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Role of prejudice in wars in Iraq

Abstract The essay covers the role of prejudice in wars in Iraq. It defines prejudice and explains its role and effects. Other forms or factors of prejudice such as racism and discrimination are explained. The main causes of prejudice are explained and how they can be used to resolve and be used for the benefit […]

Attitude to Racism in Literature

Introduction The society is expected to live with one another in brotherhood. Such expectations have sometimes been difficult to achieve due to racism. Racism can be defined as the feeling of superiority and hatred held by a person towards another person who is of a different color or practices different customs from theirs. These feelings […]

Apple Business Analysis

Introduction Apple business is an international company in the United States of America established in the month of April 1976 in the state of California However, it waited until its incorporation in 1977 to start its operations. The business main activity is designing and marketing of electronics. In addition, it designs computer software as well […]

African American Literary Analysis

Introduction Illustrating the plights of African-Americans, Edward Jones’ story, “lost in the city” describes the discontentment of Africans amid the White community. Jones’ masterpiece focuses on the dangerous and poor lifestyle led by the African-Americans. Although the African-Americans know what is expedient for them, they choose unique lifestyles. For instance, Lydia, the main character, lives […]

Framework of PPP Application in Public Housing Project in China

Introduction Public-private partnership is considered as one of the best ways of helping a country to achieve its developmental goals. One of the areas where this approach is highly used is in improving the housing sector. Numerous countries like the United States and Britain have successfully used public-private partnership to provide proper housing facilities to […]

Cybersecurity Policy

Proper protection of data assembled and recorded in an organization is a core factor for the prosperity and safety of the organization. With the introduction of the Internet in business environment, the technicality of accessing as well as disseminating information has been made easy but generated more challenges at the same time especially with the […]

Concept of Life-Course Perspective in Society

Social work believes that people’s current behaviors are largely influenced by past events and experiences throughout their life-course. Life-course perspective provides a model for understanding human behavior by looking at the series of events and experiences that occur at different stages of an individual’s life cycle. People’s lives are often shaped by the chronological age, […]

Nozick’s Entitlement Theory

Introduction Robert Nozick’s Entitlement theory detailed in Nozick’s book “Anarchy, State, and Utopia” is a theory that pertains to distributive justice and private property. The entitlement theory attempts to illustrate the justice in holdings which essentially tries to explain the action that can be taken on individually owned property when analyzed from a principle of […]

Pox Americana Book Review

Pox Americana is a book by Elizabeth Fenn where she writes about small pox, its effects and spread across the North American continent. Small Pox was a very dangerous disease at that time. She describes small pox as the deadliest disease to have attacked the world. In her book, she writes about how she came […]

Hinduism and Christianity

Hinduism and Christianity have similar fundamentals although they hold different beliefs, that is, they have similar goals but their means of achieving these goals differs. These differences may be reflected in their teaching, stories, and their way of life in general. Both Hinduism and Christianity believe in life after death, heaven, and holiness. They are […]

Virgin Group Marketing Performance

Introduction This paper presents a research project about Virgin Group. Richard Branson laid the foundation for the organization. It expanded from a small business venture publishing magazines to the present diversified international investment. The path to success involved intense research and formulation of strategic plans. Under organizational plan, the research project will enumerate on how […]

Design of Upholstered Furniture for a Family

Upholstered furniture is one of the most popular and reliable types of furniture that is mostly used by families in different countries. Its reliability is closely connected to its framing, material, quality, and comfort (King 54). As a rule, people would like to have such upholstered furniture in their dining rooms, family rooms, and bedrooms. […]

I Stand Here Ironing

I stand here ironing is a story that tackles numerous societal problems including mother daughter conflicts, gender roles, diligence, personal effects of national economic struggles and the challenges of single parenthood. These themes make the story relevant today as it was during the time of its writing Theme in “I stand here ironing” The prevailing […]

