recognition makes customers associate with the product.1 Companies may employ several branding strategies. A […]

Odysseus as husband

Odyssey by Homer is a story about a brave hero who wants to return home after the Trojan War. His return is too complicated and too lengthy. Going home, Odysseus overstays for 20 years. All this time he dreams of seeing his wife and his son. Family is the only wish he strives for. The […]

Early intervention programs

Abstract The number of children whose academic, social and intellectual life is affected due to mental and developmental conditions is on the rise. Most of these conditions develop to uncontrollable levels because of ignorance or negligence. The many myths surrounding mental or developmental conditions are a major cause of families of affected children to develop […]

Video business case report

Executive summary AcQuire Technology Solutions, which is an Australian-based organisation, operates in the global market within the IT industry where it offers various technology solutions to its consumers inform of services and product innovations. Mr. Warren Cook, the company’s CEO, is worried that the company may suffer again from global financial crises, having not yet […]

Theory, Methodology and Human Development: HIV/AIDS and Education in African Countries

Introduction The HIV pandemic is acknowledged all over the world to be the most serious health crisis in the century. HIV continues to escalate at worrying rates throughout the world, and successful efforts to contain it have been minimal. This is correct despite advances of remarkable nature in our comprehension of the virus’s molecular biology […]

Environmental Issues of Yucca Mountain Nuclear Storage Facility in Nevada

Introduction Yucca Mountain is located about 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas. There were several processes which occurred during the formation of this mountain. A series of eruptions from a caldera occurred with subsequent alternate layering of tuffs. Two years ago, DOE (Department of Energy) tendered its interest on constructing (radioactive) waste storage compartment. It […]

The Genre of Crime and Gangster Movies

Crime and gangster movies always exhibit a correlation in sense that they are both developed from the sinister actions that are always associated with gangsters. A gangster is a broad term that is used to generally used to refer to those people who do not operate within the boundaries of the law; for instance bank […]

Extensive Reading: A Comparison of Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Abstract Extensive reading is regarded as one of the most effective approaches of how students may improve their language knowledge. There are not many researchers who contribute extensive reading taking into consideration current technological progress, and this issue remains to be unclear and poorly investigated. In this paper, the works of Dale Brown and Juan […]

Honey Shock Business Plan

Executive summary Honey Shock will be a dessert cafe located in the Woodley Park, Washington DC. In addition, Honey Shock will be a quick-service café where clients sit and wait for the desserts being prepared. The main selling point of the café will be the production of quality desserts to customers using a blend of […]

Supply Chain Management

Introduction Supply chain management refers to control that is accorded to raw materials and finished products. Proper management of these chains will enhance not only the loyalty that customers offer but also the satisfaction they receive1. Logistics management envisages an interrelationship of various activities that will collect indicators that are used to properly measure performance. […]

The Egyptian Economy

Economic history of Egypt This essay seek to look at the history of economic thought in Egypt. It seeks to answer the following questions, the economic history of Egypt, the economic philosophies followed by Egyptian majority, and the major economists who have influenced economic philosophies in Egypt. There is also the major economic events that […]

Macro-Environment Analysis of ‘A Horror Show at the Cinemaplex’ Using PESTE Approach

Introduction Macro environment analysis remains to be one of the basic initial steps in any strategic analysis (Williams& Adrian, 1997). Therefore, this paper provides a PEST Analysis of a movie industry while using ‘A Horror Show at the Cinemaplex’ as a case study in its analysis. PEST approach is an analysis of the macro environment […]

International Dentists Insurance Company

Introduction To maneuver a company to success the past, present and the future environment of the business must be reviewed regularly to avoid risks. The management should therefore create a risk management utility to handle possible risks that might affect the operations of the entity. The case study company, The International Dentists Insurance Company (IDIC […]

Negative Effects of the Internet

Introduction Today it is eminent that the role of computers has a huge impact on every person. Computerization has taken over the majority of the societal roles and has dramatically improved lives. The battle with technology is dynamic and a continuous process expected to bring about new challenges each day. This primary influence comes from […]

Whoops: Why Everyone Owes Everyone and No One Can Pay

Anyone who cares to know about the current financial situation; how we got there and who was responsible for it should read this enlightening and entertaining account by Lanchester. In his book, Lanchester brings to light what triggered the 2008 financial crisis. He lets people know what really went wrong in this compelling and understandable […]

