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Marketing of Services in Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio

Executive Summary This marketing plan relates to Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio which operates in Singapore. The plan details the various strategies that the firm will incorporate in its effort to develop a level of competitiveness. A comprehensive internal and external evaluation of the firm’s business environment is illustrated. This has been achieved by integrating various […]

The Use of Interactive Whiteboards in Guided Inquiry-Based Learning in Early Childhood Education

Abstract For the past 20 years technology has been increasingly applied in learning and teaching in schools (Glover & Miller, 2001; McPherson, 2009). During this period, it has gained much prominence as a result of rapid globalization and a move towards technology enabled society. Interactive whiteboard is one of the many technological and software developments […]

Franchising Concept Evaluation

Abstract Franchising is one of the most effective strategies through which businesses can attain the desired level of growth and competitive advantage. Its effectiveness emanates from the view that it is based on a tested business model. Despite its effectiveness in promoting financial sustainability, the franchising business model has been criticised extensively by various scholars […]

Effect of Civil War on Economic Growth: Evidence from Sudan

Introduction One question that is often asked concerning the linkage of political to economic growth and development is the extent to which political stability, which implies the absence of national and civil strife in a country, creates a suitable environment for economic posterity. Economies are known to attain high levels of growth when there are […]

Teaching Arabian Students English with the book “Flying High for S.A Student Book”

Introduction Background of the Study English is fast becoming an international language and the Middle East is embracing its usage in various activities. This means that it has gained popularity and learning institutions continue to diversify their curriculums by introducing this language in their programmes. Saudi Arabian students are embracing the need to pursue higher […]

Current Issues in International Management

Abstract Globalization has played a significant role in the world of business by allowing organizations to transact with little regard to national borders. This is so due to declining international trade barriers together with other international legal barriers that are opening the world to interact through trade more frequently. One such international trade organization is […]

Southwest Airlines Business Strategy

Executive Summary This report entails an analysis of how Southwest Airlines should adjust its current business strategy, viz. the low-cost strategy to remain competitive. Currently, the airline industry is undergoing remarkable transformation due to different market forces such as intense competition and an increase in the intensity of competition. Therefore, it is not feasible for […]

The Difficulties of Female Entrepreneurs in the UAE

Overview Introduction Entrepreneurs, regardless of their inherent location or gender, share similar problems in relation to properly accessing sufficient capital to start their business, developing a sufficient cash flow to sustain their venture and a variety of other distinctions that are connected to the process of developing a business. With the development of new internal […]

Branding and Brand Image

A preliminary literature review Introduction Branding has emerged as one of the most important issues of modern world. In fact, it influences a multitude of spheres, including marketing, society, and even psychology. First, it is worth mentioning that nowadays creating a brand image has become of a paramount importance for the international market in general […]

Survey of Electronic Business in an Islamic Environment

Introduction Electronic business, also known as E-business is the fastest growing industry in the world. The emerging technologies have given this industry a new shape. As Piercy (2009) notes, electronic business has undergone a complete revolution. This scholar holds that this industry is the most affected by the emerging technologies. This is partly attributed to […]

Danish Aid to Africa: Implication for Civil Society & Democracy

Intrudaction Denmark has put in place initiatives, policies, and programs aimed at improving the welfare of the developing and undeveloped countries in the world. As a result, Denmark is ranked as the world’s largest donor country for offering the highest aid to third world countries. The main beneficiaries of this donor aid are the countries […]

The United States Armed Forces: One Military Force Combining Land, Sea, and Air Activities

Introduction Research Question/Thesis The adoption of the Goldwater-Nichols Act resulted in the idea that the US Armed Forces has a legal base to join their warfare planning and training activities. In this context, it makes sense for the US to have one armed service providing unity of effort. It could benefit economically, administratively in a […]

Concepts of Batten Disease

Batten disease, commonly denoted as a group of diseases is therapeutically identified as Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (NCL). In the event the NCL’s are discussed, they may be sometimes called varieties of Batten disease. In reality, they all have a similar basic cause, same progression and same consequence. However, they may be distinguished by chronological age […]

Listening Skills and Healthcare

Abstract This study uses a quantitative survey technique, and summarized data collected is used to correlate results with listening skills as its fundamental principle (Punch, 1998). A survey was sent out on the Internet and yielded results from various gender, socioeconomic backgrounds and education levels. Communication issues have been maintained by employing a number of […]

Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE

Overview Introduction Entrepreneurs, regardless of their inherent location or gender, share similar problems in relation to properly accessing sufficient capital to start their business, developing a sufficient cash flow to sustain their venture and a variety of other distinctions that are connected to the process of developing a business. With the development of new internal […]

Warfare in the High Skies

Abstract Etihad Airways and Emirates Airways are two rival airlines operating from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This proposal looks at several components of a research project designed to look at the elements of their marketing strategies, against the backdrop of their rivalry. The paper provides an analysis of the two companies and compares their […]

Researching Consumer Behaviour

Introduction “Consumer behaviour is the way that consumers act or behave when looking for, buying, and using products” (Dougherty, 2007). It focuses on how consumers choose and dispose services and products. The decision making process is complex and involves many psychological processes. Consumers must take time to recognize their needs, find possible, effective, economical, and […]

Fashion as the Avatar of an Avant-garde

Introduction Art and fashion share many significant characteristics in the way they function in society. Both have also changed with increasingly dramatic speed over the centuries. In art, the movement known as the Avant-garde set out to continually redefine itself; in fact, to redefine art. However, this continual discarding of what was done already has […]

Changing Flora and Fauna in the Canadian Arctic

Proposal Introduction The climatic conditions of the Canadian arctic region have been hard to comprehend over the years owing to the frequent changes experienced and great variations. The climatic situation varies from one region to another; even in cases where the climatic conditions tend to be similar, the flora and fauna varies greatly. In its […]

Political and economic consequences of EU enlargement

Introduction The European Union is a political and economic affiliation that embodies an exceptional form of collaboration among 27 member states currently. The main objective of the union is to develop a lasting relationship among member states to improve the economy and attain political stability for the member states. In a political view, the union […]

Madonna The Rebel

Introduction In the postmodern world, traditional gender roles seem intact in the western society. While their establishment seems clear since they are evident through mass media, celebrities like Madonna want to break free from some conservative roles. Can she be called the first woman at the forefront of gender social transformations? The profound changes in […]

Amarex Case Study

Executive Summary Effective supply chain management and logistics facilitate the growth of international trade; the opportunity to venture in logistics business offered by the growth in international trade has attracted a number of players. Multinational logistics companies are strengthening their market command by putting on barriers to entry in the industry. In Saudi Arabia, Amarex […]

The Unique Apple Stores Internal and External Forces

Introduction Surveys from Sanford C. Bernstein revealed that Tiffany & Co. generated sales of $2,666 per square foot annually. That’s a stunning revelation. But what is more stunning is that Apple Stores generated $4,032 per square foot in that same survey, according to Jerry Useem’s article ‘Simply Irresistible’. Apple is one of the leading innovators […]

Marlboro Cigarette company case Study

Executive Summary The effects of tobacco use on human health have triggered a number of anti-tobacco campaigners; the campaigns are targeting casual/addicted users, social tobacco user and those people who have not started the habit. The anti-tobacco campaigners use both public education and legal legislations approach to control the use and sale of tobacco products. […]

Rhetorical situations in the Experiences and Goals Letter

Communication skills are one of the most important skills in the work place since it defines a person’s character more than anything else does. Any form of communication especially the written one should be clear enough to be understood by any relevant person irrespective of their level of education. It is important for an individual […]

The Coca-Cola Company

Executive Summary The main objective of this research paper is to carry out a comprehensive analysis about the Coca-Cola Company. In so doing, the paper would focus on exemplifying an appropriate company background of Coca-Cola, considering the financial overview of the company, and most importantly, formulating a problem statement of the company along with the […]

Mobile Banking in Saudi Arabia: Towards Understanding the Factors that Affects the Sector

The internet-based marketing research survey was initiated with a view of understanding the various factors that affects the usage of mobile banking in Saudi Arabia. The conjoint study utililized a quantitative research design and subjects were drawn from the selected banking institutions. To ensure reliability and validity of study results, the questionnaires for the survey […]

Modern Libya’s History

Libya is an African country located on the northern part of the continent bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It covers about 1,760,000 square kilometers most of which is desert and semi desert respectively. Libya gained its independence in September 1951 after being ruled by the British and the French administration for almost an entire decade. Libya […]