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Do People Choose What They Are Attracted To?

Considering the subject of attraction, the term seems ambiguous because for a scientist, it might mean some forces of physics, to psychologist it takes the emotional perspective, to lovers it takes the emotional perception and, from the youth or the new-age point of view it faces various external determining factors or circumstances such as events. […]

The Market Place: A Woman with a Child

The development of a tableau vivant is considered to be a challenging and rather captivating assignment. It “is a much more complex form of representation” (Voigts-Virshow 130), this is why it is very important to focus on details and evaluate each piece of the work that should be introduced by means of a tableau. The […]

Maintenance and Engineering Department for Wayward Hotel

Organizational chart Palmer (2005) says that, “maintenance provides a competitive edge in many companies” (p.1). This assertion underscores the seriousness with which Wayward Hotel must handle the setting up of a maintenance department. Proposed personnel are as follows. Maintenance Manager: This position requires a degree in Engineering (preferably Mechanical Engineering) with experience as a maintenance […]

E-Commerce: Flash 4 ActionScript

M-commerce has entered the global market place quite recently. However, many people claim that m-commerce has a great future. Some even state that m-commerce is expected “to be one of the key drivers in developing the global information society” (Deans 59). It goes without saying that m-commerce is closely related with e-commerce. At present many […]

Cons of having Nuclear Weapons

Whenever nuclear weapons are mentioned, it sparks fear and anxiety in many people. Currently there are very few countries that posses nuclear weapons or have intentions of acquiring them (Lee 45). Nuclear is a dependable source of nuclear power and coincidentally political power. Countries that possess nuclear weapons are widely feared allover the world. The […]

The Ten Most Influential First Ladies

A First lady being the wife of a president has roles to carry out in a nation. Depending on her interests she has the right to choose what she would like to be involved with in her husband’s leadership. In the United States there have been first ladies and their popularity depended on the roles […]

Raza Unida Party Book

The book has to do with third parties in the United States of America. The writer talks of a party – an organized ethnic grouping in the 1970s. The group had only one agenda – to question the existence of the historically dominant parties in the United States of America: democratic and republican parties. The book traces La Raza […]

Issues in the Workplace

Human behavior is considered to be one of the most difficult things to comprehend: various places require various types of behavior; a person should behave one way with a certain group of people and should not use the same manners with another company. Of course, such issue like human behavior cannot be completely investigated; and […]

How bills become laws

Bills are proposals bought into a legislative body for review. Upon acceptance, these proposals are then enacted into laws enforceable by the country. Bills go through a number of processes before they are enacted into laws (Sullivan, 2007). A proposed bill is first introduced to the house by either a member of the senate, the […]

The Right to Abortion

Arguments and counter arguments have been fronted with such fierceness and eloquence for and against abortion from different quarters of the social and spiritual divide. Abortion, an age-old phenomenon is defined as a premature termination of the unborn. Far and wide, arguments have been presented in various forms that span the general to specific issues. […]

Giovanni Pico Della Mirandolla

Giovanni Pico Della Mirandolla was born in 1463 on the twenty fourth of February. Kristeller states that he was a scholar, philosopher, humanist and neo-Platonist whose main aim as he progressed through his life was to resolve differences between philosophy and religion (62). He was the youngest son of Francesco Pico Giovanni, The price of […]

How the internet has changed global businesses

Scientific invention and innovation in technology has affected modern global business environments. Technology development can be traced from the 20th century but in the few years of 21st century. The world has drastically adopted more accustomed technologies. With the developed of computers, there was the internet that has connected the world to a global village. […]

Sensation and Perception Worksheet

Sensation and perception of colors is the human ability to differentiate diverse spectral properties of lights or objects. The ability of the eyes to sense colors and the mental capacity to perceive certain colors depends on the brightness of the colors on objects. According to color vision theories, “
trichromacy, opponency adaptation, and color constancy are […]

Analysis of Planning Issues – Maria Full of Grace

Maria Full of Grace is a movie that highlights different issues about life. Planning is one the very important issues highlighted in the movie. Urban life is very challenging and this has made human beings to come up with proper survival mechanisms that are important in the urban space. Proper social and physical systems are […]

H-P’s PC Chief Waits for Resolution

Key Points Responding To Dynamic Business Challenges – Strategically & Operationally The company has been facing a great competition from its rivals in production of PCs especially due to the changes in the IT sector with most of the major companies branching into mobile technology and production of other IT-related gadgets. The company has hence […]