Mise-en-scene, shots and sound: Hitchcock’s spare use of cinematic repertoire in Sabotage’s murder sequence

Alfred Hitchcock’s innovative and seminal contributions to cinema are visible all through his films, as evidenced by the fact that his name is associated with at least one zoom technique. The murder sequence in Sabotage is a clear example of this creativity. This segment of the film, which could be merely sensational, nonetheless reveals several […]

The Concept of Supply Chain Management

What is the Supply Chain? A system in which people, organizations, technology or any sort of activities are involved in the movement of goods or services from the producer to the customer who is in dire need of them is defined as a supply chain. The activities which take place within the supply chain system […]

United Nations and International law

Introduction The following essay is concerned with the international relations that exist between various countries in the world. The essay examines as to whether or not the founding of the United Nations represent a radical departure from the system of international law and/or international society prior to 1945.However,it is important to determine the foundation of […]

Hegemonic Masculinity

Introduction This essay attempts to critically and comprehensively review the concept of hegemonic masculinity. The hegemonic masculinity theory is particularly significant in understanding concepts such as the predisposition of men to violence, the evaluation of social network analysis in relation to hegemonic masculinity and the links between social identity and the occupation that someone belongs […]

Operations Management at Whirlpool

Executive Summary Operations management is the process that helps organizations to create comparative advantages by leveraging the effectiveness of their operations. The process of restructuring at Whirlpool was meant to improve productivity, quality of products and improve the profitability of the firm. This involved automating most of the operations and outsourcing logistics services. The technologies […]

Foreign Trade between UAE and JAPAN

Introduction Following the currently experienced globalization, world economies are becoming more interdependent through trade and foreign investment. As it has been revealed, this economic integration among nations has largely been triggered by the increasing technology in the information system which has facilitated easy communication and financial partnerships among countries. As the world trade becomes more […]

Innovation, Change and Leadership

Abstract Innovation involves creation of new customer value by developing solutions that satisfy emerging needs, unarticulated needs, as well as, existing market needs in a different manner. This can be achieved by introducing new products, processes and technologies. Change, on the other hand, involves initiating and managing the consequences of new business processes, organizational structure […]

Quantitative and Analytical Techniques for Managers

Relationship between the variables The dependent variable in the model will be the rate of growth of GDP while the independent variable is the amount of investment expressed as a percentage of GDP. A sample data for ten countries will be used to estimate the regression equation. The regression line will take the form g […]

Importance of employee motivation

Spray diagram The diagram is used to represent various aspects of employee motivation as applied by J.D Wetherspoon Company. Key central word focuses on “Wetherspoon employee motivation” and is addressed using various theories and practical aspects. The following diagram is used for the purposes of providing better understanding on various aspects applied by the company […]

Brand Management: Toyota Corporation Motors

Introduction In a competitive market, organizations often use brand names to create an image and attract more customers. This makes a brand name a key asset to a company. ther than the main brand, companies introduce extension brands which are referred to as flanker brands. The current paper is an attempt to explore the concept […]

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Developed in Repeated War Zones Deployment

Introduction Apprehension in human has largely been associated with psychological disturbance. Medical and psychology experts have linked post traumatic stress disorder, a nervousness condition, to mental distress. Post traumatic disorder was related to life situations that troubled a person or group of people. The situation might have, perhaps, concerned fatality risk, bodily, gender, or mental […]

Action Plan for Recruiting Teachers

Introduction The introduction of a new system of recruiting and selection of teachers at DCPS classroom is an important strategy of enhancing student achievement. The system is performance-based and it tries to recognize the most competent teachers, for recruitment and selection. In order to monitor the teachers’ performance, Recruitment and Selection team uses a spreadsheet […]

Ethical Industrial Engineering Ethics

Abstract Engineering is a vital profession in the society. This is because it has direct consequence on the quality of life for the society. Every engineer is expected to carry him or herself with the highest degree of integrity when discharging duties. In addition, engineering services need to consider public health and sustainable development. Failure […]

Henri Fayol and the Relevance of His Ideas in the 21st Century

Introduction Henri Fayol has always been considered as an important pioneer of business administration theory. He is known for the formulation of the main management principles (Brunsson 2008, p. 34). Moreover, he highlighted the main functions that managers were supposed to perform (Brunsson 2008, p. 34). However, modern scholars and practitioners often debate whether his […]

