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Mid-City at the Crossroads: Shaw Heritage Trail

Washington, DC is the place where it is always interesting to be, to listen to other people conversions, and to enjoy the sights offered to the tourists, and Neighborhood Heritage Trails provides people with a number of magnificent opportunities to understand better the nature of the place and get involved into its rich history. I […]

Thanksgiving vs. Christmas

Every year Thanksgiving dinners are made, and a few weeks later, families gather to celebrate Christmas. In the first one the center is a symbol that says we were foreigners once and have found a home. In the second the center is a star on a tree that tells that once upon a time someone […]

The Advantages of globalization far outweighs its disadvantages

The term globalization has become recently popular in the modern world describing a wide range of economic, social and political trends. Globalization can be described as the integration of societies, economies and cultures through a worldwide network developed from communication, trade and transportation. Although there are many description of the term, it has generally been […]

Multicultural Psychology

Human beings all over the world are characterized by unique belief systems, perceptions, and attitudes towards life which can be collectively referred to as culture. These different cultures have been found to significantly influence virtually all fields of life especially psychological studies (Hall, 2009). Various efforts have been made to understand the different cultural orientations. […]

Outsourcing and bad working conditions

Outsourcing is a term used to describe the practice of hiring foreign labor force. A country that hires employees from other countries based on skills and experience is said to be practicing outsourcing. Outsourcing is beneficial in most cases but there are other incidences where it may cause negative effects. Bad working conditions involves bad […]

The Euro and the Reform in the Euro-zone

Introduction The Euro-zone refers to the “monetary and economic union” (Jovanovic 23) that is made up seventeen European countries. The union was formed to facilitate faster economic growth and to ensure economic stability among the member countries. Due to the dynamics of the political and economic environment in the region, the Euro-zone is currently facing […]

Audience Analysis

Communication should be given vital consideration when it comes to delivering a speech in a meeting. One should be able to contain the audience throughout the session. The characteristics of the audience are important and therefore whoever is address it should first put this into consideration before proceeding. The speaker has to make use of […]

Web Communication and Advertising

The development of online technologies has transformed marketing strategies of many companies; in fact, nowadays it is difficult to find a product that is not advertised via Internet. However, many organizations still underestimate the benefits offered by the World Wide Web. This paper aims to develop an Internet marketing strategy for such a product as […]

Daily life in the medieval Islamic world

The Islamic life during the medieval period was characterized by historical and cultural events explaining the role of various individuals in the families. Islam refers to giving up and surrendering to God, it is a religion based on individual relationship with God (Allah) and is guarded by Sharia Law which is a comprehensive system covering […]

Hunting and Gathering

Introduction Hunting and gathering was one of the ancient practices in human history. The society regarded hunting and gathering as a form of hobby, trade or simplify as a method of obtaining food. Hunting and gathering was widespread especially in densely populated forests because these areas were inhabited with animals and wild fruits. However, the […]

Physical Health Issue

Health is a critical aspect in our day to day lives. It entails an individual’s mental, psychological as well as physical condition which could be either ill or free from illness or injury. It is a person’s state of the body, mind, and spirit especially in respect to being free from pain, injury or disease. […]

How the Internet Affect the Young People

Introduction The Internet is unquestionably the most important mass medium nowadays. According to the research that was done by the Central Intelligence Agency in 2006, there are over a billion Internet users in the world and most of them are young people (Healy et al., 2001). Out of 100% of young people that use computers, […]

Marlboro Advertisement Analysis

Jim Fowles Fowles says that an advert has appeals from the following dimensions. That is sex, affiliation, dominance, autonomy among others. From the four categories, Marlboro Man appeals to the person reading the advert from each dimension. First, the Marlboro Man is riding a horse. Clearly, he is winning something. Could it be a tournament […]

The most influential musician from 1870 to 1950

This paper tries to look at some of the greatest musician of all times to ever walk on the face of the world. The methodology that we are going to adapt for the essence of this debate will be based on the musician influence in relation to fun base and popularity during their time. It […]

