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Global Population Issues and Population in Our Country

The current world population is over 6 billion, half of the population lives in poverty. The global population trends have been increasing drastically and it is estimated that in fifty years time the world population will be about between 9 billion. The rapid global population increase has put humanity and the world at peril. Overpopulation […]

Summary of Chapters on Music

1. Roberts. The importance of music in the life of a parish is hard to overestimate. The outcome of integrating a good music program into religious ceremony is obvious to those who have taken part in such ceremony or at least observed a congregation involved in music practice. Even for those who do not have […]

Music in corporate America

According to Hirshberg’s views concerning commercialism of music, change in perception towards the channel through which music gets to the people has significantly affected bands in music composition. In the earlier decades, incorporation of music into advertising campaigns was seen as a violation of the music industry, but currently artists realized that if they are […]

Argumentative Essay About Sleep

Most people will agree that in the modern lifestyle, social and economic demands require one to cut back on sleep to achieve more or have better financial benefits. Although the sleeping patterns are natural and most people follow a certain fashion of sleeping such as during night, the sleep periods are different depending on age […]

The White Dilemma in South Africa

South Africa is one of the African countries that was for a long time under colonization by the white man. Besides, being colonized, the situation in South Africa was quite bad as there was rampant discrimination of the blacks by the white people which came to be known as apartheid. There are restaurants, schools, hospitals, […]

Change Management Models

Change management models refer to those methods, which guide the process of managing change in different organizations (Cameron & Green, 2009, p. 109). Over the years, the successful application of these methods has led to the adaptation of the models as guidelines for change management. The most common examples include Lewin’s change management model, the […]

Saving Private Ryan: War and the Value of the Sacrifice

Saving Private Ryan is one of the best American films about war of all the times. Steven Spielberg directed the film, and Robert Rodat wrote it. The work of these two people received much acclaims: Academy Award, Empire Award, NYFCC Award, and Golden Globe Award nominations. This film describes the events of World War II. […]

Animism and the Alphabet

I would like to concur with Abram’s words that writing is a form of animism. This portrays writing as a kind of magic output advanced in a creative way by man. Abram argues that human beings tend to complicate the meaning of magic yet they do perform magic every time they get a book to […]

Artwork Analysis: Chagall’s, Duchamp’s, and Severini’s Works in Connection with Theoretical Ideas of Gabo, Marinetti, and Mondrian

The beginning of twentieth century was marked by revolutionary changes in social life: the discoveries made by the science and the achievements of the technical process transformed the course of life once and for all. The tendency for mechanization and, inter alia, employment of automobiles unprecedentedly speeded up the life pace. The general enthusiasm for […]

The Lancaster Treaty of 1744

While war between the English and Indigenous Peoples occurred often during the colonial era, the Lancaster Treaty of 1744 succeeded in preventing conflict between the Iroquois and the English. The Iroquois faced some of the same problems that other Native groups did but such problems did not result in conflict. The main grievance of the […]

History: The Epic of Gilgamesh

Introduction The epic of Gilgamesh is one of the oldest poems written from Mesopotamia, a country that is present day Iraq. It is a story of two legends, Gilgamesh and Enkidu who were the greatest of friends. In the story, Enkidu who was created to be wild is meant to counteract the oppression of King […]

Multicultural Differences in Modern World

Human beings have significantly different attitudes, belief systems, and perceptions in life that collectively define their unique cultures (Sam & Berry, 2006). All efforts to understand groups or individuals should take into consideration the impact of cultural orientation. Researchers in different disciplines have appreciated the role of cultural differences as far as drawing meaningful conclusions […]

Boat trip at Lake Leman

The skies were clear except for an occasional cloud which appeared and vanished just as quickly. I made my way towards the park as I feasted my eyes on the picturesque scenes that were in my line of view. I could make out the Chillon Castle and the Montreux Palace which is said to span […]

Women’s Education: A Comparison of Selected Works by Adrienne Rich and Virginia Woolf

This essay compares the arguments for women’s education, as outlined by Adrienne Rich and Virginia Woolf, two pioneering activists in their day, whom all literate women owe a great debt. Western women alive at this time in history sometimes forget the hard fought equality battles won by their foremothers, particularly in the area of education. […]

Dante’s Inferno

Homer is regarded as a legendary Greek due to his great works of literature such as “The journey to the Land of the Dead.” This epic poem focuses on Odysseus, a Greek hero who makes his long journey back home to Hades after the fall of Troy. It also focuses on Aeneas heading out to […]

Are alternative energy sources an option?