Faith and Rationality

Introduction Faith is among the topics that people have widely spoken and written about. There have been as many different opinions on what faith is, depending with the writers experiences and convictions. It has been said that faith has to do with the conviction of ones mind. Faith has mainly been linked with religious beliefs […]

Homer’s “Illiad” History

Homer’s composition style Various works of art attribute to legends and motivation of antiquity. Homer was one such scholar whose art attracted the milieu and other people world over. His poems and literature books posed as a great competition around the 7th to 9th centuries as he inscribed most of them in Greek. A better […]

Taoism: Growth of Religion

Introduction Taoism is a Chinese theoretical and religious system, which was the basis for a civilization in olden China. Lao-Tzu born in 604 BCE is said to be the initiator of Taoism. Buddhism had a significant impact on Zionism after its initiation in China. Taoism supported Buddhism and basically united with it. People saw Buddhism […]

Walt Disney Company Managers

Introduction Walt Disney has transformed tremendously since its inception in 1923. It is recognized all over the world as one of the premier companies that specialized exclusively in recreation and entertainment. This corporation is viewed as an icon of creativity due to its successful forays in TV, radio, magazines, theme parks that continue to entertain […]

Trade Unions Decline in the Influence

Introduction Trade unions are organizations that are formed by workers who are interested in achieving common objectives or goals in regard to the work conditions at their workplaces (Fernie & Motcalf 2005, p. 5). The leaders of the unions bargain with the management of various organizations on behalf of the members. The bargains involve negotiating […]

The Impacts of Oil Spills on Marine Life

Background Many study reports have explicitly explored the imaginable impact of oil spills on marine flora and fauna. The nautical milieu may suffer from noxious and somatic smothering effects caused by oil spills. The intensity of aquatic effects is influenced by the nature and extent of the spilt oil. Besides, the severity might be influenced […]

Ford Motor Company: Redefining Strategies

Business-level Strategy of Ford Motor Company Sameer Kirtane et al argued that market share of Ford Motor decreased dramatically in the US market and its sales profit dropped more than $1 billion in 2006 due to lack of implementation of effective strategies though it changed leadership approach in 20051. As a result, Ford followed a […]

Feed: It Is not the Hypothetical Future, but the Allegorical Reality

Introduction Many people have claimed that M.T. Anderson contemplates hypothetical future in his famous novel Feed. Some have argued that this future can become reality if people keep consuming everything: food, clothes, devices, and even ideas. Obviously, Anderson’s hypothetical future has already come, to certain extent. The author claims that the novel portrays allegorical present […]

The Different Roles Played By the Central Bank, Depository Institutions, and Depositors in the Determination of Money Supply

Introduction Until 2007 when a serious financial crisis engulfed the financial services sector, the mechanisms through which money circulated in the economy were considered as fully mastered by bankers, particularly central bankers. As such, central banks could effectively control these mechanisms by playing around with monetary control tools. On their part, depository institutions and depositors […]

International managers

Introduction Complex cultural realities are a common phenomenon for global business systems. The paradigm shift of the business world as a result of globalization has resulted in a mixture of cultures that make up a society. For example, the numbers of employees working in international companies has risen in the recent past, bringing the totals […]

Vodafone Company in the United Kingdom

Introductions An organization strategic position is very important in determining how the organization is going to deal with changes in the local and global market. An organization that has well defined and specified strategies is likely to succeed in maximizing profits and in promoting innovation. Competition among organizations in an industry can be quite detrimental […]

Empowering and assessing social change of Local communities through participatory action research

Introduction The researcher hopes to make use of the participatory action research (PAR) technique to gather the necessary information to facilitate in the implementation of the current project. This will result in the generation of useful information that will in turn enable the community and project implementers to examine the developmental needs of the current […]

Impact of IMCI Implementation in Kenya

Introduction Increasingly, a number of parents are reported to be seeking children healthcare provision in hospitals, healthcare centers, traditional healers, and doctors just to mention but a few. However, research report affirms that many children are insufficiently attended to by the aforementioned providers and their parents are not well educated in the process (WHO 1). […]

Apple Inc and IPhones 4 Market

Introduction Apple Inc. is one company that for a long time has dominated smartphone market due to its exemplary technology and innovation. The company has built a formidable reputation that its competitors find virtually impossible to dislodge or ignore. Apple Inc., spearheaded by dedicated management team, has remained keen to innovation and technological development, which […]

