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Krishna Das (Jeffrey Kagel)

He is famous for compositions and performances in a music genre known as kirtan. Das is the most famous American singer of the kirtan genre of Hindu music.

Cluster Headache: Differential Diagnosis

The pathophysiology of cluster headache is complex and cannot be identified precisely; however, the most popular theories describe such states as abnormal functioning of hypothalamus, vascular dilation, circadian effects, trigeminal nerve stimulation, and histamine release [...]

Methodology in Engineering Innovations

To determine the feasibility of the solution for the proposed experimentation, the researchers have reviewed the existing literature to find support for the intervention and justify its effective potential. Since engineering is a practical science, [...]

Climate Change in Canada

The Harper government has done little to ensure implementation of the agreements to reduce emissions. Since governments around the globe have failed in their commitment to reduce emissions, going green remains the only option.

Landscape Consciousness

The landscape consciousness of the America of the 19th century was distinguished by the desire to contemplate nature in its totality. This approach changed over time, but for the 19th century, details were not typical.

Wal-Mart Financial Analysis

The growth in net sales was highest between years 2008 and 2009, followed by the year 2010-2011 periods. Net profit as a percentage of sales was highest in year 2008 as a result of low [...]

Principle Leadership Styles and Behaviors

Jeanne Lewis Case study is concentrated on the investigation of the principle leadership styles and behaviors; the theory to be analyzed is aimed at thorough examination of the necessary tools to meet the follower and [...]