Budgeting in USA: Property Tax

Introduction Taxes levied on property acquired in form of land and buildings are a huge source of revenue for local government in U.S.A. The value to be taxed is resolved by an evaluator according to the market worth of the property. Avoiding tax is taken to be a criminal offence in America and every owner […]

The Live Concert by Aleksandr Rybak and the Electo Zoo Festival

A live concert of Alexandr Rybak, a Norwegian singer-composer took place on 13 November 2010 in Gusman Hall in Miami Florida. The attendance of this live musical performance became a memorable experience for me. The overall atmosphere of the Gusman Hall was favourable for establishing the personal contact between the performers and the audience. The […]

The feminine mystique- Betty Friedan

Towards the end of the nineteenth century and at the beginning of the twentieth century, there emerged a group of middle class women whose ideology and perception of things was unorthodox to the societal outlook on issues. These women championed the emancipation of other women in the society, they craved for an equal society and […]

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Nature does in fact provide access to truth and vision even when this occurs coincidentally. However, sometimes this can be interpreted as haphazardness when the concerned author fails to bring together all his complex ideas. How nature is truthful in three of his works In one of his well known pieces- “Kubla Khan” the author […]

Debt relief to the poorest indebted African Nations

Introduction Many African leaders today impute the desperate economic situations in their countries to the European colonization. Although this may be significantly true, the countries are perpetuators of their situations. During colonization, the European rulers deprived the Africans of their fundamental rights. This in effect rendered the Africans ‘passive’ towards development and by the time […]

The recuperation of a generation

Introduction Oral history is one of the best ancient or traditional methods used to pass information from one generation to another. Aspects of cultural change, education especially on sexuality or health, gender identification and the roles of each individual in the family relied on oral history. Due to lack of recorded material on critical subjects, […]

Case Study of Space Center Enterprises

Introduction For the success of any business, it is important that there be separations of ownership from management. A business should be run professionally in order to ensure that it survives hurdles in the business environment. Empirical evidence provided by financial experts show that one of the main causes of business failure is family relations […]

What jazz is and what jazz is not

Jazz existence in the world of music has its own ambiguity in definitions. Jazz is a section of creative art that is mostly an illustration of African – American sense of art. It is a field which has become jargonized recognizing itself additional as separate from past forms rather than relevant to today’s world of […]

Fall from Grace: Book Review of Leila Aboulela’s Minaret

Abstract Real life examples highlight the key intriguing element of Leila Aboulela’s 2005 novel Minaret. Minaret is a mirror of Aboulela’s life experience. The novel tells the story of Najwa, who enjoys a coddled existence in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum. Following a political coup, Aboulela’s life completely changes when her father is executed and […]

Argument on Women in Combat

Women have always been marginalized in various activities and even in careers. This is mainly because of the predominant male chauvinism that makes many people to believe that some jobs are a preserve for men. This is no longer the case in the modern world in which women have become more enlightened and informed about […]

Erickson’s Theory of Development

Erik Erickson (1902-994) was a German psychoanalyst who expounded on developmental stages in relation to the role of specific stage. He believed that children develop in a predestined sequence where their socialization affects them and their self-perception. For instance, when infant’s emotional and physical wants are neglected, they attain their role through developing capacity to […]

Women’s movements in 19th Century

In Britain and across the globe, the contemporary woman may not have gained full autonomy as well as the liberty to enjoy equal rights as men in society. Nonetheless, it is evident that considerable success has been achieved to liberate women from eminent suppression by patriarchal based ideologies. In spite of this minimal yet significant […]

Major Challenges, Solutions and Future Prospects for Singapore

In the final decades of the twentieth century, Singapore has faired extremely well. It grew from an entrepot centre to an industrialized state and global city (Amaldas 985). It tackled most matters related to underdevelopment and had constructed the required institutions to organize its continued existence in the twenty-first century. This paper discusses the main […]

