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Betham and Kant

Exploring the dynamics of utilitarianism it would be instrumental to argue that in regard to the film it lacks the autonomous virtue of personal morality and ethical values.

American History

In fact, according to her, these conditions are unlivable and can be referred to as another form of servant class. To this extent, it is possible to concur with Ehrenreich that these conditions are unlivable [...]

Theories of Art

In this paper, we will look at the mimetic theory of art and the pragmatic theory of the art. As the Mimetic theory of art asserts, art is a representation or just an imitation of [...]

Ethnographic research

Considering Margaret Mead's ethnography, Coming of Age in Samoa, it is possible to say that dwelling upon that society she paid much attention to religion, education, upbringing and relation to each other within a family, [...]

Homeless Veterans

The lack of jobs leads to idleness which is the major cause of the veterans' addiction to drug abuse. The alarming increase in the number of the homeless veterans is due to continuing war in [...]

Mona Lisa Smile

The movie wanted to show the way women believed in their lives in the 1950s through a series of video footage available in the movie's DVD showing women in the fifties, statistics comparing women taking [...]