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Ethnography Reflection

In the book 'Mad Dogs, Englishmen, and the Errant Anthropologist ', Douglas Raybeck the ethnographer had to learn the culture of the society. The evidence of the ethnographer's impact on the communities is in the [...]

Making Crime Pay

The writer suggests that even if the call for tougher penalties is seen as the answer to the problem, those calling for these penalties are not necessarily affected by the rising crime. There is need [...]

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

The struggle is betwixt his great affection for his boy and his finding the facts, and the mindset of his miserable upbringing by which the dad was normally a removed and an unreachable figure.

Sony and Ericsson

This paper discusses the motivations behind the formation of SEMC, the problems encountered in the joint venture, the strategies used by both organization to address the problems, and the factors, which led to the decision [...]

Memory System Theories

Among those that he focused on were the mechanical memory which deals with the skeletal coordination, sensitive memory which is in charge of the emotions and other feelings and representative memory which deals with our [...]

Monsanto Company

In order to achieve this objective the company management embraced the SWOT analysis technique in the management and running of the company."SWOT analysis focuses on the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of the organization".

Earth Atmospheric Evolution

It is believed that the different geological evolutions of the earth and the atmosphere have come up with very new species of animals following a transformation of the then existing animals, as well as extinction [...]

Mexican Muralist Diego Rivera

As it has already been mentioned, Mexican muralism was a form of expression, and at the same time a provider of cultural traditions, political views and social moods in the country that influenced greatly on [...]