Introduction It is important for the people to focus on ways to protect and conserve both the environment and climate for the future generations. This is a process that demands a lot of involvement in various fields, including socially, scientifically and economically. The shift of attention to renewable energy and the resourceful conversion of fossil […]

Karl Marx’s Theory of Alienation

According to the theory of Karl Marx, alienation is aloss of the sense of existence in the process of working during the epoch of capitalism. The problem of alienation is based on the theoretical interest to one of the most essential topics of philosophical sociological thought (Ollman 131). Nowadays, the problem of alienation is blended […]

Entrepreneurs and the Entrepreneurship Process

Introduction This assignment is a discussion about entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurship process. The discussion is based on background research on three business people namely Shai Agassi (Better Place), Donald J. Trump (Trump International Hotel & Tower) and Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey Network). The discussion begins with a brief explanation of entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurship process […]

Plato’s Parable of the Cave

Philosophers have always tried to bring out the truth about human nature as well as providing details of the psychological evolution of humanity. In their works, they expound on the essence of various aspects of human behavior. Most philosophers employ symbolism to create the general image of the aspect/behavior in question. A renowned Greek philosopher, […]

“Barn Burning” by William Faulkner

William Faulkner has written a variety of fiction stories that examine the lifestyles of individuals who live in the closed society. These societies are rooted in traditional values, and are found in the south of America. Among these stories is “Barn Burning” where Faulkner examines the occurrences that follow once a person loses their bond […]

Amy Tan’s Fish Cheeks and Brent Staple’s Black Men and Public Spaces

Several literary writers have portrayed the lives and experiences of minority groups in America. These minorities experienced difficulties in integrating with the dominant white societies of America. Majority suffered cultural identity crisis, racism, segregation, and all manner of discrimination. This essay compares and contrasts Amy Tan’s short story, Fish Cheeks and Brent Staple’s short story, […]

Crisis of the Modern World

Introduction The pursuit of knowledge has been the order of most working scientists as well as philosophers of science in the past years. This knowledge referred to is treated as synonymous with natural and physical science. However, there have been different schools of thought in the field of science and during the pursuit of the […]

Motivational and Cognitive Sources of Prejudice

Asian female celebrities and Caucasian men, has become one of the most common interracial pairing in America. The trend is attributed to motivational and cognitive prejudice that a particular person has towards his or her counterpart. Prejudice emanates from a special preference for a particular individual due to race, nationality, social status, or sexual orientation. […]

Supply and Demand

Economics lessons include both demand and supply analysis. The research focuses on the analysis of demand. The research centers on supply analysis. Price influences both supply and demand. Demand. Demand is the economic term for the quantity needed, wanted, or desired by the buyers or customers. Different persons have different supply type demands. Each individual […]

Federal Government Regulation on Railroads, Manufacturers and Financial Industry from Progressive Era to New Deal

Introduction Progressive Era refers to a period of social and political reforms that took place in America between 1890s and 1920s (Henretta & Brody, 596). The period was characterized by major progressive transformation and reforms. During that period, people sought to have a corrupt free society and stable economy hence the reason they sought intervention […]

Women in Society

Women are perceived in society to be individuals who rely on men on almost everything. Brownmiller and Woolf observe in their interview that women are not incorporated in societal activities fully, but instead they are incorporated as underdogs. This implies that men are dominant in every aspect of life, including education, as noted by Woolf. […]

Skinner’s Theory of Radical Behaviorism

Human beings are quite complex and understanding the real cause of their behavior can be a daunting task for a layman. In a bid to understand the dynamics of human actions, psychological studies were introduced in institutions of higher learning to shed light on the intricacies surrounding human thoughts. Several psychologists emerged in the early […]