Pro-Social and Anti-Social Behavior

Anti-social behavior is the knowing or unknowing disregard for others, which leads to intent to damage lives or negligence. Persistently, this behavior leads to anti-social Personality Disorder. Pro-social behavior is the antonym for anti-social behavior. It refers to a comforting regard for other peoples’ welfare and consequently society. People with pro-social behavior volunteer more and […]

Pyramids of Giza

Egypt is a country which has one of the most interesting histories in the world. Moreover, Egypt is also associated with ancient mysteries of the ancient world. This country possesses really great antiques which impact on people’s decision to view and marvel at the ingenuity which was evoked when they were built. Scientists and anthropologists […]

An explication of the Character “Hester”

Introduction The “Rocking-Horse Winner” is a novel written by D.H. Lawrence. The novel was published in Harper’s Bazaar in 1926 after which it appeared in Lawrence’s first volume of short stories. The novel is composed of four characters; Paul, Hester, Basset, and Oscar Creswell. Hester, Paul’s’ mother is more lively and well illustrated than the […]

Analysis of the poems “Elephant Eternity” (Adrian Mitchell) and “Washing the Elephant” (Barbara Ras)

In the two poems, the poets use the elephants to symbolize the profoundness of events that happen in their lives. They choose the elephant because of real life characteristics that set apart elephants from other creatures. The elephant has been in existence for a long time and therefore the term “elephant” is symbolic. They use […]

What do individuals want from their leaders?

Employees in any organization want different things from their leaders in the personal and professional capacity. At the personal level, employees want leaders who relate to them. These are leader who are not intimidating, and who are easy to approach. Professionally, employees want leaders that are fair, and who recognize individuals on the basis of […]

Comparative Analysis of the View of God, Jesus, and Salvation among Adoptionists and Gnostics

Although both Adoptionists and Gnostics were Christians and in general their beliefs were closely connected, some of the Christian ideas had been considered in the different way. According to Oxtoby and Amore, the ideas and statements present in Bible were treated by people differently (138). A number of religious groups arose. Thus, the main postulates […]

Bhagavad Gita and Its Teachings

The Bhagavad Gita, also referred to as Gita is a Hindu scripture comprising of 700 verses. Gita is a conversation between Lord Shri Krishna and Pandava prince Arjuna during the onset of Mahabharata war. Lord Krishna takes upon himself to respond to the ethical confusion shown by Arjuna due to the debacle with his cousins, […]

Crisis in the Federal Reserve Bank of United States of America in 2007

The central bankers of the Federal Reserve Bank of United States of America, the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan have been included among the world’s most influential people due to their economic influence. To begin with, the federal reserve bank’s monetary decisions usually influence the adjustment in most of the world‘s economies, […]

Food Landscape in the Western Province, Kenya

Western Province in Kenya was chosen as the focus of the study because of one’s familiarity with the area. Food from farms in this region is readily available to the population. The community practices subsistence farming and cash crop farming. The main crops grown are maize and sugarcane. This province has four sugar processing plants […]

Siblings’ direct and indirect contributions to Child

Children who grow with their siblings acquire numerous functional skills. Nevertheless, not every acquired skill is helpful to them. As children grow with their siblings, direct and indirect influence is inevitable. Therefore, this paper seeks to summarize in a simplest way possible the direct and indirect contributions of siblings to child development. In addition, it […]

The Last Supper

The Last Supper is one the most renowned work of art in the human history. A celebrated Italian painter named Leonardo da Vinci did the painting between the years 1494 and 1499 (Barcilon & Marani, 2001). Many writers have described da Vinci as an intelligent academic painter with an outstanding impression (Kemp, 2011). The painting […]

What is Puritanism

Puritanism developed in the end of the 16th century in England. It was a powerful movement that embraced such spheres as political, religious and social. It also shaped family relations and even everyday life. In the first place, Puritanism was the movement that “sought to purify, or reform the Church” (Kang 148). Puritans thought that […]

The Role of Trade Unions in 2011

Executive Summary A trade union is an organization of workers whose main objective is to regulate the relations between workers and employers. Trade unions have a legal personality separate and distinct from that of its members. This means that powers, obligations and immunities enjoyed only extends to the union itself, and not to its officials […]

