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Sex/Gender Differences in Aggression

Distinctive Physiological traits and behaviors coupled with the distinctive and unique biological formation basically associated and partaken in males and females of a certain autonomous species is what sex can be said to be (Helgeson 36). Aggression on the hand is the behavior which is in most cases conceived so as to cause pain, harm, […]

Effects of divorce on young children

How does Divorce affect young children? The effect of divorce on children depends on the age of the children at the time when the divorce is taking place, the gender of the child, and the characters of a child. Other minor factors that may determine the level of affection is the degree of conflict between […]

Problems facing tourism in Africa

Background On a global scale, the economic sector experiencing expedited growth is tourism. In the developing world, tourism industry exhibits great success as a chief foreign exchange earner, stimulating cross cultural understanding and providing employment. This may not be a uniform case in Africa. In Zanzibar Tanzania, for instance, the economic gain of tourism is […]

Wooden Houses Vs Concrete houses in Saudi Arabia

Introduction The choice of housing is usually determined by different factors. Climatic and weather conditions include some of the elements that inform potential homeowners. Observably, a cost benefit analysis of diverse housing alternatives must be conducted. Presently, people have recognized the need to erect different kinds of buildings. These include both the concrete and wooden […]

Western Civilization

Western civilization came as a result of a certain influence and it is therefore important to mention that it did not occur by accident. Historically, Western civilization began in Ancient Greek and Roman Empires in the 13th century. The influence of the Greek and Roman leaders of the time played a very significant role in […]

Future of Japanese Families

Introduction It is difficult to overlook the role of the family in the social organization of the Japanese family. However, this perception not only applies to the Japanese context because in most societies, the family is an important unit of social organization. Japan however provides an interesting scenario for understanding the effect of social and […]

Applying Theory to Image: Gramsci’s Theory of Hegemony

Introduction The theory of cultural hegemony is one of the most famous Marxist ideologies offered by Antonio Gramsci. In its general sense, this theory evaluates the domination of certain classes and nations over other representatives. At the beginning of the 1900s, the problem of social order was spreading with unbelievable speed and considerable outcomes, this […]

Relational Database Systems

Executive Summary The Easy Drive School of Motoring is an organization that came into existence in 1992. Since then, the organization has expanded in most of the cities of Scotland and as a result the methods used in the storage, retrieval and security of information have proved to be inefficient. This is due to the […]

Helping Chung Overcome Cultural Differences

One of the things that make human life intriguing and to some extent captivating is the diversity and variation exhibited by people as a result of their differing cultures, jobs, personalities and physical appearance. The American society in particular exhibits this great diversity since people of differing races and cultures have made the country their […]

Must gay marriage to be legal?

Introduction The issue of same-sex marriages provides a heated debate due to lack of neutrality and diversity of opinion among writers and everyone else in the society. There is huge religious opposition of extending the laws on marriage to cater for gay marriages. Based on these grounds, homosexuality face secularly based moral objection, rejection or […]

Should Illegal Immigrants be Deported?

The issue of illegal immigrants, and what to do with them, presents a major political and social issue for nearly every Westernized country in the world. In his article Costs Will Rein in Arizona’s Immigration Crackdown author David R. Francis hypothesizes that they are “perhaps 50 million illegal, undocumented immigrants” living in the shadows of […]

Epic of Son-Jara

Introduction The famous epic of Son-jara explains and celebrates the exploits of the legendary founder of the old Mali which was also called the Manden about seven hundred and fifty years ago. The Son-jara epic is also referred in West Africa as the sunjata. The epic constitutes a virtual social, political and cultural society which […]

Joseph Conrad: The Heart of Darkness

Plot, theme, setting, characters, symbolism and point of view are the fundamental components that comprise most literary genres. Characters, plot, setting, and dialogue aid in moving the story along. One, two, or all of these mechanisms combined explains the fundamental premise or theme of the work. Symbolism is a conglomeration of symbols used to explain […]

Charles Bukowski: A View from the Gutter

Leukemia felled American poet Charles Bukowski in 1994, but not before a long and eventful life battling a legion of demons: acne, booze, bad women, self-doubt, self-loathing, fear, aging, and the literary establishment. Though Bukowski penned some of American literature’s finest poems in his career, literary respect and recognition never materialized. Somehow, Bukowski never seemed […]