Asian culture from the anthropological perspective

Abstract The Chinese living in Taiwan have adopted cremation due to a number of reasons. To assess the factors leading to cremation amongst these Chinese, this study delves into Chinese traditions as well as their attitudes towards death and bereavement. As such, the study is in a position of highlighting the causes of cremation, and […]

Comparative Study of the Five World’s Major Religions

Introduction Over the ages, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam have grown and expanded to create what many people call “the Major World Religions”. These religions have developed over time, to establish various tenets. The tenets established are aimed at directing their adherents to attain their religious duties, and responsibilities in a better style possible. […]

Software Documentation

Introduction Software engineering is a concept that has received significant recognition as a result of the massive increase in technological advancement around the world. Many engineers engage in processes of designing software that is essential at both individual and corporate level. Some of these processes call for particular approaches in ensuring that the specifications of […]

Wall Street Riots

Background of the Wall Street riots In the recent past the world has been falling to its knees due to the financial meltdown in America. A brief view of the previous American administration shows that former president bush handed power to incumbent president Obama while the country was doing badly financially. The poor financial record […]

Major Business and Change Models

Introduction Organizational management plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success of any organization. Marshall (1992, p.36) defines organizational management as “An effective process of unique planning, organizing, controlling, and leading the main efforts of members as well as resources of an organization to achieve its main goals”. Business environment keeps on changing. Thus, it […]

Managing Change, Balanced Scorecard

What Is Bsc? The balance scorecard which is also known as (BSC) is a tool that is used by organizations to measure the numerous outcomes that may result from the activities they carry out. It helps in evaluating the financial performance of an organization, the level of customer satisfaction, the excellence with which the internal […]

Director’s cinematic vision in films

Zhang Yimou’s celebration of people’s life, exoticism and death in the films is said to be illuminated in his use of red color. For the last 20 years, Zhang used color so that he could effectively tell stories in his films. This quality can be said to have inspired people’s fascination with China at large. […]

Historical Methodologies

The credibility and accuracy of any historically account depends on the type of approach that the historians use in the course of their work. Historians must be conversant with available methodologies and approaches in order for them to handle evidence collection and interpretation in the best way possible (Green, 1999). Historical research and analysis is […]

The Importance of WTO

According to Schorkopf and Stoll (200), WTO is an abbreviation for the international body, World Trade Organization. This body is responsible for being the facilitator of trade around the globe, and entails creating multilateral forums in which agreements are made and disputes, which might arise between governments, are settled. World trade Organization has one hundred […]

Monks and Nuns, the Formation of Sangha

This paper focuses on the lives of Monks and Nuns, the formation of Sangha and the acceptance of women in the order. Introduction Monks were defined as men who belonged to a certain brotherhood. They were committed towards behaving in a certain way according to their order. They spent their lives in monasteries where they […]

The period encompassing the invention of cinema

Significant precursor of motion picture technology Motion pictures have been the most influential technologies of the past hundred years. A photographic technique for capturing action became a new medium, a significant part of the economy, and a dominant part of the economy and the popular culture (Stokes 28). A long series of technical development established […]

Outbreak Democratic Institutions

Understanding Behavior in Human Relations and Performance The study of human relations and performance in the ‘‘No Place Like Home Company’’ is very important in the sense that it helps the management to understand the different types of personalities that exist in that organization. In essence, such understanding would make it possible to effectively manage […]

Understanding Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer disease is a form of dementia which grows severely as it progresses. It is a fatal disease which was named after Alois Alzheimer. The latter was the first scientist who explored and fully described the existence of the disease among human beings (Brill 34). The ailment usually develops with multiple symptoms that may be […]

The importance of premarital counseling before marriage

Abstract: It is imperative to note that marriage is fundamentally important. However, it calls for legitimate interest to strengthen it since it is the major platform in which the family and society is built. Individual differences among couples often result into disruptive consequences in marriage institutions. This has largely resulted into rise of myriad of […]