Literature Overview on HRD Models

Providing Evidence for Approving Humanistic and Normative Approach to Management According to Senge (2006), a humanistic approach to managing organizations creates a potential for building a healthier atmosphere in the employed environment. In particular, the scientist believes that a person-oriented approach is specifically important because it constitute the basis of a learning organization and contributes […]

Contrasting E-business and E-commerce in narrower and Broader Terms

E-business and E-commerce both exclusively rely on electronic networks that are defined by electronic network technologies spanning the application of internet and related technologies. Turban & King details that E-commerce is a business model that emphasizes on the exchange or the provision of services and products through the internet and related network technologies on a […]

Components of Cognitive Disorder

According to Hansell (2008), behavioral theories provide a basis that can be used to explain cognitive psychological disorders, such as mental retardation, delirium, dementia, as well as amnesia. Mental organization and thoughts can create a dysfunctional behavior, which leads to subsequent behavioral reactions. It can also lead to self-destructive, unpleasing behavior, and cognitive impairment. Such […]

How does the gender of parent matters?

The authors of this article are Biblarzb and Stacey. It is written in the Journal of Marriage and Family. In response to the controversial debate about the role of gender in parenting, this article contains a review of 81 studies that explore the role of gender in parenting. The article compares two parent families with […]

We Real Cool by Gwendolyn Brooks

Gwendolyn Brooks is one of the most renowned US poets. She received numerous honors for her works, including the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. One of her best works, which has been quoted for more than fifty years, is We Real Cool. This poem is also remarkable as it is marked by the shift in the […]

The Flaws and Gaps of the Divorce Reform

The topic of the article: many faces of divorce Although traditionally, it is considered that marriage is a sacred union that is supposed to bring the wife and husband together “until death do them part,” in reality, choosing the right life partner is not that easy. As a result, many couples make a mistake, realizing […]

Personality Theories Matrix

Theory Assumptions Reliability Validity Application Social Cognitive Theory- Bandura Plasticity which is recognized as one of the most important human characteristics allows people to choose various behavior patterns depending upon the situational context. People can control their lives through a triadic reciprocal causation model which consists of behavioral, environmental and personal components. People can influence […]

Separatist Movement in Chechnya

Chechens are the ethnic minority subordinated to Russia for the last two hundred years. After the fall of the Soviet Union, a movement for independence was launched by the Chechen separatists who aimed to gain independence for their country. As a result, two wars between Chechens and Russia were started and many acts of terrorism […]

The Objectives of Mobile Forensics

Hypothesis The main objective of mobile forensics is to obtain information from mobile devices with the intention of coming up with strategies for enhancing them. Although they can simplify daily lives of many through facilitating communication and entertainment, these devices can also incorporate the highest level of security risks to both individuals and organizations in […]

Concept of a small world

A small world can be viewed from different perspectives. This can be from the mathematical, physical or sociological perspectives. Small-world network is a mathematical graph. In this graph most nodes don’t neighbor one another. Apart from this, these nodes can be approached from different directions. Small-world networks are characterized by cliques and near-cliques. From the […]

Psychological Issue Summary

The use of biopsychosocial perspective to evaluate, assess, and treat a patient allows practitioners to view the patient from multiple viewpoints rather than just mental illness. The effectiveness of the treatment should to cover all areas of the child’s life including his or her family, school, and recreation spheres. In this paper, biopsychosocial perspective will […]

The use of chemicals should be reduced

The articles in question dwell upon such environmental issues as the use of pesticides and other chemicals, biofuel and the development of biotechnology. Thus, it is noted that now scientists and ecologists are concerned with the use of chemicals which should be reduced. It is pointed out that large companies producing chemicals have always opposed […]

Rolston and Callicott into the transforming concepts

People had quite similar views on nature as well as wilderness for centuries. However, now the concept of nature and wildlife is transforming. The place of people in the ecosystem is also being reconsidered. Rolston and Callicott provide certain insights into the transforming concepts. Notably, the two articles contain ideas which make me think of […]

Taiwan is a favorite tourist destination

As a favorite tourist destination, Taiwan was selected for the destination marketing strategy assessment (Dore & Crouch, 2003). The media and other promotional activities have played a major role in ensuring that Taiwan is marketed as a luxury destination for target audience. The marketing activities make use of different communication and promotion strategies. Several activities […]