Historical Cause and Effects

Person’s name: Nelson Mandela Person’s name: Commodore Perry Person’s name: Pope Leo X Person’s name: Cortez Combined: Nelson Mandela, Pope Leo X, Commodore Perry, and cortex The prohibition of marriages Act was first passed in South Africa in 1949. This Act prohibits marriages between people of different races. Marriages between people of different races was […]

Rhetoric in design

Abstract Aristotle, the world’s illustrious genius is the one who discovered and put into perspective the three rhetoric devices namely ethos, pathos and logos. Rhetoric is credible art of making persuasive appeal to the potential audience through deliberate use of argumentative convincing language. This essay puts in to perspective the use of rhetoric literal devices […]

The Last Supper in the Bible

The last supper is recorded by four of the canonical gospels in the bible namely Mathew, Mark, Luke and John (Harris). Based on the history of religion, there are two analogical interpretation of this religious landmark that bears significance from a theological perspective. Notably the Hellenistic influence over Judaism from the 3rd century B.C had […]

Psychoanalytic Theory

Abstract The name personality has several meanings that suit various situations. Freud’s psychoanalytic theory is one of the theories describing the personality in human beings. According to Freud, the theory seeks to explain why people behave the way they do, studies human’s brain, and explains more about their personality. This paper discusses the various elements […]

Costs and Benefits of Free Trade and Globalization

Introduction The general economic argument for free trade and globalization centers on the increased material growth brought about by trade to almost every state. In spite of the strength and numerous experimental studies that support this argument, many people are still opposed to free trade and globalization. Opponents of free trade and globalization posit that […]

Extranet and B2B E-Commerce for Business

Executive Summary Top Breadz, a Sydney-based industrial bread and pastry manufacturer assigned our team to investigate how Business–to–Business (B2B) e-commerce solutions might benefit the company to reach its goals, namely, to increase sales by the retail outlets, to increase revenues by entering new markets or increasing market share, and to reduce operating costs. In regards […]

Outsoursing Advantages and Disadvantages

Outsourcing involves assigning some of the business tasks or a department to another business. This is done when a business cannot handle all of its activities internally. They can also do so in search for expertise of a specific task. The businesses that are mostly involved in outsourcing include manufacturing, logistics, customer services, recruitment, web […]

Dogs Playing Poker

Introduction Visual rhetoric can be defined as how or why an art work in terms of a painting, sculpture, architecture or symbol communicates a certain meaning. Visual images bring out hidden meaning in images and paintings which requires of as an in depth analysis to identify this hidden meaning. A given art work is one […]

Hiram Rhodes Revels

Hiram Rhodes Revels was born on the 27th of September 1822 in Fayetteville (North Carolina). He was born as a free child, meaning that his parents were not slaves. His father (a clergyman) was of the African descent while his mother was of the White descent; a Scottish to be precise. His early education was […]

The First Amendment

The United States government was established immediately after the American Revolution. This means that the there was no American government before 1776. This also means that the American people were governed by the British for more than a century. The founding fathers were not only aware of the abuses of the British Crown but also […]

Corporate Restructuring

Introduction According to Gilson (2001), corporate restructuring is what happens when a corporate entity revises in a major way, the various contracts that radically exist between it and all its stakeholders who include its employees, creditors and shareholders. There are various reasons for restructuring that I shall look at later but the result of restructuring […]

Inventory management methods at Carrefour in UAE

Introduction Inventory management refers to the process by which a business organization maintains an organized flow of goods in and out of the business enterprise. In so doing the organization team attempts to prevent the inventory becoming high or on the hand going down to levels that can affect the performance of the organization. According […]

Learning Organization

Introduction In line with survival motive in the era of globalization, various organizations are examining their management systems to attain competitive capacity. This is essential towards remaining relevant in their area of operations. Since its inception at the beginning of 1990, Learning Organization (LO) has received overwhelming attention as managers realize that they need to […]

Human Population and the Environment

Alien Invasion A higher birth rate than the death rate of a species will lead to an increase in the population size of the species. Secondly, immigration into a given habitat at a faster rate than the emigration will also result to an increase in the population of the area. Immigration is the movement of […]

Transcultural Nursing

Module 1 DQ 1 a. Mind-body connection There exist a profound connection between the way people mentally feel about themselves and physical body health status. Human body reciprocates the manner in which people think. When encountering an abnormal state of emotion, the body makes impeccable attempts to suggest something is terribly wrong. As a way […]

What is Life?