Negotiation of Gender Identity

The negotiation of gender identity is an issue that has raised a lot of mayhem at the workplaces. This paper will outline the issue by critically analyzing the GI Jane movie. The movie, GI Jane, is a fictional artwork whose plot revolves around the first woman to undertake sea training in the United States Navy […]

The Value of Thinking Philosophically By Reflecting On the Meaning of One’s Own Life

Introduction It is imperative for an individual to recognize that his or her existence has a meaning, which must achieve fulfillment before he or she dies. This philosophical piece begins by highlighting the value achieved when individuals thinks rationally as they engage in a reflection of the meaning of their life. Secondly, the piece offers […]

Countrywide Corporation Case Analysis: Qualitative and Quantitative Outlook

Executive Summary This case report seeks to address marketing projections for Countrywide Company and examine the situation that occurred earlier. The problem statement highlights the financial woes of Countrywide as a company regarding the examination of issues such as a portfolio and benchmarks. The situation analysis section provides a synopsis of what the firm has […]

Visual Analysis of King Kong Representation

King Kong was originally produced during the year 1933 when theatre was the only medium of presentation and when depression was rampant. The renowned movie set during the great depression had several prominent features, namely, a big black ape, the beautiful girl, the skull island, and the empire state building. Apparently, the skull island and […]

Pythagoras Theories

Introduction Pythagoras holds the distinction of holding three titles in modern thought. People consider him a mathematician, a philosopher, and a mystic. What is interesting about him is that it is difficult to put dates and places around him, despite the fact that he was one of the greatest mathematicians that ever lived. He did […]

Understanding Multiple Sclerosis

Introduction Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system, which affects both the spinal cord and the brain. MS affects myelin sheaths of the nerves, thus preventing transmissions of nerve impulses in the body. Myelin sheaths insulate nerves cells in the body, which have a pivotal role of transmitting action potentials […]

Economic impact of the Olympic Games

Introduction Background Olympic Games are among the popular sports events that bring people across the globe together. History indicates that Greece was the first country and the initiator of the games. The games that take place after every four years bring all the member countries together. Approximately 200 countries who have competitive athletes participate in […]

Dialysis an Alternative Lifestyle

Introduction Dialysis is a concept that is applied in medicine. It refers to the process of replacing a kidney when it stops functioning properly. The kidney stops functioning properly because of renal failure. Dialysis is practiced to those patients whose kidneys fail to function properly. In the case of acute renal failure, patients may be […]

Text Book Prices: A Call to Action

According to a report released by the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) in July 2005, prices of textbooks at the postsecondary level have significantly increased in the past twenty years. GAO’s report indicates that “college textbook prices have risen at twice the rate of inflation over the last two decades, following close behind increases […]

Detention of Immigrants

Introduction This paper aims at analyzing the plight of refugees in various detention camps in the US, and Australia. It is factual that refugees go through difficulties in the camps since immigration officials harass them to accept illegal pacts and raw deals (Bagshaw & Paul 2004, p. 41). Immigration officials force refugees to accept their […]

Understanding the Influence of Imperialism on World Cultures through Literature and Arts

Introduction Through arts and literary pieces, people know much about a country’s culture and its relationship with other countries’ history. Imperialism had significant effects on world cultures. Colonization by western countries led to significant changes in the cultural practices of the developing countries (Said 123). Among the cultures influenced by the imperialism included the African […]

Military Master Resilience Training Verses Positive Psychology

Abstract Military involvement in war creates tension to both militants and their respective families. This tension consequently results to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and thus the army has to responds to this problem. In the United States of America, the army formed a Military Master Resilience Training (MRT) to avert psychological trauma issues. This […]

Affirmative Action

Society is differentiated in several categories and everybody cannot have the same opportunities to advance him or herself. Some people are disabled and therefore are unable to compete effectively when it comes to some issues. In some societies, culture has defined women as being weak people whose duty is only to give birth and take […]

Biasness: American Society vs. Saudi Society

Introduction There are a number of differences between the American society and the Saudi society. The differences are in terms of religion, customs, respect for human rights, and social development. In the Saud society, people are united by Islamic religion and old traditions. The American society focuses on development and respect for human rights and […]

