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Teacher Career: Learning Preparation

Introduction Education forms an integral part of societal culture and socio-economic development. Centuries ago, education mainly took the form of informal learning through methods such as an apprenticeship. However, the concept of education has gradually evolved into the formal nature that is common in contemporary times. The main difference between education in the twenty-first century […]

Overall Attractiveness of China as Potential Markets and Investment Sites

Introduction The People’s Republic of China initiated far reaching reforms in its external sector in 1978. The country instituted broad based macroeconomic reforms and restricting programs. This has contributed to the rise of its GDP, global share of trade, and investment in the last two decades (Kraay, 2000, pp.545). There has been rise in productivity […]

Developing Coaching Skills

Introduction Coaching can be described as the art of developing the performance, learning and development of another person. It involves unlocking the capabilities of another person in order for him to improve his performance. It bridges the gap between, about performing and performing a certain activity. It is about performing a certain activity through assistance […]

Undocumented Childhood in the United States

Introduction Each year, over 65.000 students graduate from American high schools. However, these students, regardless of their grades, cannot join colleges or work in the military just because they are first grade immigrants. Culturally, these students are Americans because there is very little they share with the country of birth of their parents (Immigration Policy […]

Smartphone Software

Introduction Smart phone is a mobile phone which is based on a mobile computing platform. It has more advanced computing capabilities and networking as compared to a contemporary mobile phone. The first smart phones were developed to join the operations of a mobile phone and a personal digital assistant (PDA). Currently, Smartphone devices are used […]

Korean Shamanism vs Chinese Customary

Introduction The most outstanding aspect about both Chinese customary religion and Korean Shamanism is their eclecticism; both faiths have absorbed several elements from other religions and have also contributed in the same manner to these faiths. However, while Shamanism is regarded as more of a form of medicine than religion, Chinese customary religion is deeply […]

Multinational Enterprises and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Introduction Multinational enterprises (MNEs) from the TRIAD have dominated business on the international stage for decades with roughly 70% of world trade conducted by MNEs and their affiliates (The economy: Economic structure, 2006: 29 – 31). MNEs from the TRIAD have had to come up with innovative ways of working with companies from emerging economies […]

Allure Cruise Line

Introduction The purpose of this case study is to discuss market entry strategies of Allure Cruise Line, the main competitors of this company in new markets, positioning strategy, and the difference between Allure and other companies. Company Overview Allure Cruise Line is a small company in the North America, which started its journey in 1993 […]

Peer Assessment and Productivity of Low Achieving Students

Introduction Addressing the reading issues that low ability students face during a reading class is an essential step towards increasing the academic potential of the students in question. The class selected for the intervention, included a group of thirteen seventh-grade low-ability students. It should be noted that the class consisted of twenty people. Among the […]

Hilton HHonors Worldwide

The hospitality industry is one of the most competitive sectors in contemporary global market. To survive, companies operating in this sector have come up with innovative measures of retaining existing clients and attracting new ones. One of the strategies used is the loyalty program. For example, the Hilton group of hotels has come up with […]

The Role of Leadership in Business and Its Advantages

Introduction Leadership is a critical ability that enables one to influence others in accomplishing an objective. In business, leadership entails strategic thinking in fulfilling a task to attain the objective of the organisation. Leadership skills play a crucial role in determining the performance as organisations operate in the market and compete against each other. Successful […]

Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy

Digital Marketing The internet offers a wide range of communication tools that ride on the social dimension of the online experience. The communicative power of the internet has essentially replaced many of the traditional tools particularly in the world of traditional advertising in print and broadcast media (Cone 2011). Marketing a product via a website […]

The development paradigm and gift-giving

Even though that there is much of a moralistically sounding vagueness to the description of what the partners for Global Community Kelowna do, it is still possible to identify the actual scope of these organizations’ activities: Dare to Be This organization consists of ‘soccer moms’, who due to being particularly ‘bright’, do believe that it […]

Monetary Policy and Impact on Economic Stabilization

Introduction Countries, like businesses, control their economic positions to maintain a healthy economic stance regarding their financial resources. Often, the nations establish their respective central banks that act as the finance department in the country to regulate both the money, as well as the credit system. The central banks use varied policy tools, including bank […]

Determinants of success in the Swedish food and drink industry

Introduction Background The food and drink industry in the European region is one of the most attractive markets. However, the high rate of globalization has provided a major challenge to industry players due to intense competition (Dagnino & Rocco, 2009). The industry has become internationalized over the past decade. Three major wholesale and import groups […]

Studying Abroad as a Chance to Employed

Abstract Study abroad graduates have twice the chance of getting employed. About 97% of them gain employment in their first year of graduation. Their initial salary figure is 25% more than study home graduates. Employers prefer study abroad graduates because of their perceived high interactivity developed from their interaction abroad. It prepares them adequately for […]

New Ways of Marketing Real Estate

Introduction The world today has shrunk into a global village courtesy of the unprecedented advancement in technology. Global companies, notwithstanding their physical location, have made inroads into markets that were hitherto considered as no-go zones. The real estate industry, as part of the global business fraternity, is not an exception to these spiraling trends. The […]

