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India and Singapore’s Hard and Soft Infrastructure

Hard infrastructure refers to the physical assets put up to support an economy and its enterprises. Transport network, energy production and distribution, telecommunications and water management are examples of hard infrastructure. Soft infrastructure refers to both physical and non-physical assets that are used to provide the public with specialized services. Examples include cultural attitudes, legal […]

RMB in China

Is RMB trading at fair value? One of the subjects that have continued to raise a discussion is if the Chinese Yuan has been trading at its fair value. In 2007, China‚Äôs GDP was estimated to be over 10%, which was considered as its peak. The current-account surplus during the same year provided a strong […]

Comparison of Piaget’s and Vygotsky’s Theories

Introduction Researches performed by Jean Piaget (1955) and Vygotsky have made substantial participation to the development of teaching. This paper will lay the distinctions evident from the two theories. Similarities Basically, it is precise that the two researchers established theories to facilitate concrete learning strategies by allowing teachers to understand cognitive development. Moreover, their constructivist […]

Using Songs to Help Patients

For many years, music has been associated with positive impacts on human beings vis-a-vis reducing stress levels. Specifically, many studies have established that music could be utilised to alleviate anxiety and reduce heart rate in contexts that are exemplified by clinical laboratory events (Brattico et al. 2003; Sokhadze 2007). Nowadays, clinicians use songs to help […]

Understanding Developmental Psychology

Introduction With the increasing social, environmental and economic complexity in the world, there is need to understand developmental psychology. This paper recaps the highlights of the proposed research study. By bringing out the application and benefits of psychology, this paper argues that developmental psychology need to be addressed in various developmental programs. It begins by […]

Hospitality Service in Asia

Despite global economic recessions and financial downfalls, hospitality industry continues to spread its magical effects in different corners of Asian countries with commendable services and launches of enchanting infrastructures of hotels and vacations spots (Abu Khalifeh and Som, 2012). Recently, an event has taken place in Hong Kong, in which a group of W hotels […]

ArcelorMattal Company Analysis

The Company‚Äôs Organizational Structure and the Integration that It Fits ArcelorMattal is a renowned steel producing corporation that started its operation in 2006. The corporation‚Äôs evolution was through a takeover and strategic merger between Arcelor and Mittal steel companies. The company has recorded a tremendous growth since its inception. Its growth and exemplary performance are […]

Wheat Case

Through the analysis of Carden (2010) involving natural disasters and their impact on product prices, it was shown that you must first take into consideration what type of product has been affected, the demand side of the product curve as well as the amount of reserves that is present in the current global supply chain […]

Barbata Electronics – the Knock Your Socks Off project

In this case, the most appropriate project management structure for the ‚ÄėBarbata Electronics‚Äô company is undertaking the KYSO project is the ‚Äúdedicated team management structure‚ÄĚ. The rationale for selecting the type of management structure based on the description provided in the question is the need for the company to invest in research and development of […]

Problems organizations face when they seek to elicit the tacit knowledge of employees

When management teams in organizations fail to put in place some form of corporate-wide culture that seeks to elicit and capture the tacit knowledge of employees, it may lead into various organizational weaknesses especially in terms of knowledge management. It is rather problematic to instill a viable organizational culture within a very short time. Hence, […]

Sequencing Bacterial Genome

Among the five classes of living things, bacteria remain the largest kingdom and the most successful in terms of reproduction. They happen to be a major source of plant and animal diseases. As Grenfell et al. (2011) observes, the Earth‚Äôs biomass is significantly accounted for by mass bacteria cells. It has been documented that 100 […]

Education and society

Education plays a very important role in the development of a society right from the individual level all the way to the national level. Education helps develop a person‚Äôs critical thinking, expand their mental horizons and increase their capacity to innovate and think creatively. Education helps develop a person‚Äôs ambition, and in the process follow […]

Tamimi Foodservices at SEC

Introduction Much consideration has been given to some of the core structures of understanding the buyer behavior, the so-called “perceived value” and rewarding experience, which are described in detail in service marketing materials and special literature. However, the future research of their mutual relation is still in demand, although the undeniable importance of these structures […]

Domestic Violence in the Lives of Women

Heise, L.L. (1998). Violence against women: An integrated, ecological framework.¬†Sage Journals Online,¬†4, 262‚Äď290. This paper by Heise explains details the causes of domestic violence and classifies them as individual, relationship, community or society influences. She proceeds to illustrate how these determinants are interlinked and how they work together in the influence of domestic violence. She […]

Victorian Art’s Evaluation

Cowling, M. Religion and Public Doctrine in Modern England, Vol. 3,¬†Cambridge, MA, Cambridge University Press, 2001. In the given book, one of the most traditional and conservative ideas concerning the Victorian art is offered. With help of this source, one can see the picture of the Victorian art in its state of stagnation before the […]

“Are You Hiring High Performers?”