Most of us have values and principles that we depend upon to have a better life and become better individuals. We do everything that we can to be able to hold on to our values and principles, which make us to live a very busy lifestyle. We do so many things in a single day […]

How Free Am I: Co-existence of Determinism and Moral Responsibility

Determinism refers to the philosophical principle that all actions are pre-determined by a series of causal events and laws of nature. The theory pre-supposes that human decisions are a product of the conditioning of various factors. This presents several challenges to the concept of free will or moral responsibility. It would appear that, if all […]

Business Report of Apple and Samsung companies

Executive Summary There are notable impacts of globalization on the performance of companies. Evidently, there is need for adoption of more strategic measures. These are applicable within all business operations. Marketing, organizational leadership and collaborations are important. These factors are eminent within this report. Apple and Samsung companies face these challenges. The companies are associated […]

IHRM Issues and Practices

Executive Summary IHRM has the capacity to mix human resource practices and the relevant policies across different countries in order to achieve the objectives of specific corporations. Therefore, the approaches used have to flexible to fit the different business and cultural settings tackled. These approaches enable the process of appropriate decision-making1. Some of the responsibilities […]

Higher Education an Element to Success

Introduction Higher education is an important achievement to an individual. Higher education not only benefits the individual in person, but it also extends the profit to the society. Higher education transforms the scope of an individual’s outlook on life. It imparts skills and knowledge that can be used to change life for the better. Higher […]

Leadership Preferences in Japan: an exploratory study

Introduction Japan is one of the most rapidly growing economies in the larger Asian continent. Many researchers have attempted to explore the various ways of life in this country including their institutional management, culture, and other diverse peculiar preferences. This report paper will offer a summary of the work conducted in finding out the most […]

English Furniture market

Introduction The furniture market in English has recorded a significant growth since 1990. It has developed in line with styles prevalent in the rest of Northern Europe region. English furniture has, however, been interpreted as having a distinctive fashion compared to others in the region. The history of English furniture is well understood in terms […]

Effective Strategies in Organizations

Introduction Organizational management refers to a process that involves tapping and managing varied talents pooled together under the umbrella organization. Management as a means to the end of an organization refers to the allocation of the resources necessary to achieve the best out of the available talents in employees. This can be achieved through controlling, […]

The Young Fast Optoelectronics Company’s Conflicts

Introduction This paper aims to discuss the controversy that occurred in Taiwanese Company Young Fast Optoelectronics (YFO). This enterprise is a supplier of such leading international corporations as Samsung, HTC, Google, and LG. In March 2010, the management of YFO dismissed more than ten union members, who protested against poor working conditions in the factory […]

Panera Bread Financial Performance

Executive summary Panera bread is a product of Panera Group that specializes in baking of breads, doughnuts, cakes and other bakery products. Over the years, the company has succeeded in offering high quality products in the entire North America. The company’s financial performance has been significant, a progress driven by high sales volume due to […]

Human Resource Management Project

Executive Summary The compensation and benefits program provides employees with adequate and balanced plans to address employee needs in financial and non-financial packages based on employee/employer relationships. Adequate compensation and benefits offered to the employer motivates organizational employees into staying in an organization to retain the best of talents and skills. The compensation and benefits […]

Utah Symphony and Utah Opera: A merger proposal

Introduction This is a course work on an analysis of a merger. So what is a merger? A Merger is an integration of one business with another and sharing of control of the combined businesses. It is a common way of expanding a business. Stockholders of the two companies are allowed to keep equal interest […]

Julian of Norwich

Julian of Norwich belongs to a group of metaphysical mystics, in whom much can be learnt in regards to the wider complexities of Christianity and is dogmatic adherence to doctrine and Churchmanship; most of which was in essence misogynistic in power and albeit, content. The fourteenth century English Church was in a period of rapid […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Problem Solving and Group Decision Making

Problem Solving and Group Decision Making In every organization there are problems that arise from time to time. These problems affect the performance of the entire organization. When problems arise all the people who work in that particular organization must be involved on finding lasting solutions to the problems. There are advantages and disadvantages that […]