Low Income Marriage and Divorce VS. High Level of Income Marriage and Divorce

Divorce has become a common practice within the contemporary society. In particular, this practice is dominant in developed nations (Cornia 10). Governments have taken transformative legal considerations. The considerations aim at keeping up with the high rates of divorce. These measures are undertaken to ensure all people are acquainted with the legal implications in divorce. […]

Expanding Holy Refinery

Introduction The proposed new power plant by Holy refinery within the City of Bountiful has elicited opposition from the locals and the city council. Reflectively, the Utah medical fraternity has estimated that the proposed plant will cause more than 20 deaths annually. Besides, the local have issues with environmental pollution from air, water, visibility to […]

The death penalty: can it ever be justified?

The controversy, surrounding the practice of sentencing criminals to the death penalty, continues to remain an important part of public discourses in Western countries. Partially, this explains why, as of today, this practice is being commonly regarded inappropriate by those politicians/public figures, who strive to gain the reputation of being particularly progressive individuals. Nevertheless, the […]

New Classical Macroeconomics

About New Classical Macroeconomics The new classical macroeconomics school of thought was based on the neoclassical background. This school of thought which originated in the 1970s was formulated by key economists such as by Robert Lucas, Thomas Sargent, Neil Wallace, and Edward Prescott. The New Classical Macroeconomics school of thought attempts to analyse macroeconomic models […]

Love in Boys Don’t Cry

Boys Don’t Cry denotes an American independent drama film of 1999 whose director is Kimberly Peirce and its co-writer is Andy Bienen. The movie is a performance of the actual-life account of Brandon Teena, acted in the movie by Hilary Swank. In the movie, there is raping, assaulting, and murdering of Hilary Swank by his […]

Is technology a positive or negative aspect of the society and culture?

As the world develops, technology also grows. Technology can be defined as an adoption of improved machinery that makes work easier. An example of technology is evident in computers or a procedure discovered so as to achieve a certain goal like a medical procedure. Technological developments take place across all fields which include science, agriculture […]

Security and Privacy Issues in E-Commerce

The main privacy and network security issues affecting online businesses In this research, I found out that most businessmen store their information online. Hartman (2003) states that online information storage is a convenient method of data storage since the company does not have to manage its own data storage system. On the other hand, this […]

Law in United Arab Emirates

Soft Drinks Sector Sector Analysis The firm to be established falls under the soft drinks sector, which is within the food industry. The industry has gone through a number of challenges in the recent years owing to the economic downturn experienced in the country, which is a result of the global financial crisis. A critical […]

“Memory” in relation to Jordan, Mary Ellen’s “Balanda: My Year in Arnhem Land”

Balanda: My Year in Arnhem Land is Jordan Mary Ellen’s personal reflections about her experiences back in Arnhem Land, a region in northern Australia that is inhabited by Aborigines. As such, the book assumes a more personal tone and the author confesses that any lack of objectivity is deliberate. Within this book the author selectively […]

Core Human Service Values with Reference to Moral Philosophy

Introduction Moral philosophy, which mainly addresses issues surrounding ethics, encompasses the definitive foundation of social morality and ethics; that is, the justification of what is right and wrong in relation to individual coexistence in societies and work places (Haven, 2008). In a more simple way, it stipulates individual expectations of people as regards human behavior […]

Canonical Status Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

Introduction Shakespeare’s works have been received with mixed reactions. Not because of the rare quality attributed to his works but due to difficulties in comprehending his original texts. However, Shakespeare continues to influence and inspire each and every generation with his creative artistic mind of playing around with words. Shakespeare applied early modern English in […]

Benefits of the Old Fashioned Business Models in the light of Global financial Crisis

Introduction There are many factors which are requisite for success in business. Those factors range from proper and professional management of business resources to adoption of up to date business models in order to ensure continued existence amid ever stiffening competition. The main conventional goal of any business organization is to maximize profits and to […]