The Idea of Narcissism in Media

Narcissism in the White House The idea of narcissism is widely spread nowadays: people are eager to survive under the conditions they create, and even the most powerful people are under a threat of being influenced by a number of narcissistic tendencies. There are many examples narcissism in media, and it is hard to define […]

Key factors of competitive success in the water bottling industry

Any water bottling company wishing to gain a competitive advantage should consider its economies of scale. These dictate a number of other factors such as developing an efficient low-cost production method, access to conveniently located distributors who include; large grocers, beer, wine and food distributors, supermarkets and convenience stores. It should consider cost reductions by […]

Review of Journal: China’s Floating Population

Despite the economic growth in China, the working conditions both the residents and immigrants have significantly deteriorated. The article called China’s Floating Population provides an extensive and detailed analysis of the consequences of the country’s economic reformation with regard to the historical pre-conditions, current problems, and future perspectives for development1. As a result of the […]

This journal review: “The Wang Chao-chun Legend: Configurations of the Classic.»

This journal review intends to explore the various issues in literature that Eugene Eoyang (1982) wants to bring to light by analyzing the Chinese legend about Wang Chao-chĂŒn. From this week’s study, I have learnt that literature is crucial in diffusing myths and legends that may be found among different people of varied cultural and […]

Impact of Economic Growth on Environmental Sustainability

In the era of globalization, economic growth issues confront the challenges of environmental sustainability. Because of constant development of the richest economies, such as the United Kingdom, and United States, the consumption levels of the global population surpass the actual amount of natural resources that the Earth has prepared for the population. As a result, […]

A new alcohol and drug-abuse rehabilitation center in Liverpool Hospital, Sydney

Liverpool hospital in Sydney is a leading public healthcare facility that has served the people of Liverpool for the last two centuries. Over the years, the hospital has been undergoing various phases of upgrading to ensure that it is able to meet people’s health needs. Besides, the hospital has embraced technology in full measure, upgrading […]

Alcoholism-Nature vs Nurture Debate

Background Alcoholism can have an effect on anybody. It has massive outlays as it relates to cultures. Even though we have some idea on alcohol, all we don’t know is the exact root of this dilemma. Some researchers are repeatedly looking for answers to the long-standing nature versus nurture debate. Dissimilar scrutinies are slit between […]

Engineering Design Process: Taking a Look at what Goes on Behind the Curtain

Science has never been as challenging as it is nowadays, with the opportunities that the recently developed technologies offer and the new discoveries that started tearing the very fabric of the existing scientific laws. However, when it comes to discussing the complexities of the modern science, one must admit that there is hardly as challenging […]

Skills that make teachers effective

Skills that make teachers effective Teaching is a task that can be entrusted to any determinant person. Teachers should be passionate about their job. This can motivate them and hence make them achieve success in their teaching profession. Most developed countries have many educated persons because most teachers in these countries use effective teaching strategies […]

The flexible use of information technology

Introduction Advancement in technology and the flexible use of information technology (IT) are the great motives towards an integrated service approach in various facilities. This integration is a great enabler of efficient service offering, swift responses and quality functions within the institutions. As these qualities reflect the needs of a medical facility, it can be […]

Cambourne’s Conditions of Learning

Studying linguistic is very complex and often results in individuals with low literacy levels. To curb this, studies on literacy development have intensified with great focus on early childhood development. The studies have critical revelations on relationship between literacy and language. In fact, it has been found that oral language plays a very important role […]

Comparison of Telephone with World Wide Web-Based Responses by Parents and Teens to a Follow-Up Survey after Injury

The study under analysis called Comparison of Telephone with World Wide Web-Based Responses by Parents and Teens to a Follow-Up Survey after Injury explores sociodemographic factors concerning completion of a follow-up survey through online communications and by telephone to define health status and health quality (Rivara et al., 2011). According to the results, information received […]

Effects of Patriotism

Patriotism is the love that one has for his/her country. When America was fighting for independence patriotism was very important because it encouraged Americans to put more efforts in the struggle for independence. America is made up of fifty states; all of these were expected to unite to fight against British rule in America. Some […]

Experience in Problem Solving

Introduction Problem solving is a process that people go through to determine, analyze and solve problems. Problem solving requires some creative, analytical, and mental skills in order to solve a problem. Logical or analytical thinking skills include, comparing, ordering, selecting and evaluating which provide an agenda for problem solving that helps to decide on the […]

