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Campaign against Domestic Violence: Program Plan Essay


Domestic violence, which is also called domestic abuse or family violence, is violent or aggressive conduct inside the home; it normally includes vicious manhandling committed by a life partner.


Domestic violence is a serious issue because it involves physical aggression. This type of violence harms society, causing members of families to become less peaceful and less successful.

Domestic violence usually occurs when an individual whips or hits their relatives. Generally, the husband practices brutality towards their wife, but the opposite situation is also possible. In addition, men who used to witness aggressive behavior at home or in the family as children, or learned about it from stories, are two times more disposed to practice violence against their partners than children of peaceful parents or guardians.

Up to 10 million youngsters witness some type of violent behavior at home regularly.

Casualties that occur at home due to abusive behavior lose about 8 million days of paid work every year in the only us.

40 to 70 percent of females worldwide are victimized by their partner and possibly killed by them. No woman is safe from this type of violence.

The World Health Organization (WHO) studied the situation in 10 countries in 2005, and more than 50% of women in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Peru, and Tanzania stated that they had been subjected to physical or sexual brutality by private assistants; this statistic peaked at 71% in rural areas of Ethiopia. Only in one nation, Japan, 20% of females reported episodes of offensive, rude and aggressive reactions at home. Earlier studies conducted by WHO allows for assuming that nearly 30% of women are manhandled by their spouses in the UK, and approximately 22% of women in the U.S. suffer from the same problem.


Domestic violence is one of the most important problems faced nowadays. It affects the manner of thinking of children; later, they may behave abusively due to what they witnessed and how they were treated when they were young.

The research discovered that women and children are affected by domestic violence; this finding was reported.

Before getting married, each couple should visit centers that can help them to treat their children properly and not to harm them so that these children would not practice violence in the future.

In hospitals of Abu Dhabi, sections dedicated to the problem of domestic violence can be found. These sections can serve as a shelter for children or women suffering from domestic violence, which indicates that the UAE is a country the residents of which suffer from domestic violence less than residents of some other countries.

Target Audience

The target audience for the Domestic Violence Awareness campaign includes:

  • people who can indeed make the changes;
  • women who experienced domestic violence (help can be provided for these women);
  • females aged 18 or over (even if they did not suffer from domestic violence, they should be given an idea about the problem to raise their awareness);
  • married couples (they should be made aware of the ways to protect their family).


The strategies include using:

  • the services that help children and women (child services, child care, women care);
  • the sections of police departments that receive information and calls from the victims of domestic violence, and provide support and emergency shelters for these.


To raise awareness, it is needed to create an effective method that would allow for getting the attention of the target audience, and eventually achieve the aim of the project – to abolish domestic violence.

The tactics to follow are listed below.

  • Campaign promotion and marketing; posting posters related to domestic violence. These measures should be implemented in places where the target audience (families, teenagers, married couples, and anyone interested in the issue) can perceive them.
  • The attention of the media can be attracted by conducting several conferences. These conferences will aim to raise awareness. Victims will be brought to the events; they will share their experiences to make the audience more careful about this type of behavior. Each conference might take approximately 2 hours.
  • Web-based social networks can be used to draw supporters, who could demonstrate their solidarity with the victims.
  • Data should be collected from the audience so that the right message could be sent and shared.
  • Channel media can be used to spread the news, share the message, and engage the audience. Such media as Facebook, Instagram, billboards near the roads, etc., can be utilized.
  • Organizing or participating in specialized conferences.
  • Consuming old-style arts to increase awareness or stimulate a discussion in the community.
  • Supporting the staff during gaining or talking occasions.
  • The dates and places in which the campaign events will take place can be announced in newspapers; everyone interested in the issue should be invited.
  • Classes on showcasing will be held for the staff.
  • The interest of the personnel in advertising exercises will be welcomed.
  • Reputation can be gained by demonstrating the achievements of the staff utilizing news reports, news pictures, radio and TV appearances, and openings of meetings.
  • Staff will be helped during appearances at expositions, public exhibitions, fairs, parades, and so on.
  • Regular, limited in time meetings will be held with the staff to generate new ideas.

Publications and newspapers will be created to reach each of the proposed interest groups with the fitting message. In addition, mail and e-mail arrangements about domestic violence will be made, and contacts will be established with business and industry pioneers, inner communities, and the media to reach the target audience.