Ethnography Reflection

Since Ethnography is a broad area of study, a lot of data collection is involved. The various ways of data collection in ethnography are through interviews, observation and questionnaires. Ethnography mainly aims at describing, in written form, those things being studied (Heider 20). In the book ‘Mad Dogs, Englishmen, and the Errant Anthropologist (fieldwork in […]

St. Peter’s Basilica by Gian Lorenzo Bernini

The St. Peter’s Basilica is a catholic church which has been revived with the influence of classical models present between 14th and 16th centuries (McCurry, 58). Contrary to what many people believe, the church is not a cathedral. The basilica has been the recipient of many Christian worshipers from all over the world since 4th […]

Hello, Mr. Freud: The Psychology of a Sitcom

Popular films and TV-shows have always conveyed hidden messages since the day TV was created. Sometimes these messages are not even intended, being just a product if the epoch, a free attachment to the art of cinema. It is only today, with the psychological theories developed well enough to see through the TV screen, people […]

The relationship between decadence and technology, as explored in Ray Bradbury’s stories The Veldt and The Rocket

Although, formally speaking, Ray Bradbury’s stories The Veldt and The Rocket belong to the literary genre of sci-fi, they are not as much about exploring the theme of bright technological future as they are about exploring the effects of futuristic technology on one’s consciousness. The common thing about both stories is the fact that, in […]

Movie Review: Monsters (2010)

If there’s one film in 2010 which has an obviously misleading title, it is definitely this movie. The word “monsters” conjures up images which are frightful and terrifying, but viewing this film may actually be disappointing for the most part. The story is basically about a photojournalist sent to Mexico to babysit his boss’s daughter […]

A Historical Literary Analysis: The Sorrow of War: A Novel of North Vietnam by Bau Nihn

The 19th and 20th century experienced an avalanche of war and genocide worldwide with an estimated over 160 million people loosing their lives (Clodfelter). Such a tragic fact is a testament to former President John F. Kennedy’s view that tyranny, poverty, disease, and war are indeed the four major ills that plague mankind and the […]

Heart of Darkness

Introduction The modernist movement of the early 20th century significantly altered the way literature and art was perceived in human society. Most themes illustrated in modernism are diverse, difficult and disturbing to understand. Heart of Darkness is one of the literary works embracing modernism. Conrad’s work in Heart of Darkness bridges the gap between the […]

Memory for Designs Test

Introduction The examination of the functioning of the memory of an individual cannot be limited to only one memory test, and as a result, there are a variety of assessments that target the various features of the memory. Memory test procedures take into consideration various attributes including features of the test instrument such as legitimacy […]

Capitalism versus Communism

Introduction Historically capitalism and communism have been at odds with each since each ascribes to a particular methodology that is on completely opposite ends of the spectrum as compared to the other. Communism advocates for social equality through the implementation of common ownership of the means of production while capitalism ascribes more towards a free […]

How magical realism of animals in the Bible is echoed in “As I Lay Dying” by William Faulkner and “Song of Solomon” by Toni Morrison

Faulkner and Morrison have borrowed heavily from the Bible in their works, As I Lay Dying and Song of Solomon respectively. Of particular interest is their regular use of animal imagery drawn from the Holy Book in order to achieve magical realism in their texts. A number of animals featured in King James Version Bible, […]

Thesis of Study Books

Thesis Statement Immigrants and manual laborers are normally forced to work under poor conditions. The laborers are given harsh treatment in that they are not comfortable with the wage rates yet their job involves using a lot of energy. Though they keep reminding the people in control, there is little that is done to improve […]

Incident Action plan

An incident Action plan is an organized set of activities, which are prepared in advance with the aim of responding to any emergency that will occur in case of an accident, fire or a hazard to endanger human beings or property (Zoe, 2007). It contains the strategies and ways in which a hazard will be […]

Doubt is the Key to Knowledge

Doubt is the key to knowledge, which is a Persian proverb, has its own meaning and connotation. From an individual viewpoint, doubt materializes as the state of observance amid skepticism and certainty. Often, doubt permits any apparent notion to be questioned. It invokes one to instigate an inquiry besides compelling given truths to be reviewed. […]

Making Crime Pay

This is a book by Katherine Beckett, exploring the theories behind crime control, measures and policies. She supports the theory that, crime policies and laws are based on a political creation of rhetoric and use of power and media; to create preconceived causes of crime and calls for crime control. This is a review of […]

