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Issue in Media Law

Introduction The media was traditionally associated with print and broadcast, but the birth of internet media is slowly transforming communication. With the introduction of several online forums, people now have a variety of communication channels to use when either sending or looking for information. Besides, the traditional text messaging has been transformed into more interesting […]

Case Study Research of SHRM (workforce planning) of Ramsay Health Care

Background information on the problem The problem of ageing workforce is becoming a critical issue of management in Australia. Most organizations in Australia are getting overwhelmed by the issue of a rise in the number of ageing employees. Approximately a third of Ramsay Health Care employees are over 50 years. This denotes the likelihood of […]

Cause and Effect of Cell Phone Usage Among High School Students from U.S. and Middle East

Research design The research design for this research study will be the mixed-method research approach (qualitative and quantitative research). According to Mertler & Charles, 2011, qualitative research relies on narrative data while quantitative research relies on numerical data. The survey research design will generate case-specific data that is necessary to investigate the research objective of […]

Apple Business Environment

Executive Summary This treatise reviews the Apple’s business environment with reference to generic strategies, Porter’s five forces, and competitive advantages. The iPad and iPhone products are geared towards market dominance. Through this approach, the Apple Company will automatically have the discretion to reap maximum benefits ahead of its closest competitors. The company has adopted trend […]

The Effects of the American Correctional Policy

Evidence-Based Correction: Definition and Significance Before going any further, it is necessary to introduce the phenomenon of evidence-based correction. Evidence-based correction is defined as a system in which “data, not mere opinions […] play the central role in guiding allegiance to any given correctional theory” (MacKenzie, 2012, p. 1). In a nutshell, the phenomenon of […]

Civil Religion in the American Society

Introduction Human beings are extremely subject to beliefs and culture in their way of living. Religious beliefs are highly influential and thus people live in accordance with the religious virtues inherent in their religious isms. In most countries across the world, religious beliefs, historical heroics, and historical events form constitutional backgrounds, which then make the […]

Regis University Programs

Regis University offers numerous degree programs, an adult education program, and eight master degree programs. It also works with other educational institutions through franchise programs. An internal analysis on various functional areas like marketing, management, and finance determined the competitiveness of the institution. The institution attained a total IFEM score of 2.8. Introduction and Overview […]

Electricity Production and Consumption in the US

Electricity production in the US consumes over 40% of the total energy produced within the continent. Given the high percentage of energy consumption in electricity, the concept forms a significant segment of consumers’ environmental footprint. Fossils fuels such as coal, natural gas, and oil are the key generators of electricity in the US. According to […]

Turisme de Barcelona

Executive Summary The tourism industry has flourished worldwide due to increase in tourist attraction centres. Among the top tourist destinations are cities like Las Vegas, London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona. In 2010 Barcelona managed to become one of Europe’s most important tourist destinations with millions of overnight stays and accommodations in hotels. Among other Spain […]

Topics in ethical dilemma: when the choice becomes too complicated

Employer Breach of Employee’s Privacy Though technically being very hard to prove, the breach of employees’ privacy is definitely a punishable offence that must result in taking proper measures and penalizing the wrong-doer in an adequate manner (Duff, Smielauskas & Yvos 2001, p. 14; Dossey 2003, p. 12). As Shaw explains, “privacy is widely acknowledged […]

Donaldson Family Foods management

Classical Approach Diagnosis Donaldson Family Foods Company does not have systems that work alongside its staff members to promote healthy communication ethics by recognizing and where necessary, supporting staff members who make steady commitment in practicing accepted and desirable healthy organizational communication ethics in their work departments. This is best achieved through reliable management and […]

Toyota Corporation Production

The key drivers to the success of Toyota before the crisis Production and operations management The actual production and delivery of products including the operational management was essential to the success of Toyota. The company’s product design incorporated product process, planning and implementing production processes as well as acquiring and organizing resources. With this broad […]

Culture as a Means of Managing Employees

Introduction Business administrators often rely on culture as a means of managing employees. This argument is particularly relevant to post-bureaucratic organizations which have the following characteristics: vertical workplace hierarchy; increased information-sharing; ability of employees to take initiatives; the adoption of rules and statutes that are supposed to safeguard a company against possible pitfalls (Josserand, Teo, […]

Ability to manage stress as the most important skill of effective communicators

Effective communication skills are critical for the functioning of both private and public organizations. In many cases, the exchange of information is vital for decision-making in businesses and their adaptation to the change in external environment. This paper is aimed at showing that the management of stress is the most vital skill of effective business […]

