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The Linguistic Survey: Arabic Language Role in Canada

The phenomenon of language change is often observed in the communities of immigrants who use two languages to communicate within different functional contexts. To understand the specifics of the language change in the linguistic communities of Canada, the linguistic survey was conducted to analyze the aspects of the phenomenon about the language used by four […]

Surrealism’ Graphics and Art History

Introduction Surrealism was a period in art history from the mid-1920s to the late 1930s. Surrealism artists were influenced by psychological and subconscious ideas, which were advanced by various philosophers. These artists were mainly influenced by Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, and poets such as Louis Aragón. They conjured imaginative ideas from surrealist writings and created […]

Criminal Law: Child Protection from Pornography and Labor

Introduction The problems facing the children internationally include internet child pornography and child labor. These are problems widespread across the globe because of abating of the vices by government officials of various states and instability of various policy frameworks set by the governments. Also, the social malpractices like bribery have also led to the laxity […]

Value of Eclectic Paradigm in Relation to International Business

Introduction Eclectic paradigm is a theory used in the field of business economics. It is also referred to as OLI-Framework or OLI-Model, and has been related to international business through the advantages it possesses, which benefit multinational corporations. It is describes an improvement of Dunning theory of internalization that was based on transaction cost theory. […]

Activities of an Organization: Management Code of Ethics

Introduction Corporate social responsibility, which is also referred to as sustainable responsible business or corporate conscience, is a self-regulation mechanism incorporated into the central part of a business. It concerns itself with monitoring and assurance of active obedience with: ethical standards, the general law and the international customs that govern business and non-business activities within […]

Ducor Chemical Company

This is a case study analysis of Ducor Chemical Company, and it helps in understanding the mechanisms or strategies that can aid in collaborative working relationships among various managers involved in the implementation of a project. This case study is a clear indication of the effects of poor working relations between the project manager and […]

Brazil Economic Development and Conserve the Environment

Introduction Brazil is the second, fifth-largest country in the world geographically and in terms of population. In this view, Brazil epitomizes on the ongoing global tension pitying biodiversity preservation against sustainable agricultural practices and economic growth. According to current statistics, Brazil is a critical emerging economic power, which has a GDP of US$6040 billion and […]

Determining Protein Concentration using Kjeldahl Method and Fat Content using Bligh and Dyer and Soxhlet Methods

Abstract This study sought to determine protein concentration in different food samples using the Kjeldahl method. The study also determined fat content in the same food samples using the Bligh and Dyer method and the Soxhlet method. The protein content values obtained were approximately the same as the NIP content of 27%. The Bligh and […]

The biggest estate on earth: How aborigines made Australia

Introduction The book, The biggest estate on earth: How aborigines made Australia, discuses the effects of white settlement in the Australian continent. It discusses the history of the Aboriginal Australians and the way they lived before colonization. The Aboriginal Australians of the late 1700s were hunters who relied on hunting and gathering for sustain their […]

Electronic Cigarettes: Could they Help University Students Give Smoking Up?

The Habit of Smoking Reasons why University Students Smoke University students use smoking to alleviate stress from constant studying and the constant pressures in their social lives. Others start smoking due to the peer pressure from their friends. Students, especially those who suffer from low self esteem, are the most likely to start smoking in […]

Business Modeling: Customer Value Proposition, System Building and Its Analysis

Business Innovation and Value Add Proposition Reconsidering some of the recent events that shook the business world either with a dazzling performance of some of the mature entrepreneurs, or with a rapid downfall of the world’s renewed companies and business people, one must mention the notorious Harvey Norman Model (Roth, 2011). It has not been […]

Understanding the Cultural Differences of Psychological Disorders

Although the overall classification of psychological disorders appear to be universalistic in nature and scope, there exists compelling evidence to the effect that an individual’s cultural background colors every facade of illness experience, from linguistic construction and content of delusions to the distinctive meaning of expressed emotion. It, therefore, becomes critical for caregivers and other […]

The Wal-Mart Effect

Since its inception, Wal-Mart has experienced tremendous growth to become a dominant player in the retailing business worldwide. However, Wal-Mart operations have received ferocious attacks as some critics blame it for hurting the American economy. The debate has revolved around Wal-Mart low prices strategy and its’ decision to import supplies from China in order to […]

The Information Processing Theory

In the early 1990s, many scholars of developmental psychology, disenchanted by the antimentalistic and biases of behavioral psychology and shortcoming of Piaget’s theory, shifted to cognitive psychology and computer science to seek new thoughts and insights about children’s thinking. Computer systems that rely on mathematically programmed operations to offer solutions enabled these researchers to formulate […]

Expected Achievement and Benefits of Heriot-Watt University

Overview Heriot-Watt University is located in Scotland’s city, Edinburgh and has four campuses in Dubai, Stromness (Scottish border), Riccarton and Galashiels. The university has a solid base of over 17,000 students (part-time and full-time students, distant learners, and supported learners). Among them, 10,500 studies through international programmes provided by learning partners while 7,000 study in […]

Transformational, Self-Leadership, Kyosei and Customer Relationship Leadership Styles

Introduction Effective change management is vital if those organizations have to avoid the pitfalls associated with change. Kudler Fine Foods is in the process of introducing a new information management system that enhances efficiency in information management. The new information management system implies significant changes within the company’s management practices. Thus, this calls for effective […]