Beddow, Hymes and McAuslan Article

Beddow, M., Hymes, R. & McAuslan, P. (2011). Hair color stereotypes and their associated perceptions in relationships and the workplace. PSI CHI Journal of Undergraduate Research, 16(1), 1089-4136. Introduction A number of researches on hair color stereotypes and their associated perceptions prompted the current research. For instance, a research conducted by Lawson (1971) on hair […]

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof represents a title of a brilliant play composed by Tennessee William, an American playwright. The play focuses on a non-adaptive southern family that is pushed by life to handle concealed deceit and hypocrisy. The issues presented in this play transcend time and realm. William has succeeded in producing a […]

Urinary Tract Infection

The urinary tract is composed of different parts including the kidney, urethra, ureters and urinary bladder. Human beings have two kidneys that help in body excretion and blood purification. The kidney is usually brown in color and has a small size of around 10-12 cm. The outer cover of the kidney is called the renal capsule […]

Practical aspects of the field of speech and language development

The question of how human talents including speech and language development are acquired has dominated human arguments extensively. According to Hulit, Howard and Fahey (2010), no one side of the nature-versus-nurture argument can claim exclusivity to the explanation of the origin of human traits. Although nativists believe that humans are hereditarily inclined to speak, environment […]

The Ethics of Abortion

Introduction It has been an order of the day to find women with unwanted pregnancies, therefore raising the question of what they should or should not do. On the other hand, it is not unusual to find teenagers as young as twelve being pregnant, and their parents especially the mothers feel that it is not […]

Understanding of Economics

Introduction Economics can be defined as the study of how scarce resources are utilized by people either individually or collectively. A specialist in the study of economics is referred to as an economist. A number of reasons have been advanced in the study of economics not necessarily by economists only (Ashby, p. 1). Importance of […]

The Coca-Cola Company Struggles with Ethical Crisis

Delineate the Ethical Issues and Dilemmas the Company Faced Each company is required to adhere to some laid down ethics when engaging in business. Without ethical regulations, business would be carried out in very unclear circumstances. Companies that have the ability would aim at maximization of their profits without taking into consideration effects of their […]

Vicente Fernandez and Mariachi

Introduction Born in 1940, Vicente Fernandez Gomez is an American performer, vocalist, and producer. He is also referred to as the king of ranchera music. He is known for his music in the whole Latin America. Vicente began his music career on the streets. He has recorded more that 50 albums today. He is the […]

The Meaning, Structure and Purpose of Life

Moliere once said, “We only die once…and for so long!”[1] of all the subjects that have remained unclear and marred by uncertainty is the subject of life and death. Very many people have tried to understand what life is and the purpose of our existence on earth. However, there has never been summative explanation generally […]

Advanced Marketing Strategy of Adidas Group

Introduction The business sector for a long time has recognized the significance of marketing strategies in the overall success of any organization (Andreasen & Kotler 2003, p. 3; Claycomb, Germain & Droge 2000, p. 219). The sport sector has not been left behind either and is beginning to embrace strategic marketing as well. Marketing strategy […]

Innovation and control

Introduction The need for innovation has become critical for many IT companies that have to offer new products to their customers in order to remain sustainable. Therefore, organizations should foster the creative work of employees and avoid excessive supervision. However, managers should also make sure that employees follow certain rules that are necessary for quality […]

Should Production of Nuclear Power be stopped?

Issues regarding nuclear energy production have been intensively debated since the inception of nuclear power. People who support the production of nuclear energy feel that it is a more efficient, safe and cheap method of producing power for use. However, in reality there is more to worry about production of nuclear energy through its dangers […]

Ethics and morality in society and business

Ethics are a concept taking base primarily in general human moralities and the application of those rules and guidelines in a private and public environment. Ethics itself is a set of fair principles and laws that govern a just and civilized world. Sometimes, there are instances when government’s organizations and social institutions seem to steer […]

Sony and Ericsson

Introduction Organizations develop mechanisms of enhancing their competitive advantage through various ways. One of such ways is to form mergers and joint ventures in the effort to gain economies of scale. A good example of such an effort is provided by Ericsson, a Swedish phone maker, and Sony Corporation, which is a Japanese phone maker, […]