Tasting the Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge: The Many Ways to Consider and Handle the Torrent of Information from a Theological Standpoint

In the long and proud history of the humankind, there has hardly been anything that could be appreciated more than information. The precious bits of data are sometimes worth their weight in gold, and even put one’s life at a stake. However, in the present-day world, when information is transported to ant corner of the […]

Citizen Cane: the Significance of Rosebud

Come to Life It is hard to nail down what exactly makes the movies that have been claimed as all-time classics stay in audience’s good graces for so long. No one can tell the precise recipe for a good move – there is no book that tells how to. Therefore, whenever a movie is released, […]

Language and Its Relation to Cognition

Introduction Any language starts its existence when a child learns to speak it. The abilities of children are really great; they can remember new words and their meanings, they find the necessary ways to use proper words and structures, and they comprehend all the necessary information properly. Language has been already studied for plenty of […]

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl is a controversial book that many students and parents would like to see removed from their school curriculum. Some schools have actually removed it already. They have argued that the content in the book is inappropriate for the age level of students. It is argued that the […]

Nature versus Nurture and Learning among Children

The debate on the impact of heredity and environment on the growth and development of human beings has been going on for a long period of time now. Researchers have traced this ageless debate to as long a time ago as the 13th century. This implies that human beings, particularly researchers are yet to reach […]

Effects of Population Density

Population density is defined as the number of people living in a specific geographical area (Rylander, 2006). The higher the population density there is, the higher human activity that geographical activity will have. This explains why densely populated areas exert more pressure on the immediate environment, which includes the natural resources and the infrastructural resources. […]

Environmental Psychology

Behaviors of human beings do vary a lot. The environment has an effect on the way the human beings behave. It forms an area of interest to know what environmental conditions influence the way people carry themselves out. In this paper, the environment is identified to have an effect on relationships among people. The theories […]

No Risk Truck Company

No risk truck company risk identification The No Risk Truck Company is a company based on manufacturing of heavy and medium duty contractor and construction trucks. Therefore, just like any other business unit, it is entitled to its equal share of risk in its daily routines as long as it is in operation. A risk […]

Contemporary Sexuality Class: Monogamy

Monogamy and polygamy are the two different kinds of marriages that exist in the world today in which the former is regarded as the norm and the latter as the exception to the rule. These social patterns for marriage have differentiating circumstances encompassing their views. Monogamy, common in the developed countries, is whereby a person […]

The aftermath of the American civil war

The American civil war is the most deadly event that ever happened in the country’s history because it led to the death of more than half a million people and left a million of others physically or mentally injured. The war was triggered by the southern states rebellion when they declared that they were no […]

I can do bad all by myself by Tyler Perry

Introduction In this essay I have chosen to review the drama I can do bad all by myself which was released on September 11, 2009. This paper seeks to present a multi-focal criticism of the film. To this end three modes of criticism shall be used namely descriptive, interpretive and evaluative. This film is popular […]

Media and the presidency

Nuclear concerns and overseas issues are amongst the most important themes discussed in relation to the head of state in the New York Times on the week of 10th-17th April 2010 (cooper and landler). His meetings with various world leaders and prime ministers of different countries are highlighted and his foreign policy issues discussed. President […]

Psychology testing article analysis

Psychological testing is a tool or a way used to gauge and predict a person’s personality. Since the business world is increasingly becoming competitive, employers are embarking on the use of psychological test as a way of improving their work forces. A recent report by the research experts indicates that, forty percent of the wealthy […]

Russell and Lenore’s Essays Comparison

Essays are a means by which many people have expressed their ideas on a host of issues. It is a means also that affords criticisms for leaderships and governments without necessarily engaging in unlawful acts. It is a means of communication that has been in existence ever since man had evolved to the capacity that […]

Totalitarianism and Soviet Russia

A few years after cessation of the 1st world war, democracy was viewed as the best way of governing countries in Europe. During this time, tyrannical governments in “Russia, Germany and Austria” were brought down and substituted with republics (Shlapentokh 70). As such, all the 7 states formed in Europe were republics in nature and […]