Trade in Eurasia

The development and progress of the Long distance trade in Eurasia but and also in many countries have been recorded as a major achievement. Eurasia, a union of Asia and Europe into a single large landmass to form a continent, ranks her long distance trade among the best performed activities during this era. This is […]

The Theme of Folkrole in “The Weir” by Conor McPherson and “By the Bog of Cats” by Marina Carr

The two plays emerge from the popular elements of Irish folklore, which includes mysterious incidences, myths and ghosts. Carr’s play starts with a conversation between Hester, the Ghost Fancier, and Catwoman. The Ghost Fancier is out to find Hester Swane.  Hester explains to the Ghost Fancier that Swane is her other name, and she is […]

Touki Bouki Film Analysis

The film is about young Africans who decide to go to Paris in France to better their lives. They try hard to acquire boat tickets to go to France hoping for stability and prosperity. This is because they have been pushed by the desperate conditions in Senegal. The film revolves around Mory and Anta. Mory […]

Inequality of Women in China

Traditionally, a Chinese woman is known to have lived a very tough life, through continuous humiliation from their men. No woman had a right to education, but they were supposed to live according to the Confucian guidelines. These guidelines stated clearly that women should not be equal to men, and during her childhood she should […]

Management Theories

Background Most management theories and literature tend to present managing as if it is a technical and rational activity. For example, management is presented as a discipline that involves the calm, careful and well considered tasks of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Such a view certainly helps us to understand some of the tasks managers […]

Cultural Relations

Introduction Culture is defined as “a system of values and norms that are shared among a group of people and that, taken together, constitute a design for living” (Vance & Paik 2006, p.39). In the past century, scholars have directed commendable efforts towards understanding various cultures and their impact on global human relations. As a […]

Weird Chinese Foods

The Chinese eat certain types of foods that seem strange and offensive to many people, as they are forbidden by their religion or cultural practices. Some of these foods include boiled dogs, grilled crocodiles, fried snakes, guinea pig brains, stewed frogs and roasted lizards. These foods are consumed for a number of reasons best known […]

Comparison of the printing monopoly Johannes of Speyer received in 1469 from the city of Venice and the modern Canadian copyright law

Because of the fact that the laws restricting the use of the copyrighted material has become an issue of an utter importance in the modern world, it is rather peculiar to trace the law of copyright starting from the day it emerged as a notion of the modern times in Canada, when it has become […]

Disasters in the Bangladesh Garment Industry and the Role of Globalization

Introduction All employees, inconsiderate of their nature of work and employment, are entitled to proper working conditions as well as remuneration equivalent to the work done. This is enshrined in the labor laws. It is important therefore that all companies and industries that provide employment opportunities put in place measures and policies that will uphold […]

Jazz music report

The day when I told myself that it had been a while since I last attended a jazz concert happened to be the pivoting point in my vision of New Jazz music. The concert featured the compositions that had been around for quite a while and seemingly had no surprises. Nevertheless, because of a new […]

“Babylon Revisited” and The Great Gatsby

Usually, when two books are written by the same author, thematic similarities can often be observed. Scott F. Fitzgerald’s short stories are considered the ground for experimentation for themes and motifs that are dealt on a larger scale in his novels (Sutton 165). Many believe that the story, “Babylon Revisited” was continued in the novel […]

Othello and Desdemona: Emotional Strangers

In William Shakespeare’s play Othello, the main character is a man named Othello. He is a Moor, a man with dark skin, who has earned his way to the rank of commanding general in Venice. The play opens with Othello, appearing in nightclothes before an angry mob, trying to defend himself against the accusation that […]

E-Concert Report for Pieces from Early and Baroque Music

In the history of art, Baroque was a period characterized by unprecedented flowering of architecture, painting, literature, and music. Spanning over fifteen decades, from the early 1600s to the mid-eighteenth century, Baroque epoch passed under the sign of rich ornamentation and fanciful designs which were the part and parcel of many a work of art […]

Lifestyle and technologies of the self

Self-identity is an issue that affects many people in the world. A good understanding of self will lead to a more reformed world where people understand their identities and therefore able to take care of self. The essay that follows is a summary of how self-identity operates. Self-identity is a fundamental need that people need […]