The Asian Pacific Americans

Watershed Years and the Effects of the Second World War in APA Communities A watershed is the period during which the World War II took place from 1939 to 1945. The war initiated many major changes in the history of the Asian Pacific Americans in all aspects of their lives. The self-esteem and confidence of […]

The 2008 global financial crisis

Introduction The global financial crisis, which occurred in 2008, was one of the greatest events in the financial and economic history. It is very rare to find a crisis of that magnitude. In fact, it was the worst global financial crisis that the world has ever witnessed apart from the 1930s Great Depression. The global […]

Role of modern art museum

Human beings rely so much on the past to solve future and the current life challenges. Thus this mere fact calls for efforts to make the past more meaningful and relevant in the current day to day activities undertaken by mankind. This has led to acute need of establishing of modern art museums in our […]

Memory System Theories

The brain is by far the most sophisticated yet complex organ possessed by man. Its ability to receive, decipher, and store massive amounts of information is to say the least amazing. Over the years scientists and other medical practitioners have dedicated their time and resources into trying to understand how it works, what makes it […]

Freedom and Determinism

Introduction Freedom refers to the ability of people to act or undertake any activities without undue restrictions or coercion. In the 19th century, some philosophers disqualified the presence of real or genuine freedom in the world. The philosophers described freedom as an illusion, which exists in the ideal world only. However, in the 20th century, […]

English as a Global Language

Introduction In today’s society, the role that communication plays in all facets of life cannot be overstated. Man’s ability to interact and plan for the present and future is purely based on the basic fundamentals of communication (Crystal, 2003). As such, communication in whatever capacity is the key determinant to the success or failure of […]

Monsanto Company

Introduction Monsanto Company – SWOT Analysis considers Monsanto’s major business structure and processes, and gives summary analysis of its main income avenues and strategies. Thus in forecasting the internal environmental analysis of the company’s operations it’s essential to look at the SWOT analysis. The report provides a 3 year (2011, 2012 and 2013) forecast about […]

Technology and Music Industry

Introduction This paper explores the relationship that exists between the music industry and technology. The paper highlights the positive and negative impact of new technological developments on the recording industry. These developments have largely influenced the way music is produced and disseminated. Over the years, technology growth especially in information sector has enabled easier sharing […]

Digital Theory and Aesthetics- space and network cultures in the urban environment

Lutz Dammbeck’s documentary entails a research work drawn from internet, archival as well as interview sources in which we are taken on a journey to examine early internet history and it’s cultish and covert government protected aspects. In this documentary Das Netz tries to analyze the social aspects that contribute to the parallel development on […]

Justice and Inequality

Throughout the history of time, people have been complaining about how justice is unequally delivered with the poor being the oppressed. The rich get away with everything and the law does not apply to them. People have come to adapt to the situation of inequality in the application of justice and thus public policy has […]

Leadership and Managers

During his era, Shakespeare had plays that were full of violence and they were very popular. Today’s audiences get disgusted because his plays are full of blood shedding and cruelty. In Shakespeare’s work, violence is portrayed in many ways such as in rape and sexual violation, mutilation, brutal murder and suicide. Specialists in the modern […]

Midsummer Night’s Dream

In connection to gender roles as portrayed in the Elizabethan culture, women had no power to do as they pleased. Power over a woman shifted hands from the father to the husband upon marriage, such that, women were not to do anything out of their own will but rather out of obedience and total submissiveness […]

Violence of Shakespeare

During his era, Shakespeare had plays that were full of violence and they were very popular. Today’s audiences get disgusted because his plays are full of blood shedding and cruelty. In Shakespeare’s work, violence is portrayed in many ways such as in rape and sexual violation, mutilation, brutal murder and suicide. Specialists in the modern […]

Aspects of Team and Leadership Behaviour

Introduction Aspects of Team and Leadership Behaviour entail communicating verbal and nonverbal messages in the most appropriate manner to lessen resistance. The research features the importance of words in the communication process. The research focuses on the importance of communication in the group’s goal accomplishment process. The research centers on communication as the catalyst in […]

Foster Care in the Criminal Justice System

How Foster Care affects the criminal justice in the United States A detailed history of the creation of the social agency Historically, the destiny of dependent children has been put on adult’s contributions and goodwill where adults were expected to look after the dependent children. Throughout the history of the United States, the children welfare […]