Notes from Underground

Notes from Underground by Dostoevsky is a book which tells the reader about the life and the actions done by the protagonist. The whole novel seems to be a confession. He protagonist stars his story with the words, “I am a sick man… I am a spiteful man. I am unattractive man” (Dostoyevsky 1). The […]

Jazz Bio on Jazz musician Miles Davis

Introduction Miles Dewey Davis III is a renowned American musician and composer who was born on 26, 1926 at Alton, Illinois. He died September 28, 1991. He is remembered for his contribution towards the development of Jazz music. He was the son to Doctor Davis, who is credited to have nurtured the talent in his […]

John Holt and Daniel Pink

Several writers, sociologists and educators are speaking out about the problems being experienced in modern schools. Violence seems to be increasing, students are leaving school ill-prepared to enter the workforce and test scores continue to fall. In attempting to fix our schools, several of these individuals have suggested that the solution is not to try […]

A report on Johann Strauss II: The Waltz King

Biography Johann Strauss II was also known as Johann Baptist Strauss, Johann Strauss Jr., the Younger, or the Son. He was born on 25th October 1825 and died on 3rd June 1899 (Gartenberg 123). Strauss who was also the most prominent of the Strauss family was born in St. Ulrich and died in Vienna where […]

Drug and Substance Abuse

Introduction Drug and substance abuse is an issue that affects entirely all societies in the world. It has both social and economic consequences, which affect directly and indirectly our everyday live. Drug addiction is “a complex disorder characterized by compulsive drug use” (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2010). It sets in as one form a […]

Race and the Body: How Culture Both Shapes and Mirrors Broader Societal Attitudes Towards Race and the Body

Disciplining the racial body Research on racial, ethnic and feminist studies reveals that gendered power relations traverse active production and mediation of ethnicized and racialized bodies. What this means is that by virtue of their femininity, women for example are often relegated by society to less powerful positions in comparison with men, on the basis […]

Sidney Lumet and His Concerns

Each person who creates a piece of art has certain concerns that are usually presented with the help of interesting and thought-provoking themes, strong charismatic characters, and an appealing and attention-grabbing story. In this respect, it is necessary to analyze the movies created by an outstanding director Sydney Lumet who managed to provoke thoughts in […]

Rhetorical Analysis of the Communist Manifesto

Communism is one of the most influential utopian social theories that have a great influence on the development of many countries. The first document that presents the detailed outline of the main principles and goals of communism is The Communist Manifest written in 1848 by Engels and Marx. This document is considered to me one […]

Black Life under the Spanish Rule

One cannot fully understand the history of African Americans without recognizing the existence of racial and social stigmas motivating the people’s development and evolution. In order to understand the evolution of an African American people, it is necessary to explore the connection between cultural traditions and race relations. Multiple colonies possessed by the British Empire […]

Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive health (ASRH) is a very important subject that needs to be address differently from the normal Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH). The main reason being that adolescent are exposed to greater risk that come with sex and the possible negatives consequences afterwards. Even though most adolescents are now getting a lot […]

Contrasting attitudes about some limited aspect of the individual and community from the Plague and the Stranger

Introduction The manner in which any author sets the stage for his story forms the basis upon which the literary value his work may be measured. Camus suggests a philosophy that is distant from the religious belief and common man concepts of morality. Sentience and individual integrity are at the heart of a content and […]

Government or Unions?

The struggle between the US government and unions seems to be eternal. The government tries to achieve good results and the common good at the expense of taxpayers, i.e. private sector workers, whereas, unions have often opposed any government’s incentives. Admittedly, some people say that the governmental incentives should be carried out since they will […]

International economic communities and Canadian business

Introduction Global business is changing; the international marketplace is now a platform for investment, technology partnerships and trading relationships. Consequently, Canada’s ability to do well economically pegs on its ability to tap into these new changes. One of the ways to facilitate this is through a proper understanding and engagement with international economic communities. Relationship […]

