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Perception and Awareness of Teachers about Technology Integration in Special Needs Education

Education in UAE With a rapid increase in the population, UAE has felt the need to make considerable investment in educating the people. Presently, UAE is offering a comprehensive education, which is equivalent to the world standards, to all male and female students. Government of UAE is providing free education to all the citizens at […]

Sustainable Cities: Curitiba

Introduction The 21st century has one of the well-known threats namely the degradation of the environment, which has led to eventual climate change and the demise of man. Urbanisation is a major factor in the preservation and destruction of the environment. However, despite the risk, it is progressing at a very fast rate. Over the […]

Islamic Banking

In simple terms, Islamic banking is a banking system that functions according to the guidelines laid down by the Shariah (Islamic law). “Islamic banking is banking based on Islamic law (Shariah). It follows the Shariah, called fiqh muamalat (Islamic rules on transactions). The rules and practices of fiqh muamalat were incorporated from the Quran, the […]

Gulf Currency Union

Abstract Formal and informal criteria are adopted to assess the readiness of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for a currency union; some suggest that the countries have attained the minimum requirements while others don’t. By using optimum currency area (OCA) criteria, it is evident that GCC countries are yet to meet all the conditions required for […]

Action Research Project

Introduction This Action research project is important in understanding why many English as Second Language students are not great academic achievers in a mainstream classroom. This will help me in understanding and coming up with strategies to use in counteracting the effects of the situation. The research project will include an understanding of the problem […]

Existing Business Expansion Plan

Summary The purpose of this paper is to prepare a business plan for the FlexMation, which will expand its business with existing products in the US market. However, FlexMation will open XYZ New store to address the emerging market demand for aluminum structural framing. However, The XYZ new store will be located in one of […]

Difficulties of a Child in a Foreign Linguistic Environment

Introduction One of foremost characteristics of today’s post-industrial living is the dramatically increased degree of populations’ mobility, reflected by exponentially mounting rates of inbound immigration in just about every Western country. As it was pointed out by Neumayer (2005): “Total [immigration] applications in Europe increased tremendously from the early 1980s to the early 1990s, from […]

Gold Prince Motel

Introduction This proposal outlines a research project that will investigate the ability of Gold Prince Motel to successfully manage their economic environment. It will also look at how marketing, human resources, empowerment, resource management and yield management are applied by Gold Prince. Therefore, the purpose of this project is to display how the concepts such […]

China’s Aid and Investment in Africa: Towards Achieving the Millennium Development Goals

Introduction Background Information 2015 is an important year on the calendar of 193 nations in the world and about 23 international organizations. According to the United Nations (2010:72), 2015 is the year that the signatories to the Millennium Development Goal (herein referred to as MDGs) should have attained the policies set out in the agreement. […]

Mixed Ability Classes

Abstract Students can be grouped into two groups in a classroom setting based on their ability. The tracking of students would entail grouping them according to their academic potentials, as well as putting them in different classes. This would mean that weak students would have their own classes. Those considered academic giants are also put […]

How an Organization Can Implement an Enterprise Resource Planning System?

Introduction Background Information Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is commonly defined as the software that is designed to address the various business functions in an organization. According to Zeng and Skibniewski, the system is used to manage information and other related activities within a firm (333). Traditionally, ERP is associated with operations in the manufacturing and […]

The opportunity to succeed for women entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia

Abstract Women play a momentous role in facilitating change and development in our society. Their daily contribution to socioeconomic well being of the society cannot be overstated here. One of such areas of importance where women play an integral role is in the private sector through the establishment of Small and Medium-sided Enterprises (SMEs). While […]

Nike business code of ethics

Executive Summary With increasing competition between firms due to globalization, the success of any organization today heavily depends on how the organization relates with its customers and publics. Such relationships define how the public will treat the organization and its products. Ethics and social responsibility of companies and organizations has been a subject of interest […]

Education in the State of Georgia

Introduction: Overview of Education in the State of Georgia Education in the USA is one of the most problematic issues that the federal, state, and local government faces in the 21st century for the sake of national advancement, development, and evolution. Obviously, there are a number of state educational standards, and each state has its […]

Command Spanish

The mission of Command Spanish is to provide high quality occupational Spanish language and cross-cultural training and training programs to English-speakers throughout the Grand Valley. Command Spanish offers a service that will equip businesses with desperately needed job-related Spanish-language training which will allow the businesses to better understand its Spanish speaking customers. The current marketing […]