Recommendations to Enhance Coffee Bean’s Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Extending related services and products for Coffee Bean customers The survey conducted identified that majority of the Coffee Bean Café and its competitor Starbucks’ customers are the youth and young adults. Most of them are students, office employees, and young managers. One aspect that has attracted the young generation to Coffee Bean shops in Singapore […]

Morality and Justice

Introduction: Animal Liberationists and Environmentalists Animal liberationists are groups of people who oppose the use of animals in medical, biological or chemical research work. Animal liberationists fall under the animal liberation movement which is a global animal rights movement that operates under three major components; legal development, direct action and philosophical debate. The animal rights […]

Induced beauty as a Social Problem

Literature indicates that the connection between a thin body image and extreme prettiness amongst the majority of American women has culminated into an undesirable consequence on their self-esteem and dieting parameters. Concurrently, women are striving to attain the beauty associated with a thin body to an extent that it ultimately becomes a vice. It is […]

Negative effects of mobile phones on social interactions and personal well being

Mobile phone technology has become a favorite method of communication among many people today. It is important to note that it has impacted negatively in their social life. Some of the challenges that this technology has brought and that will be explored in this essay include safety, communication, function, cost and evaluation issues. Communication matters […]

Literary Festivals. Boy in Motion.

The book, Boy in Motion; Rick Hansen’s Story by Ainslie Manson is a book depicting the early life of one of Canada’s most famous citizens, Rick Hansen. Fundamentally a picture book, it targets mainly the young and traces the inspirational life journey of Rick Hansen from childhood to college level (Constantinides 112). The pictures in […]

Superannuation and Tax

Introduction This is a detailed report on superannuation and tax implications on SMSF (self managed super fund).Superannuation is a project or rather a system that is used in Australia with the aim of securing the old people and their plans in terms of investments. This is where a regular or a repetitive payment is made […]

Organization Structure and Design: Matrix structure

Abstract This essay paper covers the disadvantages of using matrix structure in organization. The matrix structure is regarded as the old system way of management, which applied in the old organization. Currently, many organizations do not prefer it, as it brings many challenges than the positive outcomes. The paper also focuses on the factors that […]

The effect of retail service quality and product quality on customer loyalty

Summary of Key Issues in the Article The above quality management journal focuses on the effects of retail service quality and product quality dimension, with Hong Kong being its location of study. When the economy faces recession, success is based on how retailers are able to acquire customer loyalty by responding to customers’ demand. Customer […]

Contemporary Issue in Hospitality Industry

Introduction The idea of experiential hospitality has proved to be quite effective as a way of positioning hotels with a notch of international marketing. Due to the massive influence that has been brought about by globalization, most corporate organizations are indeed turning into utilization of international standards in management (Thyne & Laws, 2004, p. 164). […]

Memoirs Of A Sleep-Walker

The paper traces the meanings of associated with the word savage by analyzing the book by Edgar Huntly, Memoirs Of A Sleep-Walker by Brown. The paper recognizes that the different nuances of the word savage have been brought into use to justify the attitude in colonialism. In this paper Conrad’s work the Heart of Darkness […]

Examine a sub-culture in your society, past or present

Introduction What is culture? Culture can be defined in several ways depending on an individual’s area of specialization and context. From an anthropological point of view, culture encompasses the entire scope of learned behaviors among human beings (Kalman, 2009). Within its complexity, culture entails morals, beliefs, knowledge, customs and laws among other human habits acquired […]

China Cultural Analysis

Brief History With nearly 1.5 billion people, China has the biggest percentage of the world population based on country terms. The vast majority of the country’s citizens is largely rural, as around eight hundred million people reside in rural areas while the rest, roughly 35 percent reside in urban areas. Since the introduction of new […]

Jewish Life in North America

This study paper is a follow up on the Taglit-Birthright Israel program succeeding at diminishing the divisions between Israel and the Jewish communities in North America. This is done by offering a ten-day trip to Israel in hopes of strengthening bonds and solidarity amongst the two groups. The inception of the program in the year […]

Torture is not Morally Permissible

Introduction To understand this statement we need to define the term torture. According to United Nations Convention against Torture, torture is an act of severe infliction of pain or suffering; be it mental or physical. There are three reasons that lead to torture namely to gather information, for punishment purpose and crimes of hate. Torture […]