An Exploration in Perspective Drawing

Historical Context of Perspective Drawing Perspective drawings entails portraying three dimensional spaces into two dimensional spaces, and are classified into aerial and linear perspective. Historically, perspective drawing was examined by philosophers including Euclid, Roger Bacon, and Robert Grosseteste according to their professions, and the way they made observations of the visible world. Duccio and Giotto […]

Trust and Power in Strategic Supply Chains

A Mult-Theoretic Perspective on Trust and Power in Strategic Supply Chains What Are the Functions of Strategic Supply Chains as Sources of Competitive Advantage? The article under consideration is about the four main strategies which can be used in order to improve the strategic supply chain and cooperation between organizations. In this article, the authors […]

SMS Technology and Its Effect on Literacy

The advent of SMS technology was a means to enhance effective and efficient communication. Unfortunately, this has not been the case because SMS have been associated with some issues that tend to affect English proficiency. Individuals tend to use a language that they easily understand, which in most cases is not Englsih. Text messages are […]

Drug Abuse: Awareness Amongst the Youths

Drug abuse will be mitigated by creating awareness in society Operationalized dependent variable: There are various definitions attributed to drug abuse based on the perspective from which the vice is viewed. Drug abuse, also known as substance abuse, can be defined as the sequence of injurious use of any drug or substance that alters the […]

Gun Control in Society

Since times immemorial, people have used weapons for protection, attack, and entertainment. Gradually, the issue of legal ownership of weapons came to the fore, and governments introduced laws restricting or even forbidding possession of weapons by average citizens. At present, there continues a heated debate on the appropriateness of firearms possession by mass population. Despite […]

The role of women in the society

In ‘Patriotism’ Mishima develops the theme of the role of women through the use of sexual imagery. The writer shares the story of a young and newly married lieutenant who cuts short his life because of a new project at work. The thought of perishing in the line of duty takes its toll on him. The wife takes her life too alongside that […]

Why would nurses strike?

Patients have sometimes lost their lives or their conditions worsened because of lack of medical attention when nurses go on strike. However, Connelly, Dahlen, Evans, and Wieker (1997 51-52) believe that nurses are ethically right when they participate in strikes and all other forms of protests or actions which could bring their work to a […]

Youth Sports Programs

The general purpose of the research study is to determine whether or not archery and fencing should be included in the youth’s sports program. Creswell (2007) is of the opinion that research questions and hypotheses are employed in a study to shape and specifically focus the general objective of the study through the use of […]

Management Technology Operation Based

Background The mission of the company is to use progressive technologies in the field of electronics to create a new product in the electronic engineering industry. The vision of the company is to train electronic technologists in accordance with the required industry standards. The company deals with: The preparation of operational records and documentation. Testing […]

Supporting Families in Headspace

Introduction Problem With numerous centers all over Australia, Headspace has employed psychologists, general practitioners, and psychiatrists to help youths aged between 12 – 25 years suffering from various problems. These problems include; stress, drug abuse, bullying and harassment. They also help the youths with relationship, socialization, sex and sexuality issues. Some of these problems compel […]

Obesity Could Be Catching

This article by Emma Woollacott entitled Obesity Could Be Catching, is a medical related article. This article tries to find obesity related issues leading to the infection of liver diseases. Briefly, the article clearly seeks to illustrate reasons behind the occurrences of obesity and its side effects, for instance infections. Moreover, the article points out the way Yale […]

Revolution: America and France

The period between the 15th and 18th centuries was an age that prided itself on classical precedents and continuity, yet witnessed dramatic change and innovation that revolutionized warfare. Historians consider evolution as steady development or change in ideas. Revolution on the other hand, involves an abrupt change in thinking and action. This paper argues that […]

Choosing Ethical Theories and Principles and Applying Them to the Question: ‘Should The Seas be Owned?’ “Book Review

Introduction The concept of ethics in human society has been faced with a lot of dilemma and controversies over the recent past. People across the globe are facing ethical dilemmas in resolving different phenomenon. Based on the increased need for social responsibility and ethics in undertaking different actions, people should observe ethical principles. The issue […]

Internationalisation of TUI AG

Internationalisation involves expansion of a firm’s core business activities into new markets. It is a systematic process characterised by an in-depth scrutiny of potential markets. The process involves identification of strategic partners useful in the process of entry into the new market. Internationalisation of company’s operations is primarily influenced by resources available for disposal. There […]