The Long Voyage

In his narrative The Long Voyage, Jorge Semprun tells about his voyage to a concentrated camp called “Buchenwald”, interspersing it with his memories of before and after the voyage. The peculiar detail about the book id the mode of its development: Semprun often uses switches between external to internal setting. What is more, this tool […]

Decisions in Paradise

Introduction Every now and then, business organizations are faced with various issues that it seeks to solve. Venturing in new areas call for business organizations to develop a framework whereby, they analyse the strength and the weaknesses of undertaking a certain business decision. Such a move is coupled with so many problems that need solving. […]

British Rule in Palestine

Describe the origin and rise of political Zionism Zionism is a Jewish political movement that emerged in 1880’s and 1890’s. The founders of this movement started it with a view to support the Jewish people enjoy a Jewish sovereign homeland. The main objective of this movement was to continue campaigning against any threats of insecurity […]

The Death of Ivan Ilych

This is the story of a successful lawyer who went on to become a judge. Ivan Ilych was not only successful but his his lineage boasts of luminaries in the field of public service. His family background is something that any Russian of that era could be proud of. His father was a successful official […]

Iraqi invasion to Kuwait

Introduction The attack of Kuwait by Iraq can also be referred to as “the Iraq –Kuwait War”. This was a serious war that involved Iraq and its neighbor Kuwait, which eventually culminated to a long stalemate of approximately seven to eight months. During the period of conflict, Kuwait was controlled by Iraq. This conflict drew […]

Different of color reaction

Scientifically it is perceived that there is no color in the physical world, but color is taken to be light waves that are composed of waves of varied length. The retina of the eye which is sensitive to the light waves is responsible for all the various colors that we see as it responds differently […]

Does the Language Really Bridge a Nation? The Complicacies of Being a Non-English Speaker in Canada

Introduction Does the language have its impact on people’s lives? Hardly anyone thinks about it. Yet in Canada the problem is rather complicated. Because of the dominance of the English language, a great number of problems arise. According to the existing evidence, the situation concerning the language and the employment in Canada has always been […]

Art for the Sake of Art: The Spring Has Come

One of the world’s most incredible genii, Botticelli with his idea of the fine art as the source of unceasing inspiration and the beauty that the world is based on, was a truly magnificent person. Devoting his entire life to the art of painting, he contributed to the humankind as much as hardly anyone in […]

The Concept of Normality In Relation To Eating Disorders

Normality is a concept that can be understood in different perspectives. Sociologically speaking, normality can be differentiated from the norm which refers to the acceptable behaviors in a society. Normality refers to the adherence to the acceptable standards set by a society. Normality is closely guarded by the social constructions of a particular society in […]

Monetary Policy: Increasing of Interest Rate

An increase in interest rate is one of the approaches used by governments to control the level of inflation. Countries like Britain have a target inflation rate of 2%, but currently the rate stands at 4%. This explains why the British pound is the strongest currency. Raising and lowering interest rates influences many sectors of […]

Critique of a study on staffing issues in small hospitality business

Introduction Hospitality industries found in college towns across the United States live under constant threat of cost of labor, subnormal profits, stiff competition, escalating prices of food, and economic meltdown. Not so many people have labored themselves to study the problems that hospitality businesses that are found in college towns especially restaurant go through despite […]

The Role of hospitality in the Homeric world-Odyssey

In the Homeric world the theme of hospitality has been used in a rather obsessive manner with the author raising it very more often, in this writing the social world is complicated and confused.Within the society comprising Homer’s world are the hospitable and noble people on one side and the exploiters on the other side. […]

The Passion of Christ

The life of Jesus on this world had a purpose as in Matthew 8:20 “and Jesus said unto him, the foxes have holes, and the birds OF the air [have] nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay [his] head.” From this verse, the life of Jesus was full of suffering. In […]

Television as a Domestic Technology

If the efforts to revitalize television in the digital era are to materialize, television viewers will ultimately be required to be conversant with the set-top box (a novel consumer technology) which provides unprecedented means of consuming television. There is no doubt that this type of technology entails assimilation of new media technology into the household […]