Lehrack, Otto. First Battle: Operation Starlite and the Beginning of the Blood Debt in Vietnam Havertown, PA: Casemate, 2004

The topic of this book was the very first battle in the Viet Nam conflict, as fought by the American marines against the North Vietnamese. The actual thesis was that the Viet Cong’s underestimation of the United States military forces’ ability to rapidly and effectively deploy and fight, pretty much lost the North Vietnamese the […]

Betham and Kant

Extreme Measure is a thriller film that was released in 1996 and is predominantly based on a name of the same name authored by Michael Palmer published in the wake of 1991. The novel explores the dynamics of ethics and the manner as individuals we are willing to sacrifice or go an extra mile in […]

Power of Epiphany

An epiphany moment is unexpected observation or revelation that has a profound impact on one’s life. Epiphany moment can be spiritual or non-spiritual. At least, everyone has an epiphany experience, which not only changes one’s personal thinking, but also his or her way of life. Elise Ballard writes an inspirational book after conducting personal interviews […]

Evaluating sales performance

Introduction Sales Force Automation primarily involves the use of software modules for streamlining all the activities pertaining to sales and to aid in the reduction of time that sales representatives need to spend on each of the steps of the sales process. The basic implication of this is that it allows business enterprises to make […]

Analyzing the Washington Cathedral Classical Music Christmas Concert at the Washington National Cathedral

The Washington Cathedral Classical Music Christmas Concert discussed in this paper witnessed the performance of a number of pieces, including Handel’s “Messiah”, John Francis Wade’s “O come o ye faithful”, Philip Brooks’ “Little town of Bethlehem”, and Franz Xaver’s “Silent Night”, as performed by the Washington National Cathedral Choir together with the Baroque Orchestra. Conducted […]

God and Holy Scriptures

The sacred has always been the opposite of profane. The profane views show that the existence of humans is totally a natural phenomenon. On the other hand, the holy scriptures of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam exhibit the sacred as all-powerful that has complete power over all humans, humans have to obey God, and they cannot […]

Claiming Caliban

Scholars have mostly argued that, The tempest, written between 1610 and 1611 was the last play by William Shakespeare. The play has its setting on a remote Island and at first we see Prospero, who has been exiled as the Duke of Milan, using illusion and manipulation to have his daughter restored to her place. […]

United National Environment Programme (UNEP)

Introduction United National Environment Programme (UNEP) is an international environmental organization under the umbrella of the United Nations (UN). New York harbors the headquarters of the UN while Geneva, Nairobi, and Vienna have regional offices and this explains why the location of UNEP offices is in Gigiri, Nairobi Kenya. Established more than four decades ago, […]

Greenfield Police Department’s hiring process

Introduction A community cannot achieve civilization as well as prosperity without a competent police force. This necessitates the need for coming up with a recruitment plan that takes into account the needs of a given community, commonly known as community policing. An effective recruitment plan entails carrying out an assessment of the police workforce requirement […]

Performative Culture: Taiwan Pride

In gay culture the Gay Pride parade has come to represent performative culture that is both a political act and a personal celebration for lesbians, gay men and trans individuals the world over. The Gay Pride parade offers lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and trans persons the opportunity to be out and proud, visible in the […]

American Spirit in Musical Theaters

The American musicals theaters have always reflected the time in which these musicals were performed. They represented the American spirit, as well as its mores and morals. The American sprite is a philosophy of being American. It ensures that there is Life, Liberty and a Pursuit of Happiness for every citizen without any discrimination. This […]

Important similarities between Dashiell Hammett’s novel the Glass Key and Joel Coen’s film Miller’s Crossing

Dashiell Hammett’s writing style is generally adapted as the most acceptable to for rendering in cinemas because it is well versed with describing the circumstances as well as the setting. It is displayed in such a manner that favors an objective observer’s point of view (Hammett 10). Miller’s Crossing and The Glass Key represent two […]

Four types of courage

Introduction Courage calls upon a person to keep moving on even in the face of hopelessness or obstacles. In the society, there are many changes occurring and one can choose to both panic and fear to confront the change or choose to draw upon inner self and move forward. Rollo May says that one must […]