Leadership Concepts That Are Vital Too Successful Quality Management Implementation

The approach to quality management and leadership has taken a new meaning over time. Traditionally, the concept of quality was just a technical subject which viewed quality leadership in terms of controlling the production process only to produce high quality goods. This means that the production process was deliberately controlled by line managers with focus […]

Effectiveness, Cost and Benefit of Team-Based Compensation System

Team based organizations have made a great impact on management panels of most corporations. The system reduces benefits previously exploited by greedy managers who took them on behalf of workers who do all the work to ensure the company performs optimally (Auchterlonied 81). Research has indicated that compensation and offering incentives to workers and management […]

The Planet of the Apes – A Dystopian Film

A utopian society is in essence an ideal world in which harmony and peace are indelible. The essential question to be asked however is – can such a perfect world truly exist? Unfor-tunately, brutality and human injustice has made the so called perfect world God created anything but perfect. Corruption is rampant a result of […]

Selling of Organs

Introduction Health of people in a given economy is a very crucial ingredient of economic advancement. Thus, various nations have invested heavily in the health sector to ensure that every citizen has access to health facilities whenever need arises. It is the hope of every patient that when he or she visits a health institution, […]

The Decriminalization of Marijuana

Introduction The debate on whether to or not to decriminalize possession and use of cannabis has been in existence for quite a long time. Some individuals have been against the idea that just by one simply being found with the substance could warrant him or her severe punishment as a jail term. Up to date […]

Cultural Revolution and Education in China during 1960s-1970s

The role of education in the social development is significant because the changes in the education sphere can influence not only the aspects of the people’s everyday life and social status but also their occupation and economic status. The Cultural Revolution in China of 1966-1977can be discussed as the catalyst and process which changed the […]

Portfolio Project: A Case of Nestle

Introduction Nestle is the largest food company in the world, with its presence stretching to more than 80 countries and manufacturing facilities numbering about 450. The company has registered great success that is showcased in its elaborate structure and physical establishments across six continents of the globe. Nestle has dealt with one controversy after another […]

Phases of Preclinical Trials in Drug Development

Introduction The developments of drugs often undergo various processes before being introduced into the market. One of the processes is the preclinical trials. Preclinical trials are conducted to ascertain the effectiveness of the drug on the treatment of the targeted disease (Mulay, 2001). According to the procedures and regulations governing drug development, preclinical trials are […]

Economic Development, Labor Theory of Value and Role Of Government in an Economy

Introduction This reflective treatise attempts to review the thoughts of Karl Marx, David Ricardo, J.S. Mill and Bentham on the issue of economic development, labor theory of value and role of government in an economy. Malthus and Ricardo Ricardo and Malthus share similar views on the development of a country’s population. Malthus nicknamed economic crisis […]

Establish and adjust the marketing mix

Introduction The retail industry is a battlefield for a wide range of goods essential for daily use. There is stiff competition in the industry as giant retailers and emerging retailers seek to gain competitive advantage over each other (Pesendorfer 34). Companies that wish to survive must make regular but necessary adjustments in the marketing mix […]

Rural Injustice, the Fiction

Introduction Many scholars have provided different definitions of the word injustice. In this paper, injustice will be defined as the absence of fairness and lack of justice in dealing with issues related to people’s rights; it basically includes violation of people’s rights and unfair treatment of people. This paper will discuss some of the rural […]

HealthSouth: The Rise and Fall of the Scrushy Empire

1. Summary: Richard Scrushy founded HealthSouth in 1984 with $50,000. The company was a privately-held health care franchise of clinics dedicated to physical therapy of elderly patients. Scrushy became CEO of the company. By 1998 the company had experienced tremendous growth with over 1,900 centers in USA, UK and Australia. Scrushy was particularly fond of […]