The Use of DDT

DDT is a chemical which was first found in the year 1874 and was well studied since then. World Health Organization approves of DDT because it has proven to be the most effective when it comes to combating malaria. In conjunction with other preventive measures, it is able to decrease the transmission of malaria when […]

Dilemma of layoffs at Santa Anita State University

The Office of Philanthropy (OOP) at Santa Anita State University is the one in charge of spearheading mobilization of financial resources for the institution. Santa Anita State University is located in California (University Of Washington 2).Two levels of workers are hired at Santa Anita-hourly employees and salaried employees. Salaried workers are categorized in levels ranging […]

“The Godfather”

The “The Godfather” movie is a showcase of film excellence. The research focuses on the mise-en-scéne (movie overview) of how a real life mafia family forces its illegal powers on the community. The research centers of the movie show the family as the driving force of many groups, especially the Corleone mafia family. The “The […]

Movie Review: A State of Mind

This 2003 film is a documentary intended for an adult audience. It was written and produced by Daniel Gordon. The film which has won various awards across the world focuses on the day to day life of North Koreans as dictated by the prevailing political regime. The film brings to focus issues totalitarianism, oppression, suppression […]

Statues Analysis: Statue of a Wounded Warrior and Perseus with the Head of Medusa by Antonio Canova

Sculpture is one of the most expressive forms of art. Since ancient times, people worked with different materials to create statues. Each historical period is characterized by particular philosophy, themes and ideas. These themes and ideas are expressed through forms and materials. Some early periods influence techniques and concepts adopted by later periods. In addition, […]

Work of Art from the Hunter Museum of American Art: Hughie Lee-Smith’s Confrontation

Introduction Art is a reflection of reality. An expression of emotions, realities, and concerns, art incorporates different elements to make this expression visible and comprehensible. The end of WWII was followed by the growing popularity of realism in America: dozens of talented artists created their works, trying to re-evaluate the social anxieties of the postwar […]

Disadvantages of Developed Country (America) When 2008 Financial Crisis

According to Brewer & Gavin (2002), a developed country is defined with several factors in consideration, and this can be seen where different scholars have looked at this in different ways. Some scholars determine whether a country is developed by considering the Gross domestic product per capital income. However, the scholars do not singly use […]

Social worker in a hospital

Comparative Discussion Social worker working in a hospital provides services to in-patient, out-patient and programs of the community. Encountering changes and difficulties with your health can be a very hard and worrying moment for patients and their family. There are numerous alarms and problems which can crop up for patients as they take medication and […]

Design Continuities between the Renaissance and the 17th and 18th Centuries

Introduction Design trends vary from country to country, from century to century. Each creator tries to introduce his/her own vision of the beauty and uses various methods to express the chosen ideas. The Renaissance and the 17th and 18th centuries (Baroque and Rococo) were regarded as the two unbelievably beautiful periods when architecture, painting, and […]

A State of Mind

A State of Mind is a 2003 documentary film intended for adult audiences. It was written and produced by Daniel Gordon. The film which has won various awards across the world focuses on the day to day life of North Koreans as dictated by the prevailing political regime. The film brings to focus issues of […]

Between Romanticism and Modernism

In contemporary times, the term romanticism when it comes to music refers to that period roughly between 1810 and 1900 when there was a revival for the need to listen to ‘medieval’ music. It is interesting to note that though this may be the case, historians are yet to agree on the actual time when […]

Why did president Obama fail in his attempts to stop israel building settlement and prevent the Palestinians from applying for UN membership?