Innovation in Various Companies

Innovation is the establishment of new or improved equipment and processes that are often driven by information technology, among other key factors. Product innovation comes with many benefits to both the supplier and the consumer. Companies can only prove their responsiveness to customers’ demands through improved product quality and design. The mobile phone evolution is […]


Operations Strategy LensCrafters specializes in the manufacture of eyeglasses. It has about 860 service shops in which customers watch over the process of assembling their glasses, which are custom made for one’s special needs. Although the company wishes to expand its markets to take full advantage of economies scale as part of its long-term operations […]

Aircraft Inspections for Safety and Reliability

Information pertaining to Pre/Post Flight Inspections Inspections are made to enhance aircraft reliability. Reliability refers to quality service and quality means safety for people. Inspections for aircraft safety and reliability are significant for survival of people and equipment. Since this is an integral part of aircraft operations, we have to conduct aircraft inspections systematically and […]

Corporate Sustainability by Jonathan Atwood

Corporate sustainability by Jonathan Atwood (Drivers of change) Corporate sustainability aims at ensuring a long-term corporate growth coupled with meeting the needs of the stakeholders while considering social issues and protection of natural resources, which are critical for the future generations. Social and environmental issues are essential in the growth of business and many companies […]


Introduction The rapidly growing world of industrialization and globalization has witnessed a sharp growth of industries, which are substantial in economic and social growth. Technological advancement is probably one of the major characteristics of the industrial revolution in the postmodern world with virtually every important aspect of a technical profession, largely relying on technological support […]

Meaning in Life

Introduction People are expecting a lot from young people in the current world. Young people are often challenged to take up responsibilities and be critical influencers of political, social, and economic causes in the contemporary society. It is apparent that young people are faced with a lot of challenges because the contemporary society poses innumerable […]

Case study Proposal: How organisational business and personal business can use social media?

Introduction Background to the study The 21st century is characterised by numerous macro-environmental changes that present a myriad of opportunities and threats to businesses. For example, the Internet has motivated inventors do develop different applications and platforms thus improving degree of connectivity in the society (Brunty, Helenek & Miller 2013). To achieve business continuity, organisations […]

Employee work-life balance

Introduction Human resource (HR) department has noble obligations to reduce employee turnover in an organisation. A decline of employee turnover requires HR to deploy appropriate strategies to enhance employee retention. High retention of employees means a reduction of recruitment together with training costs (Beechler & Woodward, 2009: 273). This has the effect of reducing the […]

Is There a Particular Attachment Style Linked With Conduct Disordered Children

Introduction Unsecure attachment disorders are complications that affect holistic development of children in various settings. The complications are currently affecting many children including adults due to poor parental care. This is evident since they have been causing severe mood and behavioral problems to various individuals. The problems threaten to jeopardize social and cultural integration among […]

Poverty and Pollution

Introduction Industrialization has emerged as the engine for economic growth and development in countries all over the world. Business people have established operations to benefit from economic progress and development. Over the last few decades, multinational companies have emerged and they have taken advantage of the major global integration of economies. These companies have set […]

British Airways PR Plan

Executive Summary This paper is a PR plan for a leading aviation company, British Airways (BA). Traditionally, people have known BA as an experienced and reliable company, but recent industrial strikes have eroded this perception. This paper proposes that BA should reclaim its image as the most reliable and experienced company by focusing on improving […]

Schizophrenia: Description, Development and Treatment

Description of the Disorder Schizophrenia is a severe condition of mind that has symptoms such as poor contact with reality, peculiar behavior, unsystematic speech and thinking, low expression of emotions, and social withdrawal. Although victims of the disorder may not manifest all these symptoms, they have an indication of some of them. Schizophrenia means a […]

Change Management Analysis

Introduction Management of change refers to an approach that encourages employees, team members, and institutional managers to changeover from the current systems that seem ineffective to the best practices that would facilitate the achievement of the desired results in the future (Graetz, Rimmer, Smith & Lawrence 2011, p. 89). This entails the introduction of several […]

Tourism Industry in Amsterdam

Executive Summary The tourism industry in Amsterdam has become important for the economic development of the city. It attracts millions of people who may have different lifestyles, interests, and values. It is characterized by extreme competitiveness among businesses. The growth of this economic sector can be attributed to the cultural heritage of Amsterdam and entertainment […]

Organisational Change of Clemenger BBDO

Introduction Business operational dynamics require an organisation to embrace changes. Variations of economy, political climate, and technological dynamics create the necessity for organisational change. Clemenger BBDO, which is a leading advertising organisation in Australia, sought to create organisational change by implementing various changes among them being leadership structures together with improvement of the business of […]

Single Black Custodian Fathers: Revealing the True Nature of Stressors and the Basic Obstacles

Introduction: About the Chosen Article Prejudice has always stood in the way of efficient communication and developing trustworthy relationships (Chin, 2004). The communication issues between Africa American population and the American population are, unfortunately, no exception to this rule. The current state of affairs is hardly tolerable already; however, when it comes to prejudice standing […]