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Gold Prince Motel

One of the greatest advantages of a small hotel, in this respect, is the number of employees necessary to maintain a hotel with regard to the resource management and competencies of employees in terms of [...]

Education in the State of Georgia

Taking into account these considerations, the researcher focuses on the analysis of the educational system in Georgia in the present paper; educational options and programs, standards and certifications, curricula and educational success rankings will be [...]

Command Spanish

Current marketing objectives are to spread awareness of its occupational Spanish classes and convey the need the business community has for this service because of the increasing Spanish speaking population of the Grand Valley.

Existing Business Expansion Plan

Deadline and milestone: The XYZ New Store will try to finish all the initial functions within three months of project approval by the board of directors, for instance, preparing documents for the registration the name [...]

Shopping Malls in Dubai

The main objectives of this research would be as under: To know details of some major shopping malls of Dubai, To identify aspects responsible for shoppers' experience in Dubai shopping malls, To identify the significance [...]

Islamic Banking

The involvement of institutions and government led to the application of theory to practice and resulted in the establishment of the Islamic banks".

Securities Markets in the UAE

Concerning the impediments to the growth of bond markets in the UAE, 78% of the participants stated that the UAE government over-relies on oil as a source of fiscal revenue.

Home Gardening Veggies Business Plan

It is to this growing concern that the home gardening veggies business came up with an idea of developing a vegetable and fruits home garden to help the town residents to purchase fresh and healthy [...]

The Risk of Compassion Fatigue in Medicine

Through the practice of empathic engagement with the patients, caregivers share the patients' emotional and psychological burden to the issues affecting them, not mentioning the fact that the health professionals serves as witnesses to these [...]

Dubai vs. Boston Higher Education

The intent of this paper is to compare the higher education sectors of Boston and Dubai. In the last decade, Dubai's higher education sector has witnessed increased public and private investments that have not only [...]

Business Law and Bankruptcy

So as to okay the therapy and safeguarding of a business that may be in the throes of experiencing constraints of debts, the main focus of modern bankruptcy legislation and business debt restructuring performances do [...]

Women’s Emotional Health

The anthropological stance on women is a deviation from the traditional methods because it does not require the patient's historical information and its main techniques are listening, understanding, empathizing, and responding to the patient's counseling [...]

The XYZ Education Agency: Start-Up Business

XYZ Education Agency will consider all stakeholders' interest in the global market for higher education to build up international student's future career; for instance, it will provide high quality solutions and offer cost effective services [...]

Nike Business Code of Ethics

Given that employees of the organization are involved in the corporate business ethical programs of the organization, such programs therefore involves advising the employees of the organizations to be responsible on their behavior towards fellow [...]

Tourism Inventory for Kuwait

In other words, community tourism emphasized new dimensions of associations between the host entity or nation and the tourists regarding the different natural beauties, domestic assets and skills as well as the native version of [...]