Music industry as a cultural industry

Introduction The music industry normally deals with production and selling of pieces of music. It encompasses artistes, the firms and experts who produce and sell the recorded music. There are also concert promoters and agents, entertainment legal representatives, musical device producers, among others. The term cultural industry refers to a range of establishments that generate, […]

Marx and the Young Hegelians

The Prussian philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was a profound influence on the thinkers and philosopher of the early 19th century. Hegel had complex and abstract ideas about various issues in philosophy, which were open to different interpretations. As a young intellectual in Berlin, Marx was initially a Kantian like his father, and was opposed […]

Major Problems in American Labor History

The end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century brought extensive changes into the American labor forces. Nation’s evolution that changed an agrarian society into an industrial one played a significant role in the history of the American labor. Workers with lack of experience could not get high salary, and had […]

Aggression as a Part of Human Nature

Introduction There are many reliable ways, which may give a clear explanation of the term aggression. Some of these explanations consider aggression as a form of human behavior that develops on the base of frustration, as a type of behavior that leads to pain or harm, or as a critical form of existence of any […]

Education as Growth

Abstract Is education necessary? In line with Dewey’s writing regarding education, (39) there is a large notable distinction between inanimate things and living, in that lifeless things react from forces, which have to be grater than the resistance involved. They are not able to react against the forces to change the outcome. Living things have […]

The Claim That Class Can Be Seen As A Cultural Phenomenon

Introduction Social classes can be defined as the categorization of the individuals in a society according to their financial viability or intellectual capability thus forming a hierarchical arrangement of the society which can also be termed as social stratification. The most basic form of social classification is between the powerful and the powerless, the wealthy […]

Comparison of Electronic Tickets and Paper Tickets

Introduction In the course of man’s progression passage from Neanderthals to Homo sapiens, he has come a long way. As a result of his pursuit for more and more adeptness and deftness, the nineties decade saw a most important turnabout with the development of computers. Not a long time ago, the word internet was just […]

Human Freedom as Contextual Deliberation

Across history, people have grappled with the question of freedom. Many have over time, due to the happenings in their life, wondered whether they have any control over anything in their life. For some other people, freedom is a given. It is exemplified by they ability to make choices. Choice implies freedom i.e. if there […]

Hotels management teams

Introduction In an effort to attain a more independent and integrated world economy, various countries are entering in trade agreements. This is being attained through formation of trade blocs. As a result, the 21st century is characterized by a rise in the rate of international linkages. The high rate at which countries are entering into […]

The Connection between the lives and works of Richler, Cohen and Layton

Introduction Mordercai Richler, Irving Layton and Leonard Cohen are Jewish Canadian writers. These three writers have tremendously impacted the Canadian literature and their writings prove that a person’s culture is capable of influencing his/her writing. Some of the most intelligent literary names in Canada are of Jewish faith. It is important to note that while […]

Great works of literature- Chinua Achebe

Introduction Albert Chinua Lumogu Achebe, commonly known to many as Chinua Achebe, was born in the 16th of November, 1930 in the Igbo speaking town of Ogidi in southern Nigeria. He is renowned worldwide for his poetic and novelist skills, while regarded in Africa as the god father of literary writing, with his novels such […]

Social Learning Theory and juvenile delinquency

Introduction The purpose of this essay is to examine the empirical studies of the Social Learning Theory on juvenile delinquency. Juvenile delinquency entails the term that is used to explain to young people who have not attained majority age and are involved in committing crimes. Delinquency refers to the failure to follow laws that are […]

Is Class Size Crucial to School Improvement

Abstract The quality of American schooling has been a subject of discussion for decades now. One of the hotly debatable issues is the impact of class size on performance of pupils or overall school improvement. While proponents argue that smaller class size is an important ingredient towards improving the performance of learners owing to longer […]

Management and Organization

Introduction The management and organizational approaches that are used by various firms play a critical role in their performance. The adopted management approach is important due to the fact that it determines the efficiency with which activities are performed. The organizational structure of the firm on the other hand determines the delegation and application of […]