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Zain Company in Saudi Arabia

According to the, the nine founding shareholders in Zain KSA only managed to raise 40 percent of the total money required to purchase the operating license and lay the basic infrastructure needed to commence operations.

Researching Consumer Behaviour

Final year students are the majority car buyers The government and the media have influenced students to purchase cars The changes in the education system are some of the factors influencing car buying among students.

Modern Libya’s History

The effect of the war in Libya is greatly felt by the immigrants who are said to have migrated from different countries since 1970s after the discovery of oil and hydrocarbons reserves in the country.

Madonna The Rebel

At the same time partial narrowing of the gender gap in the context of economic participation did not lead to the equality of men and women in the field of their occupations.

Franchising Concept Evaluation

The success of franchising is subject to the nature of relationship established between the franchisor and the franchisee. Sidhpuria asserts that the 'flexibility of the franchising system should allow the franchisors to tailor all their [...]

SABIC Practitioner Corporate Award

Further, it allows the organisation and its suppliers to work closely in the process of producing the required supplies while meeting the expectations of the organisation and hence allowing it to attain its quality specifications [...]

Brand Awareness through Motorsport Sponsorship

Hypotheses The research is qualitative in nature and the outcome of the study is descriptive analysis of the findings collected from different sources to decide upon the acceptance or rejection of the following research hypotheses: [...]

Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE

This is evidenced by the fact that nearly 54% of all university graduates within the UAE are women and that a growing percentage of them focus on furthering their own careers and the development of [...]

Fashion as the Avatar of an Avant-garde

In the discussion that follows, the links between fashion and art will be explored, the potential for fashion to represent the Avant-Garde will be addressed, and the specific case of Viktor and Rolf will be [...]

Warfare in the High Skies

To determine the long term prospects of the two airlines in relation to their existing marketing strategies in the context of their rivalry Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines are bitter rivals in the airline sector [...]

Marlboro Cigarette Company

The following are the specific problems that the company is facing: How can the company advertise and sell its products without negative effects of anti-tobacco campaigns How can the company sell and market its products [...]

Amarex Case Study

The following are the specific challenges facing the company: How to deal with changing customs rules and legislations in both exporting and importing countries How to deal with terrors attacks and ensure their customer get [...]

Beijing Opera vs. Traditional Western Opera

For example, the Beijing opera reflects the culture of the nation. The rest of the paper is structured as follows: Chapter two highlights the origins and development of the two operas, Chapter three is an [...]

ADCO Company’s Sourcing Plan

The first section sheds light on the role of procurement and supply in managing catering expenditures. Procurement and supply management entails multifaceted activities and aspects of essential sourcing materials, which form the foundation for organizations' [...]

Connaught Hotel’s Service Management

As an intern at the Connaught Hotel, I managed to develop a range of communication and teamwork skills, the ability to organize and self-manage my tasks, and the tendency to educate myself by learning from [...]

The Coca-Cola Company

Research Objectives & Research Question The main objective of this report is to examine the operational performance and strategies of Coca-Cola in its global operation and especially in Saudi Arabia to understand and identify the [...]

Why Google Failed in China Mainland

In the light of these circumstances, it becomes important to examine the role played by the Chinese government and the law relating to internet that adversely impacted Google in China, eventually leading to its failure [...]