Thesis Statement Diplomacy is one of the fields of study that has taken root in the modern international system. It pertains to the efforts that states make in order to achieve national interests both locally and abroad. The US has not used its veto power to block Palestine from becoming a state. This is due […]

The criminal justice system

Criminal justice system entails regulating peoples’ conduct with the intend of protecting the society and individuals. It includes all the regulations, measures and institutions of the justice system. All the parties involved in the justice system are under obligation to apply evenhandedness and equality while enforcing law. Unless the country in question is authoritarian such […]

Social, Economic and Political Conditions of a Slovak Immigrant Group Change from the 1880’s to the 1930’s

At the turn of the 19th century, several Slovak and other East European immigrant groups fled their native homelands in Europe to begin a new life in America. “Out of this Furnace” by Thomas Bell, set against the backdrop of the thriving steel mills of Pennsylvania, documents the great social upheavals experienced by one such […]

The Blood bananas: Chiquita In Colombia

Introduction Below are discussions on the root cause of the company’s choice: whether the company’s management had any other choice; what the incumbent management team can do to restore the company’s reputation; the role of corporate governance in the process; and ethical and strategic actions the company should take. The case analysis Chiquita is a […]

“The Effects of Clown Intervention on Worries and Emotional Responses in Children Undergoing Surgery” by Fernandes and Arriaga

Summary of the Article “The Effects of Clown Intervention on Worries and Emotional Responses in Children Undergoing Surgery” is the article written by Fernandes and Arriaga in 2010 for the Journal of Health Psychology. The main purpose of this work is the evaluation of clown activities’ effects on children who have to undergo surgery. The […]

Commercialization of Organ Transplants

Introduction Since the first successful organ transplants in the 1960s, the debate on the ethical and legal worthiness of the practice and its commercialization has increased, with various individuals, groups and parties presenting different views for an against the practice. As biotechnology and medical technologies improve and increase in the efficiency of transplant, the demand […]

Nana Children’s Home

Introduction Organization Description Nana children home is a non-profit organization with a goal to provide for needy children. They offer God’s love and heal children for the sake of their security, safety and life. The incorporated children in this organization are needy, abused or neglected before the age of eighteen years. The organization is located […]

The Effects of Media Violence on People

Despite the fact that there is some evidence that, lengthy exposure to violent media increases aggressive behavior in people, this exposure alone cannot cause people to become violent and aggressive for there is no established connection between violent entertainment and violent behavior. On the contrary, there is substantial evidence that violent, belligerent, and emotionally delinquent […]

West World History

Introduction This analysis is going to address the French and Spanish conquest in the new world and the establishment of their respective empires. It shall also encompass the French revolution with its distinct phases and how these rapidly changed into a conservative approach. It is important to analyze the Spanish and French conquests in establishing […]

Child Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

Shocking stories of trafficked children forced into slavery is often cited in newspapers. Children are trafficked for sexual exploitation, slavery, etc. Children from poor families from Africa, Southeast Asia, etc. are lured with dreams of migrating to Europe or America and gaining a better life. But instead, they are caught in the web of servitude. […]

Characters of Gatsby and jean Valjean or Elponine. Comparison

In the book The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby is the main character and the protagonist who acquires wealth illegally by trading in stolen securities, crime and illegal distribution of alcohol. According to Fitzgerald, Gatsby is “a mysterious and wealthy thirty year old man who holds extravagant parties every Saturday in his Gothic mansion situated in […]

Objectives of Project Management

The objectives of project management can be summarized as the end results that are to be achieved from a project. What must be understood is that, from a literal perspective, the term “objectives” can be defined as the driving force which pushes an individual or group towards a set of defined goals. Taking this particular […]

Tipperary Mineral Water Company

Introduction Tipperary Mineral Water Company (TMWC) was founded in 1986 in Tipperary, Ireland. Currently, the company is part of the Gleeson group and its headquarters is in Dublin. Gleeson Group also manufactures other products such as wine and cider. In addition, it boasts of being among the 200 best companies in Ireland. TMWC specializes in […]

Suburban Health Center

Case Study: Suburban Health Center Executive Summary of the Case Helen Lawson, a department supervisor at Suburban Health Center, received a request from Dr. Morgan to fire a staff nurse Dorothy Wilson who did not pass in the team well due to her personal and professional weaknesses. After conducting own research and interviewing some of […]

Blackberry in the UK Market

Over the years RIM’s Blackberry brand has been a powerful contender in the IT industry. It was one of the pioneers which drove the smart phone revolution in 2007 but as per our research we found out that while Blackberry’s revenue and gross profit have been improving between the years 2007 to 2011, the rate […]