Electronic Marketing Strategy Plan for Chappy’s Chiropractic Clinic

Introduction This marketing plan has been developed to enable Chappy’s Chiropractic Clinic to establish itself as a strong player in the chiropractic market segment. The target market is composed of patients who are looking for the services of a chiropractor. Chappy’s Chiropractic Clinic offers exemplary services paying special attention to customer service. The clinic aims […]

A Brief History of the Conflict between India and Pakistan

India and Pakistan are listed among countries that have had complicated relationships for a very long time in history. The two countries gained their sovereignty from Britain simultaneously in 1947. This independence marked a separation of the former British India into two major countries, India and Pakistan. According to the separation agreement, Pakistan was to […]

Preparing for the Millennium

Introduction This research paper preparing for the millennium endeavors to state my detailed goal for the year 2021. The paper illuminates the amount of effort and resources that am going to invest towards achieving these set goals. The research paper will capture three main areas: the educational plan, the work plan, and the lifestyle plan. […]

Fieldwalking in Archaeology

Introduction Field walking can be defined as a technique for examining or studying archaeological sites by walking in a systematic way across a ploughed field collecting artifacts on the surface (Fasham, 1980). In most cases, it is practiced with the aim of locating or mapping the distribution and the extent of archaeological sites. It is […]

“The Laws” by Plato

Introduction The LAWS is one of Plato’s most difficult books, whose subject is of great significance. In the dialogues, we are able to see Plato’s thought on the relationship between political theory and politics in practice. Through the dialogue, we also witness the laying out of a new political system (in the new colony city […]

Disadvantaging Families: Diversity, Inequality and Globalization

Through the article and class notes for this course, I leaned how change has brought people from the developed nations into the neighborhoods of the less developed world with dire consequences. I gained an insight into how a disadvantaged family structure increased inequality and discrimination. Those from the less developed countries in trying to survive […]

Systematic Evaluation of the Process of Delivering Change within the Fire Rescue Service

Introduction All institutions are experiencing various forms of transformation (Hayes 2010). Most of these transformation programs emanate from management trends such as company process engineering, culture change, capacity building and total excellence (Argyris & Schön 1974). Transformation programs are determined by the requirement of an organization to reposition in the face of changing aggressive demands […]

Comparing Historical and Present Landscapes in the East Cascades of the Washington State

Introduction There are many ways to evaluate the changes within a specific ecosystem in a particular landscape. Among the most efficient methods, a comparison between the historical and the present-day landscape can be used (Hessburg, Agee & Franklin, 2005). With the help of the latter, it is possible to find out whether the impact on […]

Investment Appraising Methods

Introduction The business environment is dramatically changing; investors are more concise and critically evaluate the trends in the market before channeling their cash into any business projects. Seitz and Ellison (1995) explains that, before venturing into business projects, investors need to understand investment appraisal methods or capital budgeting techniques; these are regarded as the standard […]

Kosovo Balkans War

Richard Holbrook best captures the events that took place in Kosovo during the Balkans war in the book ‘End a war’. This book highlights various controversial issues. In particular, the role -played by the U.S. and Nato in the peacekeeping mission are controversial and they come out in this book. Although the Kosovo war is […]

Customer Management Systems on Internet Based Book Selling

Bookselling is an activity that has been in existence since time immemorial. It can be described as the business of selling books either by the authors, or other selling agents. Long before globalization, the methods of selling books were inconvenient and unreliable as compared to today. Major developments such as the internet have influenced the […]

Anger Management Educational Model

Abstract The paper below will  explore various health promotion approaches and strategies in the pursuit of high quality mental health care delivery for the participants. In the first chapter, the problem, purpose of study and the research questions will be highlighted. It will be indicated that unresolved anger can cause several body disorders, such as […]

Karam Pizza Case Study

Strengths Strong reputation The reputation of the business as the only restaurant that offers unique and best quality is amongst the strengths of Karam Pizza business. The reputation ensures increased clientele as well as helps in building the business brand loyalty. The strong reputation the business has built in the last three years will help […]

The Regulation of OHS in Australia

Introduction The OHS regulation in Australia has undergone transformations owing to elevated levels of industrialization and material processing. The “National Occupational Health and Safety Strategy 2002-2012” is operational in Australia since its adoption in 2002 by the Ministry of Workplace relations (CCH Australia Limited, OHS Industry and Legal Authorities & Freehills 2007, p. 200). This […]