Tamimi Foodservices at SEC

Introduction Much consideration has been given to some of the core structures of understanding the buyer behavior, the so-called “perceived value” and rewarding experience, which are described in detail in service marketing materials and special literature. However, the future research of their mutual relation is still in demand, although the undeniable importance of these structures […]

Financial Economics: Banks competition in the UK

Banking sector is highly essential to the development of UK economy. The sector connects savers and borrowers. In addition, it enables transfer and store of value. Banks help in managing fiscal risks as well as in providing basic infrastructure for transactions. In essence, the sector plays a significant role in the development of United Kingdom. […]

Education and society

Education plays a very important role in the development of a society right from the individual level all the way to the national level. Education helps develop a person’s critical thinking, expand their mental horizons and increase their capacity to innovate and think creatively. Education helps develop a person’s ambition, and in the process follow […]

Drug Abuse as an Ethical Issue

Theories explaining how life should be lived are defied by the addicts, they device their new ways of living which are inconsistent with the societal rules and norms. Drugs change an individual’s ego making him/her to have desires and aspirations different from those of the society (Thiroux 5). The addict develop new desires equivalent to […]

Dangerous Effects of Alcohol and Cannabis

Alcohol is a depressant that alters the transmission of messages between the brain and the rest of the body. It is a by-product of fermentation after a sugar, fruit or vegetable is acted on by bacteria/yeast. It is the main recreational drug in Australia, meaning that people indulge in alcohol consumption for enjoyment purposes only, […]

Problems organizations face when they seek to elicit the tacit knowledge of employees

When management teams in organizations fail to put in place some form of corporate-wide culture that seeks to elicit and capture the tacit knowledge of employees, it may lead into various organizational weaknesses especially in terms of knowledge management. It is rather problematic to instill a viable organizational culture within a very short time. Hence, […]

Nickelback’s “Photograph”

Rock music provides the significant emotional content with the help of lyrics, and this combination can affect the audience’s perception of music. However, the effects can be strengthened with references to images or videos provided. Rock music images in their combination with melodies and lyrics present a new product belonging to the category of art […]

The Issue of Advance Medical Directives

The use of advance medical directives in the Western countries is discussed as the possibility to resolve many ethical and legal questions in relation to incurable patients, and the practice is explained from the point of respect for the patients’ autonomy and their dignity. However, this issue is impossible to be discussed only from one […]

Marriage systems of the Gikuyu and San Communities

Family starts with by two consenting adults who chose to live under one roof for the rest of their lives in marriage. In ages past marriages were not necessarily about two consenting adults but as guided by customs and traditions of a community. Marriage is one of the most prestigious cultural events for girls in the San […]

Questionable Premise

Introduction On 21 December of the year 2009 in the New York Times, there was an article by Natalie Angier titled, “Sorry, Vegans: Brussels sprouts like to live, too”. The views presented by Natalie here suggest that animals do endure being eaten by man in order to serve the exchange of the damage to plants […]

The Concept of Metadata

The concept of metadata has gained popularity. Creation of videos and photography make use of metadata. It is also used in web pages and in a library to archive information. The metadata must always meet worldwide standards. Metadata is well structured using established schemes like models and standards of metadata. It has three categories. They include descriptive, structural, and […]

Capitalism and Colonialism

Austin (2014) considers the correlation between colonialism and capitalism. It was argued that the spread of capitalism was largely caused by colonial gains of major empires. Austin (2014) does not refute this statement but offers particular ways in which capitalism found its way to the colonies and the way it developed in empires. Importantly, the […]

Using Songs to Help Patients

For many years, music has been associated with positive impacts on human beings vis-a-vis reducing stress levels. Specifically, many studies have established that music could be utilised to alleviate anxiety and reduce heart rate in contexts that are exemplified by clinical laboratory events (Brattico et al. 2003; Sokhadze 2007). Nowadays, clinicians use songs to help […]

Analysis of Love Canal Environmental Disaster

The Love Canal was intended to connect upper and lower Niagara River; the novel 1892 project to harness electrical power production, however failed midway when the economic went into depression. Eventually, the local municipal bought it as a waste disposal area and high on the client disposal list was Hooker Chemical Corporation, which later sold […]

Two commandments in French

The French have two commandments that set them apart from other people. First of all, they believe that too much work is unhealthy, and second of all, they regard food as an important aspect of life. They believe that they work to live unlike other people who believe that they live to work. They take […]