American History

Introduction Everyone dreams of living the American dream. In fact, America is one of the most envied nations in the world. Its constitution, way of life, and the opportunities it offers to its people are favorable. No wonder it is the world super power and has resources to marshal troops in various stations throughout the […]

Breaking the Color Line Bar

The article by Henry Fetter explains the efforts in overcoming segregation that had persistent in Major League baseball. Henry explains that the Communist Party and the Daily Worker, which was the party’s newspaper, do not merit all the accreditation given to them regarding their contributions towards ending discrimination against Negroes in the Major League baseball. […]

Paul Quinn College

Classification of Paul Quinn College Paul Quinn College is a privately run, four-year, faith-based liberal arts college (Paul Quinn College n.p.). College Affiliate Paul Quinn College is affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church (Paul Quinn College n.p.). Year of College Foundation College was founded in Austin, Texas, on April 4, 1872 (Paul Quinn College […]

The Boarding House

According to James Joyce, the narrator, Mrs. Mooney who was married to his father’s foreman, but is separated now from her husband owns the Boarding House. At first, she is a quite and self-determined woman who later reacts due to her husbands drinking problems and fighting him in front of customers. Mr. Mooney seems to […]

Lemonade stand business performance

Various financial statements are used in the analysis of business performance. These include the balance sheet, income statement and the cash flow statements (Woolridge & Gray, 2006). These statements are used to reflect various aspects of business performance, including calculation of key ratios that are used to evaluate performance of a business entity. An income […]

Keeping in Pace with the Innovations: Lifelong Learning of the Material Science and Engineering Development

Among the current tendencies in science, the development of material science and engineering is one of the most essential tendencies that are highly likely to contribute to another scientific breakthrough. Reinventing the professional perception of technologies and their application in the modern world, the recent inventions have contributed considerably to the improvement of the existing […]

My Supportive Academic Environment

By definition, the term “environment” may refer either to actual physical surroundings or to social or cultural background factors. It is the aggregate of surrounding things, influences, or conditions that alter life of a person, or the population at large. By nature, all organisms respond to changes in the surrounding by evolutionary adaptations in their […]

Young Goodman Brown

The key concept of this research paper is an in-depth analysis of the book “Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne. This bibliography analyses the works of Johnson Claudia, Hurley Paul, Korb Rena, Carlson Patricia, and Hostetler Norman. These articles review the book “Young Goodman Brown.” Carlson, Patricia Ann. “Setting and Fictional Dynamics.” Hawthorne’s Functional Settings: […]

Antegone by Sophocles

Antegone by Sophocles is a tragedy which states the problem of relationships between relatives, family traditions, and the duty of a governor. It may be really complicated to combine the responsibilities of those two social characters as being a governor may mean to betray some family traditions that leads to betrayal of government responsibilities and […]

Social Capital Contribution to Democratic Renewal

Introduction Faith and leadership in the inner city: How social capital contributes to democratic renewal by Mark R. Warren is an article under discussion. The author speaks about social capital, faith communities and the contribution to democratic renewal. The article speaks about social capital and its participation in democratic opinion, about religious communities in the […]

Theories of Art

Various schools of thought have come up with a variety of definitions of an art. There are many distinct theories that try to explain what art represents. This paper aims at describing two theories of the art from distinct schools of thought. The theories have opposing views in the definition of an art. In this […]

Fascism and Socialism

Fascism Fascism is a right-wing philosophy that commemorates a state or race as a natural community surpassing all other loyalties. It puts emphasis on a legend of racial regeneration following a period of demolition. Fascism, thus, calls for a religious revolution against signs of immorality such as selfishness and cupidity. It seeks to eliminate alien […]

Across the Sands: African Refugees in the Eyes of the World

Introduction: Where Compassion Starts In the modern world, despite the globalization and the cosmopolitan air in the relationships between various countries, the numerous problems arising because of certain political and cultural issues are inevitable. Among the most notorious issues of the present-day political affairs, the one concerning the problem of the African refugees remains on […]