The article ‚ÄúAre you hiring high performers‚ÄĚ focuses on the way new employees are hired at Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville. Its author, Matthew Weinstock, claims that annual nurse turnover reduces when efficient personnel is employed, and patients become more satisfied with the care they receive. The hospital president and CEO emphasize the squishy stuff as […]

Internationalisation of TUI AG

Internationalisation involves expansion of a firm‚Äôs core business activities into new markets. It is a systematic process characterised by an in-depth scrutiny of potential markets. The process involves identification of strategic partners useful in the process of entry into the new market. Internationalisation of company‚Äôs operations is primarily influenced by resources available for disposal. There […]

Revolution: America and France

The period between the 15th and 18th centuries was an age that prided itself on classical precedents and continuity, yet witnessed dramatic change and innovation that revolutionized warfare. Historians consider evolution as steady development or change in ideas. Revolution on the other hand, involves an abrupt change in thinking and action. This paper argues that […]

What Is the Most Effective Way to Introduce Pythagorean Theorem to Students?

Introduction about the topic When introducing theorems to students it is often important to make them understand the way the theorem is proved rather than simply learn algebraic representation or formula. As far as the Pythagorean Theorem is concerned it is essential to remember that is based on major principles of Pythagoras. Since it is […]

Supporting Families in Headspace

Introduction Problem With numerous centers all over Australia, Headspace has employed psychologists, general practitioners, and psychiatrists to help youths aged between 12 ‚Äď 25 years suffering from various problems. These problems include; stress, drug abuse, bullying and harassment. They also help the youths with relationship, socialization, sex and sexuality issues. Some of these problems compel […]

Management Technology Operation Based

Background The mission of the company is to use progressive technologies in the field of electronics to create a new product in the electronic engineering industry. The vision of the company is to train electronic technologists in accordance with the required industry standards. The company deals with: The preparation of operational records and documentation. Testing […]

Current Changes and Challenges in Hospital/Physician Relations

The rate at which hospitals are employing physicians has gone up in many communities because of the need to increase revenue and market share of companies in the healthcare industry. Orange County is the exceptions. For instance, in Boston, non-employed physicians are tightly kept in alignment with the dominant system of the hospital by physician […]

Why would nurses strike?

Patients have sometimes lost their lives or their conditions worsened because of lack of medical attention when nurses go on strike. However, Connelly, Dahlen, Evans, and Wieker (1997 51-52) believe that nurses are ethically right when they participate in strikes and all other forms of protests or actions which could bring their work to a […]

Significance of Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior has routinely been studied since its discovery in the hawthorn study. Research indicates an inextricable relationship between organizational behavior and a firm‚Äôs performance. Understanding organizational behavior enables managers to discover synergies for employee performance. Therefore, the study of organizational development has led to the creation of positive organizational behavior as advanced by positivist […]

Experience in Problem Solving

Introduction Problem solving is a process that people go through to determine, analyze and solve problems. Problem solving requires some creative, analytical, and mental skills in order to solve a problem. Logical or analytical thinking skills include, comparing, ordering, selecting and evaluating which provide an agenda for problem solving that helps to decide on the […]

Cambourne’s Conditions of Learning

Studying linguistic is very complex and often results in individuals with low literacy levels. To curb this, studies on literacy development have intensified with great focus on early childhood development. The studies have critical revelations on relationship between literacy and language. In fact, it has been found that oral language plays a very important role […]

Youth Sports Programs

The general purpose of the research study is to determine whether or not archery and fencing should be included in the youth‚Äôs sports program. Creswell (2007) is of the opinion that research questions and hypotheses are employed in a study to shape and specifically focus the general objective of the study through the use of […]

Concept and Theories of Sociology as a Social Science

Definition of Sociology Sociology is a social science that studies human beings in their social setting including their descent, institutions, systems, organisations and their influence on societal development. It is concerned with understanding the structure and functioning of human society, how it changes over time and the forces that account for the changes. Sociologists thus […]

Skills that make teachers effective

Skills that make teachers effective Teaching is a task that can be entrusted to any determinant person. Teachers should be passionate about their job. This can motivate them and hence make them achieve success in their teaching profession. Most developed countries have many educated persons because most teachers in these countries use effective teaching strategies […]

An Exploration in Perspective Drawing

Historical Context of Perspective Drawing Perspective drawings entails portraying three dimensional spaces into two dimensional spaces, and are classified into aerial and linear perspective. Historically, perspective drawing was examined by philosophers including Euclid, Roger Bacon, and Robert Grosseteste according to their professions, and the way they made observations of the visible world. Duccio and Giotto […]

Choosing Ethical Theories and Principles and Applying Them to the Question: ‘Should The Seas be Owned?’ “Book Review

Introduction The concept of ethics in human society has been faced with a lot of dilemma and controversies over the recent past. People across the globe are facing ethical dilemmas in resolving different phenomenon. Based on the increased need for social responsibility and ethics in undertaking different actions, people should observe ethical principles. The issue […]


Persuasion is a process whose aim is to change an individual‚Äôs or group‚Äôs behavior or attitude towards a certain belief, attitude, or behavior. Persuasion entails careful presentation of arguments, facts, and/or supporting evidence in a compelling and suitable environment. The nature of Monica‚Äôs dilemma is such that she rightfully deserves a pay rise on account […]

Engineering Design Process: Taking a Look at what Goes on Behind the Curtain

Science has never been as challenging as it is nowadays, with the opportunities that the recently developed technologies offer and the new discoveries that started tearing the very fabric of the existing scientific laws. However, when it comes to discussing the complexities of the modern science, one must admit that there is hardly as challenging […]