Quarterly announcements will be formed, made, and passed on using in-house mail, general mail, or email to businesses and urban authorities, local, regional, and state political pioneers, admonitory consultative gatherings, allies, staff, board people, associations. Fixate is on the responsibility of domestic violence to the educational, money related and social welfare of the gathering and join components on legitimate cases of beating difficulty, tasks and courses planned to help other individuals, articles which position your relationship as a tremendous contributing influence to the economy and as a coordinate with business and government when all is said in done duty to the gathering.

Flyers will be created and delivered as required by the project. These will be conveyed through mail and email, as well as through admonitory advisory groups, hiring offices, councils of trade, sheets of realtors, and so on.

Videos and website materials will be used to more effectively contact gatherings of people. The focus will be made on data about domestic violence; websites will announce the places of meetings and the ways of gathering data.


Creating a calendar or a timetable for a campaign is a crucial part of the campaign planning process (Wilcox, Cameron, Ault, & Agee, 2004). Therefore, the timetable of measures to be taken during the campaign is provided in Table 1. The total length of the campaign will be 2 weeks.

Day Measures
  • A meeting for members of the campaign will be held to generate ideas and discuss tactics in detail.
  • Posters for universities, flyers for distributing among people will be designed.
  • Messages for various media will be created.
  • People who can tell about their experience of domestic violence will be found.
  • Individuals who can give speeches during the conferences will be found.
  • The process of creating speeches and reports for the conference will be started.
  • Auditoriums for holding the conferences will be found.
  • The process of creating speeches and reports for the conference will be finished.
  • Flyers and posters will be printed and given to the members of the staff who will distribute or post them.
  • Newspapers will be contacted and asked to spread the information about the upcoming events.
  • Messages about future conferences will be posted on social media and the Internet.
  • Further contacts with the newspapers will be made.
  • Television and radio will be contacted and asked to spread the information about future events.
  • Celebrities will be contacted and asked to support the initiative.
  • The flyers and posters will be distributed and posted.
  • Preparations for the first conference will be made. Materials will be printed, and the necessary equipment will be prepared.
  • The first conference will be held.
  • New materials giving the information about the second conference (these will be prepared ahead of time during Day 1) will be distributed. (The materials will include new flyers, as well as new posts on social networks and the websites.)
  • Preparations for the second conference will be made. Materials will be printed, and the necessary equipment will be prepared.
  • The second conference will be held.
  • The results of the campaign will be analyzed.

Table 1. The timetable of the campaign.



  • TV: Dubai Channel, CNN, Al Arabiya.
  • Each advertisement will be a three-minute-long video; the video will be based on a true story about domestic violence. The cost will be 67,000.
  • Radio: Virgin Radio, Radio 1, Al Khaleejiya.
  • Each announcement costs 15,000.
  • Newspapers: Al-Bayan, Vogue, Time Out.
  • Each article costs 45,000.
  • Advertising: Sheikh Zayed Road, in malls. Flyers will be given to people; posters about domestic violence will be posted in schools and universities.
  • This will cost 45,000 per week. Thus, a two-week-long campaign will cost 90,000.
  • Facebook: a page will be created.
  • Instagram: Barq el emirate, 3loom dar.
  • Each page costs 9,000.
  • Twitter: a page will be created, as well as a hashtag #no_violence.
  • Snapchat: celebrities will post ads on their pages.
  • Celebrities’ advertisements will cost 25,000.
  • Conference hall in Madinat Jumeirah Al furan. Measures will be takes on the launching day and at its end, so the total cost will be 195,000.

Thus, the total cost of the proposed campaign against domestic violence will be 536,000.

Evaluation Method

It is critical to evaluate the effectiveness of a social campaign to know whether it was successful (Wilcox et al., 2004). The current campaign will have quite a large scale, so it will be difficult to assess its effects on all those who will be affected by it. However, it will be possible to evaluate the effect of the campaign on those people who will be present at the conferences as members of the audience.

To perform such an evaluation, it is possible to create a survey for assessing the knowledge of an individual about the problem of domestic violence. The survey should include questions about the definition of domestic violence, its prevalence, its causes, the possible methods which can be used to help the victims of domestic violence, as well as to the social services that can be contacted if one becomes a victim of domestic violence.

This survey should be distributed among the audience at the beginning of the conference. The members of the audience should be asked to complete the survey, to give the results to the administration of the conference, and then to take the same test at the end of the event. They will have to retake the test after the conference. The average results of the surveying before and after the conference will be compared, and conclusions about the effectiveness of the conference in raising the audience’s awareness will be drawn.


Wilcox, D. L., Cameron, G. T., Ault, P., & Agee, W. K. (2004). Public relations: Strategies and tactics (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon.

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