The Privacy and Trust for Wireless Network Security

Abstract Wireless sensor networks are limited in resources to accommodate traditional complex security solutions. The limitations and lack of a secure framework for the WSN makes the networks nodes vulnerable to attacks from a hostile network. Attacks such as to DoS attacks, eavesdropping, message tempering, sinkhole, wormhole, and Sybil attacks exploit the security holes in […]

Heritage Healthcare Agency

This paper will focus on Heritage Healthcare Agency, which is located in New Mexico. The core business activity of this organization is to provide medical services to patients in their homes. The organization’s target market is the adult and geriatric populations that live in New Mexico and Arizona (Heritage Home Healthcare and Hospice, 2013). The […]

Sustainability on Hitachi and Cake Crumbs

Hitachi is a leading global electronic company commonly known as Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST). It specializes in the manufacture of hard disc drives, external storage solutions as well as solid state drives. These components are commonly used to handle wide array of data. For instance, data can be generated, stored, processed, retrieved and […]

Animal Testing Effects on Psychological Investigation

Introduction Psychologists carry out extensive studies on behavior with an aim of making more discoveries that can assist in improving the wellbeing of humans and animals. People sometimes participate in psychological research as subjects, but animal are extensively applied in explaining some basic questions. There is need for a clear intent for conducting a scientific […]

Clinical Concierge Services

Introduction The art of communication is effective when conducted clearly within the organization’s encode and decode channels. Organizations function best when this system is perfected. Therefore, successful organizations manage information continuously. The practice of information management involves the science of processing information to facilitate informed decision making among managers (Sloman, 2005). In order for an […]

Realism and Prudence in Foreign Policy

Realism is an approach to international relations that has developed progressively through the works of numerous political analysts who have based themselves within, and therefore have not exceeded a characteristic but yet assorted approach or conventional evaluation. Realism focuses on global political challenges attributable to individual characteristics and lack of universal watchdog. These two elements […]

Rumsfeld’s Memo & the War on Global Terrorism

The grotesque fear of terrorism continues to elicit much attention in the public domain, particularly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on American soil demonstrated that terrorist attacks can no longer be perceived as isolated, far-away, or unavoidably rare events. Various multi-faceted campaigns against terrorism have been ongoing for the past one decade, but opinion remains […]

Causes of the Breakup of the Former Yugoslavia

The breakup of the former Yugoslavia has been discussed at length by leading historians, political analysts and other theorists. A number of perspectives have been fronted in an attempt to offer explanations as to why the Yugoslavia federation disintegrated. Through a critical evaluation of the primordial argument and the Constructivist perspective, this paper aims to […]

Various Leadership Practice Styles

Overview: Personal Energy, Self-Believe, and Commitment Impact on Leadership Leadership is the most essential bit in an organization. Leadership enables the successful achievement of set goals and objectives in an organization. Personal feelings and characteristics of a leader are capable of determining the direction and overall leadership success of a team or an organization. Various […]

Guantanamo Bay & Jihad Issues

In the light of the growing interest over whether the United States Administration is faulting with the rights and freedom of several hundred unlawful combatants still detained in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, it is imperative to critically evaluate if the notion of “jihad” has been overhyped by policy makers, the media and other stakeholders interested in […]

Assessment and Differentiation

Introduction Greet the learners The presenter introduces him/herself and the learners do the same. The participants give their name and their expectations concerning the lesson. This will ensure that the learners are comfortable and they can freely share. Capture the whereabouts of items like cloakrooms and restrooms and the time for break. Objective The learners […]

Understanding How the Medical and Social Model of Disability Supports People With Disability

Introduction Disability is a term that is used to described people who are not able to independently live, achieve their livelihood, attain mobility, speak, learn, take care of themselves among other problems. Most of these are developmental problems and others can occur as a result of accidents. Other disabilities are congenital, that is, a disability […]

Internalisation Strategy in “Plugging the Gap: An Internalisation Strategy”

Brief Summary of Recommendations: “Plugging the Gap: An Internalisation Strategy” This project purposed to come up with policy directions aimed at ensuring that New Zealand competes favourably in global markets mainly by undertaking internalisation performance improvement to accelerate growth in high value differentiated goods and services. The study proposes that stakeholders should chip in to […]

Criminology: What is the Solution to the Prison Problem?

Introduction The work of Angela Davis in her book, “Are Prisons Obsolete?”, introduces readers to the current state of the U.S. system of imprisonment and rehabilitation. She reveals the correlation between corporate interests, racial profiling, current laws and how such factors have contributed to the growing population of inmates within U.S. penitentiaries. Her book reveals […]

Sustainable Solutions: Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Proposal Vanderbilt University Medical Center is the company proposed for analysis in terms of its profitability, sustainability, and overall effectiveness with the help of different tools such as the SWOT analysis, sustainability analysis, value chain analysis (NetMBA.com, 2007), and a number of other different methods that can contribute to the overall image of the organization. […]

Development of Training and Mentoring Program

Introduction Many a times, organizations do not carry out training and mentoring programs in the right format. Training and mentoring should mainly focus on learning and personal development (Wilson 27). The training and mentoring that employees of Interclean will undergo will be necessary for the coverage of essential skills crucial in their success on the […]