The Inca Empire as a Great Civilization of the Pre-Columbian America

Until 1492, the whole continents of North and South America were not known in Europe. After the Columbus expedition, a small kingdom of Spain got control over two continents and became the most powerful Empire. Nevertheless, before the Spanish conquest, there were several advanced civilizations on the continent. One of the Andean civilizations, the Inca […]

Among School Children

‘Among School Children’ is a poem written by William Butler Yeats; it is among the highly rated poems globally. It has eight stanzas. The poem discusses various themes; the major theme being aging. Some of the other themes that are discussed in the poem are hoplessness and education. Throughout the poem, William Butler acknowledges the aging […]

Creating a Theory of Cultural Literacy

Cultural literacy is described as the capacity to connect oneself with cultures not because of rote learning but due to an extensive understanding of the expressions and informal elements of a particular culture as well. Even though history, language, and literature are helpful ways of attaining an extensive understanding of culture, it is inadequate if […]

Ethnographic research

Ethnographic research is aimed at understanding the main cultural peculiarities of the specific society with the purpose to understand their relations inside the society and with other cultures and societies. Considering Margaret Mead’s ethnography, Coming of Age in Samoa, it is possible to say that dwelling upon that society she paid much attention to religion, […]

The relationship between playing violent video games and children’s aggressive behavior – What do the evidences show?

This research paper overviews the impact of violent video games on the psychology of children and adolescents. The paper actually entails the discussion of whether video games as well as the violent add-ons of these games have any impact on children’s behavior. In other words, it aims to discuss whether children’s behavior becomes aggressive regarding […]

The Idea of Love in The Great Gatsby and the Parallels or Contrasts that Can Be Drawn with the Presentation of Love in The Catcher in the Rye

Love is the feeling which may be expressed in many different ways. The understanding of love also differs and various people have different considerations about this feeling. The problems of love have been discussed by many authors and each of them tried to show something personal in that love, something unusual and different from what […]

Costco Company Strategy

Situation Analysis and Industry Analysis of Costco Costco is the largest discount warehouse in America, with several overseas branches in Canada, and Europe. It also has interests in the discount warehouse business in Mexico where it has a fifty percent stake in the Mexican Costco. Discount warehouses are a special kind of retail business where […]

Workplace Hazards

Workplace hazards can often be attributed to technological inefficiencies or lack of safety procedures; however, in the majority of cases, they originate from psychological problems of people such as distress, depression, or anxiety. These problems often result in workplace violence that threatens many individuals within the organization and outside. This issue is important for a […]

Discrimination in Labor Processes

There is a tendency to eliminate the gender differences in al aspects of human life and consider men and women equal in their rights. However, looking at some particular activities it is still impossible to say that the rights and freedoms of men and women are equal there. For example, talking about labor processes and […]

Homeless Veterans

A veteran is an individual who served in the Air Force or Navy, who has been set free under circumstances other than discreditable ones. Veteran may also be defined as someone possessing enough experience in some field (Culhane 9). This person usually has a direct disclosure to operations of military conflict. Homelessness among veterans is […]

The kind of death Sara

When doctors carried out medical test on Sara Thomas Monopoli, they found out that she was suffering from lung cancer. According to the medical experts, lung cancer is a life threatening disease that causes death. Sara Monopoli’s problems had started with a cough and a pain in her back and by the time, the doctors […]

“Capturing” in Culture and Beyond

In a layman’s language, the term technology is an assortment of techniques. In fact, as a concept, technology itself is extremely wide and ambiguous. Robert Friedel provides his definition of the term in a well-ordered, instructive, and easily understandable manner in his book A Culture of Improvement where he expresses his own opinion. In this […]

Cause and effect analysis of camping

Introduction Camping can be described as an outdoor recreational activity where by people, often referred to as campers leave their homes and spent time in a natural environment (Cole 10). Campers around the world usually establish a campsite using tents, caravans, mobile homes or cabins where they stay for several nights before returning to their […]