Savings, Investment, Income Distribution, and Growth

Introduction People earn income for use in various activities including expenses, investments and savings. Expenses refer to all activities where money is used to purchase goods or services that do not generate income. Investments are those that involve depositing money in various activities with an aim of making profits in the future. Savings refer to […]

Suicide in the Military (US)

Introduction Suicide refers to “the act of intentionally, causing one’s own death”. Individuals often commit suicide out of despair. Despair can be caused by a number of reasons such as mental disorder, substance abuse and failed relationships. Suicide is ranked 13th among the leading causes of death in the world. In the United Sates of […]

Information System Design

Abstract The future European Champions League final which is going to take place in London in May 2011 sets new tasks before BIF specialists who deal with the hooligan groups in the UK. The main idea of this report is to consider possible solution to the information systematization from different countries via the computer system. […]

DHL and FedEx Companies

Executive Summary Companies use the merger strategy as an essential business strategy. It aims at joining the efforts of two or more companies rather than one. As a result, the companies work together in mutual benefit to attain their individual and collaborative goals. In this case, the companies attain equal status and enjoy their benefits […]

The Role of Health Care Systems and Industrial System Engineering in Improvement of Health

Introduction Health Definition Though classical definition of health embraces all dimensions and aspects, there are still needs significant amendments with regard to newly emerged circumstances and contexts. Hence, the World Health Organization defining health “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being and not merely absence of disease of infirmity” cannot be regarded […]

Effects of the September 11th attack on the geopolitics of the US

Introduction The geographical structure in global politics has been greatly challenged by various issues such as new technology like the internet, globalization, environmental degradation, and terrorism. This paper will seek to explain how the geo politics of the USA were affected by the terrorism attack of September 11th 2001. It will also discuss the effect […]

How tax cuts help revive the economy

Introduction Governments get the greatest percentage of their income from taxes paid by tax payers in any given country. Taxation is a policy whereby citizens or residents of a country contribute money for social services to the government through well coordinated guidelines. Different countries have different taxation laws. Taxation is a way through which resources […]

20th Century Socialism

Socialism Socialism in USA can be traced to the days of the arrival of German immigrants and during the formation of Marxian Socialist Union. Socialism was considered as the belief and hope that men could be rescued from their helplessness and depression by use of government power. The Socialist Party in the USA was founded […]

Project Management Principles

Team selection is a very important aspect of project management which should be handled in a careful manner (Juli 2010, p. 23). The success of any project depends on the quality of team members selected for the project. Project managers have the responsibility of making sure that the working characteristics of team members are clearly […]

Ethical Decision Making and Sustainable Development

Introduction Ethical decision making is always a difficult task since the decisions made affect to some individuals and the society. There exist ethical dilemmas in determining the right path to follow when values are in conflict. For example, there are some instances where the requirements of the customer may disagree with the organizational goals and […]

Fiji Water Case

CREST (N) Analysis Competitive landscape The bottled water industry is a competitive industry (MarketLine, 2013). There are numerous companies in the industry, with the US market comprising of highly established firms such as Coca Cola and PepsiCo. The Australian market, on the other hand, has about 1000 different brands competing in the market. Generally, the […]

The Importance of Education during Early Childhood

Introduction In pre-school children life, parents play an integral role in influencing children’s learning experiences and knowledge grasps. This arises from interactive segments among parents and children. For this reason, many parents opt to participate in mothers and toddlers groups, childcare arrangements, babysitting activities, and other events that increase interactive sessions between toddlers and parents. […]

Athenahealth Inc. Analysis

Athenahealth controls health system management software market through its products that target physicians. The company has enjoyed considerable success due to its strong marketing strategies. For six consecutive quarters, the company has posted positive earnings. This demonstrates the strengths and viability of the marketing approaches adopted by Athenahealth. The company’s hold on the market and […]


Rental bags are now seen as a quick and easy way for consumers to access luxury brands that they might never have been able to afford using the usual, old fashioned way of consumption i.e. retailing. This move is a direct result of a transumerism culture and attitude. Transumerism in this case refers to a […]

Australia Waste Management

Introduction Usually, people dispose of unusable materials in litterbins. However, few of them are concerned with whatever happens after throwing the rubbish into the pit. Australia is experiencing one of the fastest growing economies in the world. As a result, there has been amplified utilisation of resources in an attempt to meet various needs of […]