Assessing ability to remember words read

Introduction One of the significant components of neuropsychological evaluation is memory assessment, though the tests administered have been observed to contain many flaws. This is because most procedures are chosen due to their ability to identify structural brain pathology as opposed to their capability to evaluate memory performance based on the factor operations that motivate […]

Supply Chain Management

Suitability of push and pull management philosophies in relation to the case study and the boundaries between different stages of its supply chain Several approaches are always made for the purposes of ensuring perfect mobilization of resources towards achievement of certain goals. The approaches may vary in details but at the end of it all […]

Comparison and Contrast of Fanon’s and Arendt’s Different Views on Violence

After the World War II, there was massive struggle for independence with most of the countries becoming independent nations because of decolonisation. The use of violence was inevitable in the quest for freedom. ‘The Battle of Algiers’ is one of the most influential political films in History that was directed by Gillo Pontecorvo. It portrays […]

Earth Atmospheric Evolution

Introduction Because of forces that are beyond human control, the earth’s atmosphere has been undergoing gradual changes, a process called evolution. It is evident based on historical facts as laid by archeologists and geologists that all the constituents of the earth have changed with time. This change can be realised upon considering the various geological […]

Chinese History

The period from the Qin dynasty to the end of Qing dynasty is known as imperial china. This period began in 221 B.C. The first empire was the Qin dynasty followed by the Han dynasty. Though Qin dynasty failed after a shorter period, to some extent it contributed to the prosperity of the Han Chinese. […]

Dandegong Ranges in Victoria

Introduction Dandegong Ranges in Victoria is one of Australia’s breathtaking tourist destination sites. It is located an approximately 38km from Melbourne. The whole park occupies an area of 3400ha (Bennett, 2003, p. 179). It is a haven full of lush green towering forests coupled with gardens of fern glades and an outstanding variety of eclectic […]

Paralinguistic Cues in Computer-Mediated Communications in Personality Traits

Abstract Computer based communication is an integral communication modality within the social, educational and professional environments. However, when using text-based CMC, it is common for people to form prejudice impressions about the personality traits of another individual. This experiment investigated the effect of the presence or absence of paralinguistic cues in computer-mediated communications on personality […]

Mexican Muralist Diego Rivera

Art is one of forms of communication used by artists to express their ideas. In addition, it has always been an inseparable part of the process of study historical and cultural heritage of a particular country. Indeed, it is a form of self-expression and self-analysis that artists of all times employed in order to communicate […]

The Life of a Slave

Abstract Slaves were captured from Africa, mistreated tortured and abused from the 16th century to early 19th century. This paper reviews the general hardships that a slave went through in the hands of their white masters. The poor living conditions and denial of basic needs. It also features how the law and the constitution of […]

The British Empire and International Affairs

Even before the American revolutionary war, which occurred from 1756-1763, Britain had already begun maintaining its global openness. Great Britain began reducing its trade barriers during the 1820s. Its international supremacy rose during this time. Even though, Britain lost most of its colonies during the American Revolution and the Napoleonic wars, its economic policies rose […]

The Christian Crusades

The Christian Crusades resulted to great damages in terms of loss in lives and destructions of properties. The barbarism and wickedness of crusaders lead to destruction of cities, attack and murdering of innocent children and women. The motivating factors behind these crusades included; protection of the Christian holy places from Muslim possession, propagation of Christianity […]

Contemporary Environmental Challenges

Abstract Contemporary environmental challenges concerning current state of the environment lack clear solutions or elucidation. Arguably, majority of the collective proposals or resolutions have some link to economically associated struggles between companies or are from personal perspectives thus lack any scientifically related basis. There is an urgent need to find proper alternatives of managing waste. […]

Human Resource Management Journal Article Critical Analysis

Introduction Background information The paper recognises the various challenges facing firms with reference to decision-making and global talent management. The dynamic nature of the global business environment, increment in the degree of complexity, and level of competition are some of the factors that Vlad Vaiman, Hugh Scullion, and David Collings, the authors of the journal […]

Social Impacts of Tourism

The WTO defines tourism as an encounter between a person and a destination in its natural setting. It is also an encounter between individual groups of people and social groups. It can also be viewed as an encounter between nations and an exchange of values. The exchange is however significantly different when it occurs between […]